TRUCK LOAN: What It Is and How It Works

Truck Loan

A truck loan is also referred to as truck financing. In the trucking world, switching from being behind the wheel to being behind the desk can be quite challenging.

Many people do not know how to successfully acquire a truck loan or finance their truck without a lot of money or with a bad credit score. Starting your own trucking company most times can seem impossible, but it is not as difficult as you may think.

There are business finance alternatives that have been made available for everyone. These alternatives come with various options depending on your truck and the type of situation or state you’re in. Whether you wish to build a fleet or operate a single truck as an owner-operator, options have been provided to suit your category.

Truck Loan

If you are planning on going into the trucking business and you do not have the necessary funds that are needed for the start-up of the company, you can easily apply for a truck loan. As we mentioned earlier, truck loans are the same as truck finance.

As an entrepreneur or business owner wanting to go into the trucking business, you will want to know how the company works and how to get the necessary finance/truck loan needed for your business. Before applying for a truck loan, you need to know the type of documentation essential and what the truck vendors will look at.

During this process, there are some key things they would be looking out for, such as your credit score. A higher probability of loan approval is associated with a better credit score. The company’s better credit score would be at least 670 points.

However, those with a lower credit score will find it difficult to get a truck loan. You also need to have it at the back of your mind that having a bad credit score does not mean you won’t be able to secure a loan. Some options are available for individuals with a low credit score.

Which Bank is Best for Truck Loans?

You can’t just go to any bank or financial institute when acquiring truck loans. If you plan to secure a loan for your truck, you need to get the best banks or go to one of the best financial institutes. You also need to ensure that these banks or financial institutes are suitable; in a sense, the options offered should be good for you, your truck, and your business.

If you are unaware of the best bank to successfully secure a loan, you can easily conduct personal research or seek advice from a financial advisor. Below are some of the best banks in which you can successfully secure a truck loan, whether a regular truck, a semi-truck, a commercial truck, or even with a bad credit score. Some of these banks include;

  1. Bank of America Commercial Truck Loan
  2. United State Bank Truck Loan
  3. First Capital Business Finance
  4. Commercial Fleet Financing
  5. Wells Fargo Commercial Truck Loan
  6. Balboa Capital Truck Loan
  7. CAG Truck Capital (for both good and bad credit)
  8. Truck Lenders USA

What is the Best Down Payment for a Truck?

According to research, the best down payment recommendations are from 10% to about 20%. However, if you can pay a larger down payment, this will help you reduce the interest rates, thereby saving you more money.

What is the Longest Term for a Truck Loan?

There are a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs who often ask the question, “what is the longest term for a truck loan?’’ As an entrepreneur or business owner planning on getting a truck loan or, instead, seeking a truck loan, you need to know the ins and outs of the type of loan you are trying to secure. During this process, understanding the length and term of the loan will be of great help.

Generally, the longest term for a truck loan is from 60 months. Also, you need to note that these terms vary depending on the financial institution and sometimes your credit scores.

Commercial Truck Loans

The commercial truck loan also is referred to as commercial truck financing. Securing a commercial truck loan is almost the same procedure as connecting a regular truck or a semi-truck.

As mentioned earlier, as an entrepreneur or a business owner who intends on securing a loan, you need to have it at the back of your mind that the steps and procedures you would take varies, solely depending on the financial Institute you intend on getting a loan from and most times the state of your credit score.

In addition, you also need to know that your credit score cannot stop you from getting a loan. Whether it is a good credit score or a bad credit score, options have been made available to fit your financial trucking situation.

Undoubtedly, having a good credit score boosts your chances of securing a loan and makes the steps and procedures easier and faster. However, several individuals are in the trucking business and have bad credit scores. If you are one of them, there is no need to worry; options are already available for you.

Truck Loans for Businesses

There are entrepreneurs and business owners who, up to date, find it difficult to get the best place for their truck loan businesses.

Apart from just looking for a financial institution to secure a loan, you need to have it at the back of your mind that it is a truck loan you are trying to secure. Therefore, you can’t just go to any place to apply for a loan.

Some established institutions were built solely for truck loans and financing. Below are some of the best places to secure truck loans for businesses. They include;

  • OnDeck
  • National Funding
  • Wells Fargo Commercial Truck Loans
  • Lendio
  • U.S Bank Truck Loans
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What is the Interest Rate on an Equipment Loan?

Generally, for equipment loans, the interest rates on them are usually from 5% to 15%. Moreover, the interest rates on these equipment loans are usually different, sometimes depending on the financial institution or credit scores. Your credit scores play a huge role in things like this.

Is It Hard to Get an Equipment Loan?

What many individuals think, especially entrepreneurs and business owners that are new in the world of business, is that getting an equipment loan is hard. Well, it is not. As long as you have all the requirements which are to be presented while applying for the loan, there is a certainty that your loan will be secured.

Is It Better to Take a Loan to Buy Equipment?

If you are considering applying for a loan to buy the necessary equipment for your business and want to know if it is safe, then yes, it is.

Although making use of your savings is advisable, there is still no harm in applying for a loan.

Truck Loan for Bad Credit

In business, having a bad credit score is very common among business owners and entrepreneurs. However, this does not stop you from securing a truck loan or getting the necessary financing for your truck.

As mentioned earlier, due to the high level of bad credit, the availability of options for people who have bad credit has been created. All you need to do is find a bank or a well-known financial institution and apply. Your bad credit does not stop you from securing a truck loan.

What Credit Score Is Needed for an Equipment Loan?

Generally, as a business owner or an entrepreneur, the required credit score for applying for an equipment loan is 700 or more.

What Is the Maximum Credit Score for a Loan?

A good credit score is usually from 300 – 850. Moreover, the maximum credit score for a loan in the United States is 850.

Wells Fargo Commercial Truck Loans

Wells Fargo Commercial Truck Loans is considered one of the best financial institutes to secure a truck loan or financing. They have a wide variety of options for you and do not just offer truck loans. Loans are also available for vehicles, trailers, motor coaches, etc.


Maintaining good credit to go through easier and faster procedures while securing a loan for your truck is advisable. Although bad credit does not stop you from securing a loan, good credit improves the whole process.


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