Reasons to Move to Charlotte NC

Reasons to Move to Charlotte NC

Charlotte is a green city in the state of North Carolina. It has a friendly community, good schools, fun outdoor activities, and a lot of social opportunities.

Among the highlighted notes observed in Charlotte is that it is home to eight Fortune 500 corporate headquarters and nearly 900 foreign companies that have seen its economy skyrocket yearly.

And what’s more, it is the largest city in NC with a renowned commercial center because of the presence of the two biggest banks in the United States, the Bank of America and the Wachovia Bank.

Which Means are There to Move to Charlotte?

People often get confused, though anxious, over moving to Charlotte, and keep wondering; Is there a moving company in Charlotte, NC? This is not a reason that should keep you away from moving to Queen City.

Many moving companies are located here and will offer your professional services right from the doorstep when you start moving to the very last minute when your journey is complete, and a new home is sorted.

Well, let’s get to know how convincing it is for one to move to Charlotte.

A City Where Education is a Priority

A nation without educated youth is a lost nation, and so a city is. Charlotte is a city that gives no chance to uneducated people because it knows that education is where innovation thrives.

Higher education is on high alert with Universities such as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Others include Davidson College and Johnson and Wales University.

Importantly, the education system is planned so that there is a diversification of courses and programs.

 At all times, no sector experiences gaps, and the economy can grow evenly.

Bustling Economy

Charlotte became an economic hub when more than 150 000 people moved into the City in search of new opportunities and businesses of various kinds between 2013 and 2014. Others leaped huge by creating a moving company in Charlotte, NC to help families who wish to settle here.

 It was named the ninth fastest-growing city in the United States and has continued to grow immensely since then. This proves that tons of people have made it an awesome place to be and be associated with.

Elaborate Transport System

The transport system is the opener to any economy, and Charlotte enjoys a wide range of open transport.

Among the well-known systems include;

  • The Charlotte Douglas International Airport- The airport has seen to offer wide-spread commuter systems in and out of the city, among them being Munich, London, Frankfurt, and more. It is known for making close to 700 flights daily.
  • With two major railway systems, the Norfolk Southern and the CSX, transport through the rail has become even more convenient.

Lots of Fun Activities and Artistic Eye View

Charlotte has tons of activities to enjoy during the holidays. Such include the Multiple greenway biking paths in Charlotte.

The city houses the U.S. National Whitewater Center, which is known to have one of the best single-track mountain biking in North Carolina.

Apart from biking, activities such as rafting, rock climbing, and zip-lining are rampant, and you can enjoy all of these at the Smoky Mountains National Park or the Reedy Creek nature preserve.

Besides this, the culture is one of its kind, with visitors enjoying visual arts and the most trending contemporary music.

The theater activities, the dance, and the history museums further make Charlotte an admired place to live in if you are a fun person.

Charlotte is a Home of Sports

While there is no dull moment in Charlotte, Sports make it even more bright, and sports lovers cannot stop loving it. Some well-known teams are the Charlotte Knights, the Charlotte Checkers, the Carolina Panthers, and the Charlotte Hornets.

Known as Queen City, Charlotte hosts many sporting events, making it even better for sports lovers to live.


Being a friendly city, Charlotte is home to many residents who own their own homes. Young and upcoming families live here. 25% of the population has children that are eighteen years and below.

This population shows that middle-aged residents form the largest portion, and their energy to improve the city’s economy is on a high alert.

Amazingly, Raleigh, being the capital city of NC along with Charlotte, was ranked in the top ten status of the cities where its residents live happily. What a place to be!


As a final word to the people looking for a city to move into, get to know that even your 4-legged pets will be happy here. Any reputable North Carolina moving company will give a helping and a professional hand as you move in, pack and unpack in your new apartment.

 Your wealth will grow from the wide range of open opportunities, and remember; leisure time is part and parcel of Charlotte for weekend getaways.

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