25 Top Best HOT DOG BRANDS You Can’t Ignore, Ranked!!!

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  1. The Best Hot Dog Brands Worth Trying
    1. #1. Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dog 
    2. #2. Sabrett Frankfurters
    3. #3.  Hebrew National Beef Franks 
    4. #4. Fearless Uncured Beef & Pork Franks from Niman Ranch
    5. #5. Ball Park Hot Dogs Angus Beef Bun Size
    6. #6. Organic Chicken Hot Dogs by Bell & Evans
    7. #7. Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks
    8. #8. Feltman’s Natural Casing Uncured Beef Hot Dogs 
    9. #9. Fork in the Road Honest Dogs 
    10. #10. Premium Uncured Beef Franks from Wellshire
    11. #11. Boar’s Head Uncured Beef Frankfurters 
    12. #12. Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs 
    13. #13. Oscar Mayer Original Uncured Wieners
    14. #14. Nathan’s Original Skinless Beef Franks
    15. #15. Nathan’s Special Angus Beef Franks
  2. Who Makes Nathan’s Hot Dogs?
  3. Hot Dog Brands In New York
    1. #1. Liebman’s Kosher Deli
    2. #2. Rutt’s Hut
    3. #3. Bo’s Bagels
    4. #4. Las Delicias Mexicanas
    5. #5. Papaya King
    6. #6. Gray’s Papaya 
    7. #7. Pastrami Queen
    8. #9. Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar
    9. #10. Kings of Kobe
    10. #11. Ugly Donuts and Corn Dogs 
    11. #12. Followsoshi
    12. #13. Los Chuzos y Algo Mas
    13. #14. Chelsea Papaya
    14. #15. Yi Mei Fung Bakery 
    15. #16.  Dickson’s Farmstand Meats
    16. #17. Pane Pasta
    17. #18. Boulevard Drinks
    18. #19. Crif Dogs
    19. #20. Frankel’s Delicatessen
    20. #21. Katz’s Delicatessen
  4. Kosher Hot Dog Brands
    1. #1. Abeles and Heymann Frankfurters
    2. #2. Aaron’s Favorite Beef Franks
    3. #3. Hebrew National Bun Length Beef Franks
    4. #4. Lower East Premium Kosher Beef Frankfurters 
    5. #5. Jacks Gourmet Kosher Cured Bratwurst 
    6. #6.  Hebrew National Reduced Fat Beef Frankfurters 
    7. #7. Real Kosher Beef Frankfurters
    8. #8. Fairway All American Kosher Beef Frankfurter 
  5. Which Hot Dog Brands Are The Healthiest?
    1. #1. Sabrett Skinless Beef Frankfurters
    2. #2. Lightlife Smart Dogs
    3. #3. Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks
    4. #4. Ball Park White Meat Smoked Turkey Franks
    5. #5. Jennie-O Turkey Franks
    6. #6. Applegate Naturals Stadium Beef & Pork Hot Dog
  6. Hot Dog Brands: Conclusion
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Hot dogs are a popular feature on menus everywhere, from backyard barbecues to concession booths at baseball events, and it’s easy to see why. They’re juicy and tasty, and you can simply personalize them with everything from ketchup and mustard to chili and cheddar. What’s more, there are a variety of hot dog brands to choose from, from Kosher hot dogs to beef hot dogs. and we’ll be talking about all of them in this article.

The Best Hot Dog Brands Worth Trying

#1. Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dog 

The Applegate beef hot dog grabbed the top of the brands for one simple reason: it’s the dog that every single person would want at a barbeque. The texture is perfect, soft but not overly so. According to Senior Social Media Manager Zoe Becker, the flavor is “a touch sweet and a little bit smokey.” “That’s something I’d eat at a BBQ!”

#2. Sabrett Frankfurters

Sabrett is well-known in New York City. It’s the hot dog sold from carts throughout the five boroughs, all under the distinctive blue-and-yellow Sabrett logo. Because Delish’s headquarters are in New York, many of our tasters are familiar with this brand. However, memories aside, it delivers. It had a good snap to it, and the meat was well-seasoned.

#3.  Hebrew National Beef Franks 

The finest classic hot dog goes to Hebrew National because “it tastes how a hot dog should taste,” according to Becker. There are no surprises, the snap isn’t excessively strong, and the texture is dense but not overly so. It’s the hot dog you serve to someone who has never tasted one before—sort of an introductory dog.

#4. Fearless Uncured Beef & Pork Franks from Niman Ranch

Niman Ranch sells a variety of beef-based hot dogs, but we prefer this beef-and-pork dog. It combines heritage pig and Angus beef for a silky texture and mild flavor.

#5. Ball Park Hot Dogs Angus Beef Bun Size

What makes this Angus beef hot dog stand out is, of course, the Angus beef, which is known for having more fat than other varieties of beef. The end result? Associate SEO Editor Allison Arnold described the hot dog as “a touch smokey, a little buttery.”

#6. Organic Chicken Hot Dogs by Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans is most renowned for its chicken products, so having the best chicken hot dog makes sense. Several tasters agreed that this dog smelled like chicken—in a good way!

#7. Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks

Oscar Mayer makes an excellent turkey dog, which may surprise you. Unlike a few other gray-hued turkey dogs we saw, the color is not suspect. It takes on the rich red color of a beef dog after cooking, and the flavor is also surprisingly comparable. It’s a terrific option for those who don’t consume beef yet crave the classic hot dog flavor.

#8. Feltman’s Natural Casing Uncured Beef Hot Dogs 

As the name suggests, Feltman’s of Coney Island began in 1867 as a hot dog cart on Coney Island. It claims to have invented the contemporary American frankfurter, and while that may or may not be true, it does have the best hot dog snap.

The smoked natural shell of the dog seals in taste, while the firm, snappy texture offers excellent bite after bite.

#9. Fork in the Road Honest Dogs 

What makes these dogs so trustworthy? The components are straightforward: pasture-raised beef, water, onion, garlic, mustard, paprika, celery powder, vinegar, salt, sugar, paprika extractives, and natural flavors.

#10. Premium Uncured Beef Franks from Wellshire

When a hot dog is described as “plump” and “fluffy,” it gets the best texture. The meat inside the casing of this Wellshire beef frank looks like any other hot dog on the market, but it is soft (but not spongy), firm (but not dense), and juicy (but not wet). Everyone wins!

#11. Boar’s Head Uncured Beef Frankfurters 

You occasionally want to splurge on a hot dog. It should taste like a hot dog, but better. We recommend Boar’s Head uncured beef frankfurters in these cases. They’re a little pricy at $9 for roughly eight links, but they’re well worth it. Dogs have a smokey flavor, a thick casing, and a paprika-forward aftertaste.

#12. Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive hot dog, these Oscar Mayer originals are the greatest option. They’re approximately $0.40 each at most grocery stores, and while the texture is a little mushy, the flavor is incredibly meaty.

#13. Oscar Mayer Original Uncured Wieners

This Oscar Mayer Weiner didn’t stand out from the crowd in terms of flavor, snap, or texture—in fact, it tasted almost identical to Oscar Mayer’s Classic Beef dogs. Consider it similar to the classic cafeteria-style hot dog you used to smother in Heinz ketchup and sweet relish.

#14. Nathan’s Original Skinless Beef Franks

You might identify this brand with Coney Island, where Nathan’s first store is located, but it is also the official hot dog of Major League Baseball. Arnold is correct when she says these traditional franks “taste like a hot dog I’d have at a baseball game.” They can be found at the St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, and New York Yankees stadiums, to mention a few!

#15. Nathan’s Special Angus Beef Franks

Make these Nathan’s Angus beef franks when heating up the grill feels like too much work. Even when steamed, their flavor is buttery, creamy, and almost exquisite.

Who Makes Nathan’s Hot Dogs?

The majority of Nathan’s hotdogs are manufactured by Smithfield Foods, a Chinese subsidiary of the WH Group.

Hot Dog Brands In New York

Here are some of the best hot dog brands in New York:

#1. Liebman’s Kosher Deli

The franks at this Jewish deli, which has been operating since 1953, are among the best in town. Sit in the antique dining room and imagine yourself as your own grandma. Even when topped with cole slaw or potato salad, the salty and meaty flavor shows through. Yuval Dekel, the current owner of Liebman’s, used to be the drummer in the metal band Irate.

#2. Rutt’s Hut

Yes, this picturesque roadhouse in Clifton, New Jersey, is a little out of town, but it deserves to be mentioned here because it tenderizes the best hot dog in New York City and its suburbs (if Clifton can be called a suburb.) The mixed-meat sausage is deep-fried until a rip develops up the side of its artificial skin in the northern New Jersey style. You may request several levels of doneness, and the mustardy relish produced on-site is an added bonus.

#3. Bo’s Bagels

Hot dogs have been discovered in surprising places. One in Harlem can be found at the experimental bagel bakery Bo’s, run by Andrew Martinez and Ashley Dikos. No, the hot dog is not circular, but rather linear, and is inserted into a tube of bagel dough before being boiled and baked. The end effect is frank with an added chew factor, a jaw exercise. It’s served on a “sandwich” with cheese, chile, and raw onions.

#4. Las Delicias Mexicanas

One of the greatest ways to consume a hot dog in East Harlem is in a Mexican torta, which is a bullet-shaped sandwich topped with guac, refried beans, mayo, jalapenos, and cheese. These are supermarket franks taken from the refrigerator case, yet they taste fantastic in this setting.

#5. Papaya King

This Upper East Side institution, open till midnight seven days a week, has been around since 1932 and is one of the city’s favorite hot dog joints. It has deviated from the core menu in the last decade or two, providing bizarre inventions such as miniature onion rings, barbeque sauce, and processed cheese, but stick to the basics and you will have a very great frank experience.

#6. Gray’s Papaya 

When it comes to New York hot dogs, you can’t get more basic than Gray’s Papaya: skinny, natural-skinned, all-beef franks manufactured in New Jersey; a fluffy white bun; and your choice of sauerkraut, mustard, or stewed onions, washed down with chalky fruit drinks. Open until 10:00 p.m. or 11 p.m. every evening at the prestigious Upper West Side intersection of Broadway and 72nd Street.

#7. Pastrami Queen

Pastrami Queen just expanded across Central Park to open a larger location on the Upper West Side. The pastrami is excellent, as is the standard Jewish-deli frank. It’s coated with deli mustard, and the all-beef frank has heaviness, length, and a natural skin that more than fills the very unremarkable bread. The definition of a deli frank.

#9. Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar

This weenie stands out as the longest among the bravura exhibition of sausages from the Schaller & Weber German market and deposited in a variety of buns at this connected sausage window. It becomes the Pitmaster after being slid inside a pretzel bun and served with stewed onions and barbecue sauce. Despite failing to do so fundamentally, it doesn’t matter because this hot dog is wonderful, and the sweet oniony flavor complements the perfect salty and savory frank.

#10. Kings of Kobe

The hot dogs here are large and juicy, prepared from Wagyu beef, and you should really simply order one and eat it by itself to truly appreciate the flavor, rather than ordering one of the highlighted configurations, which typically obscure the meat beneath a thick layer of toppings. The comparatively basic king’s original with sauerkraut, pickled purple onions, and mustard is the one to order.

#11. Ugly Donuts and Corn Dogs 

This strange booth in the heart of downtown Flushing’s transportation hub sells malformed bow doughnuts and Korean corn dogs (really, hot dogs fried in a rice batter). The latter include the customary flourishes but fewer sauces: a portion of the hot dog can be substituted with mozzarella, a coating coated with Korean umami powder, or the rice batter can be embedded with potato cubes. A supper of a hot dog on a stick and a powdered sugar doughnut is lethal.

#12. Followsoshi

When it first opened as a stall in the Corner 28 food court, Followsoshi created quite a stir. It mostly sold Beijing-style street cuisine, such as jianbing (a rolled-up pancake filled with various toppings) and “roasted cold noodles,” which were similar to crepes but softer, with the noodle material on the exterior. Jianbing option B, sausage king, consists of a pair of hot dogs wrapped in crunchy wafers, chile oil, and other pleasures, and the result will delight frank enthusiasts.

#13. Los Chuzos y Algo Mas

This green-awninged Colombian snack business, which has been on this corner of Roosevelt in Jackson Heights for as long as anyone can remember, specializes in arepas and chorizos on a stick. Its Colombian hot dog is a marvel, an ordinary frank slathered in sauces such as mustard, pineapple, and one that tastes like Russian dressing. Potato straws add crunch to the picture.

#14. Chelsea Papaya

With its grab-and-go attitude and no-nonsense uniformed workers, this brilliantly tiled area wonderfully evokes old-school hot dog shops. The menu includes far more than simply franks and fries, but the chili cheese dog remains the must-order item. And, yes, there are beans in the chili con carne – this isn’t Texas!

#15. Yi Mei Fung Bakery 

Keep the Chinese bakery in mind when shopping for a hot dog in any neighborhood. These wonderful places not only sell pastries and coffee, but also a variety of savory snacks and meals ranging from inexpensive sandwiches made with bakery bread to pastries containing frankfurters, which are often cut up and distributed over the face of the roll, as in this case, in which the pastry resembles a flower with a sweetish dough and a bit of crumbled cheese on top for extra flavor.

#16.  Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

This Chelsea Market boutique butcher displays their weenies in the window, and two sizes are offered. We prefer the Big Fred, the largest of the two, despite being one of the most expensive in town. The garlicky sharpness of the stuffing, along with the spicy raw onions and strong grainy mustard, makes the point.

#17. Pane Pasta

This Village Sicilian bakery and snack business serve savory and sweet pastries as well as personal-size focaccias topped with a variety of fillings. The hot dog rollo is one of them, and it’s good for a snack: a respectable frank pinned within a bouncy, slightly sweet roll dusted with sesame seeds on top. Allow them to put it in the convection oven before you devour it.

#18. Boulevard Drinks

Boulevard Drinks, a Jersey City staple that has shown every year since 1962, is a modest stand just south of the majestic Loew’s Jersey Theatre in Journal Square. It only serves hot dogs and the same drinks as Gray’s Papaya. A chili sauce with finely minced onions is the preferred topping, in addition to mustard, ketchup, and “cheese.”

#19. Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs, a cantankerous old-timer that also created the fame of cocktail lounge PDT, is famous for deep-frying its franks, Jersey-style, sometimes after wrapping them in bacon. The Good Morning, with a fried egg and melted processed cheese on top of its snuggly blanket of bacon, is a fan favorite. Tater tots are an added bonus. Unfortunately, the newer Williamsburg facility over the L train departure at Driggs is now closed.

#20. Frankel’s Delicatessen

While Jewish deli franks are normally a known item — delicious but unfussy — this Greenpoint spot offers a designer frank that is juicier and squirty than usual, with the customary minimalist toppings. It also comes with a mirrored sleeve, which is a nice touch. Spread the kraut on top.

#21. Katz’s Delicatessen

Most people arrive at Katz’s expecting to wait in enormous lines for pastrami or corned beef, yet you can usually go right up to the hot dog counter and tube steaks. These are all beef, natural-skinned franks with a delicious salty forcemeat within that ooze when you bite into them. One of our favorite uncomplicated hot dogs in town.

Kosher Hot Dog Brands

Here are some Kosher hot dog brands worth trying:

#1. Abeles and Heymann Frankfurters

Abeles & Heyman’s magnificent beef frank is the “top dog” (oy). It is the kosher dog of choice for both the Yankees and the Mets, and tasting them demonstrates that this is no accident. Juicy and beefy with a crisp bite, overpoweringly rich beef flavor, and a sweet garlic finish. Any Memorial Day spent grilling them will be a memorable one.

#2. Aaron’s Favorite Beef Franks

The competition for first place was fierce, with Aaron’s coming in a close second. This frank has a sharp bite, a delicious meaty flavor, and a light smokiness to it. The only flaw is a tiny lack of texture in the body. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic alternative.

#3. Hebrew National Bun Length Beef Franks

The standard performed admirably in comparison to its competitors. What it lacks in the spectacular features of the other dogs (spice, texture, and so on) it makes up for in inherent dog-ness. Perhaps because of its prevalence in Jewish society, a Hebrew National frank simply tastes like a hot dog. There may be tastier alternatives, but they may not be remembered by your taste senses.

#4. Lower East Premium Kosher Beef Frankfurters 

Lower East Side Franks is one of the aforementioned Real Kosher small-chain labels. The manufacturer is definitely throwing away the good material, since while this variety had the same texture concerns as the Real Kosher dogs, their flavor was fantastic, ranking among the best of the bunch. Each bite featured a good combination of the hot dog trifecta (sweet/spicy/smoky) with a delicious meaty aftertaste.

#5. Jacks Gourmet Kosher Cured Bratwurst 

We let one non-frankfurter in because it contains the same basic elements as the rest of our dogs (water, salt, beef). It also looked delicious. And it did not disappoint, but it is not a hot dog. It has the flavor of moist, meaty pepperoni with a pronounced sage flavor. It also had the most pleasing skin of the dogs we tried, with a solid snap to the first bite and a wonderful meaty texture all the way through.

#6.  Hebrew National Reduced Fat Beef Frankfurters 

The first of two entries from the kosher hotdog behemoth is the “diet” choice, which does have the lowest fat content, at only 9 grams per wiener. However, its salt content was higher than that of other non-diet dogs, so don’t call it a healthy meal just yet. Surprisingly, the lack of fat has no effect on the flavor, which has a sweet and spicy finish. It only makes our list due to the texture, which is mushy and unsatisfying.

#7. Real Kosher Beef Frankfurters

Real Kosher, which specializes in private labeling for smaller chain supermarkets, offers a dog with a good beef flavor and a wonderfully seasoned garlic aftertaste. However, we had issues with both the skin (which was nearly non-existent) and the texture, which was smooth in a way that tasted highly processed.

#8. Fairway All American Kosher Beef Frankfurter 

Despite Fairway’s popularity among New Yorkers, the supermarket’s branded dog leaves much to be desired. When cooked, the dog’s skin becomes chewy, lacking the clean, gratifying “snap” of a regular dog. The dogs were also too salted and had a citrus aftertaste that overpowered the meat.

Which Hot Dog Brands Are The Healthiest?

Here is a breakdown of the healthiest hot dog brands available

#1. Sabrett Skinless Beef Frankfurters

Sabrett’s Skinless Beef Frankfurters are a juicy, delicious hot dog. This hot dog was a clear favorite among the majority of our testers, and it delivered on both appearance and taste. The hot dog received distinct grill markings, making it visibly stand out. It also released readily from the grates when cooking, which was not the case with all of the others tested. (In general, poultry and veggie dogs are inherently lower in fat, which caused them to cling to the grill.)

The hot dog had the ideal combination of sweet and smokey flavors. The smokey flavors originate from a hickory smoke taste and paprika, which showed out well alongside the garlic powder. One tester described the flavor as “very good,” while another said it “tasted like a traditional hot dog” and that they would buy it again. With such glowing acclaim, it’s easy to see why this wiener was named the greatest overall hot dog.

#2. Lightlife Smart Dogs

The Lightlife Smart Dogs, which are made of soy, stood out in a variety of ways. First, its hue appeared to be the most natural and delicious, with one tester comparing it to the coloration of a classic beef hot dog. This differentiation was especially crucial after seeing other vegetarian dogs with an unappealing brown color. (The color in Lightlife’s vegetarian dogs comes from red rice flour and oleoresin paprika.)

Aside from its aesthetic, this vegetable hot dog also stood out in terms of taste and texture. While the flavorful flavor was modest, the sodium was a standout in this hot dog. “I like that it’s not overly salty,” our tester said, a critical point in a product that’s generally recognized for being heavy in sodium. Mouthfeel is particularly crucial in a plant-based alternative because it is often difficult to mimic a meaty texture. Our testers found the Lightlife product to have a texture similar to that of a beef hot dog and labeled it “pleasant,” a term not bestowed upon the other veggie dogs, which were labeled “gummy” and “very odd.” So, whether you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or just seeking to add some plant-based protein to your diet, the Lightlife Smart Dogs will satisfy you.

#3. Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks

While Sabrett was the clear winner, the Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks was a close second. Unlike the Sabrett franks, which were skinless, this beef hot dog had a casing, which added a tactile feature. After being grilled, the casing had a wonderful snap when bitten into, which our tasters noted during the tasting. It also came off the grill easily, unlike the poultry and vegetable dogs, and had nice grill marks, which enhanced its appealing appearance.

#4. Ball Park White Meat Smoked Turkey Franks

If you like smoked meat, you’ll enjoy the Ball Park White Meat Smoked Turkey Franks. The smokiness of the white-meat turkey hot dog comes through strongly and was a particular highlight for one tester. The tester quickly recognized the product as smoked turkey, which they “love.” Other testers agreed that the poultry flavor was flavorful and tasty.

The outside aspect of this smoked turkey frank was also a big plus. Our tasters noticed that the hot dog had nice grill marks and color. The only drawback to this hot dog was its casing. While it was easy to consume, especially when compared to other poultry dogs with a chewy, thick shell, it didn’t have the same tactile snap that some of our testers were looking for in a beef hot dog.

#5. Jennie-O Turkey Franks

The Jennie-O Turkey Franks was another fan favorite in the poultry hot dog category, because of their wonderful flavor and appetizing appearance. While the Ball Park franks were praised for their smoked turkey flavor, the Jennie-O franks were praised for tasting like roast turkey. When reading the box, one tester said that the “herbal flavors are particularly powerful.” In terms of aesthetics, this turkey dog resembled a standard beef hot dog and was a darker red than others in the category.

While the label suggests cooking these franks on the stovetop in boiling water, our testers also tried a grilled frank, which was the clear victor. (Note: While we prepared all hot dogs according to package guidelines, we also chose to grill them as a second option because it is a popular way for consumers to prepare them. As a result, two versions of this product were evaluated.) Our testers discovered that the grilled version had a better texture than the boiled version, which felt rubbery. If you choose these flavorful turkey hot dogs, we recommend grilling them over medium heat until browned.

#6. Applegate Naturals Stadium Beef & Pork Hot Dog

If you can’t decide between a pork and a beef hot dog, go for the Applegate Naturals Stadium Beef & Pork Hot Dog, which combines the two. The casing of this hot dog was our testers’ favorite feature. The lamb casing had a terrific snap to it, adding a tactile element to the flavorful frank, and reviewers believed it led to a solid bite.

Another highlight of this hot dog was its savory flavor and spice. After trying several bland hot dogs, one tester believed this one was “appropriately seasoned.” Applegate spices their hot dogs with paprika, garlic, onion, and celery powder. The same tester stated that they would purchase this product for themselves.

Hot Dog Brands: Conclusion

The hot dog brands of listed in this guide are a great choice for delicious, juicy hot dogs. If you are looking for hot dog brands that favor both meat lovers and vegans alike, some brands like Lightlife’s Smart Dogs can be a go-to. 

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