Intercom systems for business
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Intercom systems allow you to connect with your personnel for the smooth running of your business. These intercom systems can come in various types—wireless and wired intercoms, phone and video intercoms—depending on the nature of your business. We’ll look at these various types and how they work, including the features you should look out for when deciding on which to use.

What Is An Intercom System?

An intercom system is a communication device that allows two persons to communicate with one another. Intercom systems have been used in business for many years.

The initial systems – business phone intercom systems – were designed only for office tenants to interact with one another from various rooms or suites. While some firms still utilize these systems today, current business intercom systems provide a much broader range of functions. Many business intercom systems also allow tenants to communicate with visitors at the building’s front entrance and grant them access remotely.

Types Of Office And Business Intercom Systems

The first step in selecting an intercom system for your business is determining the type of system you require. Do your homework and learn the various sorts of systems accessible because the phrase “intercom system” has varied connotations in different circumstances.

#1. Office intercom for internal communication

Prior to the introduction of cell phones and instant messaging apps, business colleagues communicated within a building via wired intercom systems. Consider your elementary school days, when the receptionist would “page” you to report to the principal’s office via the overhead speaker. These are the same intercoms that have been used in commercial buildings for many years.

However, these intercom systems solely serve the personnel within an office building. What about building visitors? How do they communicate with the folks on the inside? If you’re looking for a multi-tenant commercial intercom that permits tenants and their staff to let guests in, you’re probably seeking a multi-tenant commercial intercom.

#2. Building Access System With Door Release

A building access system with door release is another sort of intercom. The outdoor intercom system for the business door release component is critical in allowing office renters to unlock doors with the push of a button.

How Commercial Intercoms with Door Releases Work:

  • Tenants enter their entry credentials, which might be in the form of a key fob or key card, a PIN code, or biometric identification.
  • If the information matches what is in the system, the access system sends a signal to the door release mechanism, which unlocks the door.
  • Visitors can also request permission to enter a property. Once validated, the building staff or tenant can unlock the door.

#3. Video intercom systems for business

Commercial video intercoms are now more widely used in office buildings than internal overhead office intercoms. Employees now use email, texting, and messaging apps for internal communication. Furthermore, a corporate video intercom system includes a camera, allowing renters to video chat with visitors before providing them admission to the facility.

As substations, a commercial video intercom system may use in-unit hardware or renters’ smartphones. In-unit hardware is either linked to the base station of the entry intercom or connects wirelessly to it via WiFi or Z-wave technology. These in-unit devices are often put in every office suite, and renters utilize them to permit visitors access.

Video Intercom Systems For Business

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while running a business is security. You must implement sufficient cyber-security measures to keep all of your data safe and secure, but you must also ensure that your physical security is adequate. This is when video intercom systems can come in handy for your business.

Why Should You Use a Video Intercom System?

Video intercom systems are intended to help you improve your business security and ensure that your office or commercial facility, as well as everyone who works in it, is always completely safe. You can easily identify possible intruders because you can view every visitor before granting them access. Furthermore, you can genuinely prevent crime because video intercom technology does not inspire thieves to break in. Video intercoms are also useful for boosting communication within and between offices. They feature video calls, allowing you and your team to connect more effectively without relying on phone calls or emails. So, what is the finest video intercom system for corporate security? According to numerous customer ratings and experiences, these are some of the best video intercom systems for your business:

#1. Wireless Radio Video Intercom (WI Series)

Because it does not require an internet connection, the WI Series Wireless Radio Video Intercom from BEC Integrated Solutions performs similarly to any wired system. It essentially uses Wi-Fi, but it can work utilizing radio frequencies, which can be quite beneficial in case of a power outage. This system includes up to three portable 7-inch wireless intercom systems that allow you to remotely monitor your business premises and even take images of every visitor.

#2. Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station (WS1 Series)

WS1 Series Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station is another fantastic solution from BEC. It requires a wireless internet connection and lets you monitor your office remotely. It works with Android and iOS smartphones and has a PIN keypad, a night vision IR lamp, motion detection, tamper alarm functionality, and many more features. In addition, it allows you to take pictures, unlock the door remotely, and connect the device to additional doorbells. This video intercom system is ideal for small businesses.

#3. Schonell Interphone

The Schonell Interphone might be the most advanced video intercom system available. It includes several smart IoT solutions, including Interphone Classic, Interphone Hybrid, Guard Interphone, Interphone Zero, and Interphone 2, all of which are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The Interphone Hybrid may be the greatest choice for business security. It can accommodate up to 10,000 people, has a hemispheric camera with night vision and an IR filter, permits on-demand HD video recording, and much more.

#4. Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station (WS2 Series)

Another component of BEC’s wireless intercom video intercom systems is the WS2 Series Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station for business. This is a more complex solution than the WS1 Series, but it essentially offers the same functionality. It also requires dependable Wi-Fi, but its outdoor station unit lacks a PIN keypad. It’s a one-button call door station with a camera, microphone, and everything else a dependable video intercom system requires. This solution is also ideal for smaller companies.

#5. CAT5 Video Intercom System (BE Series) 

Another BEC solution is the BEC Series CAT5 Video Intercom System, which can support up to 300 monitors, 16 entrances, and nearly 10,000 users. It has CAT5, CAT6, UTP5E, and fiber optic wire, which makes it extremely reliable and long-lasting. Its CCD cameras and night vision capabilities are of high quality, and each device has a card reader and a PIN keypad. It can also save up to 100 recent photos for future reference.

Features of Business Intercom Systems

When choosing a business intercom system, you need to be aware of three major components. Regardless of whatever intercom you choose, these important components are essential for getting the most out of the system.

#1. Hardware (wired vs. wireless)

Business intercom systems can be wired or wireless. This is the link between the base station (at the building’s entrance) and the substations (devices installed throughout the building). As a result, they can be linked wirelessly or via wires.

Wired intercom systems necessitate the purchase and installation of additional in-unit substations, however, contemporary wireless intercom systems in a business communicate wirelessly with renters’ smartphones, saving you time and money. Furthermore, tenants can video chat with visitors and unlock the gate or entrance for them no matter where they are by employing cellphones as intercom substations.

When visitors need to gain entry to the property, they can look up tenant information in the wireless intercom system for office directory. They then push the correct button for the tenant they’re visiting, which tells the renter of their arrival via their smartphone app.

#2. Door Release Mechanism

Although intercoms do not include locks or other door release devices, they are a crucial component of the system. To allow tenants to open the door remotely, you’ll need a door release.

The intercom is linked to an electric or magnetic door lock, which opens when a renter enables a visitor to enter the building. When the door has to be unlocked, electric strike door locks get power, whereas magnetic locks require electricity to keep the door locked.

#3. The intercoms operating system 

The operating system is the intercom’s software component. Property personnel can use this software to manage the tenant directory, grant and revoke building access permissions, and interface with other proptech for building automation.

Choose a commercial door entry system that uses a cloud-based operating system. Instead of having to go on-site every time you need to update tenant information, you can control it from anywhere in the world.

Why Does Your Business Need Intercom Systems?

To begin with, intercom systems provide a means for businesses and other commercial operations to assure tenant safety and building security. However, there are numerous other advantages to having an intercom installed at the door of your commercial facility. Some of them include:

  • Contactless entry and sign-in
  • Visitor administration
  • Delivery administration

Wired Intercom Systems For Business

Intercom systems are essential in maintaining the lines of communication open in a business, offering channels to relay everything from critical safety information to simple updates on scheduling changes or even allowing one employee to connect with another. 

While wired intercom systems appear to be less advanced than their wireless equivalent in business, it does present some considerations, not the least of which is cost. While it is the most expensive option available, it provides a larger coverage area with fewer interference difficulties. This interference is frequently generated by the use of metal-framed walls, concrete walls, and floors, and the presence of the type of heavy electrical wiring that is frequently necessary for the use of office equipment.

How Does Wired Systems Work in Business?

Phone or video intercom systems, as well as an external paging system, are the most prevalent types of wired intercom systems for business. Video systems are very useful for facilitating voice and visual communication from multiple access points. Phone systems allow calls to be directed to specific portions of a building, whereas external paging amplifiers and speakers are beneficial for paging every area of a complex. Integrating door phones with telephone systems enables the capability of placing calls between visitors and someone in the building with the push of a button. Door phones add another layer of security between entry points and those granted access when employing remotely accessed door locks.

Because a wired intercom system is more expensive and requires more installation, it is not usually seen as the most desired of the various solutions. Even if a door phone function is required, they are not always necessary. In these circumstances, using intercoms with a single outdoor monitor and a desktop or wall-mounted indoor station is still a very viable option because it only takes a single wire to go between the door and the indoor station.

The Advantages of Wired Intercom Systems For A Business

A wired intercom system provides a versatile and comprehensive communications platform that is especially helpful for enterprises and commercial use on properties such as school and college campuses, churches, health care institutions, and multi-building workplaces. Each wired intercom system component is totally adjustable to the size of the area and its individual needs, and a single, centrally positioned system serves as the main hub for the entire structure.

Phone Intercom Systems For Business.

A cell phone network intercom is an outdoor intercom that communicates wirelessly with any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the globe via the cell phone network. Because the technology is based on the Global System for Mobile Communications standard, they are also known as GSM intercoms. This standard is currently utilized around the world; however, in the United States, only AT&T, T-Mobile, and a few other service providers employ GSM. Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technologies, which means they are incompatible.

A cell phone intercom has a module that is essentially the hardware of a portable cell phone modified for the purposes of a callbox intercom. The key distinction is that the hardware is mounted inside weather and vandal-resistant stainless steel box, and the hardware’s speaker and microphone are attached to the box. A SIM card is put into the cell module and identifies the subscriber to the network for billing and calling purposes.

A cell phone intercom has various advantages over standard business wireless intercom systems. For one thing, unlike a regular wireless intercom, there are no range issues. It can essentially communicate around the world as long as there is cell phone coverage at the spot where you wish to put the intercom!

How Does A Phone Intercom Work?

When a guest approaches the intercom and hits the button, the intercom begins dialing the first number entered into it. If no one responds to that number, the game continues on to the next.

Which Is The Best Intercom System?

The Best intercom systems include:

  • Echo Show
  • Wuloo WL666-4 Stations
  • Sanzuko Wireless Intercom
  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
  • Hosmart 1500 FT 7-Channel

Can A Cell Phone Be Used As An Intercom?

Yes, a cell phone can be used as an intercom.

How Does A Wireless Intercom Work?

A wireless intercom works without a wire. It uses radio waves to send and receive signals.

Can I Use Alexa As An Intercom?

Yes, you can use Alexa as an intercom.

Can You Use Google Home As An Intercom?

Yes, you can use Google Home as an intercom.

How Much Does A Door Buzzer System Cost?

A door buzzer system costs anything between $1,000 and $7,000, depending on the type of system you want. 

Do offices still use intercoms?

Intercom systems are being used by some businesses today. However, many companies are benefiting from multifunctional modern corporate intercom systems. With the help of an intercom system, business owners and employees may talk to visitors at the front door without having to physically open the door.

Does intercom require internet?

Video calling and remote management are just two examples of modern features that can only be found on business intercoms with many tenants that require an internet connection. You can connect your intercom to the internet in one of two ways: An ethernet cable provides a permanent, wired link to the web.

Does intercom need phone line?

Connecting to base station intercoms or portable two-way radios is possible using long-range wireless intercom callboxes. Since they operate on wireless signals, there is no need for them to be linked to a traditional telephone system. The use of a cell phone network intercom is necessary if the client insists on maintaining telephone connectivity.

How long do intercom systems last?

In most cases, an intercom system will stop working after only 20 years.

Is a call box the same as an intercom?

Yes. A call box, often known as an intercom, is a type of two-way radio that is installed in a permanent location and is set up to connect with other radios within the building. Though they serve the same purpose, a “intercom” typically refers to a less robust call box intended for interior use.

In Conclusion,

Intercom systems are more than simply a way to secure doors and other entries in the business; they are an essential component of smart building management and contribute significantly to the quality of employee and visitor experience. While commercial office intercom systems use identical hardware and technologies to their home and apartment intercom system counterparts, the demands on the systems are vastly different. We have outlined the features you should look out for when installing an intercom system, and we hope you find this guide useful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cable is used for intercom?

For intercoms, there are just two basic wire types. They are shielded and unshielded pairs.

What is the major use of intercom as an office equipment?

Many schools and office buildings use audio/video intercom systems that can be interfaced with the facility’s access control system to detect persons attempting to gain entrance to a locked building.

How do you open a door with an intercom?

Answer the intercom call as if it were a regular phone call. To open the door, type 00* on your phone’s keypad.

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