VIRTUAL ASSISTANT COMPANIES: Best Virtual Assistant Services (2023)

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Executives, salespeople, and artists all had secretaries back when our grandparents ruled the corporate world. Workplace managers and innovators were freed from administrative and clerical duties by their assistants. Businesses are cutting costs, and most of us do our administrative tasks. People waste hours scheduling meetings and responding to simple email messages. That’s where AI-powered digital helpers come in. You can engage a remote, part-time assistant and pay them on an hourly basis through virtual assistant services. You can give your regular jobs at home or work to a virtual assistant so that you have more time to focus on what’s most important to you at work or home. Read on to learn about the best virtual assistant companies to work for and the top black-owned virtual assistant companies. So, keep reading!


A virtual assistant, commonly known as a VA, is a professional who provides remote services to clients. They typically work from a home office or a designated workspace and operate as independent contractors. Their primary responsibility is to manage and complete tasks delegated to them by their clients. By assigning tasks to their virtual assistant, clients can effectively manage their personal and professional responsibilities, thereby saving valuable time. Hence, by hiring a virtual assistant, you can efficiently complete your tasks while also saving on costs.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies

The best virtual assistant companies includes the following:

#1. Ossisto

Ossisto, based in the Golden State, offers a virtual assistant solution for consumers and businesses alike. My company’s Google page for them has all five stars. Virtual Assistance, Business Support, Bookkeeping, Information Technology, Websites, Online Marketing, Content Writing, Business Consulting, and graphic design are all available for as little as $7.99 per hour. Their motto is “OUR CUSTOMERS FIRST,” and they will stop at nothing to ensure that they deliver on their end of the bargain.

#2. Remote CoWorker

With the help of Remote CoWorker, freelancers, small enterprises, and corporations of all kinds may reduce their operational expenses and acquire the flexibility to buy more of their employees’ time. You can prioritize what’s most important for your company while completing the rest of the work. The company’s agents can learn new skills and work in any sector.

#3. TaskBullet

If you’re in the market for a virtual assistant to help you with repetitive or time-consuming activities, this is yet another great option among the many available in the United States. For a fair sum, this firm will assign you a personal virtual assistant based in either the United States or the Philippines.  

#4. Prialto

Foreign-based virtual assistant services are made available in this way. The qualified VAs can communicate with you in fluent English and meet all of your needs. Each virtual assistant is proficient in modern technology and able to exploit it to its fullest in the performance of their duties. They are fantastic partners for startups and sole proprietors.

#5. Transactly

Transactly provides transaction organizers for the commercial real estate industry, as their name suggests. Only working for real estate agencies, they provide administrative support to agents. The transaction managers can take care of every step of the closing process. They are an asset to the realtor because of their expertise in the field.

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Top Virtual Assistant Companies

The top virtual assistant companies include the following:

#1. Fancy Hands

This offers companies the best possible solutions for specific jobs that can be completed in little more than twenty minutes. Both alternatives give you managerial control, usage surveillance, and cost-per-use pricing, which is why we think it’s the ideal choice for on-demand activities. You can choose to work with a different virtual assistant each time, or you can choose to have a long-term relationship with someone.

#2. Outsource2india

This is a corporation that provides services in the field of virtual support. It is one of the greatest virtual assistant services available, and it will aid you in managing your bookkeeping and accounting tasks so that you can concentrate on attending to other aspects of your company’s operations.

#3. MyTasker

This is a corporation that provides individuals and business owners with assistance in meeting their requirements through the use of virtual assistants. It is one of the companies that offer virtual assistant services and enables you to do your assignment promptly. This company assists with administrative tasks.


This is a leading provider of lead intake services and virtual receptionists, with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Since its founding in 2015, this company has grown to include more than one hundred employees who focus on providing live calls and website chat services to small and mid-market businesses, most commonly in the fields of law, hotels, banking, online shopping, medical care, and real estate. AI chatbots, online chat, optimization of sales, and virtual assistants are some of the services provided.

#5. GetFriday

This is a leading company that offers a personal virtual assistant to its customers. This charity provides support all day, every day of the week. It is one of the firms that offer virtual assistant services and assists you in managing and completing the responsibilities of members of your family.

Black Owned Virtual Assistant Companies

The various black owned virtual assistant companies include the following:

#1. Nicole Cater

The primary objective of this initiative is to aid small businesses in achieving their objectives by leveraging their most valuable asset – their workforce. The company designs its range of services to support clients in achieving their business growth objectives. These services include top-notch administration support, effective human resource implementation, expert social media management, and powerful business advancement tools. Thus, by leveraging these services, businesses can enhance their operations and achieve greater success.

#2. Taniesha Williams

This is a company that specializes in Executive Assistance and Social Media Management, and they work hand in hand with CEOs, executives, and business owners to help them expand both their individual and professional brands, both face-to-face and online. The concierge services Elite knows what it genuinely takes to anticipate demands, demonstrate accountability, and practice fantastic devotion as a result of their nearly ten years of experience working in administrative positions for firms with annual revenues in the millions of dollars and startups. They have mastered executive assistance for both the private and public sectors.

#3. Devonee Thaxton

This organization puts in a lot of effort to ensure that ambitious business owners with great dreams have access to the methods and plans of action that will allow them to achieve complete success in their respective professional endeavors. This is also a Strategic Performance Agency, which was built on the idea that each company needs its own plan to reach its goals. Because of this belief, they devote themselves to giving their customers unique frameworks that will help them perform at the best levels possible.

#4. Priscilla Fields

This provides valuable administrative assistance to small business owners seeking relief from their daily tasks. The company has a specialized focus on Systemization, Project Administration, and General Management. Their main goal is to ensure that their clients don’t lose sight of the big picture and get caught up in day-to-day tasks.

#5. Kimberly D. Edwards

Whether you are currently single and focusing on your career or happily married with a family to support, this brand is here to assist you. Their main goal is to ensure that their clients don’t lose sight of the big picture and get caught up in day-to-day tasks.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies to Work For

The best virtual assistant companies to work for include the following:

#1. Fancy Hands

Ted Roden started this business in 2010 so that others might save time and energy by not having to conduct their research. The company requires a monthly subscription of at least three jobs to operate. If an order is going to take longer than 20 minutes, the subscriber will be informed in advance how many jobs will be needed.

The organization takes great satisfaction in its responsiveness and its ability to move swiftly in response to client needs. The site boasts that all VAs are located in the United States, simplifying interactions with them. The website provides a map showing the locations of all VAs who have logged in. The company’s hiring practices are thus entirely open to scrutiny. Since the tasks are accepted by whoever is in the system at the time of the request, a subscriber might not always get the same VA. As long as you’re a member, any unused requests will carry over to the following month.

#2. Prialto

After meeting college grads in Asia and Latin America who were unhappy in their careers, Eric Taussig established Prialto in Silicon Valley in 2010. He started the business to aid businesspeople who were “crumbling under a load of administrative work forced upon them by technology that replaced administrative assistants.”

Using a distributed team, he developed a virtual assistant product that was within the budget of high-level executives. Prialto incorporates VAs into the regular staff, where they receive the same orientation and supervision as any other employee. Executives or groups of executives may be given virtual assistants (VAs) to aid in a variety of administrative tasks.

#3. WoodBows 

Branches in the United States, India, and the Philippines provide virtual assistance. With a client retention rate of 98.4 percent, the organization provides ongoing assistance to those who have found its services useful in the past and are looking to reduce their workload.

WoodBows provides a wide variety of job opportunities. Administrative work, visual and online design, digital marketing, customer service, app and software development, content creation, and data entry are all available as outsourced services. It provides devoted specialists so that you have the same virtual assistant (VA) for all of your business needs. As a result, productivity and comprehension of processes improve.

#4. Time etc

It was established in 2007 and did not get any investment from other sources to get started. The number of independent contractors working remotely for the organization has increased to over 500. Freelancers can be found in either the United States or the United Kingdom. Time etc. charges customers on an hourly basis for their services.

#5. Uassist.ME 

This is a firm with its roots in El Salvador but its current headquarters are in South Beach, Florida. It takes great pleasure in its “near-shore” support, the majority of which is provided by multilingual VAs who are fluent in English as well as Spanish. In 2009, the company was established to assist business owners with day-to-day responsibilities, such as operational and marketing chores.

Uassist.ME is committed to forming business partnerships with its customers and promotes the fact that it is only a two-hour trip to major cities in the United States. Because of this, if necessary, you will be able to organize meetings or services to be performed in person, which will make the service more active.

How Many Hours Does a Virtual Assistant Work?

These are dependent on time and can be anywhere from 10 to 75 hours or even longer. You will have a great deal of leeway to make adjustments, and you will receive assistance along the way to ensure that your needs are met to the fullest extent. In addition, given that there is an agency in place, they offer you virtual support if there is a disagreement regarding the employment of virtual assistants.

In Essence

When it comes to selecting a virtual assistant for your business, there is a vast array of options to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that each company you consider will likely offer a team of well-qualified virtual assistants who are equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to support your business.


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