French Lingerie Brands: Top 27 Lists Of French Lingerie Brands

French lingerie brands

Lingerie is practically worn by every woman, However, not all women use the best brands that make them feel extra special. Moreover, French lingerie brands speak a high volume of sexiness and comfort. Similarly, in this article, you will also get to see France lingerie brands. Put on your seatbelt and enjoy every bit of it!

French Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is such an important part of every woman’s attire. That they will purposefully show a glimpse of their lingerie, which is known as la séduction voilée or veiled seduction. Below are the french lingerie brands 

#1. Chantal Thomass

This brand is known for its delicate feminine style, which includes lace, satin, and bows on its intimates. However, Her creations are distinguished by a black silhouette symbol, indicating that they are sensual lingerie that is appealing, seductive, and beautiful all at the same time.

#2. Aubade

This high-end French lingerie company was found in 1875 as a producer of corsets and girdles. Hence, It is widely regarded as the first to provide colored or printed matching sets. Apart from that, it has grown in popularity due to its developments, which include strapless bras, halter bras, and bras with front hooks.

#3. Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson is a famous high-end brand that delivers stylish intimates with a sense of exclusivity. Typically, This French lingerie brand has been operating for almost 25 years and is well-known for its use of precious materials, stunning elegance, and exceptional craftsmanship. Additionally, Carine Gilson’s works are notable for their flawless use of lace and silk.

#4. Maison Close

This pretty modern French lingerie brands, founded in 2006, is the designer’s response to the high-end sensual lingerie sector. Secondly, It offers a wide range of alluring undergarments like bras, underwear, slips, and more. Thirdly, Made to praise and empower women while also providing them with comfort and style. Finally, Maison Close is really developing a name for itself in over 25 countries.

#5. Lou

Lou is a French lingerie brand by Andres Faller, an entrepreneur, and gymnast Lucienne. They worked together to create the wonder that is a line of trendy and elegant underwear. Aside from that, the brands have a large people following due to its modern appearance. And also the use of high-quality materials, and competence. Equally, Their bras are known for being not only fashionable but also supportive. Lou also uses flat furniture, embroideries, and Swarovski crystals in several of her designs.

#6. Laurence Tavernier

Laurence Tavernier is a French store and brand known for its wider selection of luxury lingerie. For years, these lingerie brands have been shaking up the industry with sophisticated and polished home wear and nightwear that is also intended for optimal comfort. Moreover, The brand has risen into a must-try fashion line by using only the finest fabrics, unusual prints and patterns, and flawless tailoring.

#7. Eres

This French brand is well-known for its stylish swimwear collection. Irène Leroux launched it in 1968 and supplied swimwear all year round. However, in the 1990s, Eres debuted their lingerie brands, which featured trendy and attractive intimates. Eres lingerie’s style and structure are to highlight the body’s natural elegance. And then, It stood out at a time when all other companies were relying on sensuality. Eres gained prominence because of its sleek look and use of clear lines.

#8. Passionata

Passionata is another French lingerie brand for professional women. In reality, the brand featured working women in its first advertising campaign, including an archaeologist and a photographer. Passionata, as we know it today, is practically for modern women who enjoy their lives and are passionate about what they do. Their lingerie collection, which comes in a variety of colors, is undeniably elegant and alluring.

#9. Empreinte

Here is another French lingerie brand that specializes in a wide range of intimates, particularly bras with cup sizes ranging from C to H. It is ideal for bust or full-breasted clients looking for stylish lingerie made entirely of high-quality fabrics. Moreover, Empreinte does not disappoint since it pays attention to detail and is perfect for designing lingerie that promotes harmony and attractiveness.

#10. Maison Lejaby

This is an exceptional selection of lingerie known to be flattering to any figure. This French fashion house employs the finest materials and clean, perfect cuts to create a wonderful collection. Indeed, the brand features classic, bold, and sensual pieces that offer elegance and comfort for women. Maison Lejaby always takes its cues from the trends and its core principles to give their lingerie a contemporary touch.


Previously, there was a lingerie industry divide between full-breasted and small-busted ladies. Not any longer, thanks to the advent of products like Ysé, a French lingerie brands that designed unpadded and elegant bras. As a result, their lingerie should fit flawlessly for each cup size. Moreover, The collections feature sophisticated and on-trend designs that are sensual without being over-the-top.

#12. Princesse Tam Tam

Princesse Tam Tam, which sells both lingerie and swimwear, is next on the list. It was made by two women, Loumia and Shama Hiridjee, who wanted to revolutionize femininity by creating colorful and youthful designs that are also fun and contemporary. It is, indeed, a departure from the more elegant and sensual French lingerie brands.

#13. Lise Charmel

For nearly a half-century, this brand has been producing exceptional items. And, through time, Lise Charmel is good for its one-of-a-kind skill and design. Similarly, Lingerie styles vary from sophisticated and beautiful to seductive and playful intimates. These items are available in a variety of fashionable and sophisticated colors and textures, particularly lace.

#14. Simone Perele

The brand is dedicated to creating lingerie that will enhance your curves and make you feel confident and empowered. Since, Simone Perele employs rich fabrics, exceptional quality, and attention to detail to create exquisite and comfortable lingerie designed to bring forth your true beauty.

#15. Rosy

Rosy is yet another lingerie business treasure. It has been in business since 1947, providing classic and gorgeous designs that women adore. Its assortment comprises intimates that modern women require today, made with clean and pure lines, as well as young styles. Certainly, Rosy is a true blend of modern and vintage, and Rosy is always reinventing and redesigning it to meet the demands of today. Lastly, lingerie is made to flatter every woman’s body and emphasize her sensuality.

France Lingerie Brands

Below are France lingerie brands you should consider, because of the quality and the satisfaction it gives.


Basically, Marie France lingerie brands have a tendency to reveal every woman’s inner beauty by providing an ecstasy of calm, fashion, and confidence.


Chantelle is a brand that represents all women, serving as a vital component of their daily lives. Moreover, Women in France and beyond find meaningful ways to live through Chantelle lingerie brands, whether as a source of strength, comfort, or style and find purpose in the principles we share with them.

#3.Louisa Bracq

Louisa Bracq, a high-end lingerie and embroidery designer. Firstly, offers a style for all women that combines sophistication with innovation and luxury.

Always on the hunt for what hasn’t been done. Finally, Louisa Bracq makes a point of giving a breath of fresh air to the France lingerie business through refreshed collections, clear brands, and great visual communication.

Best French Lingerie Brands

Naturally, French women are good for having an accurate sense of how to put together the ultimate fashionable wardrobe, but they are equally as knowledgeable about what goes beneath the clothes as they are about what goes on top. Here are the best French lingerie brands. 

#1. Cadolle

Cadolle is well-known by Herminie Cadolle, the lady who invented the modern bra. Currently, the brand is led by corsetière Patricia Cadolle, who creates the best french lingerie that provides enough support and freedom. Furthermore,  Cadolle has been at the forefront of inventing undergarments that shape the body into a beautiful shape for six generations. However, It now offers a large variety of premium undergarments such as bras, underwear, bodysuits, corsets, and much more. In addition to ready-to-wear, they offer custom-fit bras in their Paris studio.

#2. Yasmine Eslami

It is important to select lingerie that provides both style and comfort. Moreover, This brand focuses on modern and sleek designs that demonstrate that there is sexiness in simplicity. one of the best French lingerie brands that employ sheer or skin-toned materials to highlight a woman’s natural form or figure.

#3. Fifi Chachnil

This French lingerie brand embraces femininity and guides women into the world of “sensual playful beauty.” While the Chachnil brand has been existing since 1984, the lingerie collection was only released in 1996 after she learned about “extroverted nudity.” Fifi Chachnil sells seductive, but not flamboyant, best lingerie that emphasizes femininity.

#4. Etam

Etam french lingerie brands have delivered ‘100 years of daring, humor, and French sexuality,’ and its best designs reflect this attitude. They are known for their excellent quality, elegant, and inexpensive lines that are playful, modern, and lovely.

#5. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur french lingerie brands are the best delicate yet provocative and are known for their playful designs.

#6. LIVY

For the founder, the French lingerie brands are more than a hobby. clients have acknowledged the quality that comes with LIVY since Lisa works with the most prominent French manufacturer. It is absolutely the best French lingerie brand that is luxurious but also affordable.

#7. Prima Donna

Prima Donna produces high-quality full-cup bras that give incredible support for naturally endowed women, and a superb fit is certainly worth the extra cost. Because of the underarm fit, the Madison model is my go-to everyday bra.

#8. Marjolaine

Marjolaine is an amazing premium French nightwear brand that uses 100 percent silk… and a color scheme to create the best diverse and gorgeous lingerie.

#9. Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal’s bras, panties, garters, and bodysuits are nearly certain to turn up the heat. Furthermore, the Fuller Cup collection grabbed our interest. Each bra in the collection is available in sizes 36DD to 36G, and bottoms in sizes 1 to 5. (XS to XL). Fleur’s commitment to size-inclusive alternatives was reinforced with a four-piece collection with curve model Precious Lee. Are you undecided on which style to try first? With the best french lingerie brand’s embroidery, you can’t go wrong. (Tip: Wear these items with a white T-shirt or an oversized boyfriend blazer to show them off subtly.)

What Is a Bra?

You’ve most certainly worn bras since you were a pre-adolescent, and there’s a good chance you have a particular bra you reach for whenever you need a little help. It’s also quite possible that you are aware that wearing that black satin and lacey bra will get him hot. Have you ever wondered what a bra is, though? Women wear form-fitting underwear called a bra, often known as a brassiere, to support their breasts.

What Fabric is Your Bra Made Of?

Bras were initially made of linen, twill fabrics, or cotton broadcloth. In the present era, a larger range of materials, such as spandex, satin, lace, microfiber, tricot, etc., are used to make bras more comfortable and long-lasting. Bras frequently combine various textiles to achieve particular goals, such as enhancing breast support or enhancing comfort and security during physical exercise.

Dos and Don’Ts of Lingerie Care

It’s crucial to properly care for our underwear in order to keep them in top-wearing condition at all times. Many of us, however, are unaware of the fundamentals of lingerie care, and we could easily make mistakes when washing them that could damage their delicate fabric. Whether you’ve upgraded your underwear drawer with some cozy and useful underwear items, purchased some stunning lingerie for that special occasion, purchased a sports bra for your workouts, or all of the above.

Do You Really Need Bra Extenders?

Little rectangular nylon accessories with hook and eye closures are known as bra extenders. Theoretically, they are made to extend the life of your bra. They aren’t intended to prolong the level of comfort you ought to experience while donning a bra. They receive more negative ratings than any other lingerie accessory, in fact.

Differences Between G-strings & Thongs?

It can be difficult to distinguish between a G-string and a Thong because of their similar designs. They both have quite comparable cuts and expose your buttocks. These two fashions are meant to decrease panty lines when something is worn over them rather than make the wearer appear more exposed. You won’t ever mix the two again once you understand their differences.


With a g-string, a string wraps around your waist and descends in between your buttocks. The string is so tiny that it won’t show through a fitted dress when worn with one. The design is really straightforward but extremely useful. To hide the most crucial private areas, the front of the g-strings is occasionally constructed of sheer fabric cut into a triangle form. G-string terminology and design received unfavorable reviews when they first appeared. The biggest issue was that, regrettably, many people did not grasp the function of a g-string and thought that this fashion was intended for women who were somewhat exhibitionist in nature. The practical significance of these undergarments is taking on new life as circumstances change.


Thongs are fabric-based panty styles, much like g-strings. With two key differences, it has similar useful properties that reduce panty lines. There are no strings on thongs. Thin lace or other thin fabric is used to make thongs, which are worn around the waist and in between the buttocks. A g-string forms a “T” in the region of the back where the horizontal and vertical lines meet, which is often shaped like a “Y.” The key differences between these two kinds of underwear are those ones.

Thongs have extra cloth wrapping around your waist and down your buttocks, making them comfier and more attractive. When the fabric is of superior quality, such as French lace or ultra-fine silk, thongs do produce a pleasing impression. However, from a practical standpoint, a g-string works better to conceal panty lines beneath a dress or a pair of tight pants. Beautiful designs can be found in both styles. Now that you are informed on the subject, you may decide whether to cover your panty lines if you have no other options. Some ladies simply prefer it from a design standpoint, and that is admirable. Enjoy what you are wearing since what you like and feel comfortable with is what matters most.


French lingerie brands have a way of giving you every bit of what you want and need. Plus the diversity and uniqueness of each brand.

Why is French lingerie so expensive?

The most obvious cost of lingerie is price of fabric. Silk and cotton are natural materials, so weather can play a huge role in pricing. If the weather is bad and cotton supply is reduced, or if you are using organic cotton ( 30% more costly than traditional cotton), it will cost the designer/manufacturer more to buy.

Are Chantelle bras made in France?

They are made in France (not outsourced like most other lingerie companies.) They are beautifully constructed and many parts of the bra are still handmade. The lace they use is exclusive to Chantelle.

How do you wear French lingerie?

  1. Wear matching underwear.
  2. No push-up bras.
  3. No uncomfortable stockings.
  4. Avoid boring beige and white.
  5. Try some lace.
  6. Leggings are not pants.
  7. Black bra under a white shirt.
  8. Don’t forget the Pyjamas.
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