Top Link Building Services In 2023 And How They Work


Link building is critical. While Google has made significant advances in machine learning and text understanding, links continue to be an important factor in how Google ranks web pages. When done correctly, link building may be beneficial to both the site connecting to you and your website. The goal is to reach out to your personal network of specialty writers and bloggers and offer them a piece of information that they can either write about themselves or link to when appropriate.
Link-building services become quite beneficial if you haven’t established the types of relationships that can lead to links.
In this post, we will expose you to some of the most popular options for link-building service providers. When selecting a link-building service to expand your SEO operations, there are always risks and rewards.

In order to build links from other people’s websites to yours, Link Building Services are essential to your SEO strategy. Backlinks are a vital ranking component, therefore employing a service to discover suitable placements, generate website content, and ensure your link is properly put is critical.

Yes! Link building is still the most important Google ranking element and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is critical, however, that you only develop high-quality relevant links to your site.

Link building increases your page and domain authority, which influences web page ranking and aids search engines in finding the pages on your website. Increased visibility in search results gives your business a bigger voice and allows you to reach out to your audience at important phases of the customer cycle.

High-quality links are an important aspect of determining a website’s rating. Backlinks from high-authority domains boost your website’s authority and search ranks, and they are required to gain an advantage in organic search. More high-quality domains referring to your website allow more prospects to learn about what you have to offer.

The process of actively pursuing opportunities to gain valuable backlinks to your domain is known as link building. Our link-building services assist you in increasing traffic, competing in search results, and expanding your digital footprint. Based on your objectives, we will create a link-building strategy that will produce results for your company.
Link building has the following advantages:

  • Webpage traffic has increased
  • Keyword ranks have improved.
  • Enhancements to domain authority
  • In your field, you have authority and credibility.
  • Search engine discoverability
  • More referral traffic and a broader range of traffic sources
  • More customers and revenue growth are possible.

#1. HARO

HARO is a service that helps journalists find expert sources and quotes.
You can also obtain a hyperlink to your site if you become a source for their piece.
How it works:
To begin, sign up as a source on the HARO website:

When you do, you will receive three “Queries” emails per day.
A question is a quote, statistic, technique, or case study that a journalist requires in order to complete their piece.
All you have to do is respond to their inquiry with something useful, and you’ll be in with a chance of being featured.


Plans start at nothing and go up to $149 per month.
Choose the free plan if you only need to respond to a few inquiries.
However, if you’re serious about landing a job, I recommend trying out one of their paid programs.
Paid plans include intriguing features such as early access to queries and keyword notifications.


  • Popular news sites and blogs might provide you with AMAZING links.
  • HARO is significantly less expensive than the majority of other link-building services (or even free).
  • The great majority of the links you receive are from legitimate websites. As a result, you won’t have to worry about black hat links or Google penalties.


  • Responding to HARO questions is a GRIND. If you want to get included on a popular website, you must stay on top of inquiries and respond quickly.
  • There is no “set it and forget it” option. All of the legwork must be done by you or someone on your team.
  • The majority of HARO links will lead to your homepage.
  • As a result, building links to internal sites is not a good option with this (like services pages and blog posts).

#2. Content Marketing Firms

An agency that just produces material for your company’s blog.
How it works:
Content marketing firms operate in one of two ways:

1: Pay a monthly fee to the agency… They also have a certain quantity of articles per month.

This material can range from a few 500-word blog entries to a single “WOW” piece of information (like a 4,000-word definitive guide).

2: Pay a predetermined fee for a piece of content.

(For example, a single long-form blog post can cost $2,000.)


The cost varies greatly.
However, most content marketing services charge at least $1,000 each month. Depending on the extent, this value can reach $20k+ every month.

That being said, you certainly get what you pay for. Expect nothing remarkable if your budget is $500 for 5 blog entries.
This is why I prefer to work with agencies that prioritize quality over quantity. You may then make the most of your monthly investment.


  • The benefits of building links through content marketing are numerous. In fact, the majority of the links (452K) to my blog have come straight from writing quality material.
  • This is as close to a white hat as you can get. There’s no need to be concerned about unethical behavior that could lead to your site being penalized in the long run.
  • You gain a number of “extra” benefits from posting great content, such as social media traffic and brand visibility.


  • SEO services are less than content marketing services. So you’re out of luck if you’re looking for someone to handle keyword research or on-page SEO.
  • Some content marketing firms produce mediocre “me too” content. Your material must be AMAZING if you want it to stand out and receive links. Despite this, many content marketing firms continue to provide meaningless “10 blog articles per month” bundles.
  • Your charge could include or exclude content promotion. If not, you’ll have to spread the news on your own.

#3. Blogger Outreach Services

A person or company that promotes your content through blogger outreach and manual link building.

How it works:
The agency conducts the grunt work of discovering bloggers to approach, locating their email addresses, contacting them, and following up with them.
(Some agencies will also let you use their existing network of bloggers and editors.)


The majority of outreach-focused link-building services charge a fixed price for each link built.
A single high-quality link should cost you roughly $200.
However, a few link builders charge a monthly retainer or an hourly rate.


  • If all you want is backlinks, this is most likely the service for you.
  • Email outreach is an extremely white-hat method of link building (provided you don’t spam people).
  • You are more likely to receive high-quality, white-hat links. Google is looking for contextual links on similar pages. And one of the best methods to earn these solid gold links is through blogger outreach.
  • You only pay for outcomes. Sure, $200 for a link may appear to be excessive. But at the very least, you got SOMETHING in exchange for your efforts. No such assurance is provided by the majority of SEO firms and content services.


The majority of link-building services providers (such as FatJoe) do not provide comprehensive SEO services. This is not a good solution if you require full-service SEO assistance.
Shady providers add your link to a PBN website and pass it off as “outreach.” Examine your links carefully to ensure they are from legitimate websites.
You must create your own content. Bloggers will not link to bad content. This means that you’ll need to have some high-quality content on your site BEFORE you begin outreach.

#4. SEO Agency

A full-service SEO firm that covers link building as well as all of your SEO requirements.
The process is as follows: you hire the agency, and they optimize your website for search engines. This usually includes link building.


For as little as $200 a month, you can find discount SEO agencies.
You might also hire a company that works with Fortune 500 firms and pay $20-$50k per month.
The majority of SEO services, however, charge between $500 and $5,000 each month.


They handle everything. There is no need to develop material. Alternatively, look for keywords. Simply write a check, provide your URL, and you’re done.
Agencies strive to achieve your SEO objectives. For example, they may create a piece of content design in order to obtain links… AND be certain that it is optimized for your chosen term.
The majority of SEO firms are ineffective (sad but true). They perform some rudimentary optimization… and then charge you monthly for subpar content and links.
They’re not interested in links. Yes, the majority of agencies create links. However, they also do everything else necessary to rank in Google (mobile optimization, content, etc.). This indicates that only a little portion of your money is allocated to link building.

#5. Guest Posting Services

Your contract with a company to write and publish guest posts on your behalf.
(Including a link to your website.)

How it works:
Guest post services handle the MANY processes involved in guest posting, such as identifying sites that allow guest posts, pitching to editors, creating the piece… and finally getting the post published.
It’s a lengthy procedure.


Most guest post services charge a set cost for each guest post, which typically ranges between $100 and $500. (depending on the Domain Authority of the site).


  • You get legitimate links (kind of). Google does not want you to create “massive” links from guest posts. In my experience, though, publishing a few guest posts on related sites is quite safe and can help you rank higher.
  • A guest post on a popular website in your niche can send you a TON of referral traffic.
  • Model of payment per link. You only pay when a guest post is published, just like with outreach services.


Fake guest posts are a serious issue. Some guest blogging services would write a bad guest post and publish it on one of their PBN sites.
As previously said, Google does not want to see “large-scale” guest posting. As a result, this strategy is not scalable. If your link profile contains more than 5-10% guest post links, you may be subject to a penalty.

#6. Public Relations Agency

What It Is: A public relations firm that focuses on getting your company featured in the press.
How it works: PR firms typically collaborate with you to develop a noteworthy narrative that they can offer to media outlets. The narrative can be about your product (if it’s fascinating enough) or something you’ve posted on your website (like an industry study).


Most public relations firms operate on a monthly retainer basis.
PR firms that work with small businesses often charge between $2k and $15k per month.


  • You can obtain some VERY high-quality backlinks. An effective public relations effort can result in links from well-known websites such as Forbes and Fast Company.
  • They are responsible for all of the grunt work. It’s not easy to pitch to journalists. Most agencies work hard so that you don’t have to.
  • You connect to an existing network. Most public relations firms have relationships at major websites that they can use to gain coverage.


  • Most public relations agencies do not prioritize links. So you may receive a “mention” or “placement” on a significant website… just to discover that they did not link to you.
  • There are no assurances in public relations. You could be the talk of the town… could end up with a single link from a low-quality site.
  • The process of public relations is EXPENSIVE. Typically, PR firms charge 2-3 times more than SEO firms.

#7. Infographic Design Firm

A corporation that develops infographics or other forms of visual material.
(With the objective of gaining backlinks.)
How it works: Most infographic services handle the entire process, including topic selection, data collection, and design.

You can, however, engage a graphic designer to convert your content into an infographic.


A full-service infographic service will cost between $2k and $4k.
If you only need your infographic designed, the cost is roughly $1k-$2k.


  • Infographics aren’t as effective as they once were, but they’re still a great tool to develop backlinks.
  • There will be no monthly retainer or continuing obligation. Most of the time, you pay per infographic.
  • It’s really hands-off. You don’t have to be heavily active in the process.


  • The majority of infographic services do not involve promotion. So it’s up to you to spread the news.
  • Infographics are quite hit-or-miss. Some of them go viral. Others entirely collapse. That means you might need to release 2-3 infographics before your first major hit.

A quality backlink is one that comes from a respected, authoritative website in your sector. These links can help you increase relevant traffic, boost your credibility, and reach your target audience.
While there are numerous techniques to build links, not all of them are beneficial to your website. Manipulative approaches can result in hundreds of low-quality backlinks to your site, which does not boost search rankings and can even result in penalties and lower rankings.


Google despises “link building,” but who can blame them? For years, links were a commodity that SEOs exploited.
Proactive link building, on the other hand, is extremely difficult. That’s how it should be.
That’s why you should engage with an expert agency with clear goals and quality control.


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