LEAD: TAKE THE LEAD…Don’t be second best

You never become great by being second best; you must be willing to take the lead to soar.

The phrase “take the lead” is a call to action. It means to do something as an example for others to follow. According to Merriam Webster to take the lead means to take the position that is ahead of others.

Nothing in life is possible until somebody thinks it. This simply means that mere thoughts about a thing is a possibility for reality.Every business, innovation, discovery e.t.c. is a product of somebody’s thoughts. Vision is the birth place for great ideas and out of these ideas history is made.

The world is only going to celebrate people who defile laws, challenge the status quo and create their own history. You must be ready to create history as an entrepreneur?  You must be ready to take the lead in delivering innovation in this generation if you want to take the lead.

Wilbur Wright says “No bird soars in the calm”, this is because it takes a storm to soar. Almost nothing of value is gotten cheap. The process of obtaining the most precious of items is usually tough and rigorous and this is to ensure they are well appreciated. It is no different for any business that wants to weather the storm.

You never become great by being second best; you must be willing to take the lead to soar. As a business person never settle for anything except for the best because this puts you in the leading position.

In the world of entrepreneurship calculated risk taking is inevitable.  You must be committed to the demands of building your business from scratch as an entrepreneur if you want to take the lead.

You must be committed to the process of putting your dreams into reality because it is this process that equips you with firsthand knowledge of running your business empire.

Healthy competition is necessary in business however, when you stand out you will have no competition because the top of the ladder is never crowded.


In other to take the lead in business as an entrepreneur, you must do the following;

#1. Be  Excellent

You must be excellent in running the affairs of your business from customer service down to product delivery.

#2. Give Valuable Products/Services

Never deliver INFERIOR products or services to your clients/customers because you may get by with this for awhile but your name and reputation will surfer for it.

#3. Honour your Words

You must work in INTEGRITY placing high value on your words so that you can gain the trust and loyalty of your clients/customers. As much as you are willing to deliver on a job do not give your word until you are sure.

#4. Value Time

One way to show you have great respect for time is to value the time of others. Never fix a meeting and come late because you feel you are the boss. This will make others working for or with you as partner to work without value for time.

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