Is the AdvanceSOS Connection Service Legit and Safe?

Is the AdvanceSOS Connection Service Legit and Safe

If you’re looking for a secure place to get a payday loan fast, AdvanceSOS has one of the US’s top payday loan connection services. With its same-day approval, fast cash loan, and low rates for payday loans, AdvanceSOS offers excellent service. But in what areas of the service can you get the best things? Please keep reading to know more about using the loan connection service and getting the best out of it.

Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount


Turnaround Time

As soon as the same business day


  • One (1) valid ID – must be issued by the US government and contain the borrower’s photo
  • One (1) proof of address – must be in the borrower’s name with updated details
  • One (1) proof of income – must be a recent pay stub, income statement, etc.
  • Personal bank account – provide a recent bank statement or certificate of account
  • Contact details – cellphone number plus email address


The advantages of the advancesos connection is as follows:

#1 Quick Application

To reach all their partner lenders, you only need to fill one application form with AdvanceSOS. It’s a short online form. They will only ask for your basic details plus loan details (loan amount and preferred due date). So you can apply and send them a loan request even if you only have a couple of minutes.

#2 Safe Loan Inquiry

AdvanceSOS encourages its lenders to send a loan inquiry. They let you send them a loan request, free of charge. If you like the offer they give you, there is no processing fee. If you don’t, the service remains free also. So, you can always inquire without worrying about paying for their service.

#3 Instant Approval

Loan requests are approved in as fast as an hour in AdvanceSOS. By this time, you can already sign your loan contract and begin processing the loan. As for cashing out your loan, your funds can be ready within the same business day.

#4 No Collateral or Cosigner

You can get a loan alone in AdvanceSOS. Without the need for any collateral or cosigner, you can keep your business to yourself—no need to hassle anyone else so that you can get your loan even faster.

#5 Bad Credit OK

With its broad lender network, AdvanceSOS does not struggle with pairing customers with lenders. If you avail of their service, they can match you up with a lender according to your needs without hassle. Even with bad credit, no job, and any other financial challenge, getting a loan from the company is easy.


The following are the disadvantages of advancesos connection

#1. Only Offered in the Few States

As of December 2021, AdvanceSOS is available only in 12 states: California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

#2. Loan Amount Up To $5,000 Only

AdvanceSOS focuses on offering small-dollar short-term loans. So, they can only offer up to $5,000, which still depends on the lender they pair you with.

What Is AdvanceSOS and Is It Legit?

Yes, AdvanceSOS is a legit and secured payday loan connection service provider. The company discloses that they partner with credible lenders all over the US and form a network of them. Then, when a borrower uses their service, they match potential lenders to the borrower’s requirements. After a stringent but fast screening process, they refer one lender to every borrower. They say that the lender they refer is the one who will serve a customer with the best interest rate and loan terms.

Keep in mind while using AdvanceSOS that they are only a connection service provider. They are not a lender. This means that all the terms in your loan agreement apply only to you and your lender. So always review all contracts you receive from your lender before signing.

AdvanceSOS Rates, Fees, and Terms

As a connection service provider only, AdvanceSOS does not set a flat rate on interest rates and APRs of the loans they refer. Their website only provides the typical rates you may find if you send a loan request using their site. For the loan amounts, you can apply for anywhere between $100 and $5,000. For the time you can hold onto the loan, the term can range from two weeks up to 60 months.

All AdvanceSOS’ services are free to its customers. If you accept their referral, you will not be charged anything. You get what your lenders say you do without any deduction from the company. On the other hand, if you do not like what they offer, you can walk away without any charge.

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