Below-the-Line Advertising: Definitions, Examples, Marketing Ideas


Marketing has always been about not putting all your eggs in one basket. Combining is what it’s all about, and finding multiple channels to drive engagement has always been successful. Let’s explore below-the-line advertising, a strategy that lets you monitor results, which is safer and can justify the marketing spend.

What Is Below-the-Line Advertising?

Below-the-line advertising is a strategy in which products are advertised in media other than radio, television, print, and film formats. Direct mail campaigns, social media marketing, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing are some of the most important below-the-line marketing methods. Below-the-line advertising methods tend to be cheaper and more targeted than bottom-line strategies.

Examples of Below-the-Line Advertising

The following are major examples of below-the-line advertising.

#1. Targeted online marketing

Advertising campaigns can be geared toward certain groups, like people of a certain age or companies in a certain industry. For example, LinkedIn allows marketers to target specific people with sidebar ads based on their job or the groups they belong to on the site.

#2. Direct mail

Corporations are still in direct mail, especially to older populations who are not online as often as younger generations. Catalogs and postcards remain popular and effective marketing tools.

#3. Trade fairs and presentations

Companies typically present their products and services through local chambers of commerce. Banks hold mortgage seminars to answer questions about mortgages, interest rates, and how much a home can cost, and to find new loan customers.

Of course, there isn’t a perfect marketing tool that always works. This is why companies typically subscribe to multiple strategies. For example, a company may send out direct mail flyers for an upcoming event that the company is hosting at the local convention center.

Below-the-Line Advertising (BTL Marketing Ideas)

Below the line marketing ideas are:

#1. Photo booths

Photo booths for events make noise in this current environment with their presence at every event. The idea of promoting any event, be it corporate or personal with photo booths was the right choice. A bit of digitization in photo booths for social gatherings quickly gets the public’s attention. It allows them to enjoy themselves while getting all of the social attention. Photo booths allow attendees to click on an event by following the instructions on the touchscreen. This allows the user to add some filters and section layouts.

Uploading a picture with an event hashtag will instantly give you the impression of your picture while your event is trending on social platforms. Here is a comprehensive guide to all types of photo booths.

#2. Tweets Cafe or Social Cafe

Who doesn’t like surprises? I don’t think anyone will say no to it. At the same time, Tweet Cafe or Social Cafe can turn your event into a trendsetter on social media platforms and focus on your brand.

It’s a perfect way to attract more audiences by offering surprise gifts. With a simple tweet with an event hashtag and a specific box number, your brand campaign will reach many active users and encourage them to be a part of it. This leads to greater brand reach without geographical boundaries.

The tweet café has its importance in experimental marketing solutions that lead a brand campaign on social platforms to success.

#4. Social mosaic

The social mosaic wall is one of the most effective ways to organize your event on social media. Smartphones always stay at the scene. Your event attendees tend to take pictures throughout an event. All of the photos taken at an event could be viewed on a photo mosaic wall that summarizes the entire event for attendees if they missed something.

You can enjoy an event digital album without asking for photos. Follow the live updates or use event hashtags to find pictures of your event on social media.

#5. 3D holographic

The 3D hologram fan ensures fun and excitement. A 3D hologram can be displayed without 3D glasses. An event that uses holographic 3D as a BTL activity becomes the talk of the town in no time, while also trending for other branded events to follow suit.

Holographic 3D is a unique experimental technology solution that allows brands to highlight their products in the most innovative way and allows event attendees to click on them. Make your event scream out loud with your remarkable presence and innovative approach to grabbing the audience’s attention.

Advantages of Below-the-line Advertising

Let’s look at the advantages of employing below the line type of marketing

#1. Direct contact between customers and brands

BTL’s activities enable direct communication between brands and customers. Direct communication helps customers better understand the product and combines both on a personal level. It helps brands understand buying patterns and customer behavior. BTL marketing includes brand activation, mall activation, email marketing, telemarketing, exhibitions, and more.

Its activities help you achieve your goal and reach your target audience simultaneously. BTL activations can lead to even more brand loyalty. Today’s marketers are using interactive technology solutions to leverage their brands. Instagram hashtags, printers, the Social 360 Photo Booths, Tweet Cafe, Photo, and GIF Booths are some of the standard practices used by brand activation agencies.

#2. Build brand awareness

BTL activities help marketers spread brand awareness. Help people connect with the brand and explain the benefits of a brand. BTL activations help attract more customers while increasing a brand’s leads. Innovative and creative BTL activities are the preferred marketing strategy for marketers today as they create a niche for a brand. It helps the brand to highlight its presence in the market.

#3. Reach your target audience

BTL activations help you reach your target audience. When you have your desired goal, you can plan accordingly. Whether you activate a mall, brand, or hashtag printer, you need to know your target audience. BTL activities help you reach the right consumer.

#4. Highlights your brand

BTL’s innovative activities help your brand stay one step ahead of the competition. Millions of brands have sprung up, and television is flooded with many advertisements. Some brands get lost in the clutter, and their message doesn’t get to the audience.

BTL activities allow brands to present their products to the target group. It gives brands the platform to communicate their marketing message to their audience. It also helps the brand stand out without getting lost in the clutter.

#5. Develop brand credibility

BTL’s activities have increased since experimental marketing solutions came into play. It offers immediate results and creates a positive brand image. It allows the brand to present its products to its target audience, which not only leads to the product’s sale, but also helps build a customer-brand relationship. A positive brand image leads to increased sales.

#6. Create an impact on the audience

Compared to traditional marketing measures, BTL activities help to influence the audience more. It makes the brand unforgettable and increases the souvenir value. BTL activities involve the audience and give them the opportunity to interact. Whether it’s a BTL activity, activating a mall or exhibition, or the latest experimental marketing solutions like the hashtag printer or the Photobox, it helps the brand engage the audience and make a positive and powerful impact on them.

#7. Let the audience feel your product

You must have found free samples of the products when you visited the market. Gathering and generating evidence is one of the many forms of BTL activities. Sampling is one of the most effective measures in BTL marketing, as it introduces your brand to the audience. It gives them an idea of ​​the product, which leads to repeated sales.

Sampling allows customers to touch and feel the product. It is an effective marketing measure to familiarize the consumer with the products. When people get to know a product, they can be sure of its quality. This can make them loyal to the brand and help it in the long run.

What are the 7 Types of Advertising

The following are the different types of effective advertising in today’s world:

  1. Social media advertising.
  2. Native advertising.
  3. Broadcast advertising.
  4. Outdoor advertising
  5. Paid search advertising.
  6. Display advertising.
  7. Print advertising

Above-the-line Advertising Vs Below-the-Line Advertising

Above-the-line advertising is designed to reach a mass audience. The best example of ATL marketing is a Super Bowl commercial that costs millions of dollars for just a few seconds of airtime but reaches tens of millions of people around the world right away. Statistics show that a large number of these viewers may not be like a company’s typical target customer.

In contrast, below-the-line advertising reaches fewer people but is more selective about the audience. In most cases, the bottom line is that advertisers do extensive market research to identify a target niche of buyers who are most likely to buy the products. Once the target audience is identified, below-the-line advertising would have reached consumers in a more personal and direct way.

A wide network is built above the line compared to below the line, using a proverbial fishing rod through direct mail, personal contacts at trade shows, or paid search engine results that are displayed when consumers enter queries.

What is the ATL and BTL Examples

ATL marketing entails the use of primary mediums such as television, radio, print media, the internet, and so on to promote a brand and raise audience awareness. In contrast, BTL marketing employs unconventional methods such as mailshots, telemarketing, sponsorships, and so on.

Are Billboards ATL or BTL?

As previously stated, ATL is designed to reach a larger audience. No matter how large a billboard is, it is still confined within a particular environment and does not have the capacity to reach out to the audience beyond. In essence, billboards are example of below-the-line advertising.

Is Google Ads BTL or ATL?

Google ads can be an example of Below the line advertising in some cases. BTL advertising is the type of marketing that focuses on reaching out to particular demographic groups. For instance, a direct telemarketing campaign aimed at particular businesses, a Google Adwords campaign targeting a particular audience, or a leaflet drop in a particular location.

Is Facebook Ads BTL or ATL?

ATL can include Facebook generic brand postings, Facebook mass advertising (with larger targeting), Google Display Ads, and mass mailing campaigns.

What are the 4 Types of Display Ads

The following are examples of display ads: Retargeting (or remarketing) ads, responsive ads, native ads, and social ads. Furthermore, there are a variety of possibilities for display targeting, including subject, contextual, and interest targeting.

What is Through the Line Advertising?

A “through the line” advertising strategy includes both above and below the line communications.


BTL’s activities have demonstrated its importance for marketing trends and are now being used by all other brands to beat the competition.

Make your brand more visible and generate more sales through BTL activities. Accelerate your marketing game with the latest trends and ideas from BTL marketing activities with the help of an experienced brand activation agency. It’s time to reach out to your untapped audience in the most innovative way possible.

Below-the-line Advertising FAQs

What is ATL and BTL in marketing with examples?

ATL marketing uses mainstream media like TV, radio, print, the internet, etc. to advertise a brand and raise awareness among the target demographic. BTL marketing, in contrast, makes use of unconventional channels like sponsorships, telemarketing, and mailshots.

What is BTL activation?

BTL activations bring about a number of actions that employ creative concepts to engage their audiences. Direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, brand promotion activities, telemarketing, free samples, and exhibits have always been the mainstays of BTL marketing.

Is social media below the line advertising?

Consider using tailored social media advertisements so that you can only reach those who are interested in a given commodity or service. such as a business website, direct email marketing campaigns, sector brochures, etc.

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