LV LOGO: Why is the LV Logo Upside Down? Basic Truths Behind the Design

LV logo
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  1. History Of The LV Logo
  2. The Popularity Of The LV Logo
  3. What Does The LV Logo Mean?
  4. What Is The LV Flower Called?
  5. Elements Of The LV Logo
    1. Symbol
    2. Color
    3. Font
  6. Counterfeiting: One Major Challenge Of The LV Logo
  7. Evolution Of The LV Logo
  8. Lessons To Learn From The LV Logo Branding
  9. Most Popular LV Bags
    1. #1. Louis Vuitton Speedy
    2. #2. Louis Vuitton Alma
    3. #3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull
    4. #4. Louis Vuitton Twist
    5. #5. Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau 
    6. #6. Louis Vuitton Looping Bag
    7. #7. Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Bag
    8. #8. Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag 
    9. #9. Louis Vuitton Noé Bag 
    10. #10. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag
  10. LV Crossbodies 
    1. #1. Vanity PM Handbag
    2. #2. Boite Chapeau Souple Handbag
    3. #3. Duo Messenger Bag
    4. #4. LV Crafty Boite Chapeau Handbag
    5. #5. Utility Crossbody Bag
    6. #6. Petit Sac Plat
    7. #7. Pochette Evening Bag
    8. #8. NéoNoé BB Bucket Bag
    9. #9. Love Note Clutch
    10. #10. Muria Bucket Bag 
    11. #11. Papillon BB Bag
  11. How Much Does An LV Bag Cost?
  12. How Do I Check LV Authenticity?
    1. #1. Note the stitching on your LV bag
    2. #2. Check the stamping on the handbag
    3. #3. Check the date codes or microchips
    4. #4. Familiarize with Louis Vuitton styles 
    5. #5. Inspect the hardware in the bag
    6. #6. Inspect the LV materials 
    7. #7. Note the smell 
    8. #8. Note the price
  13. Does LV Products Fade?
  14. Is Louis Vuitton Considered Luxury?
  15. Why Is Louis Vuitton Considered a Luxury Brand?
  16. What Makes Louis Vuitton So Unique?
  17. Are Louis Vuitton Suitcases Expensive?
  18. How can I spot a fake LV logo?
  19. Can I use the LV logo for my own business or products?
  20. Are there any limited edition or special versions of the LV logo?
  21. How does the LV logo compare to other luxury brand logos?
  22. Are there any limited edition or special versions of the LV logo?
  23. In Conclusion
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A brand’s logo announces its presence everywhere. Just like you can tell an Apple product by looking at the Apple logo, you can identify just about any brand with its logo. Our case study in this article is the LV logo; we’ll see the history of the iconic brand’s logo and how it has evolved over the years. We’ll also see some LV products, like luxury bags and crossbodies. 

When Georges Vuitton took over the LV brand after his father’s death in 1892, he wanted to design a logo for the company that could be used on the new canvas he had designed and patented in order to distinguish Louis Vuitton luggage from the numerous companies that were attempting to imitate their style.

The logo he designed is a hand-drawn typeface of the letter V overlapping the letter L that was influenced by roman fonts. The Louis Vuitton emblem has altered relatively little in the decades since this first version was released. Few firms, let alone those that have been around for almost a century, can claim that they have not changed their logo. The only change to the Louis Vuitton emblem since 1892 has been the elimination of the brand’s name beneath the monogram. In 1997, designer Mark Jacobs made the decision to use the LV monogram only in Louis Vuitton’s marketing endeavors. Aside from this minor change, the LV logo that you see today is the same as the one that was designed for the brand over a century ago.

Louis Vuitton, like most high-end fashion labels, inserts its logo across its product line, and it is this mark and the status associated with it that drives demand for Louis Vuitton products. This logo has also served as the primary design element for Louis Vuitton’s different marketing campaigns.

The Louis Vuitton emblem was originally meant to help protect the authenticity of the brand’s products, and it still serves that purpose today. When determining whether or not a Louis Vuitton product is genuine, one of the first steps is to analyze the design of the LV logo on the product.

What Does The LV Logo Mean?

The legendary fashion label’s visual identity is exquisite yet bold, and it is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable around the world. The brand’s text-based logo is made up of the whole wordmark and a monogram, which is also featured on the fabric patterns and buckles of the luxury label’s items.

The fashion house’s logo was designed in the middle of the nineteenth century and has never been changed; only a few other symbols have been added over the years, and for a time, the wordmark was deleted from the official logo, leaving the monogram as the major and only portion of it.

In terms of color palette, the high-end brand’s visual identity employs two versions: monochrome, which appears bold and elegant on all surfaces and backdrops, and light-beige, near to gold, the color of luxury and elegance, representing the essence and character of the company.

The brand also employs a stylized flower in two variations: one with four elongated and pointed petals encased in a black rhombus, and another with a rounded bloom set inside a solid circle. Both insignia are employed as company signifiers and can be found embossed and printed on leather and textile goods.

What Is The LV Flower Called?

The flower on the monogram has inspired the start of a new Louis Vuitton jewelry collection known as Blossom.


The present Louis Vuitton logo pays homage to the company’s founder. The “L” and “V” characters are intricately interlaced, but they remain fairly legible. A “Louis Vuitton” wordmark appears beneath the monogram.


The Louis Vuitton emblem’s black-and-white color scheme is an illustration of traditional simplicity and elegance. We should emphasize that, depending on the circumstances, the logo may be presented in different colors. Colors like gold, brown, and orange are among the most popular. In certain circumstances, designers choose a rainbow color scheme, which allows the monogram to appear in several hues inside a single visual context.

Although the official emblem is usually black, the company also employs other colors to correspond with its many product lines and branding initiatives. They’ve utilized everything from pastels to bright colors like orange and green. The distinctive brown rendition of the emblem, for example, has been a staple for Louis Vuitton handbags for decades.

The logo’s delicate, muted tone complements the deep hues of the leather wonderfully. Marc Jacobs created a new logo that features the monogram in a white, pink, blue, purple, and yellow pattern. These unusually bright monogrammed logos are appealing to the younger generation while being neat and classy.


The Louis Vuitton logo is rendered in two versions. The entire company name is written in all capital letters of the light and graceful Futura sans-serif typeface, which symbolizes the fashion house’s modern and progressive nature while perfectly balancing the boldness and classic elegance of the monogram.

The LV monogram was hand-drawn in 1954 and is still in use today. The straight “V” overlapping the italics “L” makes one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. Both letters have robust and elongated serifs as well as thick distinct lines that signify tradition, sophistication, and luxury.

According to some statistics, about 20% of all counterfeited accessories sold in the EU are labeled Louis Vuitton, making it one of the most counterfeited fashion companies. The fashion company takes the issue very seriously and has over 60 full-time personnel dedicated to anti-counterfeiting efforts. The corporation has launched a variety of efforts aimed at reducing the number of counterfeits. For example, it made a personalized Monogram Canvas. The pattern is based on the LV monogram and is readily identifiable.

The distinctive Louis Vuitton logo is very famous and relevant due to its widespread use throughout its various product lines and advertising collaterals. While the typefaces and style of the logo are old, skilled designers continue to improve it into fresh, modern prints while preserving its traditional essence. This amazing fusion of modernization and tradition has assisted the brand in maintaining its poise and place in the fashion market. Even after so many decades, they remain the leading manufacturer of luxury handbags, suitcases, and clothing.

The Louis Vuitton logo has never been modified technically. These changes were made as part of the rebranding process, and as a result, the “Louis Vuitton” inscription at the bottom of the logo was removed.

Lessons To Learn From The LV Logo Branding

Here are some lessons you can take away from the LV logo, especially if you want to develop a powerful brand identity.

  • LV has never changed its initial monogram or flower design completely. Although there have been a few minor changes, most notably in font color, designers decided to apply them to products rather than change the monogram itself.
  • Make collaborations that will benefit your company. Keep your brand distinct, and use the association to communicate your message loud and clear. Make certain that anybody you deal with shares your viewpoints.
  • Don’t be a sucker for negative gossip or hearsay. Certain articles and press releases claim that the brand’s customers are sick of seeing the “LV” monogram everywhere. They are, however, contradicted by the facts. According to Forbes, Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most valuable brands, with $15 billion in sales.
  • Don’t mindlessly follow trends. The idea gained popularity after Balenciaga fashion models walked the French fashion house’s Fall 2017 runway with the brand’s renowned “B” painted on their fingernails. Such trends might be followed if they are advantageous, or they can be avoided in your mindful branding strategies. Remember that misuse can cause something to lose its significance.
  • The logo is an essential component of any company. It represents your brand, but it should not interfere with the performance of your website. The LV website has the LV monogram in one section and the name in the other. The goal is to avoid overburdening the website with heavy fonts and colors. On both mobile and desktop versions, websites must be simple, appealing, and responsive. Keep this in mind while you create your website.

Here are some of the most popular and classy bags from the iconic LV brand:

#1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

One of Louis Vuitton’s most recognizable styles is the Speedy bag. The tiny Speedy, designed in 1930 in response to the decade’s rapid transportation innovations, is lightweight, convenient to travel with, yet large enough to contain your essentials. The Speedy, dubbed a “house icon,” is an obvious addition to any outfit.

#2. Louis Vuitton Alma

The Alma bag was named after the Alma Bridge, which connects two notable Paris neighborhoods across the Seine and was designed by Louis Vuitton’s grandson Gaston-Louis Vuitton in 1934. The most structural of the legendary LV bags, with a strong leather bottom, protecting studs, and rolled leather handles.

#3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull bag, which was introduced in 2007, is a fan favorite. It rapidly became one of Louis Vuitton’s most popular bags, joining the brand’s elite list of house icons. It’s extremely capacious, making it an excellent everyday bag as well as an indispensable trip companion.

#4. Louis Vuitton Twist

The Twist is a sleek day-to-evening bag splashed with bold LV hardware and the latest addition to the brand’s “House Icons” segment. The Twist is as adaptable as it is elegant, with a short chain hand strap and a leather crossbody strap. This minimalist handbag is crafted with Epi leather and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

#5. Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau 

A new Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau bag will cost you back $4,600, but it was inspired by the brand’s classic hatbox. This one-of-a-kind LV purse, a little and compact bag, generated quite a stir in the street style scene when it debuted in late 2018.

#6. Louis Vuitton Looping Bag

The Looping Bag, which was discontinued, is now a sought-after Louis Vuitton vintage item. The Looping Bag, which was released in 2002 for a relatively low price of $1,030, now sells for between $600 and $2000 on resale sites such as Farfetch, Rebag, and eBay. The Looped bag, with its arched vachetta leather handle and the house’s trademark monogram-coated canvas, will never go out of style.

#7. Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Bag

The Pochette Accessoires bag is a larger version of a toiletries bag. The Pochette Accessoires, which come with a leather or chain strap, are spacious enough to hold a Zippy Wallet and other small needs. While this bag is still available on the Louis Vuitton website, it is a highly sought-after vintage product. One can be found online for as little as $400.

#8. Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag 

The Capucines bag, another “house icon,” was named after the Rue des Capucines in Paris, where Louis Vuitton originally opened his business in 1854. This purse is crafted from full-grain Taurillon leather, crocodilian leather, or soft lambskin. The BB, PM, and small Capucines are all favorites among fashionistas.

#9. Louis Vuitton Noé Bag 

Gaston-Louis Vuitton produced the Noe bag in a bid to create something large enough to contain five bottles of champagne. This classic bucket bag, first introduced in 1932, is a real Louis Vuitton classic. The NéoNoé, Nano Noé, Petit Noé, Noé BB, Noé Backpack, and Noé Pouch are now available in six various sizes and styles.

#10. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag

The Petite Malle bag, like the Petite Boite Chapeau, was inspired by historic Louis Vuitton trunks, right down to the monogram canvas and gold-toned lock and fittings. The detachable strap allows you to wear this purse as a clutch or as a crossbody.

LV Crossbodies 

Do you have a thing for crossbodies? These crossbody bags from LV has everything you need in a bag:

#1. Vanity PM Handbag

Nicolas Ghesquière has created a modern-day tribute to Louis Vuitton’s trip legacy for Spring-Summer 2020: an adaptation of the Nice vanity kit as a stylish city bag in Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvas. With its retractable leather chain strap, this lightweight and small purse may be worn cross-body or in hand as a mini LV trunk.

#2. Boite Chapeau Souple Handbag

If your favorite crossbody bag is in need of an upgrade, try Vuitton’s Boite Chapeau Souple purse. It’s a design update you didn’t realize you needed. This handbag, made of glossy patent leather stamped with the House’s trademark monogram, is ideal for dressing up a daily ensemble or an evening out.

#3. Duo Messenger Bag

While a crossbody purse is a fashionable accessory, it is also quite utilitarian. The LV Duo Messenger bag is a crossbody bag with a retractable coin purse linked to the strap, allowing you to carry everything in one bag.

#4. LV Crafty Boite Chapeau Handbag

The colorful Boite Chapeau Souple PM handbag from the LV Crafty capsule collection is inspired by graffiti art. This hatbox-shaped bag has a gold-tone padlock and matching side buckle on its adjustable strap, as well as colorful paint strokes that create a line design.

#5. Utility Crossbody Bag

This utilitarian crossbody bag, another sports shape, was created for folks who prefer a straightforward, functional aesthetic with an effortlessly elegant edge. This bag, which is embellished with several zippers and compartments, may appear small, but it can hold a lot of items in a well-organized manner.

#6. Petit Sac Plat

When it comes to crossbody bags, sometimes smaller is better. Vuitton’s Petit Sac Plat is a miniature duplicate of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Sac Plat, meant to carry only the essentials, making it lightweight and unfussy.

#7. Pochette Evening Bag

As our social calendars begin to fill up again, we’re ready to treat ourselves to a new evening bag. Because of the mixed metals and black body, Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Evening bag, created from Epi leather and signed with a silver metallic LV with gold accents, is a no-brainer and fits with just about every evening ensemble.

#8. NéoNoé BB Bucket Bag

The bucket bag became the “it” bag a few seasons ago. The embroidered reversible Jacquard strap on this NéoNoé BB bucket bag has Louis Vuitton insignia on one side and Monogram Flowers on the other. What a unique way to style your crossbody bag.

#9. Love Note Clutch

This bag combines high design and functionality by being made of black sensual calf leather and exotic python. This bag is easy to use as a crossbody during the day and an attractive clutch at night, thanks to the distinctive LV turn-lock closure and a gold chain that can be effortlessly tucked inside.

#10. Muria Bucket Bag 

The Muria bucket bag is a go-to for neutral shade lovers. Not only is it easy to carry, but it also goes with almost any outfit.

#11. Papillon BB Bag

Earlier this spring, Louis Vuitton presented their Summer By The Pool line, which featured ready-to-wear, handbags, and summer-inspired accessories in charming pastel tones. The iconic Papillon form received a modern update this season with the Papillon BB carryall bag in a pastel pink gradient, ideal for summer.

How Much Does An LV Bag Cost?

A Louis Vuitton bag typically costs between $1,100 USD and about $6,000 USD for its standard range of canvas and leather bags. Exotic leather LV bags made from crocodiles, python, and more generally range upwards from $10,000 – $100,000.

How Do I Check LV Authenticity?

With the development of online purchasing and pre-owned markets, one must be cautious not to fall victim to someone selling a fake Louis Vuitton purse. Here are some measures you can take to ensure that you don’t end up with a fake LV bag:

#1. Note the stitching on your LV bag

The “newer” Louis Vuitton purses, such as the Alma, Neverfull, and Speedy, will always have exactly 5 stitches going across the handle tab sections. LV uses a linen thread that has been reinforced with beeswax to ensure that the thread thickness and color remain consistent.

#2. Check the stamping on the handbag

The Louis Vuitton stamp can be a good indicator of whether or not a bag is genuine. There are certain characteristics of an LV stamp that you should check for.

An original LV stamp will show the following:

  • The tail on the original LV stamp is always very short. 
  • The O’s are quite round and appear to be larger than the L. 
  • The Ts are virtually touching.
  • The lettering is thin and sharp.

#3. Check the date codes or microchips

If your Louis Vuitton handbag was manufactured between the early 1980s and March 2021, it will be stamped with a manufacturing code. These comprise two letters for the location where it was created and four numbers for the date it was made. All genuine Louis Vuitton date codes will include the “Made in (country)” heat stamp.

However, it is critical to remember that the date code should not be used to determine the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton handbag. An LV date code is not the same as a serial code used to authenticate a Chanel handbag. Some authentic Louis Vuitton handbags may have date codes that are either illegible or have vanished over time. Furthermore, many fake bags include a date code tab. However, the leather and typeface will not appear to be authentic.


Don’t be concerned if your handbag was created after March 2021 and you can’t discover a date code (yet). Louis Vuitton now places microchips in the bag’s interior or pockets. These microchips are millimeter-by-millimeter in size and equally thin, making them difficult to detect. However, these can be scanned through the fabric to validate the bag’s authenticity. 

#4. Familiarize with Louis Vuitton styles 

It’s always a good idea to double-check whether the bag you’re about to purchase was ever made by Louis Vuitton in the first place. This may seem obvious, but many counterfeiters will try to sell you a Louis Vuitton bag that was never even designed by the brand. If you do not know or remember the name, you can easily search for Louis Vuitton handbags by color and material.

#5. Inspect the hardware in the bag

Since its inception, Louis Vuitton’s hardware has remained relatively consistent. Since 1991, all Louis Vuitton bags have used its heritage gold brass hardware with the “LV” logo. Most modern Louis Vuitton bags do not have YKK or branded zippers. Certain Louis Vuitton shoe models, on the other hand, may have branded YKK zippers. Furthermore, all Louis Vuitton hardware tarnishes in the same way – Verdigris (green pigment) may appear on older bags. 

#6. Inspect the LV materials 

All Louis Vuitton canvasses, from the famous Damier to the Monogram to the Multicolor, have distinct characteristics that ensure authenticity. However, a few characteristics remain consistent: Every exterior panel should be symmetrical and centered; for example, the flowers in Monogram should “meet” at the seam, as should the squares in Damier.

Monogram Canvas:

Louis Vuitton employs a single continuous piece of leather that wraps around from front to back, with a seam at the bottom. As a result, bags like the Speedy and Keepall will have an upside-down LV symbol on the backside. The symbols on the Monogram canvas should be a light golden tan, not a greenish tan. Fake Louis Vuitton handbags frequently have the Monogram color wrong.

Damier Canvas:

The Damier Ebene and Azur canvas should be matte rather than shiny. Several Damier Graphite styles, on the other hand, have a light sheen with a smooth finish.

Multicolor Canvas:

The Louis Vuitton logos on an authentic Multicolor canvas follow a specific pattern. For instance: Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Canvas LV Logo Order: 

  • Fuchsia, white, and green
  • Dark yellow, dark pink, and dark purple 
  • Light blue, dark blue, chartreuse (yellow-green) 

Louis Vuitton White Multicoloremul Canvas LV Logo Order: 

  • Fuchsia, black, and green 
  • Dark purple, dark yellow, and dark pink 
  • Dark blue, chartreuse, light blue

#7. Note the smell 

An authentic Louis Vuitton bag will smell clean and may have a slight leather odor, whereas a replica Louis Vuitton bag may smell like chemicals or plastic. Even if an LV bag has other odors from use, it will never smell like chemicals.

#8. Note the price

Be careful when shopping on online sites. Some prices may seem like a good deal, but the products often turn out to be fake.

Does LV Products Fade?

LV bags may show color variations over time, but they do not fade.

Is Louis Vuitton Considered Luxury?

Louis Vuitton is regarded as the world’s most valuable luxury brand. The premium French brand specializes in high-quality, exclusive, and pricey totes, which it offers to individuals who can afford them.

Many fashion lovers like Louis Vuitton, while the other half say the price is not justified. Their opinions were as follows: why pay an outrageously high price for a bag that looks just like every other handbag in stores?

Louis Vuitton has a lot going for it, and one of them is the incredible durability of its pieces. It should be, especially given the price of the stylish item. If you’re wondering why Louis Vuitton is considered a luxury brand, here’s what you should know. 

Why Is Louis Vuitton Considered a Luxury Brand?

Before deciding that a brand is genuinely luxurious, the fashion world evaluates (or seeks) three qualities in it. Those three elements are price, exclusivity, and quality; a brand that lacks all three is not regarded as “genuine luxury.”

The products of Louis Vuitton are well-known for their outrageously high (at least to some) price, exclusivity, and unquestionable excellence. Although not everyone thinks the exorbitant prices of LV’s items are justified, everyone admits they are of exceptional quality.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most prestigious fashion houses. You may have heard that the brand burns unsold fashion items; nevertheless, that is not the entire tale.

True, LV gets rid of products that have been on the shelf for too long, but it doesn’t do so immediately. LV does not sell its products publicly; instead, it sells them at a set price or discontinues the product.

However, before the products are burned, LV organizes private sales for over 150 thousand employees and other LVMH employees. Every two years, the company gathers all of its discontinued items in a large warehouse and sells them to its employees at a discount.

Louis Vuitton has strict rules about this, and the items are tracked even after purchase. So, if any of the previously purchased discontinued items turn up on eBay, LV knows who to contact and what to do.

What Makes Louis Vuitton So Unique?

Many people wonder why Louis Vuitton is considered a symbol of luxury, especially when there are more expensive brands. Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that has been producing high-quality goods for approximately 167 years.

The LV brand, founded in 1854 by Louis and Adele Vuitton, has become an iconic luxury brand. The following are some of the reasons why Louis Vuitton is so distinctive and a symbol of luxury:

Many of Louis Vuitton’s fashion creations resemble works of art rather than mere fashion items. The brand has been transparent about its collaborations with prominent performers in its music videos. It has also been known to work with a variety of artists, film directors, designers, architects, and others to keep its art alive.

Since its inception, Louis Vuitton has been known for maintaining customer secrecy and discretion. As a result, even the most private celebrities can be seen carrying an LV monogram bag. Other luxury companies, such as Balenciaga and Chanel, have begun to follow this method of safely storing celebrities’ luggage when not in use.

Louis Vuitton takes pleasure in producing only high-quality handbags made from full-grown cow leather that will last a lifetime. It is regarded as a luxury symbol due to its use of the finest materials in the creation of fashion products. It is also why, despite the presence of rival luxury brands, LV is regarded as a mark of excellence and luxury.

Are Louis Vuitton Suitcases Expensive?

Louis Vuitton bags are more than simply a marketing tool; they are also of great quality. Louis Vuitton puts all of its products through the same manufacturing and testing methods, which ensures that they remain true to form.

It’s reassuring to know that your money isn’t going to waste if you buy an LV bag. Louis Vuitton bags are known to last for years without losing shape or trend; they are timeless fashion pieces.

However, while evaluating whether a luxury brand like this is worth paying for, you need to evaluate your taste and demands.

In general, no matter how beautiful LV bags are, buying them for their appearance will not be a joyful experience.

To spot a fake LV logo, pay attention to the details and quality of the logo. Look for any inconsistencies or errors in the design, such as mismatched font or distorted proportions. The logo should also be crisp and clear, with no blurring or smudging. Additionally, genuine Louis Vuitton products will have the logo stamped or embossed, and will come with an authenticity card and a dust bag.

Can I use the LV logo for my own business or products?

The LV logo is trademarked and protected by law, therefore it is illegal to use the logo without permission from Louis Vuitton. Using the logo without permission can result in legal action and fines.

Louis Vuitton may release limited edition or special versions of the LV logo as part of a collaboration or special event. These limited edition versions may feature a unique design or colorway and may be available for a limited time only.

How does the LV logo compare to other luxury brand logos?

The LV logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the luxury fashion industry. Compared to other luxury brand logos, it is simple and elegant, with a focus on the interlocking L’s.

Are there any limited edition or special versions of the LV logo?

Louis Vuitton may release limited edition or special versions of the LV logo as part of a collaboration or special event. These limited edition versions may feature a unique design or colorway and may be available for a limited time only.

In Conclusion

The iconic LV logo makes the brand stand out at every point in time. With a wide range of high-quality fashion items to its name, Louis Vuitton has proven to be the most valuable luxury brand in the world.

The LV brand is a true luxury brand since it embodies all of the characteristics of luxury: quality, price, and exclusivity.

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