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Founded in 2015, Market Talent was created to provide a fresh approach to fintech recruitment and the wider financial services marketplace. By fully understanding, communicating, and exceeding our client’s expectations, we have been able to offer the very best resourcing solutions for our clients, candidates, and colleagues alike. Well known for our high levels of mandate execution, we offer the very best resourcing solutions by fully understanding, communicating, and exceeding the expectations of our clients, candidates, and colleagues. After 5 years of delivering the requirements of our clients and candidates, we’ve built a network of specialized professionals who trust and empower us. We are known for our tireless work ethic, service, and advisory services to partner clients. The advisory services include market mapping and in-depth competitor benchmark projects. We recruit, develop, train, and retain people of the highest caliber, ensuring absolute consistency in both execution and client relations.

Our USP?

Our Managing Director takes a hands-on approach to every role, managing relationships himself with both very new and our longest-standing clients. In our profession, the highest levels of ethics and professionalism are vital to establishing an atmosphere of trust with clients and candidates. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct from the REC is the very foundation for ethical and transparent recruitment practices. Ryan has been working in the London financial markets for over 22 years—7 of which were spent mastering the industry’s ins and outs at both international & top-tier banks and the remaining 15 years within the recruitment sector.

Expect the exceptional

Our wealth of experience has allowed us to build a network of specialists who now trust and empower us with their client or candidate searches. Our team is made up of sector professionals, many of whom have worked in the industries for which they now recruit. So, our network includes all the talented people we’ve left a positive impression on—all of whom form invaluable assets when it comes to sourcing the right people for our clients.

Fellowship Level – REC Recruitment Professionals

We hold a Fellowship Level status with the REC Recruitment Professionals in the UK, marking our continued efforts and contribution to high standards and ethics within the UK recruitment industry. The need to achieve all major recruitment standards and accreditations is something we are very conscious of. You can rest assured that we’ve made it a habit of finding ways to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Global Reach

Being located in the heart of the world’s No.1 financial center, our London City headquarters is the perfect location to transact our core business and expand our footprint and reputation. Indeed, we are already extending our client business in several regions across the UK, Europe, and the US.

Specialist Areas Include.

Outside of traditional banking, we support and help scale fintech across EMI/EMD agents, payment platforms, fraud tech, and digital lending, and BNPL. Fintech recruitment is what we do.

While delivering on your vacancy is a crucial part of our business goal, we aim to go above and beyond this by offering our clientele additional value-added services. We invest significant resources in carrying out your requests by applying rigor, depth of research, and a pragmatic approach to gain the best outcomes.

How We Operate

The process for each client consists of 5 steps. The first step is to discuss the brief in an initial meeting. Our next step is to conduct research, resulting in a potential candidate list. Following this step is the short-list stage, during which in-depth interviews will be conducted to assess suitability. The second-to-last step is to interview the short-listed candidates. Lastly, we work with the client and candidate to meet their requirements, and we stay on top of the candidate to support them from day one and beyond. View detailed information about our methodology here.


Our company also recently started offering a “Hire Now, Pay Later” hiring accelerator, giving start-ups and SMEs the same access to our services as larger organizations. You can now hire staff for your growing business despite limited cash flow.

Client Reviews

Trust is an important value to us. You can rest assured that our reviews speak for themselves, as we have a rating of 5.0, the highest in Google reviews. You can view them here.

To have a free view of our services, click on Market Talent to get started.

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