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When it comes to stylish UV protection, the world’s most expensive sunglasses brands are unquestionably reliable sources of premium eyewear that might even ruin your day if you unintentionally linger on a pair. Eyewear is part of the fashion world for quite some time now. Whether you are attending a high-profile event or simply enjoy shopping, investing in a valuable frame requires both time and effort. Though, Chopard sunglasses are stylish eyewear, like an expensive watch or piece of jewelry. They are a part of the fashion force, topping the list of the most expensive sunglasses in the world with others at the back. However, this article will focus on the world’s most expensive sunglasses brands and eyeglass lenses in 2023. Watch the video of the most expensive sunglasses

What Sunglasses Are Classy?

Some of the most popular sunglasses for women have classic shapes like cat-eye, aviator, wayfarer, round, and rectangular frames. Any of the above styles is a safe way to spend money because you’ll have them for a long time.

Which Sunglasses Are Best for Eyes?

Since amber and yellow lenses filter out almost all of the blue light, they greatly improve contrast. Plus, they’re great for using in the snow. Only on cloudy days are red/orange lenses a viable choice for snow activities. Sunglasses in a copper tone will dull the contrast between a golf ball and the sky and grass.

The World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands in 2023

#1. Chopard de Rigo Sunglasses ($408,000)

Chopard, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, and jewelry rank first on our list of sunglasses. What makes it the best? The frame is made of 60 grams of 24-carat gold, and the arms are made of dotted gold. However, the company’s signature is encircled by 51 full-cut River diamonds.

As stunning as they are pricey (a whopping $408,000), you wouldn’t want to misplace these Chopard sunglasses if you had the chance.

#2. DG2027B by Dolce & Gabbana – $383,609

Without Dolce & Gabbana, who are the top three? Certainly not. After the Chopard, it is one of the world’s most famous and luxurious sunglasses brands of all time. As a well-known Italian brand, it’s no surprise that their sunglasses are the second most expensive in the world.

The incredibly expensive DG2027B sunglasses have brown lenses rimmed in gold similar to the Chopard. The name of the brand is engraved in diamonds on each arm. The price tag is $383,609. Wearing them would raise your status to new levels. And your bank account will be wiped out.

#3. Shiels Jewellers Emerald ($200,000)

Another well-known name in the sunglasses brand is Shiels Jewellers. Jack Shiels founded the Australian company in 1945, and this pair of Emerald sunglasses is one of their most interesting products to date. They were inspired by Nero, the Roman Emperor, who used emeralds to watch gladiator fights.

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However, it took the company five years to find, shape, cut, and polish the emeralds into lenses. The frame is pure gold with embedded diamonds similar to the Chopard sunglasses, and the price is insane. This one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses will set you back at $200,000.

#4. Cartier Panthere ($159,900)

A few years ago, Cartier, one of the most expensive fashion brands, debuted the Panthere, a very special model of sunglasses. Panther is the name of the 18-carat white gold Panther that is encrusted in the frame. Add to that the 561 diamonds and 645 blue sapphires. Then you have a design that is ready to drop jaws left and right. Typically, this should compensate for their exorbitant price of $159,000.

#5. CliC Gold Sport 18 Carat Gold-$75,000

CliC Gold is one of the most expensive sunglasses brands, with a history spanning more than three decades. They are well-known for producing the most expensive reading glasses in the world, and they collaborate with Hugh Power to produce the world’s most expensive sports sunglasses.

Thus. the Sport in 18-carat gold. Everything except the lenses, which have the Carl Zeiss Super ET Anti-Reflective coating on the back, is made of 18k gold. While we find the frame’s magnetic front connection system on the bridge to be somewhat impractical, the price tag of $75,000 is simply mind-blowing.

#6. Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond $65,000

The Luxuriate sunglasses collection, designed by Jewelry by Franco, a well-known Los Angeles-based jewelry manufacturing company, includes some of the world’s most expensive sunglasses, the Style 23.

Although it’s hard to miss the Luxuriator Style 23’s eye-catching 18k gold frame and 132 diamonds set in buffalo ivory on the temple ends. They also have photochromic lenses, which change tint depending on the amount and brightness of the light. Isn’t that impressive? The price, however, is equally stunning: $65,000.

#7. Maybach The Diplomat I – $60,000

We’ve got yet another well-known automaker at number seven on our top list. Maybach, the German luxury car brand, followed Bentley’s lead and began exploring the sunglasses industry as well. After all, you can’t drive a luxury car unless you dress appropriately. So a pair of expensive sunglasses go well with that kind of car.

The Diplomat I, as they called them, turned out to be just as cool as their cars. However, the Diplomat I’s 50 pieces were made of 18k gold and adorned with 174 hand-crafted diamonds. These sunglasses are a must-have for collectors because of their rarity and price tag of $60,000!

#8. Bulgari Flora ($59,900)

Bulgari, a well-known Italian luxury brand, came out with a pair of sunglasses that quickly became very popular among the rich and famous. Hence, they are exquisite, and you can wear them to formal occasions to make yourself look stunning and classy.

The frame is worth 18k pure white gold with diamonds and blue sapphires inlaid. However, if you want to get your hands on a pair of these, you’ll have to shell out $59,000.

#9. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond – $55,000

The 253 Diamond sunglasses are one-of-a-kind, masterfully handmade by the prestigious eyewear brand Gold and Wood and combining noble materials with unique skills and expertise.

Have you ever wondered how much a diamond would cost? Certainly not. Now multiply that number by 253. Yes, there are 253 diamonds embedded in the frame of this model. Not classy enough? Then you should know that 22 of those gems are princess-cut diamonds, which are the diamond’s second most popular cut shape. For true connoisseurs, this means a one-of-a-kind, precious accessory. Thus, the cost is simply astounding: $55,000.

#10. Bentley Platinum ($45,276.00)

Bentley. Isn’t the name implying something else? High-end British luxury cars. To go along with their beautiful automobiles, the automaker also decided to create a line of elaborate sunglasses for use while operating a vehicle. They did this by working with the high-end eyewear company Estede to make this basic set.

They are made of pure platinum, as the name implies. However, you can get them in yellow or white gold for a lower price. The frame is expertly crafted and balanced, with a stylish design that reflects the company’s values of class and finesse. While the design is classic, the price is $45,276.

What Is the Best Sunglass in the World?

In terms of sunglasses, it should come as no surprise that Ray-Ban is considered the best brand in the world. Since 1937, when the Aviator style sunglasses it had originally designed for the military went “public,” this historic powerhouse has been producing sunglasses of exceptional quality and fashion.

What Is the Highest Grade of Sunglasses?

The rating system provides the answer, and UV 400 is the highest possible rating for UV protection. UV 400 protection is recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which states that sunglasses should block 99–100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

What Is the Oldest Sunglass Brand?

Persol is one of the oldest sunglasses brands, having been introduced in 1917. An Italian eyeglasses manufacturer Luxottica owns the Persol brand.

Most Expensive Eyeglass Lenses Brands that Offer You the Best Quality

Your VSP network doctor can recommend the best lens materials for you based on your prescription, frame selection, and lifestyle needs. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most expensive eyeglass lenses you might hear during your appointment.

#1. KODAK Eyeglass Lenses

You can expect the most expensive and most vivid colors possible when using Kodak eyeglass lenses. The Kodak High Precision progressive lens has a wide near zone for natural eye movement, a smooth transitional zone, and a clear distance zone. The Kodak High Precision Lenses provide sharp vision at all distances. These are created scientifically through the use of a new innovative numerical process known as Vision First Design.

Because they are flatter and have less bulge, KODAK Single Vision and Bifocal Lenses provide better peripheral vision. These lenses are thinner and lighter in weight than standard lenses, providing clear and comfortable vision.

However, COCO LENI offers solutions for even the most difficult to fill prescriptions, ranging from KODAK Single Vision & Bifocal Lenses to KODAK ConciseTM, Unique, and PreciseTM Progressives.

#2. Drivewear Transitions Lenses

DRIVEWEAR Transitions Lenses, which use polarization in their lenses to improve on-road vision, can help. It’s also one of the most expensive eyeglass lenses you can think about. The NuPolar polarization eliminates glare from the road and car hood which is frequently one of the most significant issues for spectacle-wearing drivers. Transitions photochromic technology adapts the color and tint of the lenses to changing light conditions, resulting in optimal color and clarity for driving.

Drivewear lenses can detect and respond to changing light conditions both outside and behind the car’s windshield. Drivewear lenses provide you with the appropriate visual solution for your life on the go, from bright sunlight and blinding glare to overcast, dull weather conditions.

#3. Varilux X-Series Progressive Lenses

Varilux lenses make the transition from close to far, and every other distance in between, smooth and effortless. The Varilux X-Series lenses have all of the benefits of Varilux Comfort lenses, but they use the prescriptions from both of your eyes to calculate your lenses as a pair, allowing your eyes to work better together.

#4. CRIZAL Prevencia Lenses

Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone means spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. All of that screen time can be taxing on your eyes and result in eye strain. CRIZAL Prevencia lenses offer sharper vision than standard single-vision lenses. Most of their lenses have the Smart Blue FilterTM feature, which reduces exposure to harmful blue light and improves visual clarity.

Where Do the Kardashians Get Their Sunglasses?

The Kardashians like Dior because of the designer’s charm and elegance, as well as the quality of their products and the way they use colors and different tones. This is where you can buy the Kardashain look and Dior sunglasses.


I hope this article will help you choose the world’s most expensive sunglasses brands and eyeglass lenses in 2023.

Most Expensive Sunglasses FAQs

Which luxury brand has the best sunglasses?

Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is unquestionably the best sunglasses brand in the world. The eyewear manufacturer is still well-known as a global heritage brand of fashionable, high-quality sunglasses. The company provides a variety of high-end classic styles at reasonable prices.

What is the most expensive part of sunglasses?

The frames are almost always the most expensive part of buying glasses, so reducing how often you buy them will save you the most money.

Who makes Cartier sunglasses?

Kering and Richemont announced a partnership agreement in March 2017 for the development, manufacturing, and global distribution of Maison Cartier and some of their other brands’ eyewear categories, which resulted in Richemont becoming a shareholder of Kering Eyewear.

What is the best affordable sunglasses brand?

The Best Cheap Sunglasses

  • Cruz from Nooz Optics is slim and light.
  • Sunski Camina’s oversized cat-eye sunglasses
  • Oversized cat-eye sunglasses: Sunski Camina
  • Good OGs are our go-to Wayfarer sunglasses.
  • Photo: Sarah Kobos.
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