2023 Best Business Ideas for Kids & How to Start Now!!!

Business Ideas for Kids

Do you want to inspire the next generation of business owners? In 2023, the opportunities for small businesses for kid have never been greater, given the numerous benefits.
For starters, introducing kids to entrepreneurship at a young age is an age-appropriate way to connect their interests to an infinite number of future career options.
On the other hand, starting a kid-friendly small business idea is a fun family activity that incorporates learning.

Furthermore, it allows children to earn money to save for college. A kid-friendly business could be a life-changing experience with the right guidance and resources.
Here, we’ll share the top small-business ideas for kids to start at home under the supervision of their parents.

24 Creative Kids Business Ideas

Online Content Creator

Performative youngsters who have a strong interest in a particular hobby (such as gaming or fashion) can build a following by creating video reviews, demos, or unboxings for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok—and eventually monetize the channel. They could also start their own podcast.

Your aspiring kidfluencer will gain confidence and technical skills that will help them prepare for high school, college, or creative careers.

Pint-Sized Pop-up Shop Owner

Consider alternatives to the lemonade stand. For young entrepreneurs who want to learn people and sales skills, the sky is the limit.

Set up a table in the front yard and assist your children in selling anything from home-baked cookies to seedlings to handmade crafts. Riley Kinnane-Peterson turned her annual yard sale jewelry stand into a massive online business, Gunner & Lux, when she was five years old.

Inventor of the Next Big Thing

A child-invented product can be mass-produced, handcrafted, and sold online with parental assistance. Kids interested in STEM can put their knowledge to use by tackling a problem that their generation faces.

Carson Kropfl, at 14, invented a skateboard that would fit in his locker when his skateboard wouldn’t fit—and the business landed him a deal on Shark Tank.


Playing an instrument, performing card tricks, or cosplaying could all serve as the foundation for your child’s first business. Customers can be found through school, the neighborhood, or word of mouth, and they can work as an entertainer or performer at parties and special events.

Shopify CEO Harley Finkelstein got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a child, DJing at bar mitzvahs.

This business idea also works well with online content creation. Kids can use their talent to grow an audience by starting a YouTube or TikTok channel.

Crafts Maker 

With the assistance of parents, small handmade items such as beaded jewelry, soaps, and bath bombs can be sold via online markets.

Many of these crafts require only a small investment in supplies, and children can manage the production side of the business on their own. With parental guidance, children can learn to build a website and an online store to sell goods online.

Ollie Fequiere was just five years old when he became the face of his own bath fizzy company. His mother, on the other hand, involves him in child-appropriate tasks, such as product creation.

Plant or Pet Sitter

Plant or pet sitting have traditionally been odd jobs suited to younger children looking for extra money, especially when they are still too young for babysitting.

Children who enjoy this work, on the other hand, can turn it into a more formal business. Parents can assist in the creation of a basic website that highlights services and prices and accepts online bookings and payments.

Aspiring Artist

Introduce your child to the business side of the creative world to instill a love of art, craft, or design in them. If your child aspires to be an artist, encourage them to investigate their options.

Parents can set up a simple online store with print-on-demand integration, allowing their children to sell their designs on t-shirts, mugs, and stickers.

This is yet another one of the many business ideas for kids with numerous applications. Children who excel in front of the camera may choose to become content creators, filming art tutorials or teaching design classes online.

Neighborhood Helper

Children can provide a variety of services through a small business in their own neighborhood. Kids can start a service business that provides lawn care, leaf raking, snow removal, and simple errands.

By visiting neighbors and asking for referrals, children can create fliers and find clients. Alternatively, with parental assistance, they can set up a simple Shopify store to sell time slots via a scheduling app.

Programming Whiz

Coding and digital skills are becoming increasingly important for a wide range of future careers. Several programs are available to teach code to children, depending on how they learn best.

Once they’ve mastered it, assist them in starting a business designing and building websites for others, teaching code, or providing other digital services in the community.

Beach or Festival Vendor

Parents who want to fill their children’s summers with fun and educational activities can help them start a vending business. Kids can buy in bulk and sell items like water, Popsicles, or sunscreen at local events, festivals, or even the beach (with funding from parent “investors”).

Consider it a mobile lemonade stand. Some city parks and venues will require permits or vendor fees, and parents should expect to be involved. However, give children autonomy by allowing them to create signage or design a cart or booth.


This is a low-cost idea for children who are interested in fashion, trends, photography, and/or social media.

Kids can supplement their income by scouring local thrift stores for rare or vintage items and reselling them for a profit through local marketplaces or a dedicated online store. Consider selling sneakers, records, or collectible toys as other business ideas for kids.

Instagram is frequently used by resellers to announce new “drops” in their stores. This is a great way for kids to learn how to use social media for business while under parental supervision.

Crusader for Social Impact

Social causes can inspire kids business ideas. A social impact business teaches valuable lessons in compassion and giving back to your community if the goal of the activity is not to make money but to build skills.

With their parents’ assistance, children can establish an official charity or donate the proceeds of any other type of business to a cause of their choice. They may also choose to put their coding or technical skills to good use by providing free services to nonprofit organizations.

Jahkil Jackson was five years old when he was first exposed to his town’s homeless population. He was inspired to establish his own organization, Project I Am, to help provide supplies to his homeless neighbors.

Dog Walker

A kid entrepreneur can start a business by walking dogs. Children can be paid to play with puppies while also getting some exercise.

Create a walking route with your child to familiarize them with the routine. A dog walking business is also a fun summer and after-school activity for children.

Artisan and Etsy Seller

Amazon does not allow children under the age of 18 to open accounts, but Etsy allows parents to open accounts for their children. So, an enterprising child can turn their hobbies into a source of income by selling handmade bath fizzies and jewelry online.

Collector of Recyclables

Collecting recycling is a great way for kids to earn money while also helping the environment if your state has a robust recycling program.

California, for example, charges a minimum of $1.66 for aluminum cans, $1.33 for clear PET plastic bottles, and $10 for glass bottles. Dustin Riechmann’s 15- and 9-year-old sons earned $850 by picking up trash and recycling in their neighborhood.

Author and Illustrator of Children’s Books

Children with a talent for storytelling and illustration can start their own book publishing company. Storyjumper is a website where children can create their own books and publish them for free online.

People can read Storyjumper books online for as little as $2.99, and the creators receive royalties for each read. Amazon also allows aspiring authors to self-publish; children will simply need their parents’ assistance to sign up.


Taking care of children is a popular way for children to start their own businesses. It’s a job that teaches them about child development as well as other important skills like safety and communication.

A babysitter would traditionally find clients through word of mouth. However, with apps like Care.com, children aged 16 and up can create accounts with parental assistance and start a babysitting business.


A bright student can help others while also earning money by tutoring online. They’ll need exceptional communication skills, a stable internet connection, and a specialty subject.

The internet has made it simple for children to locate tutoring clients. PalFish, for example, is a tutoring website that provides English lessons to Chinese students. There is no minimum age to become a teacher on PalFish, but you must have your TEFL/TESOL certification.

Car Wash

Car washing is a business that any kid can start—all you need is a bucket, soap, and a source of water. With low startup costs, this is an excellent first business for children interested in entrepreneurship.

A car wash can also be turned into a team sport. When a young entrepreneur collaborates with friends, they will gain valuable teamwork skills while funding their summer activities.

Greeting Card Designer

If your child is creative and can write well, a greeting card business is an excellent first venture. They can learn to sell them using digital programs like Canva or Illustrator, as well as print-on-demand services.

Costume Designer

According to research, the global cosplay costume market will reach $23 billion by 2030. Children who are good with their hands and know how to sew, sculpt, paint, or use a 3-D printer may want to start their own costume business.

As superhero movies, comic books, and video games become more popular, the cosplay community grows by the year. A costume-making child can market their skills on social media. They can set up an Instagram shop, an eBay account, or even their own ecommerce store with the assistance of their parents.

Voice Actor

Kid voiceover artists are used by channels such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and PBS Kids for their cartoon programs. Children with expressive voices make excellent candidates for voiceover work.

Kids interested in this business idea will need to find an agent and record a demo reel with the help of their parents. Parents will also be responsible for transporting their children to auditions and tapings.

Skateboard Repairer

If your child is already into skateboarding, they probably already have a built-in market for this business idea: their skatepark friends.

A young entrepreneur can start a local skateboard repair service with low-cost tools and the assistance of YouTube tutorials. They’re also offering an innovative on-the-spot service for tightening or changing wheels by setting up a mobile shop at a skatepark.

Professional Video Gamer

Professional gaming is frequently regarded as a business for older children. However, young teenagers have become expert gamers and make a living from it. Consider Seong-ju Cho (gamer handle Maru) of South Korea, who became a professional StarCraft 2 player at the age of 13.

The goal is to specialize in a platform, game, or genre. If your child enjoys video games, they may want to participate in tournaments or begin live streaming their games. As a gamer, there are numerous ways to monetize an audience, such as running ads on a YouTube channel or becoming a game tester.

What Is the Easiest Small Business Idea to Start for Kids?

The most straightforward business to start is a lemonade stand. It is an excellent opportunity to bond with your child while teaching them valuable business skills.

Not to mention how deliciously refreshing it is on a hot day.

What Life Skills Do Children Learn When They Start a Business?

Starting a business teaches kids many valuable life skills, such as communication and teamwork.

It teaches children social skills like negotiating, networking, and problem-solving.

It also allows them to practice public speaking, writing emails and reports, and comprehending financial information.

Overall, starting a business is a great way for young people to develop communication skills that will help them in their future endeavors.

There are a few legal considerations for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business. A parent or guardian may be required to form an LLC for the child and monitor business plans until the child reaches the age of majority.

Minors frequently require assistance from an adult when it comes to funding the startup costs for their business because they are unable to apply for loans on their own. These are just a few legal issues to consider when raising children.

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