Virtual Administrative Assistant: Jobs, Services, Companies, Requirements & All You Need.

Virtual administrative assistant

A virtual administrative assistant is someone that can handle a little bit of everything in the office or workplace. Here is all you need to know about virtual administrative assistant jobs, services, companies, salary, requirements, training, skills, and website.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

A virtual administrative assistant is one who can help you with primarily administrative duties whilst also working remotely from your home or office.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Requirements

Consider the following when looking for a virtual assistant:

#1. Education

An Associates’ degree is generally adequate to guarantee high-quality service for basic administrative assistant needs. But specific industry needs may indicate that a Bachelor’s Degree or a degree with a specific focus is more appropriate. Moreover, virtual administrative Assistants hold degrees ranging from an Associate’s to a Master’s degree in a variety of fields.

#2. Number of Years of Experience

It is generally believed that the more years of experience a virtual administrative assistant has, the more knowledgeable they will be. Notwithstanding, many younger virtual assistants with little experience have better online skills and are more familiar with a wide range of programs and platforms. 

#3. Extensiveness of Experience

When looking for a good fit for your company, it is critical to consider the level of experience required. For instance, if the virtual administrative assistant will be assisting C-suite executives or upper management, it is best to find someone with prior experience in that field. Furthermore, Virtual assistants have a wide range of experience levels.

Companies that Hire for Virtual Administrative Assistance Jobs


Beacon Hill Staff Group is a staffing solutions firm that specializes in temporary staffing, straightforward hires, contract consulting, and executive searches.  Especially in the fields of marketing, accounting and finance, legal, and technology.

Recent jobs as a virtual administrative assistant:

Firstly, Legal Support Assistant – Entry Level

Secondly, Assistant for the Project

#2. Belay

BELAY is a virtual services company that offers clients virtual administrative assistants, webmasters, copywriters, and bookkeepers. Moreover, it is a nationally known leader in nonprofit and church bookkeeping solutions.

Recent virtual administrative assistant jobs:

Assistant to the Executive  

Virtual assistant 

#3. Bold

Generally, boldly is a virtual business services company that operates entirely remotely. With team members located throughout North America and Europe. Moreover, boldly has been supplying premium virtual support to successful businesses in executive assistance, advertising, project 

management, bookkeeping, and other areas since its inception in 2012.

Recent virtual administrative assistant jobs:

Legal Assistant

Assistant to the Executive

#4. Cardinal Financial Group

Cardinal Financial provides a variety of mortgage products to meet the needs of its customers. Furthermore, they give conventional, FHA, jumbo, USDA, and VA loans for home purchases and refinancing.

Recent jobs as a virtual assistant:

Assistant to the Loan Originator

Assistant to the Transaction

#5. CSI Companies

The CSI Companies offer comprehensive staffing services to businesses all over the United States. Moreover, CSI is regarded as one of the nation’s fastest-growing recruiting firms. Hence serving clients in healthcare, information technology, accounting, finance, retail, manufacturing, and logistics

#6.  Equivity

Equivity connects virtual assistants with executives from a variety of industries, including legal and marketing. Moreover, virtual administrative assistants assist clients with tasks such as appointment setting and bookkeeping.

Recent virtual administrative assistant jobs include:

Executive Virtual Assistant

Legal Assistant

#7. Kelly 

Kelly is a staffing firm that matches skilled workers with jobs in a variety of industries. Including accounting and finance, information technology, and life sciences.

Recent virtual assistant jobs include:

 Executive Assistant

Assistant to the Administrator

#8. My BTLR 

My BTLR is a virtual assistant firm that works with small business owners. Like real estate agents, bloggers, financial advisers, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Furthermore,  My BTLR’s virtual assistants assist with a range of administrative tasks.

Recent virtual administrative assistant jobs include:

Virtual assistant


#9. Profit Factory

Profit Factory offers educational and consulting services to assist entrepreneurs and company owners in growing their businesses. Similarly, their customers operate in fields such as psychology, insurance, food, and real estate.

Recent virtual assistant jobs include:

Firstly, Administrative Assistant on the Internet

Secondly, virtual assistant

Lastly, Executive Virtual Assistant

#10. Randstad

Randstad is a global staffing agency and HR services, provider. Moreover, they serve clients in a wide range of industries. Including finance and accounting, engineering, healthcare, information technology, human resources, legal, manufacturing, life sciences, and logistics.

Recent virtual administrative assistant jobs include:

Firstly, Assistant to the Administrator

Secondly, Assistant to the CEO

Thirdly, Administrative Assistant for Virtual Conference

Virtual Administrative Assistant Skills

Having virtual administrative assistant skills indicates your digital expertise and boosts your chances of getting a job for work-from-home jobs. Moreover, virtual administrative assistants operate in a variety of industries and have a wide range of transferrable skills that companies value in today’s digital age. Furthermore, many virtual assistants move on to work in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 firms.

Reliability: Virtual administrative assistant skills

Employers must be confident that the people they hire are trustworthy, particularly virtual administrative assistants who are only available online. Furthermore,  When given a task, virtual assistants must be reliable and must respond to questions from their clients as well as any customer concerns. Moreover, this not only increases customer and client trust, but it also solidifies the brand name as it moves forward.

Communication: Virtual administrative assistant skills

Working as a virtual assistant necessitates excellent oral and written communication skills. Since there is no physical contact, clients must communicate via emails, phone calls, messaging platforms, and video calls. Therefore,  ability to write and speak clearly aids in providing a positive experience for all who communicate with the virtual assistant. Resulting in positive feedback for the brand.


Virtual assistants must be able to manage their time effectively because they frequently have multiple clients and schedules. Additionally, virtual assistants frequently use online calendars and prioritize tasks in a specific way to ensure they don’t miss any important details when multitasking. Moreover, some experts schedule meetings at particular times of the day when they are under less pressure to complete specific tasks. Therefore, the time management style ultimately depends on the company’s unique needs and the assistant who manages clients.


It is critical for virtual administrative assistants to be resourceful. Hence this may include researching material and finding solutions to client problems. Moreover,  Clients that are short on time frequently hire virtual assistants to perform things like check facts, respond to emails, and administer social media accounts. So, knowing how to perform these tasks necessitates information that can be difficult to come by at times. Finally, employers respect virtual administrative assistants who are ready and willing to accomplish this work.


Because virtual assistants typically work alone at home, they must have the discipline and motivation to remain focused. Moreover,  They must be able to manage time-sensitive requests while also following through on other requests and completing their work on time. Meanwhile,   Virtual assistants who are organized and follow the standard work routine find it easier to stay motivated throughout the day.


Being organized allows virtual assistants to keep customers’ information conveniently accessible, which helps them stay on schedule. Moreover,  Business owners frequently hire an assistant to help them manage emails, passwords, client information, birthday lists, holiday timelines, appointments, reminders, and other to-do items. They might also be in charge of a company’s social media accounts. Experienced virtual assistants have systems in place that allow them to stay on top of any significant changes.


Company owners who are short on time frequently struggle to create original content. Hence,  Some virtual assistants may be able to assist with brainstorming and creating new initiatives, depending on their background and knowledge of a specific niche. As a result, many businesses in the digital marketing industry seek virtual administrative assistants who are knowledgeable about ad creation, social media branding, content writing, lead generation, and email automation. Knowledge of these areas not only strengthens your skill set but also helps your resume stand out from the crowd.


Typing is a technical skill that all virtual administrative assistants must have. That is what allows for online conversation. When a client submits a request, they usually expect a quick response, and typing quickly allows you to complete the tasks assigned to you efficiently. Most companies seeking virtual assistants require a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute with perfect accuracy. 

Services that Virtual Administrative Assistant

  • Social media administration
  • Firstly, Moderation and community management
  • Then, Blog content creation and ghostwriting
  • Next, generating leads
  • Another, Email administration
  • Secondly, Customer service
  • Thirdly, Refunds and online orders are processed.
  • Fourthly, Project administration
  • Moreover, Developing sales pages
  • Product launch management
  • Website creation
  • Upkeep of WordPress
  • Layout and graphic design
  • Management of the calendar and travel arrangements
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Transcription
  • Content investigation
  • Keyword investigation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Entering data
  • Participating in outreach
  • Finally, Video editing

Virtual Administrative Assistance Website

#1. WoodBows: Virtual administrative assistant website

WoodBows Moreover, when entrepreneurs and business owners require a dependable virtual assistant for their company, they turn to WoodBows.

#2. Magic: Virtual administrative assistant website

Most businesses use Magic to outsource marketing, customer service, and administrative duties.

#3. Virtalent: Virtual administrative assistant website

Basically, it is a virtual assistant company established in the United Kingdom that assists small business owners in hiring talented virtual assistants for clerical duties.

#4. Fancy Hands: Virtual administrative assistant website

This is a virtual assistant (VA) company established in the United States.  that helps businesses outsource jobs like booking reservations, handling phone calls, and other personal tasks.

#5. Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual staff finder is a virtual assistant company established in the Philippines.  that is excellent for any small business owner wishing to outsource administrative work.

#6. Time Etc

It is a virtual assistant website established in the United States and the United Kingdom, that offers VA services to entrepreneurs and businesses. Furthermore, they supply expert VAs with at least two to three years of VA industry experience.

#7. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

This is a company that provides virtual administrative assistance for personal tasks such as meal delivery and ticket booking. It also offers administrative work assistance, email marketing, a website, and search engine optimization.

#8. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk is a well-known virtual assistant platform for real estate services. Moreover,  It also offers digital marketing services such as SEO, social media management, and Google advertising to help your real estate business attract suitable clients.

What is the Average Salary Of a Virtual Administrative Assistance?

The average annual salary for a Work From Home Virtual Assistant in the United States is $67,115 as of October 23, 2021.

In case you need a quick salary calculation, that works out to about $32.27 per hour. This equates to $1,291 each week or $5,593 per month.

Virtual Administrative Assistance Training

90 day VA

You’ll learn virtual assistant skills and how to establish your business in this 12-week online virtual assistant training program. Furthermore,   Access to confidential virtual assistant job postings and monthly live group calls are included.

 Pinterest VA Ninja

This comprehensive e-book will teach you how to become a Pinterest VA. Hence,   Pinterest VA Ninja explains what a Pinterest virtual assistant does, how to create packages, market your business, enroll clients, invoice, and pay taxes, and much more.

Fully booked VA

The Fully Booked VA course subscription will assist you in quickly launching your VA business from the ground up! Plus everything you need to know about starting a virtual assistant business, launching it, pitching clients, and running it behind the scenes is covered. Finally, a year of access to employment leads, live coaching sessions, and continuing skill training is also included!


A virtual administrative assistant is one who can help you with primarily administrative duties whilst also working remotely from your home or office.

Virtual Administrative Assistant FAQ’s

How do I become an administrative virtual assistant?

  1. Firstly, Focus on your offer. By now, you know you can offer hundreds of services as a VA. …
  2. Secondly, Set up your business the right way. …
  3. Thirdly, Create a website and social media presence. …
  4. Next, Find friends in your niche. …
  5. Finally, Make your clients happy & ask for feedback.

What is the difference between virtual assistant and administrative assistant?

A virtual assistant is everything an administrative assistant is – except full-time and onsite. Virtual assistants are simply part-time administrative assistants that work remotely, whether that’s from their own home or from a brick-and-mortar office or call center.

How do I become a virtual assistant at home?

  1. Firstly, Identify your skills. The first step to becoming a virtual assistant is determining which skills are your strengths. …
  2. Next, Decide what services you’ll offer and your pricing structure. …
  3. Furthermore, Obtain any necessary equipment. …
  4. Next, Search for jobs. …
  5. Then, Build a portfolio. …
  6. Next, Market yourself. …
  7. Lastly, Consider specializing.
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