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Brands of the world
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What comes to mind when you come across the image of an apple bitten on the side? Or the curvy “M” in yellow over a red background? It’s definitely Apple and McDonald’s. Most top brands in the world can be easily recognized by their logo. These brands are notable for not just building international brands but also for their impact on their various industries around the world. The following are some of the brands that, against all odds, have emerged as international brands. I will like to point out that they were not arranged in any particular order, so do not assume one is greater than the other. Also, there are thousands of brands in the world today, therefore, these are not the only ones that are doing exceptionally well. Alright, let’s check them out;

#1. Coca-cola

It goes without saying that Coca-Cola is one of the top international brands in the world. It is an American global beverage company that has been around since 1892 and is best known for making Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola also makes and sells alcoholic drinks and a wide range of concentrates and syrups for non-alcoholic drinks. Presently, the brand’s stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). You will also see it in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500), and the S&P 100 Index.

Brief History Of The Coca-cola Brand

Atlanta pharmacist John Stith Pemberton made a revolutionary syrup in the spring of 1886. Frank M. Robinson, Pemberton’s bookkeeper, suggested the name Coca-Cola because he thought the two C’s would look good in advertisements. In 1889, the recipe and brand were sold for $2,300 to Asa Griggs Candler. It was he who formed the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta in 1892. Since its start in 1889, the company has used franchises to get its products to customers. Most of what the company makes is syrup concentrate. This is then sent to bottlers with exclusive territories all over the world. Coca-Cola Refreshments is the company’s most important bottler in the Americas, and it runs the company.

Even though the Coca-Cola brand logo has changed many times, they all share one thing. That is the font and the color. The familiar red and white color scheme that has become part of our cultural lexicon is rich with symbolism. The color red is associated with dominance, passion, and vigor. This suggests that color alone is a powerful trigger for impulse purchases. The white, flowing cursive type makes me think of a bygone time and makes me feel sad and nostalgic. 

 Robinson’s first attempt at making the company’s logo was to use a lot of complicated Spencerian scripts. This was simply to make the new name look more dramatic.

#2. Apple

You can’t possibly make a list of the brands in the world without mentioning Apple. Apple is not merely a company; it is a global phenomenon. Given that Apple is the largest corporation on the planet, it’s logical for it to be first on our list of the brands of the world. On April 1, 1976, college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched Apple Computers, Inc. with a mission to revolutionize the personal computer industry. To everyone, it was more than a vision because the company still stands on the underlying principles or fundamental foundation the founders laid: creative technological innovation. Apple’s success around the world is probably due to the fact that its customers have a wide range of iOS devices.

The present logo of one of the top brands in the world, Apple, is the image of an iconic apple that was bitten by Steve Jobs. As always, the bitten apple emblem has been the subject of numerous speculations. One group claims that the apple’s bite represents a data byte. Another group believes it is the biblical account of Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The Apple logo is one of the most well-known in the world, and the company’s products are just as unique as the logo.

Steve Jobs, the company’s founder, is largely responsible for the way Apple is known today. Originally, the logo was the same bitten apple that is used now, but it was rendered in a spectrum of colors rather than a single, dark hue. Apple’s current monochrome logo first appeared in 1998 and has contributed to the company’s reputation for simplicity.

#3. Amazon

Next on our list of top brands in the world is, Inc. Amazon is an e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and AI multinational technology firm. As “one of the most significant economic and cultural forces on the globe,” it is also one of the most valuable brands in the world. There are many different types of online stores, but the most well-known is undoubtedly They mostly sell both Amazon-branded items and those from other, smaller merchants. Amazon’s extensive selection and reliable support are its primary selling points. Customers are loyal to the company because they know they can always meet their needs and get fast, reliable service. Amazon Prime is an example of a service that helps customers save time and money.

Amazon’s current logo is simply the wordmark in all lowercase letters with a smooth and bright yellow arrow, starting at the word “A” and ending at the letter “Z.” However, the yellow arrow underneath the brand’s name forms a smile beneath the text.

The “.com” used to be part of Amazon’s logo, but it was taken out when the company started to do business in places other than the internet. The original logo included the letter “A” distorted to resemble a river. The company chose the current logo with the yellow line in 1998, suggesting that they sell everything from “A to Z.”

#4. McDonald

McDonald’s brand is a treat brand. If you’re in the mood to reward yourself, McDonald’s is the place to go; you’ll receive more than you bargained for. McDonald’s is a household burger and fast food name, so it’s only normal to include it on the list of top brands in the world. McDonald’s serves more than just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and fries; you may also get chicken, fish, fruit salads, and even salads at some locations. Big Macs and French fries are probably their two most well-known licensed items.

In 1940, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California. This was the beginning of what would become a global fast-food empire known as McDonald’s Corporation. As of 2021, McDonald’s will have more than 40,000 locations in more than 100 countries, making it the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of sales.  

The brand’s current logo is an “M” made up of two arches that are rendered in yellow and put on a red square background with rounded edges. The “M” appears clean and neat, sitting comfortably in its stylish curve. The golden arches that represent McDonald’s “M” have come to represent the universal concept of fast food. Those arches now stand for much more than just fast food; they’ve come to represent a particular aspect of Americana and popular culture as a whole. There is no pencil outline or lettering to be found. It’s sleek and contemporary, which is fitting given the company’s history, and likely to bring a smile to the faces of people all across the world.

Since its start, the brand has undergone a few redesigns but has always stuck to the same basic idea. One of the first ideas for the restaurant was for two golden arches to fly over the building in an “M” shape.

#5. Samsung

Fifth on our list of the top brands in the world is the Samsung Group. The headquarters of the Samsung Group, a global company, are in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is the largest South Korean conglomerate and consists of multiple related businesses. All these are unified under the Samsung brand (business conglomerate). To put it another way, as of 2020, Samsung will be the tenth most valuable brand in the world.

The South Korean company had a hard time figuring out who it was because it entered a market that was already dominated by Sony. Sony had been there since 1946 and therefore had a lot of power. Nevertheless, it broke through its competitors and is now one of the top brands in the world. By hiring some of the smartest people in their fields, the company has built a name for itself by coming up with new ideas and technologies. 

Samsung’s current logo debuted in 2005. It is simply the spelling of the brand’s name in blue. The font is one of a kind. However, it has some things in common with DDT Cond SemiBold and Helvetica Black. When you look at a printed character, you’ll see that it has no serifs and sharp corners. Moreover, the letter “A” appears without the horizontal stroke.

Generally, Samsung’s brand is built on a desire for simplicity. The company’s logo shows how committed it is to moving forward toward its stated goals. We can see how the brand’s guiding principle of making high-quality goods accessible to all is put into practice.

#6. Nike

Nike is the largest athletic footwear, gear, and equipment manufacturer in the world. The brand is a household name around the globe. Which is primarily why it made it to our list of the top brands in the world. When Blue Ribbon Sports was acquired in 1971, the name was changed to Nike to honor the Greek goddess of victory. 

The swoosh that Nike uses as its logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the history of advertising and helps make Nike the most valuable fashion brand in the world. It stands to reason that it would be included among the best-known brands in the world. This company is well-known not just for its sneakers but also for its team uniforms.

The “Swoosh” is the logo for Nike, and it is one of the best-known and most successful symbols of the 20th century. The swoosh logo comes in many different colors, but no matter what color it is, it always looks sleek, strong, and powerful. The Nike swoosh represents the wing of Nike, the Ancient Greek goddess of triumph, from whom the company takes its name.

The first Nike swoosh was created in 1971 by a former pupil of Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Carolyn Davidson, the designer, was paid $35 for the design, which took more than 17 hours to develop.

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory, and Davidson based the design of the logo on one of her wings. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Nike inspired many courageous fighters to victory in combat. Legend has it that the warriors who wore Nike’s wings felt inspired and fearless as they marched into battle. The designer had to come up with a way to show movement and make the shoes stand out from their main competitor, Adidas.

The curve of the Nike logo and the white space around it are meant to make you feel like you’re moving, and the design works so well that you can almost hear and feel it. Its simplicity gives the impression that the brand is quick and agile, and it can be used for all of the brand’s products.  

#7. Pepsi

In the world of cola beverages, or rather, brands, the Pepsi brand’s name must be part of the list. Pepsi is also an international brand that is recognized across the continent. Pepsi is one of the few brands in the world that has always gone against the odds when it comes to keeping its brand identity the same over time. It’s time for a little history class. Caleb Bradham started the Pepsi brand in 1893. It used to be called Brad’s Drink.

In 1898, Brad’s Drink was rebranded as Pepsi-Cola. Many people believe the name was derived from the medical term for indigestion, dyspepsia.

In 1903, Caleb Bradham, the founder of the company, made the first script logo for the Pepsi brand. There have been 12 major rebrandings of the Pepsi logo over the past century. Although the history of the iconic Pepsi Globe can be traced back to the 1940s, the current design, created by Arnell Group, did not debut until 2008–2009. The company’s current logo, which was made in 2014, is one of the simplest logos it has ever had. 

The white swirl inside the sphere gives the logo the look of a smile. While the red, white, and dark blue colors look great together. The letters are in lowercase, while the “E” of the unique sans-serif typeface is styled after the white wave found in the famous emblem. According to Twitter’s design director, the interlocking rings symbolize the networks, interests, and ideas that can be formed when people of similar backgrounds and perspectives come together. Even after all of the changes that have been made to the corporation over the years, the current logo, which adheres to the golden ratio, is still instantly recognizable.

#8. Microsoft

Office and Windows are two of Microsoft’s subsidiary brands, yet neither has the worldwide reputation of the parent company. Microsoft was started by Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen in 1975. It is a well-known company because it helped make the personal computer era possible.

Office and Windows are two of Microsoft’s subsidiary brands, yet neither has the worldwide reputation of the parent company. Microsoft, co-founded by Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen in 1975, is a household name. This is because of its role in ushering in the era of the personal computer.

Currently, the Microsoft logo is a combination of words and an image. There are four multicolored squares that are neatly arranged. These four multi-colored squares make up a bigger square. Also, the four squares in a bigger square stand for the company’s most popular products: Bing, Windows, Xbox, and Office. Each letter is as sleek, slim, and gray as the others. The alignment of the letters “f” and “t” was the only punctuation. They’re linked together with swoopy horizontal lines. The Microsoft logo was first used in ads for Windows 95, and since 2009, it has been on emblems for the Microsoft Store.

The letters are equally smooth, thin, and gray. The only accent was the alignment between “f” and “t.” They are connected by horizontal strokes.

There is a wide range of people represented in the Microsoft logo. The logo shows how much the company has to offer, how it works with others to solve problems, and that its customers come from all over the world. Products from the behemoth can be used at the office and at home.

#9. Adidas

Adidas is a German company that produces a wide variety of sportswear, including footwear. For a brand that has designed the uniforms of most sports teams, it’s natural for it to be one of the top brands in the world. In terms of shoemaking. Adidas is considered to be among the top in the industry. According to statistics, the company dominated the European sportswear market in the early 21st century, and it was the world’s number-two sportswear producer overall. It makes sense that a product with a name that means class, confidence, and indestructibility would be one of the best brands in the world. 

The Adidas logo is in the shape of a triangle, and its three broad stripes of varying lengths are designed to symbolize the three stages an athlete goes through as he or she develops and achieves peak performance. The triangle itself has long been seen as a symbol of harmony and completeness.

The company’s logo is often credited as the original minimalist corporate logo. The iconic Adidas three-stripe logo has become a cultural phenomenon.

In the 1950s, Adi Dassler, the firm’s founder, purchased the trademark for the three-stripe design from a Finnish manufacturer. In 1949, when Dassler was trying to design a logo that would be easily recognizable on the field of play, he used these symbols on the company’s footwear for the first time. Even though it looks simple, this design became so closely linked to the company that Dassler called it “the three-stripe company.”

The story behind the design is easy to figure out at a glance: the stripes look like mountains. The goal is to encourage and motivate customers to maximize their potential.

#10. Facebook

Next on our list of the top brands in the world is Facebook. Facebook was started in 2004 by a college student who wanted to help people connect with each other and the rest of the world in a meaningful way. I still think Facebook is the brain behind community platforms or apps like Reddit and Discord.

Presently, the website, which was founded in a college dorm room as a small, local venture, has grown into the global powerhouse of social media that it is today.

Mike Buzzard of the Cuban Council helped Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker change Facebook’s logo as the company grew from a campus networking site to a social media platform used all over the world.

Mike Buzzard of the Cuban Council helped Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker change Facebook’s logo as the company grew from a campus networking site to a social media platform used all over the world. Aside from representing the name of the platform, the emblem has no unofficial significance. We could also say that the Facebook logo, which is made up of white lowercase letters on a calm blue background, is simple and clean.

#11. Twitter

Twitter, owned by the American firm Twitter, Inc., is a microblogging and social networking service where users submit and respond to messages called “tweets.” Unregistered users can only read public tweets. However, registered users can also post new tweets, like existing ones, and retweet others. Users can access Twitter either through a web browser or mobile app that acts as a front end or through APIs that allow for automated use.

Twitter was developed in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, and it first went live in July of the same year. More than 25 international locations supplement Twitter’s main office in San Francisco. Through 2012, the service had processed an average of 1.6 billion daily search queries and 340 million tweets from more than 100 million users. It was one of the top 10 most-visited sites in 2013, earning the nickname “SMS of the Internet.”

Twitter’s current logo, a bluebird silhouette, was apparently inspired by a hummingbird. Larry is a fictional employee of the corporation. The designer and developer used pieces of 15 circles stacked on top of each other to get the right size.

Since its humble beginnings as “twttr,” its platform’s distinctive emblem has come a long way. Up until 2010, when Martin Grasser made some changes, the logo looked exactly as it does now. The current logo, based on his concept, has a hummingbird with fifteen circles. 

This present Twitter logo is the “ultimate expression of freedom, hope, and boundless opportunity.” Overall, the platform sent the message that being simple may be a sign of success.

#12. Google

I often wonder if Google’s competitors will ever be able to catch up to this company. Google has to be on every list of top brands list in the world; you can’t help yourself. Many of us think of the internet and other ways to do research online when we hear this name. Google isn’t just part of the brands of the world list, it is a legacy.

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Mountain View, California. It focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, online commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics. In light of its market dominance, data collection, and technological advantages in the area of artificial intelligence, it has been called “the most powerful firm in the world” and is one of the world’s most valuable brands. As one of the most well-known businesses in the world, Google enjoys the best reputation of any firm in the United States.

Google logo, which is the word “Google” in blue, red, yellow, and green, has been changed a few times. According to Google’s design blog, the slanted “e” at the end of the logo serves as a gentle reminder that the corporation will always have a touch of an atypical approach. Google also develops special logos called “Google Doodles.” This is always to commemorate special days or to honor an individual’s achievements on their birthday. These are always made special for the occasion.

In the beginning, Google used two different logos. When Google’s first logo was made in 1996, it was a red hand with the company name (BackRub) on it. After the company changed its name to Google, it made a new, simpler logo. It was just “Google” in a rainbow of colors. 

#13. Disney

The Walt Disney Company, or simply Disney, is a media and entertainment giant based in Burbank, California. They operate under Disney’s name around the world. The Walt Disney Company was founded on October 16, 1923, as the Disney Brothers Studio. After that, it was called Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions before it got its current name in 1986. Since the company began, it has won a total of 135 Oscars, and Walt has won 26 of them by himself. In the early days of the corporation, when animated films were first being made, Disney carved out a niche for itself as a pioneer in the field thanks to the birth of its mascot, Mickey Mouse.

Disney, one of the largest and best-known corporations in the world, is placed at number 53 on the 2023 Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the United States based on revenue.  People say that the organization not only changed the way theme parks work but also made some of the best movies ever made. Disney has been accused of taking ideas from other works, criticized for using racial stereotypes in the past, and both praised and criticized for including and not including LGBT-related elements in its movies. 

The present Disney logo is a beautiful picture of towers, windows, balconies, and flags. It has an animated star that produces an arching trail of light above it. The castle represents love, magic, and a fairytale, while the celebratory fireworks cloud, represents the brand’s enchantment. The name “Walt Disney” appears beneath it.

Disney has grown from its early days as a brand based on Mickey Mouse’s popularity to buy a number of well-known and market-leading companies. Studios like Marvel (makers of the Marvel superhero movies), Lucas Films’ (makers of the Star Wars films), and Pixar (makers of Toy Story) are among these names.

Do what is called “reverse image search” on Google. If a company’s logo appears online, then using “reverse image search” websites to look for similar logos online should take you to the company in question.

What is the Most Recognized Brand Logo in the World?

  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • McDonald’s

Is Vector a Brand?

It depends on what you mean by vector. If you are referring to “Vector Marketing,” then it is a brand. On the other hand, a vector is a format for saving files.


In every industry, there are top brands within it. This simply means the above brands are not all there is when it comes to the top brands in the world. Furthermore, the preceding list was not compiled in any particular order, so do not assume that the last one is inferior to the brand.

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