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Lowes Logo

Have you been wondering what Lowe’s logo means or how it has evolved over the years? Then worry no more.

This article tells you everything you need to know about the Lowe’s logo, the company, and the brand. Stay glued!

Lowes is an American trading corporation with a network of shops selling household and repair supplies under the same name. It debuted in 1946 and now serves over 14 million consumers each week. The company’s headquarters are in Mooresville.

Their logo is an eagle with clouds in its wings and a castle on top, which gives it a look of longevity and power. 

The eagle is holding a torch, which shows that they are leading their competitors and setting the standard for others to follow. 

This logo has three arrows pointing up, representing growth and expansion into new markets. The castle behind the eagle represents leadership, strength, and courage in whatever you choose to do.

Since its inception, the Lowes logo has been a beacon of stability and reliability. Even when the company was starting out and needed to introduce itself to the world, it picked a logo that customers (and people who might become customers) already liked.

The company’s current logo, a “W” with two lines converging on either side, has been used for over a century. It’s simple, recognizable, and easy to understand. And it’s been used in every single product line from appliances to lumber to home improvement stores—that Lowes has ever operated.

While the company has added some new products over time, it hasn’t changed much about its core business model: they sell everything under one roof, so you can save money by buying everything in one place!

Lowe’s logo is a classic example of how a simple change can make a big difference.

The first logo featured a pair of hands holding a screwdriver, which was meant to convey the idea that people who bought home improvement products would be able to fix up their homes and make them look better. 

This is still true today; it’s just that now there are so many more options for home improvement products, including everything from paint colors to kitchen appliances.

The second logo was updated in 2000 and featured an eagle with a wrench in its talons—an image highlighting the fact that Lowe’s was an authorized dealer for all kinds of tools, including power tools such as drills and circular saws. 

This logo represents Lowes’s commitment to providing customers with all types of tools they may need for different projects at home or work.

What exactly is Lowe’s?

This is a trading company from the United States that owns the same-named chain of stores that sell repair and household goods. It debuted in 1946 and served approximately 14 million customers weekly. Its headquarters are in Mooresville.

Lowe’s visual identity was initially associated with their founder, Lucius Smith Lowe, whose business was later carried on by descendants. His surname served as the name, and it also served as the foundation for the logo. However, before such an inscription appeared on the sign above the entrance. For a long time, the logo was just text until it was combined with the silhouette of the building where the first outlet was located.

Lowes Logo: 1921 – 1955

A single-line horizontal inscription appeared on the emblem. It was printed in all capital letters. Bold signs attested to the network’s desire to become a replacement against the backdrop of competitors, to stand out and demonstrate the breadth of the assortment. The font was sans-serif.

Lowes Logo: January – June of 1955

The logo was very useful because it let us quickly and clearly tell customers everything they needed to know. Also, to make the brand memorable so that it can be easily identified among other stores, the detailed information was written on a rectangle that was longer on one side than the other. The writing was done in a wide variety of geometric shapes. The font was used in a straightforward manner, even being chopped and capitalized. The black-and-white color scheme made the symbol stand out as much as possible.

Lowes Logo: June-November 1955

Lowe’s stores now have a radically different logo as a result of a series of transformations. It was made up of a big title and a ribbon with different words written on it. Furthermore, the designers have worked hard on the letters to make them unique. For example, the letter “E” received diagonal cuts at both ends. The same one could be found on the bottom fragment “L.” The glyphs were extremely legible.

Lowes Logo: 1955 – 1956

The network store names still had bold letters, but they were now written in a different place. The designers rearranged them by stacking the words “Lowe’s” at the end on top of each other. A wide line with oval ends was also used to emphasize the name.

Lowes Logo: 1956 – 1957

After the modernization, Lowe’s logo was even larger: it only consisted of the name, which had been doubled in size. As a result, it took up the entire black rectangle. The bevels at the ends of the letters were removed, resulting in an even and smooth surface.

Lowes Logo: 1957 – 1958

The only difference was the apostrophe. It was straightened and placed diagonally to resemble a parallelogram.

Lowes Logo: 1958 – 1962

The emblem was given two long stripes that crossed the rectangle horizontally. As they were located at the top and bottom of the word “Lowe’s,” they served as borders for the name. And its designers reduced its height slightly, making it appear flattened.

Lowes Logo: 1962 – 1965

To make the logo unique, the developers converted the letters into a 3D format. As a result, they grew in size. Because of their unusual geometric shape, all of the glyphs appeared to be shapes. The front was painted black, while the rest was white. Furthermore, the letter “L” was much larger than the others, despite the fact that they were all capitalized. The globe served as the background for the inscription on the left, emphasizing the chain’s global reach. The continents were depicted in greyscale.

Lowes Logo: 1965 – 1969

Unlike the previous sign, this one had strict forms because it was made up entirely of contour letters. To form a border, each glyph in the title was outlined with a black line. Simultaneously, the designers rounded the corners of the signs and turned the “w” into an inverted “m.” The apostrophe was straight, vertical, and rectangular in shape.

Lowes Logo: 1969 – 1970

The inscription in this version of the logo was composed of letters with a bold border, making the light part appear smaller and the glyphs thinner. The rectangular apostrophe was cut off, resulting in a square.

Lowes Logo: 1970 – 1997

The designers converted all letters to upper case in this version, but left the “L” larger than the rest. They also rounded the outer corners of the “O” and “W,” which contrasts with the “E” and “L,” which are geometrically strict, even, and, conversely, angular. The letter “S” is written in a different font and is separated from the rest of the word by a square that serves as an apostrophe. Furthermore, the developers changed the color of the logo from scarlet to dark blue. This word sign served as the inspiration for subsequent emblems, and it is still in use today.

Lowes Logo: 1997 – 2008

The retail chain’s management decided to update the logo and make it more narrowly focused, reflecting the type of activity, assortment, and basic focus. To accomplish this, the designers took the existing text, changed its color, and placed it in a blue geometric shape with the outline of a house. They scribbled “Home Improvement Warehouse” in small print beneath the name of the brand. A double edging of red and gray lines was drawn around the entire perimeter of the emblem.

Lowe’s Logo (2008–present)

The designers made some changes to the logo that was already there to make it easier to understand and give the house a more balanced look. They took away the gray-red outline and text, lowered the word mark, and lightened the blue by a few tones.

Colors and Font

For a long time, the uneven development of the commercial network prevented the brand from fully establishing itself. As a result, the official identity was established after the stores opened. The owners desired something simple yet catchy that conveyed a lot of information. This is how the house’s outline appeared. Parallel to it, the verbal part is used, which was first used nearly thirty years ago.

The logo was first made with a font that was similar to HWT Unit Gothic 716, but with some changes. The second option was the Design System, which appears in all Lowe’s logos. The rounded “S” from another typeface is its main feature.

The corporate color is consistent and consists of several blue shades: # 004791 (now), # 1c3f86 (formerly). In addition, neutral white, dark gray, and red in two spectra (crimson # c40b43 and scarlet # fd1100) are used in the color scheme.

Which Is Cheaper Home Depot Or Lowes? 

When all expenses are added together, shopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot cost about the same. 

Can You Negotiate A Price At Lowes?

Be willing to bargain when necessary. See if a Lowe’s clerk will work with you on the price if you find an item with a damaged box or a floor-model version of a required product. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts—each employee can offer clients discounts of up to 10%–20% off specific items.

How Do You Get Big Discount At Lowes?

First, you have to look at the store’s website. Make sure that there are coupons available for you. If not, check back often because they usually post them online—just click on “coupons” under “more” on any page on their website and look at what they show.

Second, go to your local Lowes store and ask an employee if they have a discount program going on right now. They might offer something like a 10% off coupon or special deal if you buy two or three things at once (for instance).

Third, use coupons! It doesn’t cost much money or time to print out a coupon and bring it into the store with you when you shop there—and it can save you money in the long run.

Who Is Lowes Owned By?

Lowe’s is a publicly traded business without a single owner. Instead, a large number of investors own its stock. With 8.92% of Lowe’s stock, The Vanguard Group holds the bulk of the stock.

Does Lowe’s Offer a Senior Discount?

No, there is no senior discount.

What is Code 50 At Lowes?

At Lowe’s, a code 50 denotes the need for additional help in a specific location. When a sizable consignment has been received and managing it at the loading bay necessitates assistance from unoccupied Lowe’s personnel, Code 50 is often invoked.

Is Lowes Owned By Home Depot? 

No, there isn’t just one firm that owns Lowe’s and Home Depot. They both belong to distinct publicly owned companies. The two companies do not share ownership. Anyone who chooses to buy stock in either company may do so because both companies’ shares are publicly traded.

Did You Tip the Lowes Guy?

No,It’s advisable to refrain from tipping because many big-box retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy forbid staff from receiving them, even if they are delivering a 50-inch television. This is true even if they rarely mention it on their websites

How Do You Ask For a Lower Price?

Start by pointing out any flaws and asking for 15% off or $50 off, whichever is higher. In my experience, that is a wonderful place to start when haggling at Lowe’s and will probably result in fantastic outcomes.

How Do I Get a Lower Price At Lowes?

You have to make yourself a better customer. You need to shop around for the best deals on exactly what you want, and then negotiate with the salespeople.

How Do You Talk the Price Down?

The first way is to check out their website and compare prices between stores.

What To Say When You Want To Negotiate Price?

My budget only allows for X or How much would you charge in cash

How Do You Negotiate Price Without Offending?

Make sure they know why they should give you a better deal: Explain why their pricing isn’t fair or reasonable; explain why your needs are important enough that they should go above and beyond the

How Do You Walk Away From a Lowball Offer?

One of the ways to walk away from a lowball offer is by bargaining for more value. Even if the price seems too good to be true, it’s worth asking for more because there are usually options that you can use to make the deal better.

How To Respond To a Lowball Offer?

Admit that it is a lowball offer. Tell them you’ll get back to them, and don’t answer immediately. Next, decide which strategy might be most effective. Simply stating that you’re open to negotiating but need to hear a solid opening offer is one strategy.

How Do You Politely Ask For Price?

Asking, “Is that your best price?” is a good way to start a negotiation. Be kind and upbeat when speaking. Facial expressions and body language are important. Look interested, but not so interested that they will assume you would buy, regardless. While being friendly and grinning, be ready to go if necessary.


The Lowes logo is a strong logo that has a lot of personalities. The company is known for its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, so they want to ensure that its customers know they mean business. 

They have a standardized color palette of orange, blue, and green (with yellow accents), which helps them stand out from other retailers in the industry. 

The company also uses bright colors and geometric shapes to draw attention to its products and services.


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