GERMAN WATCH BRANDS: Best German Watch Listing (Updated)

German Watch Brands

Over the years, Germany has retained its position as one of the best manufacturing nations across the globe. This gives them some sort of reputation when it comes to quality products in general, especially watches. Although all German watch brands may not have the luxury of living up to that reputation, this post will cover some of the best affordable watch brands that do. Hence, in the course of this post, we’ll go through an updated list of the best affordable German watches and their brands, especially those under and above $500.


“What interests me about clocks is that everything is hand-made, and yet to the person looking at the clock, something magical is happening that cannot be explained unless you are the clockmaker.”Brian Selznick.

It is impossible to imagine a world without an instrument that clearly regulates the activities of mankind and nature. Timekeeping has been in existence for centuries when certain types of instruments were used to determine time. But today, it has evolved into a more simplified and wearable piece called a wristwatch. However, beyond timekeeping, people actually wear wristwatches simply for fashion and I think that’s cool because, in today’s world, fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life

Moving on, the competition for the best watch brand is ongoing as countries including Germany have joined Switzerland in the watch-making business. Research has shown that Germany is rated among the top countries that manufacture luxury watches. Furthermore, given their reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, German watch companies offer some of the best and most affordable brands that attract watch lovers across the globe.

In the purchase of a wristwatch, therefore, one must not undermine the role brands play. Some of these brands offer luxury watches with high precision and the best designs to suit your taste.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best affordable German brands of timepieces or what we all know as watches!

Best German Watches Brands
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When we think of quality and affordable watch brands, our subconscious minds remind us of China, Japan, and Switzerland. What we do not know yet is that, to a large extent, German watch brands also offer varieties of styles that will suit any taste at affordable rates. This follows for individuals in search of a dressier watch or something less regular.

Basically, Germany, among the world’s famous manufacturers, has been on the leading edge of the watch industry for over 150 years with awards to show for it. 

So, in shopping for high quality and affordable watches with great designs and high precision, German watch brands fall among the top list of options available to you. Below are some of those affordable watch brands.

#1. A.Lange & Sonhe

This is the oldest and traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Due to their particularity in technology and sophisticated mechanism, the brand’s timepiece has gained international recognition beyond German borders. Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded the company in 1845 in Glashutte and was relaunched in the year 1990 by Walter A. Lange, a direct descendant of the initial founder.

A. Lange & Sonhe collections are recognized for their carefully crafted details and blend of innovation with German old-fashioned elegance. Some products include Odysseus, Saxonian and Lange. 1.

#2. Sinn Spezialuhren

This German company was founded in 1961 by Helmut Sinn, a pilot and aerobatic instructor in the city of Frankfurt. At first, it produced mainly watches that are specifically used by pilots and flight instructors and then divers’ watches which is one of the most recognized models to its index. Now they produce watches for all kinds of individuals irrespective of their career path.

Sinn Spezialuhren’s wristwatches are functional, innovative, and extremely robust. Nevertheless, their steadfastness in manufacturing quality and reliable watches over the years have kept them among the list of the best German watch-makers


This falls under number 3 on our list of German watch brands that are affordable for a number of reasons. For starters, Stowa has been crafting high-quality German watches for over 90 years. This brand is associated with the philosophy; beautiful, good, true. It has also proven its undeniable knack for perfection and great designs in the making of watches. It was founded by Storz Walter in 1927 and was destroyed during Allied bombings in WWII. After the war, the company relocated to Rheinfeldin while they gradually rebuilt their first company that was destroyed in the war.

Today, however, the Stowa brand has evolved from manufacturing pocket watches to making Bauhaus and pilot watches as well as diver’s watches

#4. Archimedes Watches

In less than twenty years of being in business, this brand has made its mark in the watchmaking business. It was founded in 1924 by 90-year-old Karl Ickler and relaunched in 2003, in Pforzheim, Germany;  hence it is called the young brand with an old soul.

Archimedes is a noble German brand that produces attractive and relatively affordable timepieces with both automatic and chronograph movements. The brand has numerous other models to its name, such as; Klassik, DeckWatch, SportTaucher and so on. Also, the brand specializes in producing fifty-meter water-resistant and 42mm wide pieces that often comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.


Next on the list is a relatively young brand headquartered in Munster, Germany. Meistersinger is a German watch company that is distinguished by its single-hand watches. Manfred Brassler founded the brand in 2001 based on the characteristics of the clocks of the Middle Ages and the first portable timepieces “Nuremberg Egg”, which had only one hand. This bold move eventually led to the successful launch of Meistersinger which is currently an acclaimed watch brand that boasts of numerous awards including the Red Dot Award 2020.

The designs of Meistersinger timepieces are stunning inside-out and contain some of the most precise components in the watch industry. For example, the Meistersinger Neo Automatic and the Meistersinger Unomat cost $1,334 and $1,413.66 respectively. This alone gives it a spot on our list of affordable German watch brands, although not low as watches you’d find under the $500 price level. This is largely due to quality and brand name.

#6. Glashutte Original

This brand has been in existence as far back as 1845 but was unknown until 1994 when it was officially founded by Heinz W. Pfeifer. It is ranked among the best brands in Germany when it comes to watchmaking. Glashutte Original has a very complex history which qualifies them as not only watchmakers but also watchmaking teachers.

In the bid to churn out the 19th-century pocket watches, Glashutte original brand has produced luxury collections of watches.

#7. Moritz Grossman

At the heart of every Moritz Grossman watch lies a steadfast commitment to precision and reliability. Also, according to several reviews, they are among the manufacturers of impeccable quality watches. The brand has the most famous model called the“Benu,” a classically designed wristwatch built to exact standards.

#8. Junghans 

Ernhad Junghans founded this company in 1861. The brand was committed to the production of clocks with over 3,000 000 productions annually. Furthermore, It became the world’s largest clock manufacturing company.

They once partnered with Seiko to produce the first solar watch that can automatically adjust itself to one’s time zone. Subsequently, they featured one of the world’s most recognized experts in Bauhaus designer Max Bill and later presented their first wristwatch with an attractive and exciting style. Today, Junghans ranks among the top watch brands in Germany, if not the world.

#9. Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte is a German watch company that specializes in artisan manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches. While other German watchmaking brands focused on trending designs, Nomos went as far back as 1930 in research and discovered the classic look of Bauhaus-style watches and called it “the tangent”; consequently, the market responded causing the brand to rise to prominence.

Founded in 1990, it is almost difficult to believe that the Nomos brand has within the years won over 140 international awards which include an award of best Design, Quality and Value.  In the world of watchmaking today, Nomos brand can rely upon an arsenal of well-designed models

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After the reunification of Germany, the German brands upped their game and took over the manufacturing of timepieces. In Glashutte, however, which is the heart of every watch industry in Germany came out the most crafted and best-designed timepieces with high-precise Bauhaus-style. Nevertheless, Brands like A. Lange & Sonhe, Nomos Glashutte, Glashutte originals and the rest contributed immensely to this upside

Furthermore, the German watch manufacturers in their pursuit of quality timepieces have penetrated the hearts of most watch lovers. In terms of precision, functionality and designs, the brand has maintained its own in the watch industry.

Keeping this in mind, we have put together the top 5 brands that are ranking on the list of German watchmakers. Meanwhile, this is entirely based on customers’ preferences and reviews as it is impossible to meet everyone’s taste over a particular brand… Here they are!

#1. A. Lange & Sonhe

It’s no coincidence how this particular brand keeps making it to the top of the list every time. This brand is as old as the country itself. A. Lange and Sonhe was the first watchmakers in the Glashutte, Germany around the late 70”s. It must have been tough for Adolph Lange because he was going against the already known “Swiss-made”. Apparently, he thought of it as a “dog-eat-dog” war, and puppies like him might get eaten for lunch. Subsequently, Adolph’s courage inspired all other watch brands in Germany that we know today; hence they owe their allegiance to his courage and determination whether they believe it or not.

#2. Nomos Glashutte

In the second list of German Watches, we have Nomos Glashutte. Even as the former was focusing her resources on manufacturing the product suitable for the then-contemporary world, Nomos took the initiative and went back in time to discover the Bauhaus style Germany was historically known for; unlike his counterpart.  Nomos presented its first four watches in 1990. They penetrated the market with the one he called the“Tagnette”. This initiative from Nomos put her up as well as redirected all other watch brands before him to start making a Bauhaus-style craft all over again; undoubtedly, Nomos has gained over 140  international recognition awards.


Famously known for its iconic chronograph watch (417ES) frequently worn by Steve MacQueen, Johann A.Hanhart, established his brand in the year 1882, in Switzerland. He later moved to Gutenbach, Germany; perhaps he perceived how fast the German watch brand was making its wave in the business and decisively became a part of it. Today, the brand is one of the German watchmakers that have penetrated the market with its renowned  417ES iconic chronograph watch which he relaunched in 1902 after moving from Switzerland

#4. Lang & Heyne

It’s not a surprise that this Brand made the top list, and I’ll tell you what; if you’re a watch lover like myself and a fan of German brands, you’d be familiar with this reputable brand. 

This brand was founded in the year 2001 by Lang & Heyne in Glashutte which is the heart of German watchmakers. Unlike its counterparts in the watchmaking business, the Brand prides itself on its ability to manufacture only 50 pieces yearly. This is, to a large extent, due to its concept of “manu factum” meaning that everything about its product is handmade—no machines. So if you’re wondering how come they made it to the list, here’s why: Because They Believe In Quality than Quantity. The brand’s most popular model is called the Georg.

#5. Glashutte Original

And last but not least in my list our very own Glashutte Originals. Indeed Glashutte as a city owns up to 70% of watchmaking industries in Germany. 

This Brand suffered a major setback after WWII when the soviet union in charge of East Germany forced all watchmaking companies under one state-owned enterprise known as Volkseigener Betrieb Glashutte Uhrenbetriebe, (GUB). Again, after the reunification of Germany in 1990, Glashutte Originals became a legal successor of the GUB. This manufacturer took the initiative to set new standards that put the Brand to where it is today.


Most German watch brands are exclusively crafted and richly designed but quite expensive, however, some watches actually share the same qualities and can be gotten below $500. We compiled a list of German watch brands suitable for individuals with low-to-medium budgets. These top 5 German watches are within the affordable price of $500.

#1. Laco Valencia42

Laco is one of the oldest hands in the watchmaking industry. It was founded in 1925; Still, the brand remains one of the leading German brands that manufacture pilot watches.

The Laco Valencia42 comes with a 42mm Diameter, an automatic movement, sapphire crystal and, stainless steel case. Its water-resistant is 50mm, with a genuine leather strap and a black face that combines perfectly with the white hour hands. In spite of these amazing features, which several German watch brands are known for, it comes first in our list of affordable watches below $500.

Meanwhile, with a Laco aviator watch, a similar product, you are not only wearing a precise and robust watch on your wrist, but also a piece of history.

#2. Junkers Eisvogel F13

Another product on the list of German watches/brands that specialize in aviation products is the Junkers. The company was founded in 1845, Since then, the Junkers watches have been known for quality work, reliability, and simple elegance.

Currently, it has its newest watch which was manufactured by Charlotte Junkers, the great-granddaughter of the initial founder. Interestingly, this brand also has models of German luxury watches that are relatively affordable and below $500 including the Junkers Eisvogel F13

#3. Zeppelin 76801

The Zeppelin is a German brand that delivers watches with a sophisticated and distinctive design; also with an excellent price-performance ratio and a high product quality.

The Brand’s wide range of models is a show of modern timekeeping which presents itself in their classic designs and quality. Like most German watches, it specializes in manufacturing Pilot watches while paying homage to the German Aviation Culture.

Its most affordable piece is the Zeppelin 76801.

#4. German Military Titanium Automatic Watch

According to reviews, this is one of the best German watches under $500. It’s a valuable watch that has a precise and automatic movement mechanism that charges the watch with the movement of the arm and requires no battery. Also, its practical designs offer a decent look with the water-resistance functionality measured at 200 meters (660 feet). In other words, it works efficiently during underwater activities and long-term swimming.

#5. Braun BN0032

Unlike other German brands on my list, Braun specializes in the making of home appliances and top healthcare quality products. However, their style and designs of timepieces differ from what German watches represent; still, their results are pretty amazing. For the most part, it makes use of a Japanese quartz movement. And given its great quality, the market price of $86.46 proves that one can actually get reliable German watches below $500.

Does Germany make watches?

Today, a sizable portion of the German watch industry is concentrated in Glashütte, a small town. Several of the most renowned German watch makers have their production facilities in this small town in Saxony, which has a population of just over 7,000. Another watch industry metaphor for quality is “Made in Germany.”

Is Junghans a luxury brand?

Junghans has a long history of excellence and was founded in 1861. It’s popular among fans of expensive watches, and for good reason. Their timepieces are beautifully made, and the vintage design is lovely. But these timepieces are more than just pretty to look at.

What brand is Germany famous?

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SAP, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Adidas, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, and Bosch are a few well-known international brands. The Mittelstand model, which describes Germany’s significant proportion of specialized small and medium-sized businesses, is well-known.

Are luxury goods cheaper in Germany?

We completely understand why, as luxury items are frequently the least expensive in the UK, Germany, and France. Additionally, since 90% of luxury products are produced in Europe (often France or Italy), the prices are lower because the things don’t need to be shipped as far. You can also save quite a bit with the VAT deduction.

Is Nomos better than Junghans?

The writer has two NOMOS watches, thus according to the Gary Shteyngart Approval Index, NOMOS ranks twice as highly as Junghans. Regardless of Shteyngart’s choice, NOMOS is a contemporary watchmaking masterpiece in more ways than one.


Germany is among the watchmakers in the world. Following the responses and comments from users, their brands of wristwatches rank as the best of the bests.

Most of the brands have centuries of history behind it; for instance, A. Lange & Sonhe, Glashutte Original, Nomos Glashutte and many others. 

In any case, your perceptions, stories and additions that you feel may have been omitted on my list is welcomed in the comment section.


This article should NOT be used as a guide for purchase, it’s solely for informational purposes. We thereby emphasize that we do NOT endorse any of the brands in this post. They are subject to your choice of decision and verification. We are not sponsored by any of the brands and the information provided here is to the best of our knowledge 

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