10 BEST SWIMSUIT BRANDS Worldwide & Helpful Tips (2023 Updated)

Swimsuit Brands
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When it comes to the ideal swimsuit brands for men and women, opinions vary widely. However, when it comes to undergarments, some people just care about how well they fit and how comfortable the straps are. Some people are drawn to it because of its cheerful hues and trendy accents. The best swimsuit brands are the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, regardless of your priorities or whether you prefer one- or two-piece bikinis. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of swimwear companies on the market today. However, the best swimsuit brands on Amazon make it simple to zero in on specific styles that meet your demands, whether that’s extra bust support, a longer torso fit, or eye-catching designs and patterns at any budget. 

Best Swimsuit Brands

As summer reaches its height, now is the time to buy as many of your favorite swimsuit brands as possible. One-shoulder swimsuits, textured bikinis, metallic one-pieces, and other unique swimsuit trends have emerged this year, making it easy to find something that suits your taste and flatters your figure. Here are the best swimsuit brands that will make your swimming amazing:

#1. Summersalt

If you prefer sporty or feminine swimwear, Summersalt is the place to be right now. The brand caters to a wide range of body types with its wide variety of sizes and styles, including plus-size alternatives, long-torso suits, and figure-flattering styles. Participate in summer’s florals, ruffles, solids, and understated patterns for all your plans.

#2. Swimsuit for All

Swimsuits for All has a huge selection, reasonable prices, and a lot of options for women of all sizes. You can easily refine your online shopping experience based on your body type, silhouette preferences, or other unique characteristics (like bust support, resistance to chlorine, maternity, and more). They really like that women may find a bikini top that fits their bra size, all the way up to a 46G.

Also, because the company cares about both quality and style, they have a wide range of fashionable options in many different sizes. Even though there are a few options available, there are many others that are out of reach. In this case, both form and function are given equal weight in the Swimsuits for All design process.

#3. Jade Swim

Jade Swim is known for being able to combine simple lines with cutting-edge, risky design elements. The backs of classic one-pieces have diagonal cutouts; barely-there triangle tops are paired with high-waisted bottoms; strapless numbers include ruched trimming and metallic finishes. Sustainable swimsuit brands make products that look nice but aren’t too flashy. This makes them great for both stylish poolside parties and first-time beach photo ops.

#4. TA3

There are a variety of swimsuit brands available through TA3. You may have seen the brand’s popular styles on your social feeds, and these bodysuits have a lace-up construction in the back to ensure the right fit. Also, the silky material ensures versatility as both a swimsuit and a bodysuit. For example, the Lacey was made to comfortably lift the bust while also making the midsection look smoother and more sculpted.

#5. Bonobos

When it comes to men’s swimwear, Bonobos has everything a customer could want: affordable prices, eco-friendly manufacturing (including the use of recycled fabrics), and a wide variety of stylish designs (think cocktails and wine bottles). Their swimwear line, like the rest of their clothing, has great marks for its quality and chic designs.

In addition to being made from long-lasting, high-quality fabrics, their swimwear comes in a wide variety of entertaining designs, from “your dad used to wear” swim trunks to more form-fitting, stretchy shorts. In particular, Bonobos’ Rec Short is versatile enough to wear on both the beach and in the weight room. You may try it on in the comfort of your own home thanks to the rapid and free shipping, no-questions-asked exchanges, and helpful staff offered by this retailer.

#6. Lands’ End

When looking for quality swimsuit brands for kids, go no further than Lands’ End. They aren’t too expensive, are made well, and come in a lot of different cuts and styles so that everyone can find a perfect fit. Fabrics from Lands’ End are made with durable, high-quality materials and include UPF 50 protection, allowing children to spend more time outside without worrying about sun damage. 

Furthermore, boys and girls can choose from a wide variety of prints and styles when shopping for rash guards, cover-ups, and swim shirts to put over their bathing suits. The beach is a great place to play, and you’ll be able to find your kids more quickly if they’re wearing bright colors and patterns.

#7. Everlane

You can achieve a style that is both stylish and comfortable by matching any of the bikini tops (square neck, string tie, or triangle) with any of the bikini bottoms (high-rise hipster, string, or classic briefs). For example, the triangle bikini tops have removable padding and adjustable tie-back closure, and the briefs are long enough to cover the buttocks. All of the swimsuit brands are constructed from 82% recycled nylon, and they all have the ability to dry quickly and are resistant to fading.

#8. Becca Swim

Extremely sexy shapes are available from Becca, and lifestyle blogger Marlene Srdic from Life With Mar raves about the “universally flattering” cuts of the brand’s swimwear. “The swimsuit itself does a fantastic job compressing the belly area and holding everything in, while the mesh accents are so appealing,” she says of a specific Becca swimsuit. It’s a multifunctional article of clothing that you can wear on its own or as a base layer under a sarong, skirt, pants, or shorts.

Becca Swim also provides complimentary resort clothing, such as opulent sarongs and flowy tunics, to make you feel like you just stepped off a plane from the Hamptons.

#9. Carve

Carve swimsuit brands are produced in an environmentally responsible manner by using recycled plastic bottles and coconut husks to make a material that is quick to dry. Furthermore, the contemporary collection caters to a wide range of body types by offering a selection of different cuts and fits (17 distinct top styles and 12 different bottom styles are available), and as an added perk, several of the pieces have prints that can be worn in either direction.

#10. Time and Tru

If you are looking for swimsuit brands, Amazon is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, plus-size model and influencer Britnee Rochelle advises that you shouldn’t discount the website. She has a soft spot for the one-and-only Time and Tru bikini line at the discount store. “When it comes to sizing, their swimwear is quite accommodating, which is a great step forward for the company.” “I’m a tremendous fan,” is what she says. 

Not only is the swimwear sold by Time and Tru reasonably priced, but all of their brightly colored styles, regardless of whether they are swim tops or one-pieces, go up to a size 3X. In addition, customers are always raving about how comfortable, well-fitting, and high-quality the brand is.

How Much Should I Pay for a Swimsuit?

Swimsuits are a must-have item for any summer wardrobe. There is a wide range of pricing for swimwear. Consider how often you plan on wearing the swimwear when deciding how much to spend on it.

Each person has a different budget and comfort level when it comes to buying a swimsuit. Some may believe that buying a high-quality swimsuit requires a significant financial outlay. However, others may be hesitant to invest too much money in a swimsuit purchase if they only intend to use it a handful of times.

The average price for a swimsuit is between $20 and $50. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a top-notch swimsuit, be ready to spend more than $100.

Should Swimsuits Be Tight or Loose?

To help keep your breasts in place and reduce the amount of wiggle room you have in the water, your swimsuit should be tight. You may have chosen the wrong size or style of swimsuit if your body is either bursting out of it or not being contained by it.

What Makes a Swimsuit of Good Quality?

Fabrics of a higher quality will be thick and pleasant to the touch. Pull the cloth in various directions and see if it recovers nicely to see whether it passes the stretch test. Keep in mind that cheap swimsuits may not be lined at all or may only be lined in the bust area. Fully lined, high-quality suits are more durable and comfortable.

Best Swimsuit Brands for Women

Buying swimsuit brands for women can be scary and, to be honest, a little bit awkward. There are a lot of problems with the process, like not enough light in the changing rooms or trying to find a look that looks good on you. What’s more, many swimsuits are created with questionable production processes or with fabrics that won’t last forever.

There are now eco-friendly swimsuit brands that make suits for women of all sizes that look good and are comfortable. These companies focus on making products in a way that is good for the environment and people. They also make online shopping simple, if not enjoyable. Many of the swimsuit brands for women below have real customer reviews, unaltered photos, and great customer service teams to help you find the perfect style and fit. From mix-and-match bikinis to one-pieces and bodysuits, you’re sure to find something for your next pool day.

#1. Andie

Andie’s detailed fit guide and fit quiz, which focus on how much support and coverage you need based on data gathered from more than 300,000 women, are what make shopping for swimwear so easy. Find the perfect swimsuit for your body type and lifestyle with the help of the company’s professionals during a 30-minute fit appointment. The line features both high-quality one-pieces and two-piece suits in a wide range of cuts, colors, and patterns, with certain pieces designed specifically for women with longer torsos.

#2. Summersalt

Summersalt creates eco-friendly swimwear with a perfect fit using 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women and a unique method. These one- and two-piece swimsuits (including pregnancy and long torso choices!) are fashionable, sustainable, and well-made because they are crafted from recycled fibers that are five times as strong and four times as compressed as other swimwear. Plus, most of them cost less than a hundred dollars! The swimwear from Summersalt is both fashionable and affordable.

#3. Cuup

Cuup is known for making bras and underwear in a wide range of sizes. The brand now has a line of minimalist bikini sets in the same sleek styles. Lightweight flex wire, like the kind used in its bras, gives the support needed for long periods of lounging without irritating the skin. This is especially true of the brand’s balconette, plunge, and scoop-neck bikini tops. You can choose from classic bikinis, brief, and high-waisted bikini bottoms, as well as a retro-inspired style dubbed the Tap. All swimwear is made from Econyl, a recycled nylon fabric made from old fishing nets from the ocean, old carpets, and waste from before and after consumers.

#3. Boden

Boden is where people turn for eco-friendly swimwear with a British flair. The majority of the materials used to create these beautiful tankini tops, one-pieces, and bikinis come from recycled polyester and plastic. And the team’s outfits are guaranteed to last for multiple seasons, so you won’t have to buy a new one every summer. The 365-day money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction (for either an exchange or a refund). It’s easy to order from Boden, no matter where you live.

#4. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a popular business that sells activewear, athleisure, and swimsuits. SELF editors and readers consistently give it high marks because it cares about many of the same things we do, like sustainability and inclusive sizing. The brand’s bright, eye-catching one-pieces and bikini bottoms are composed of 78% econyl and spandex and are treated to have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+.

Girlfriend Collective stands out from the crowd since its sizing goes all the way up to a whopping 6XL. Even though its swimsuits take a little longer to arrive than those of some of its rivals (approximately 7–10 business days), we believe the brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint is well worth the wait.

#5. Patagonia

Patagonia offers high-performance bikinis, rashguards, one-pieces, and boardshorts made of fair trade recycled materials that are stretchable, secure, and long-lasting. Activewear and ethics are two of the company’s primary areas of focus. Whether you’re going to the beach to surf or sleep, you can buy Patagonia gear with the knowledge that 1% of sales goes toward environmental protection and restoration.

#6. Net-a-Porter

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a one-piece bathing suit with a bit of extra flair. Suits by high-end designers like Mara Hoffman, Missoni, and Gucci can all be found in one convenient place at Net-a-Porter. It has a wide selection, so you may find affordable items with interesting necklines, accents, fabrics, and styles.

#7. Bold Swim

To put it simply, BOLD Swim is a line of swimsuits aimed at confident, fearless, and unapologetically feminine women. These swimsuit brands are made of eco-luxury nylon from Brazil, so they are safe, sustainable, and UV-resistant. This company, owned by people of color, makes extraordinarily vibrant and adorable designs in sizes XXL. In addition, whether you choose a cutout one-piece or a pastel bikini, you are sure to turn heads.

#8. Nike

The popular athletic gear company also sells women’s swimsuits. In terms of one-piece swimsuits, our senior business editor tried the Nike Sneakerkini U-back. “I wore this bikini to play volleyball for a couple of hours, and it didn’t budge an inch.” She says, “The U-back is great because it shows off my curves, and the high leg cut makes me look taller.” In their store, Nike also sells modest swimwear. From the Nike Victory full-coverage swimwear line, you can choose a swim tunic, a hijab, and leggings that go with it.

#9. TomboyX

You can be sure that the designers of TomboyX had in mind “any girl, woman, or anyone” when they thought of the brand. The certified B Corp makes tank tops, halter tops, and racerbacks that can be worn by both men and women. These tops can be worn with shorts of different lengths or even as an unusual cover-up for people who don’t want to wear the typical little bikini. All of them are made with OEKO-TEX-approved materials, are made to dry quickly, and have UPF to protect against UV rays. (The business’s ethics and environmental consciousness are also commendable.)

#10. Solid & Striped

Solid & Striped is a swimwear industry classic. It has a wide range of styles, from one-pieces to one-shoulder swimsuits to belted beauties. Traditional one-pieces come in stripes, gingham, color blocking, and neon fruit prints. Strappy string and tiny crochet two-pieces are also available to meet the needs of a wide range of people. 

Is It Better to Size up or Down in Swimsuits?

Swim fabrics expand a bit when wet, so “sizing down” or “keeping true to size” is best when spending most of your time in actual water. Due to the lack of natural elasticity when the suit is dry, it is possible that going up a size will make you more comfortable.

Should You Hang or Fold Swimsuits?

A wet swimsuit that is hung to dry may shrink or expand, depending on the method used. There’s also the problem that a wet swimsuit’s parts can distort even more due to the weight of the water. After cleaning or a day at the beach, place your swimwear flat on a drying rack.

Best Swimsuit Brands for Men

You need a swimsuit that is not only functional but also stylish, whether you plan on spending your time at the beach or poolside. The days of wearing board shorts that end at the knee are over. Modern swimsuits have shorter legs (between 5 and 7 inches) and patterns that are more daring and fun. Today’s best swimsuits are often made of eco-friendly, quick-drying materials that let you go from the beach or pool to the top of a mountain or a fancy restaurant without having to change.

Also, men have a lot of high-end and high-street swimsuit brands to choose from, such as John Lewis, Reiss, Ralph Lauren, and Vilebrequin. If you’re looking for a pair of trendy yet comfortable swimming trunks to help you channel your inner 007 secret agent while strolling out to sea, look no further than our curated selection of the best men’s swimsuit brands on Amazon. Here are the best swimsuit brands for men.

#1. Lululemon

It’s no secret that Lululemon makes high-quality, moisture-wicking clothing that can be worn all day, but did you know they also sell swimwear?

One such item, the Pool Short, comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is made of a material that is resistant to the effects of water. A zipped pocket secures small items, and the garment’s form-flattering cut ensures it can be worn both in and out of the water.

#2. Fair Habor

This swimsuit’s fabric comes from 12 recycled plastic bottles, but you’d never know it because of how soft it is and how well it stretches in any direction. As an added bonus, the inside is made of the same materials as the outside suit and has a comfortable boxer-brief style, so you can feel good about yourself and enjoy life without chafing.

#3. Everlane

The popular swimsuit brands from Everlane for men have a special feel that is soft to the touch and dries rapidly, so you can go straight from the beach to the restaurant without feeling soggy. This suit is perfect for swimming, hiking, biking, and anything else you might do on your trip. These are made from recycled plastic bottles and have a bit of stretch without being too loose.

#4. Calvin Klein

It’s possible to get standout swimwear styles by designer label Calvin Klein stocked at a variety of outlets, so you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on them. Calvin Klein has all the bases covered, whether it is traditional shorts in colors that will never go out of style or vivid designs.

#5. Vuori Cruise

Vuori’s boardshorts sit just above the knee, giving you that classic surfer style without the bulk. They’re terrific for performance and dry rapidly thanks to their four-way stretch. There is an anti-odor technology built into the fabric, and they feature a UPF of 30 to prevent sun damage. They come in a range of stylish colors and have a 7.5-inch inseam that puts them above the knee.

#6. Vilebrequin

If you are seeking swimsuit brands of the highest quality, your search is over since Vilebrequin is a brand that is loved by many people and has an effect on fashion.

You may buy a number of patterns, some of which have the famous Vilebrequin emblem on the front, as well as more classic pieces if you are searching for swimwear that makes a statement. In addition, these incredibly vibrant shorts are moving quickly off the shelves.

#7. Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown is known for their high-quality “shorts you can swim in,” which are essentially swimming trunks. The five-year quality guarantee proves that every pair of the label’s high-end trunks has trendy patterns and styles.

Researchers particularly like the new Bulldog mid-length swim shorts, which come in either a blue or a lighter linen hue and feature a woven Italian geometric jacquard pattern. They also have gold side fasteners, which are a signature of the brand and stand out against the repeating pattern. 

And because they can be washed in a machine, they’re also practical for wearing at the beach or pool.

#8. Onia

This lifestyle company was started in 2009, and its swimsuit brands are known for being versatile and comfortable. Their everyday clothes, swimsuits, and accessories are noted for their simple elegance.

Furthermore, there are many different lengths of swim shorts to choose from. For instance, the limited edition Charles 7′′ swim trunks are crafted from quick-dry fabric, so you can go straight from the pool to your lunch meeting.

This pair comes in sizes small to extra-large and boasts a fun tropical motif on navy blue cloth. The brand’s complete collection of swimwear includes both longer and shorter shorts in a wide variety of colors and prints.

#9. Patagonia

1% of Patagonia’s annual revenue will go toward environmental protection and restoration. In fact, the nylon in the Men’s Wavefarer Boardshorts comes from fishing nets that have been used before.

People who have purchased the shorts themselves have given them a perfect score. There are eight unique designs, four colors, and four sizes (from 28 to 44) to choose from. In addition, Patagonia sells both men’s and women’s swimsuits and swimwear.

#10. Ralph Lauren

When it comes to men swimsuit brands, Ralph Lauren is another go-to brand. Ralph Lauren swimwear has the right amount of coverage, style, comfort, and functionality, whether you want shorter shorts to get the best tan possible this summer or longer ones.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Swimsuit?

A good swimsuit, as model Yasmin Geurts puts it, is like falling in love at first sight. It can be difficult to narrow down your options when it comes to swimsuit brands. For a more simple swimsuit shopping experience this summer, here are the things to look out for:

#1. The Right Fit

About half of all shoppers give up on trying on swimsuit brands before buying because they can’t find a size that fits them well. What looks great on a hanger isn’t always the best option for a person’s figure. Because of this, you should never buy a swimming suit without first trying it on. By measuring your breasts, waist, and hips, you may find a swimsuit that fits perfectly and flatters your body. It should fit comfortably, as it may loosen up after being wet, but not so loosely that it droops unattractively.

Also, read ADULT SWIM LOGO: Meaning, Trend, Commercials, and Lesson.

#2. Confidence and Purpose

It’s important to pick a swimsuit that flatters your figure. What kind of swimming you intend to do will determine the type of swimwear you should purchase. For sun protection, a one-piece suit with thick straps and long sleeves is better than a string bikini for surfing. Putting some thought into the purpose and what you’ll be wearing is crucial.

#3. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor

UPF swimsuits are becoming increasingly popular. UPF measures how well a cloth protects its wearer from harmful ultraviolet radiation (including UVA and UVB). In terms of protecting against harmful ultraviolet radiation, a higher rating indicates greater efficiency. A swimsuit with a UPF of 50 or above blocks out 98% or less of the sun’s harmful rays.

#4. Quality

When shopping for swimsuit brands for men and women at Amazon, it’s also crucial to think about the fabric and color. When it comes to shopping, 53 percent of people say that quality is the most important thing to them. Some people mistakenly believe that wearing darker colors makes them look thinner. Wearing anything too sheer will allow the fabric to show through. You can tell a swimsuit’s durability by how well it stretches and how much compression it has.

#5. Weigh Price and  Use

If you want a fashionable swimsuit, you can sometimes save money by buying the least expensive one, knowing that you might not wear it again the next year. Nonetheless, if you want to swim a lot of laps in a traditional swimsuit, it’s worth it to invest a bit more money and take your time inspecting the quality.

Best Swimsuit Brands on Amazon

The weather is hot and muggy; therefore, it must be summer. That means it’s time to break out the bikinis and coverups and show them off. Variety is important when packing for a day at the beach, whether you like a few go-to one-pieces or a bunch of tiny bikinis. Here comes Amazon. The megastore contains everything a shopper could want to enjoy the season in comfort and style. Here are the best swimsuit brands on Amazon:

  1. Backless Bathing Suit
  2. Ribbed O-Ring String Bikini
  3. High Waist Bathing Suit
  4. Candy Rain One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit
  5. Ribbed V-Wired Bikini


After a day in the pool, many men know the discomfort of chafing. As a relief, several swimsuit brands have upgraded the underwear’s lining by doing away with mesh and replacing it with a compression brief design. Yet not everyone experiences chafing, and not all mesh liners are equally soft. If you’ve never had any problems with the mesh, it’s probably your best bet. Try out the best swimsuit brands today and have a lovely swimming experience.

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