Why Lazy People Succeed More as Entrepreneurs

why lazy people succeed more as entrepreneur

Before you blame a lazy guy, think twice! Yes, think twice. They seem idle, and society has labeled them as not passionate. However, you see a good number of entrepreneurs travel from one vacation to the other, and yet business moves better. You may tell me it’s because they worked hard at first, maybe but I’ll tell you they didn’t like the hard work, so they found a way to make it a temporary one. Lazy entrepreneurs appear hardworking, but the truth is that they actually hate having to work and so shy away from it, but they still tend to succeed more. How? If you take your time to read through, you will understand why lazy people succeed more as entrepreneurs.

What actually does it mean to be lazy? Laziness doesn’t mean doing anything, laziness is not the same as inactivity, inactivity means doing nothing while laziness means not doing it yourself. This means, that if you can get others to do it for you or find leverage to achieve more, then you can be as productive or even more productive as the hard-working guy. Laziness is measured in productivity, not activity. So a man might put the right people in the right place so he can do only the things he alone should do. And then another man is the “do it all” type of guy and achieves little or nothing. Who’s more productive? The less productive is the laziest. Learn to see laziness in terms of productivity.

These are 5 reasons why lazy people succeed more as entrepreneurs.

#1. They’re virtually unemployable

Nobody wants a lazy guy on the team. In fact, the look of work scares them to the bone. They lack the discipline to work the 9-5 kind of job thus their search for businesses they can do for themselves without being accused of being lazy or sacked from a job. This becomes the birth of their entrepreneurial spirit in them. Hardworking guys can measure up to any challenge, so they are in high demand in the labor market – they simply get things done. The lazy guy starts out and goes in search of the hard-working guy too and buys him over to the team because he enjoys his free time; though willing to pay the price of the demand of starting up works faster enough to regain his freedom and enjoy his laziness.

#2. They find easier means of doing a difficult task faster.

There’s a difficult task to handle, the hard-working guy dives in and gets started, and the productive lazy man finds a simpler way of doing it. Why because he’s too lazy to bear the stress. I want to believe the guy who invented the Tv remote was a lazy guy or rather thinks like a lazy man who just can’t stand up from the cushion to change the station. Now you will virtually soon use voice to control your phones and House appliances. Amazon Alexa, Google assistance, and apple Siri is making it possible.

People who think like a man or are lazy themselves have found a way to bring inconvenience to the way business is done. From e-commerce to home delivery to home services to seem less communication. All point to convenience – one thing lazy people offer and enjoy themselves.

I read one of Bill gates’ quote

“If you want to get a task done faster, give it to a lazy man, he’ll find an easier and faster means of doing it”.

That’s actually true, If you really understand the task of the CEO, you’ll understand it takes some atom of productive laziness to discipline yourself to stick to that task and not micro-manage. Lazy guys cause disruptive innovation. Always have one on your team. He will always suggest an easier means to do it. They hate “unnecessary” stress. Before you start rejoicing, remember, Productivity is key!

#3. They have an eye for talents:

Lazy guys love freedom, deep down, they really wish to be productive, but not in the normal way everyone thinks. Tell them what to do, and their heads start thinking of shortcuts. And most of the time they think, “Who can I pay to do this?” So this helps them develop an eye for talent. They easily discover the strength in others and find a way to bring them on board.

The hardworking guy wouldn’t easily see talent when it appeared simply because his mantra is, “If I can do it, why hire someone else?” So, they hardly would delegate, and they are good at multi-tasking for one reason: they overwork themselves while neglecting other important parts of their lives, especially their health and families. This finally gets back at the business. Not everything you can do should be done by you. Empower people and then do only what you alone should do.

#4. They get things done through others.

One of the most effective means of management is elimination and delegation. Eliminating the unimportant and seemingly important tasks that add no productive value towards achieving the goals of the organization and then delegating tasks to strengths that can get it done.
This is the lifestyle of a lazy entrepreneur. He gets a lot of things done but hardly by himself. They know how to make an idea work. He’s willing to hire the best of hands to get the best results. However, the challenge of a lazy entrepreneur is the temptation to delegate even the task he alone should do.

Not all tasks are meant to be delegated. Learning this balance is the success of the lazy entrepreneur.

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#5. They build systems:

The lazy guys enjoy vacations, want free time, and in fact want the free life of 4HOURS WORK WEEK AS described by TIM FERRIS in his book 4 hours work week. 4 hours work week is possible no matter your job description if you learn how to be efficiently lazy. The lazy entrepreneur wants to spend enough time at home. Most times they work from home like Richard Branson yet with indisputable results.

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However, the lazy guy knows if he must live that kind of life, he must find a way to make things work without him or in his absence when he embarks on vacation, hobbies, and skill challenges. So from the onset, he starts building systems around his business and hires better talents. Most times, they build a company and give way for someone else to become the CEO. One thing the hard-working guy would find hard to do.

This is not to say that you give up control of your company. But, that you started it does not mean you should or will man it forever. So it’s better you watch others man it right before you than live with fear each time you’re absent, having this feeling that no one else would do it as you do. This is insecurity. One day you definitely will give up the control, so do it right and deliberately rather than letting circumstances of health, death, or other things beyond your control push you to do so against your will. The earlier you build systems around your business, the better, and the more time you’ll have for yourself.

Look at this square below.

Who would you rather hire? Anyway depending on the task and position you want to fill up. But if it demands a bit of innovation and management pick up the lazy smart guy.

In conclusion, management is to be productive not to be busy.


Why lazy people make good entrepreneurs?

This is the way of life of a slothful entrepreneur. He accomplishes a great deal, but rarely by himself. They understand how to make a concept work. He is eager to hire the best talent in order to achieve the best results.

Can a very lazy person be successful?

Science has discovered proof that laziness is actually a sign of intellect, which is good news for all the “lazy” people out there.

Which entrepreneurs are shy and lazy?

Entrepreneurs of the Fabian culture are extremely timid, slothful, and risk-averse; they do not venture or take risks.

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