ITALIAN CAR BRANDS: The Top Best Options in 2023, Ranked!!!

Italian Car Brands
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Italy is the crown jewel of the Mediterranean. Its people are always surprised by how proud they are of their old culture, how lively and friendly its people are, how carefully its food has been researched and perfected, and how beautiful its surroundings are. Also, Italy has a long history of making luxury and sports cars that are at the cutting edge of design and are very popular all over the world. Italian car brands may not be able to compete with the low prices of French brands or the solid engineering of German brands, but Italian manufacturers show that they know how to make a luxury car. In addition, the Italian car industry is a major player in Europe and the global market. So, in this article, we will talk about the old and top Italian car brands, along with their logos.

Italian Car Brands

In the 1880s, the internal combustion engine was made by both Enrico Zeno Bernardi and Karl Benz. This was the start of the Italian auto industry. The engineer put the internal combustion engine in his kids’ tricycles and sewing machines, which led to the development of motor vehicles. Automakers and dealerships followed, seemingly out of nowhere. The likes of FIAT, Renault, and the more obscure Junior, Itala, and others were the first of their sort.

The automotive industry’s current share of GDP is 8.5%. Companies like Maserati, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo are part of the Fiat Group, which dominates the industry. Many “World Car of the Year” and “European Car of the Year” awards have been given to Italian car brands. Here are some of the top Italian car brands.

#1. Lamborghini

Lamborghini may not exist if not for Ferrari, and in a sense, that is true. In 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini set out to create a vehicle that would outperform the Ferrari. This was the beginning of the supercar era. It was not arbitrary to make a bull the brand’s mascot. But Ferruccio wanted a logo for the team that showed how competitive the Lamborghini brand was and how determined the animal was to fight. The headquarters of Lamborghini is still in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where a small number of cars are made each year based on customer demand.

#2. Ferrari

Most people immediately think of Ferrari when asked to name an iconic Italian car brand. This Italian manufacturer produces car brands that are aesthetically pleasing to look at, have luxurious cabins, and can hit high speeds thanks to their potent engines.

Also, Enzo Ferrari started the company in 1939, and its racing team became well known very quickly. Since then, Ferrari has maintained a strong racing squad and has won race after race. While Ferrari’s sales aren’t as large as those of other Italian car brands on this list due to the premium sports cars’ high price tag and lack of family-friendly versions, the company is still a household name and manages to move automobiles all over the globe.

#3. Fiat

Fiat is the oldest company on the chart, having been established in Turin in 1899. Giovanni Agnelli and other industrialists started the company, which became the largest automaker in Europe and the third largest in the world until the 1980s.

Along with other legendary models like the Punto, Panda, and Spider, the Fiat 500, which has been made continuously since its debut in 1957, is a big reason for this success.

When Fiat collaborated with American automaker Chrysler in 2014, they formed the Fiat Chrysler group; in the past year, they have merged with the PSA group to form a new business called Stellantis, which owns fourteen significant brands, including Fiat, Peugeot, Dodge, Jeep, and more. While the firm may be the owner, each brand continues to operate independently. In addition, Fiat is one of Italy’s best-known car brands, but it’s far from the only one.

#4. Maserati

In the early 20th century, two brothers with a love for automobiles started a company called Maserati. They went into business by themselves in 1914, but it was not until 1920 that they produced their first Gran Prix 1500 sports vehicle. After that, Maserati started producing race cars specifically for competitions. In the 1960s, however, company leadership made the pivot to luxury vehicles. Both the Mexico and Quattroporte models originated from this idea.

#5. Alpha Romeo

Another Italian company to make a name for itself thanks to its speedy car brands is Alfa Romeo. Those who have even a passing interest in car racing are sure to have heard about Alfa’s many titles. However, Alfa is now more concerned with developing and manufacturing cars for everyday use, with a range of models ranging from compact cars to SUVs, aggressive looks like the MTO to the refined air of the Giulietta.

While ALFA stands for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili,” the Romeo moniker honors businessman Nicola Romeo, who has been involved with the company since its inception in 1910. The Italian car brands’ success can be traced to their appearances in numerous blockbuster movies and their numerous championships.

#6. Pagani

Horacio Pagani started a private corporation called Pagani. The man who built it had been fantasizing about fast vehicles ever since he was a kid, and at the age of 21, he entered Formula 3. Juan Manuel Fangio, a five-time world champion, was so pleased with Horacio’s work that he recommended him to three major corporations. As a result, the engineer was hired at the Automobili Lamborghini factory, where he advocated for the use of carbon fiber in place of plastic. 

Horacio chose to build his supercar in the 1990s and put all of his savings into establishing the Pagani Automobili factory. The initial version, which he dubbed the Zonda, debuted in 1999. In 2017, the company moved its offices, factory, design studio, showroom, museum, and the apartments of company founder Horacio Pagani into a single building in Modena.

#7. Lancia

Lancia, like many other illustrious Italian car brands, got its start in the racing world. Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin worked together to make a car with a sleek exterior and a luxurious, forward-thinking interior. With the death of Lancia’s founder and former Alfa Romeo designer Vittorio Jano, the company was able to change and make cars that could compete in the Grand Turismo championship after World War II. 

Furthermore, Lancia has grown thanks to the success of cars like the Ypsilon and the Musa. These days, not only regular Italians but also politicians like to drive Lancias. Videos or stills of Italian politicians almost always feature a long line of blue automobiles waiting their turn. The vast majority of MPs drive Lancias on their daily commutes to and from their offices.

#8. Mazzanti

The Evantra Millecavalli, built by Mazzanti in 2016, is the most powerful Italian supercar ever made. The hybrid hypercar LaFerrari has been left in the dust by this design. On the other hand, Luca Mazzanti, who in 2002 opened a garage with Walter Faralli, is recognized for his contributions to the company. The company used to be called Faralli & Mazzanti, but later it split into two separate businesses that were each owned by a different partner. Since 2012, when Luca’s attention was narrowed to the Evantra project, the company has produced its first full-size machine.

#9. Iveco

A consortium including Magirus-Deutz and many Fiat subsidiaries merged to become Iveco in 1975. The Australian ITAL, the Spanish Pegaso and ENASA, the Italian Astra, the American Ford, and the American Mercury all joined the fray in the years that followed (British division). The automotive company’s first in-house transportation debuted in 1978. Starting at that time, Iveco trucks would dominate the market. CNH Industrial now owns what was formerly Fiat until 2013.

#10. Pininfarina

Giovanni Battista Farina, who was better known as “Pinin,” which means “little brother,” started the company that bears his name. The company’s been making automobile bodywork and developing it since 1930. He has a lot of automobile clients, including Ferrari. As early as 2009, Pininfarina was considering entering the electric vehicle market with the notion of an electric sports car.

What Is the Best Italian Car?

It’s possible that the subject of which cars made in Italy are the best in the world will generate heated discussion. An actual physical altercation might result. They are the kinds of cars that people will go to war over. But as is so frequently the case, the favorite automobiles may not be the best. There are few other types of cars where this is more true than Italian ones. 

The Alfa Romeo Giulia (2023) is said to be the best Italian car. The Alfa Romeo Giulia, on the other hand, has the interesting features you’d expect from a European sports sedan. There is an advantage in that they are not ubiquitous. The Alfa Romeo Giulia comes in five distinct trim levels and has seating for up to five people. The most popular trim level is the Veloce RWD, which has a 2.0L I4 Turbo engine and begins at $51,515; this Giulia is projected to achieve 24 city MPG and 33 highway MPG.

Luxury Italian Car Brands

Some may believe that the Germans are the undisputed masters of luxury cars, but the Italians have their own approach to the industry, which combines exquisite craftsmanship with a deep love of the open road. For the time being, Italian luxury car brands are not widely available in America. 

The world over, Italian luxury and sports car brands are synonymous with the words “velocità,” “stile,” and “eleganza” (elegance). In 1884, when Enrico Bernardi constructed the first gasoline-powered tricycle automobile, the Italian automotive industry began its long and illustrious journey in the transportation industry.

Also, the first Italian car was made in 1896, and three years later, Giovanni Agnelli and some of his friends started Fiat to make a lot of those cars. Italy ranks fifth in global vehicle production, with a single company, Fiat, accounting for 90% of the market. Here are some top Italian luxury car brands:

#1. Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, which looks great and has a very unique interior, is one of the newest Italian luxury car brands to come to the United States. It competes with the BMW 3-Series. With its elegant design and high-quality materials, the interior of the Giulia is a great example of Italian craftsmanship. In addition, the Giulia is quick (and very quick if you get the 505-horsepower Quadrifoglio variant), responsive, and a blast to drive.

#2. Maserati Ghibli

The Ghibli is an attempt to get more people to recognize and know about the Maserati brand. The new Maserati, with its twin-turbo engine by Ferrari and its lacy interior, is clearly not a budget car. There’s nothing Chrysler-like about the wonderful, soul-stirring noises that emerge from the Ghibli’s exhaust, yet the car makes significant use of Chrysler switchgear to keep the price down (Chrysler, Ferrari, and Maserati are all owned by Fiat). In comparison to other Italian luxury car brands, the Ghibli is surprisingly affordable, starting at about $73,000.

#3. Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari makes more than just high-performance luxury cars. It also makes “grand tourers,” which are luxury cars made for fast travel over long distances. The GTC4Lusso is available with either a 600-horsepower twin-turbo V8 or a 680-horsepower 6.3-liter V12. However, it has a shooting brake body style and three doors. The leather-lined cabin of the GTC4Lusso has a state-of-the-art entertainment system, which is a rare way for Ferrari to let you focus on something other than the road ahead.

#4. Fiat 124 Spider Lusso

Instead of spending your life savings on a Ferrari, how about this? Top trim of the new Fiat 124 Spider features leather upholstery, climate control, and “touring” suspension (car-biz lingo, which means this model is more about comfort than extreme handling). Although Fiat isn’t typically associated with high-end products, the 124 Lusso serves the same function as the other grand touring cars on this list that cost $100,000 or more. enjoying the open road without sacrificing comfort. That’s what the 124 Spider does, and it does it well (if somewhat cloistered). 

To put your mind at ease concerning the 124 Spider’s Japanese heritage, its Italian design is where it all start. While the Fiat brand provides the engine, Mazda was responsible for the chassis and many of the interior components.

#5. Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati’s grand touring offering is known as the GranTurismo. Toeing the line between performance and luxury, this 2-door, 4-seater comes in either a closed coupe or a convertible body style and is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine that was developed by Maserati and manufactured by Ferrari. The GranTurismo gives buyers a lot of ways to make it their own, like choosing from a wide range of exterior paint colors and interior materials. Prices start at roughly $135,000, with convertibles costing closer to $150,000.

#6. Lamborghini Huracán

Lamborghini may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of luxury automobiles, but the Huracán is both a work of art and a practical mode of transportation. The Huracán’s performance lives up to the Lamborghini name because it has an Audi-made 5.2-liter V10 engine in the middle. Both Audi and Lamborghini are part of the Volkswagen Group, which also owns Porsche. There are a few different configurations to choose from, including a rear-drive model with 572 horsepower (yours for around $200,000) and an all-wheel-drive model with 602 horsepower.

#7. Maserati Levante

With the introduction of the Levante, Maserati becomes one of the first Italian car brands to sell a luxury sport utility vehicle in the United States. The mechanical components of the all-wheel-drive Levante are based on those of the Ghibli sedan; the engine is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that, depending on the trim level you choose, produces 345 or 424 horsepower and emits that very eerie Maserati growl. The seats, doors, and headliner are all trimmed in leather, and wood and silk are available as options. In the same vein as the Ghibli, the new 2017 Levante has enticing pricing, at least in the fast luxury SUV market.

What Car Brand Is From Italy?

Fiat is one of Italy’s most well-known car brands, and the country is known for producing more than simply sports vehicles. Also, Fiat is the oldest brand on this list. It was founded in Turin in 1899 and was one of the first places in Italy to make cars.

Italian Car Brands Logos

Most people think of Italian car brands when they think of style and luxury. Logos for Italian cars, which are some of the most desirable cars in the world, have won the hearts of many drivers. It’s unusual to come across someone in today’s world who hasn’t heard of luxury sports car manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Fiats and Maseratis are typical and are on the same scale as beautiful, high-performance supercars like the Mazzanti. A majority of the following Italian car brands are household names, even if you aren’t familiar with them all. All the information you will need about the Italian car brands’ logos will be discussed below.

#1. Fiat

For well over a century, Fiat Automobiles has been one of Europe’s leading automakers and the largest Italian carmaker. The likes of Ford and GM are rivals for Fiat’s status as one of the largest firms in the world. The simple and memorable Fiat logo was made to represent the long history of the company. The red part in the middle shows how passionate the company is, while the silver circle around it shows that it is part of the community and has a global reach. In addition, the Fiat brand name and logo are stylish and cutting-edge.

#2. Lamborghini

Among the elite automobile manufacturers, Lamborghini stands out. The Lamborghini logo has become a byword for luxury and class in the automotive world. Lamborghini is an Italian supercar manufacturer based in Europe that sells its products worldwide. It is a household name in the niche for a reason: its vehicles are the pinnacle of style and performance. The company is also responsible for making some of the fastest and most impressive high-performance cars in the world.

Furthermore, the logo of the Lamborghini sports vehicle brand is instantly recognizable. In the center of the insignia is a black shield with a gold border. All capital letters spell out the brand name over the top of the shield, also in gold.

The most recognizable part of the Lamborghini logo is the bull, which stands for strength, beauty, and great performance. There are more complicated and simpler Italian car brands logos out there, but the Lamborghini vehicle sign is one of the most recognizable on the market. The black Lamborghini shield features a stylized bull meant to evoke speed. The Lamborghini mascot appears primed for action, with its head sunk and hooves ready.

#3. Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is one of the most recognizable automakers in the world, and its vehicles have won the admiration of innumerable road warriors. The company has been around for over a century because of its dedication to creating aesthetically pleasing products. In spite of Alfa Romeo’s long history in the car industry, the brand’s logo is largely forgotten.

These days, every single Alfa Romeo has a badge with the company’s insignia on it. Circular in shape, the logo is a perfect fit for the automotive industry. Although several changes have been made since its inception in 1910, the current form is mostly unchanged. The Alfa Romeo logo is a strange-looking snake, a cross, and the name of the company written in a sans-serif font with all capital letters.

Also, the Alfa Romeo badge shows that the company cares about style and elegance. Even though the Alfa Romeo logo looks modern, it has a long and interesting history that makes potential buyers feel good about the brand. The Visconti serpent Biscione, a crown, a man being eaten, a municipal cross, and the Alpha Romeo wordmark are all parts of modern Alfa Romeo logos.

Also, read “ALFA ROMEO LOGO: Why People Love Alfa Romeos.

#4. Lancia

Vincenzo Lancia established Lancia & Cie. in 1906 as an Italian automaker producing luxury vehicles. It was taken over by the Fiat Group in 1969, and Lancia Automobiles S.p.A. was started in 2007. The logo has evolved over time, but the steering wheel is a constant. Since the company began, its symbol has been a hand throttle, the steering wheel of a car, the lance that gave the company its name, and a flag with the company’s name on it.

When the Geneva Motor Show was held in 2007, a new logo was unveiled. This new logo was created by Robilant Associates. He switched to a chromed, two-spoke steering wheel. The new emblem, which had a blue shield set in chrome, did away with the lance and the flag. The Lancia emblem may have undergone a modern update in 2007, but it maintains its timeless appeal.

#5. Ferrari

It’s possible that the background of the Ferrari logo is far more interesting and complex than you could have imagined. The Ferrari logo is one of the longest-standing in the auto industry and has changed very little over the decades. The prancing horse symbol was first created to honor determination and bravery. In the modern world of today, the Ferrari logo stands for the highest level of luxury and prestige everywhere.

There is a lot of competition for genuine Ferrari logos. The Ferrari logo is everywhere. Not only is it on cars, but it is also on clothing and other consumer goods in every part of the world. In addition, the Ferrari automobile brand may look like it was designed by a professional branding firm, but the reality is that the design was entirely impromptu.

#6. Pagani

When examining the logo, one can almost hear the roar of the iron horse’s motor. The Pagani brand logo represents the sleek design and sturdy construction of the company’s automobiles. Their propulsion systems are robust, and their hulls are sturdy. In addition, achieving high speeds is possible thanks to the excellent integration of structure and material.

#7. Maserati

The company, known for its expensive sports automobiles, began in Bologna. It was established by Alfieri Maserati. The FIAT Chrysler Automobiles corporation has owned it since 1993. During World War II, the firm shifted its focus from automobiles to making war supplies for the Italian military. In addition, this manufacturer currently produces 5 different car models.

Furthermore, it’s likely that you’ll recognize the iconic trident sign even if you’re not familiar with the history of the Maserati logo. When it comes to cars, the Maserati trident is an instantly recognizable symbol.

Modern consumers see the Maserati logo and immediately think of cutting-edge luxury vehicle design. After being founded in 1914, the Italian company quickly became well-known, and it is now known around the world as a leading maker of high-end vehicles. Maserati, however, which is owned by the Stellantis Group, is known for its luxury car brands using the trident badge.

#8. Pininfarina

Pininfarina SPA, founded in 1930, is an Italian auto design firm that produces vehicles that are less well-known than Fiat but yet stand out in people’s minds. The company is well-known for designing vehicles for some of the most well-known mass-market manufacturers in the world.

Pininfarina, on the other hand, has worked with many car companies over the years, such as Maserati, Lancia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and many more. As of late, the firm has also been making efforts to expand into the Asian market. The group is flourishing even now. Since 1930, Pininfarina has used the same logo, which is a handwritten wordmark and a beautiful symbol of a capital “F” inside a rectangle with a crown on top.

#9. Bertone

The Bertone Company was started in 1912 and named after its founder, Giovanni Bertone. It is a well-known automaker that has been making cars, coaches, and new ideas for vehicles ever since.

Also, the company has done some of the most striking redesigns of existing cars for luxury car brands like Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo. The Bertone brand has made cars for companies like BMW and Fiat that make cars for the mass market. This company makes and sells cars all over the world, with a focus on Europe.

The Italian flag is used as a design element in the logo, which also has the company name in it. In addition, the Bertone logo has a distinctive “B” with angular lines and a lowercase font to convey a sense of modernism.

#10. Abarth

Since its inception in 1949, Abarth has been producing vehicles for both the street and the track. In terms of quality, the Italian company is on par with the well-known “Mini Cooper.” Its small cars are among the best in both racing and everyday driving. It is a subsidiary of Fiat, whose products may be recognized by the “Fiat” logo seen on nearly all of them. In addition, Abarth has been MIA for quite some time, with the last product being the Abarth Punto Supersport from 2012.

What Do Italians Call Cars?

A “Macchina” is what the Italians call a car.

What Car Brand Do Cops Drive in Italy?

Lambo. The Italian government indeed operates with a Lamborghini police car. Normally used for traffic police, on November 5, the vehicle was called into service to deliver the organ from Rome to Gemelli University Hospital in Padua, located in the country’s northernmost region.


It’s clear that each of the top Italian car brands has a rich legacy. The success of these companies today is due in large part to their rich histories. Oftentimes, the inspiration for a new model comes from an earlier iteration of the same concept, which is then reimagined in a fresh way.

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