Best Lingerie Brands: 50 Best Lingerie Brands in 2023

best lingerie brands
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  1. The Best Lingerie Brands
    1. #1. Savage x Fenty Brands
    2. #2. Free People Brands
    3. #3. Adore Me Brands
    4. #4. CUUP Brands
    5. #5. ANYA LUST Brands
    6. #6. NUBIAN Brands
    7. #7. INTIMISSIMI Brands
    8. #8. Aerie Brands
    9. #9. TRUE&CO Brands
    10. #10. Knickey Brands
    11. #11. Fantabody Brands
    12. #12. La Perla Brands
    13. #13. Cosabella Brands
    14. #14. ThirdLove Brands
    15. #15. Commando Brands
    16. #16. Myla Brands
    17. #17. Thinx Brands
    18. #18. Natori Brands
    19. #19. Lively Brands
    20. #20. Araks Brands
    21. #21. Agent Provocateur Brands
    22. #22. Miel Sisters Brands
    23. #23. Parfait  Brands
    24. #24. Soma Brands
    25. #25. Skims Brands
  2. The Best Lingerie Brands You Can Get on Amazon
    1. #1. Avidlove Brands
    2. #2. Soly Hux Brands
    3. #3. MAE lacy Brands
    4. #4. Wolford Brands
    5. #5. Eres Brands
    6. #6. Eberjey Brands
    7. #7. Nanier Brands
    8. #8. Sheln Brands
    9. #9. SweatyRocks Brands
    10. #10. Love, Vera Brands
  3. Lingerie Brands That Are Best In The USA
    1. #1. BETWEEN THE SHEETS Brands
    2. #2. Bella Materna Brands
    3. #3. Naked Princess Brands
    4. #4. Rago Brands
    5. #5. Only Hearts Brands
    6. #6. Decent Exposures Brands
    7. #7. Chakra Intimates Brands
    8. #8. Knock Out Brands
  4. 2023 Best Lingerie Brands
    1. #1. Carine Gilson Brands
    2. #2. Dora Larsen Brands
    3. #3. LaSette Brands
    4. #4. Bordelle Brands
    5. #5. Studio Pia Brands
    6. #6. ASOS Brands
    7. #7. WORON Brands
    8. #8. Le Buns Brands
    9. #9. Elomi Brands
    10. #10. Fleur du Mal Brands
    11. #11. WACOAL Brands
    12. #12. BLUEBELLA Brands
    13. #13. HONEY BIRDETTE Brands
    14. #14. YANDY Brands
    15. #15. PEPPER Brands
    16. #16. COOBIE Brands
    17. #17. PARADE Brands
    18. #18. Freshpair Brands
    19. #19. Victoria’s Secret Brands
    20. #20. Torrid Brands
  5. What Is Shapewear and Why Should I Get It?
  6. How Many Hooks Do I Need on My Bra Closure?
  7. Do Thin Bra Straps Provide Enough Support?
  8. Why Should I Buy a Garter Belt?
  9. Do I Really Need an Underwire Bra?
  10. How Do I Wash My Bras?
  11. How Long Do Bras Last?
  12. Conclusion
    1. Best lingerie Brands FAQS
  13. What's the most comfortable bra brand?
  14. Is it Ok to wear padded Bra everyday?
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Lingerie is an essential item in our wardrobe, seeing that it’s the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off. So, the brands we choose determine how comfy, cute, or even sexy it is, depending on our taste. Therefore, in this article, we’ll see, first, the best lingerie brands, the one on Amazon, in the USA, and Finally, the best lingerie brands in 2023.

The Best Lingerie Brands

The following is the list of the best lingerie brands in 2023:

#1. Savage x Fenty Brands

The brands offer something lacey or simple, with the touch of sexy pieces in bold colors and prints ranging from teddies to thongs to corsets. But it doesn’t just end there; their bras and underwear are the best, most supportive, beautiful, and accessible lingerie.

#2. Free People Brands

With lacey bras, delicate panties, and beautiful matching sets is what this brand will give you, Moreover, it’s a great option for those that want to mix and match their panties. They also provide high-waisted briefs and two-toned bras. Additionally, the bras and panties come in a range of hues, from green to bright purple.   

#3. Adore Me Brands

Adore Me is one of the best lingerie brands that is affordable, fashionable, and accessible to all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, their lingeries collections are the best and everything from bodysuits, slips, garters, and corsets, their offer particularly ranges from 30A to 46G in most styles.

#4. CUUP Brands

First of all, This brand focuses on making bras and underwear that are just right and fit each individual. Secondly, Simplicity is their style, and with a soft sheer fabric that never has too much padding. Above all, their products are just comfortable.

#5. ANYA LUST Brands

This is one of the best lingerie brands for special occasions, and while it certainly makes one irresistible, it also reveals how sophisticated, sensual, and ultra-feminine the brand is.

#6. NUBIAN Brands

Nubian Skin is one of the best lingerie brands that give you an everyday bra or something even more special. Consequently, They focus on skin tone and tights for women that match at a great price!


Looking for something classic, silky, and lacy elegance? Intimissim got you covered. It is the best Italian lingerie brand that makes lingeries with styles and matching sets at affordable prices. 

#8. Aerie Brands

This is a company that discovered that people look and feel different and with that knowledge, they make the best lingerie brands that boost self-confidence and sexy look.

#9. TRUE&CO Brands

True&co makes pieces that are comfortable and soft while being supportive, thus consciously giving every woman confidence and in addition, showing off their skin.

#10. Knickey Brands

This brand practically puts peoples’ health first. seeing that millions get infected due to synthetic fabrics and harmful toxins found in and on our undies, which probably explains the reason they use certified organic cotton that is breathable and free from chemicals.

#11. Fantabody Brands

Fantabody is designed to embrace all body types, with the extra comfy, that makes you feel good about yourself all day long. Hence, the best lingerie brands will make you love yourself more.

#12. La Perla Brands

An Italian lingerie brand that crafts the best delicate bras, underwear, and corsets with a touch of elegance in each item. 

#13. Cosabella Brands

This brand brings your lingerie drawer back to life. In other words, They are known for their classic and reliability, with a combination of patterns, colors, and designs that brings a sense of style.

#14. ThirdLove Brands

If you are looking for new lingerie but don’t know which brand to choose, ThirdLove is a brand you can trust and with the best lingerie that will definitely fit your body type.

#15. Commando Brands

Commando offers freedom and comfort with fashionable designs, that leave you feeling cute and cozy without worrying about visible panty lines on your more form-fitting bottoms.

#16. Myla Brands

Myla lingerie brand offers elegant undergarment that feels lighter than air. However, Choosing a light or neutral color will give you a whole new look.

#17. Thinx Brands

Designed to bring one peace of mind with the added layer of protection when you’re on your period. Furthermore, This lingerie brand comes in a variety of styles and designs, having the knowledge that you are receiving all the support you need and deserve.

#18. Natori Brands

Natori lingerie brand is simple, comfortable, and sexy. From classy good quality undies for everyday wear to intimate apparel for special occasions, ranging in styles, sizes, and colors

#19. Lively Brands

Looking for something either bold or alluring, Lively lingerie is just the brand for you. Hence, The best lingerie brands are designed just for modern women to keep them healthy with their lifestyles. 

#20. Araks Brands

First of all, This is bright and conscious lingerie that is sustainable, Secondly, with the softness and ability to pair with any current lingerie you own. 

#21. Agent Provocateur Brands

This brand expresses boldness, with sets ranging from the darkest of blacks to bright reds and the softest of whites. It shows a true feminine.

#22. Miel Sisters Brands

This lingerie brand is basically perfect for summer vacations on the beach, especially with off-shoulder tops that will make you flow with the weather. Besides, Miel Sisters is one of the best lingerie brands.

#23. Parfait  Brands

Parfait is a brand that provides comfortability and is perfect for your t-shirt, seeing how important it is in our modern world today. 

#24. Soma Brands

This brand reveals confidence and is much more than sexy. What could be better than a strapless bra for busty ladies that provides support? The interesting part is that it can fit all your special occasions! the best lingerie brands indeed.

#25. Skims Brands

Skims not only offer support and coverage but also come in a range of impressive colors and sizes. Meanwhile, it is one of the best lingerie brands that give a touch of difference in women’s outfits, thereby making them feel like the queen they are.

The Best Lingerie Brands You Can Get on Amazon

The following is the list of the best lingerie brands you can get on amazon:

#1. Avidlove Brands

This brand gives you clothes comfortable enough to sleep in and wear around the house. With adjustable straps and G string that fit perfectly well. 

#2. Soly Hux Brands

These lingerie brands are lightweight and comfortable, they are absolutely best for day and nightwear. the four-piece floral lace trim satin set is Available on Amazon.

#3. MAE lacy Brands

Mae brands lingerie on amazon is the high waist styles like the lacy bodysuits and babydolls that keep you covered, comfortable and cute.

#4. Wolford Brands

This brand’s offering of bras and panties aligns perfectly with the approach to everyday essentials. Their quality and duration are top-notch!

#5. Eres Brands

Technically, this brand creates a personal feeling, and it’s designed to suit any woman’s needs or preferences. one of the best lingerie brands on amazon.

#6. Eberjey Brands

The Eberjey lingerie brand, it expresses the perfect balance of femininity and comfort, with soft bralettes that offer comfy sleepwear.

#7. Nanier Brands

The best lingerie brands on Amazon truly define what is fun and supportive. And you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe mishaps.

#8. Sheln Brands

This is a halter teddy bodysuit lingerie that you can singularly adjust to your taste and you can slay with the designs as well. the best brands on amazon.

#9. SweatyRocks Brands

This lingerie brand is for my ladies that are looking for something so girly, this feminine black two-piece adorned with puff sleeves and bows will eventually take your breath away. Above all, this lingerie is very affordable!

#10. Love, Vera Brands

This is the best silky and lace-based set that gives you a full look with high-coverage varieties. Nevertheless, these lingerie brands have a range of styles that are fun, take on a classic look, and are available on amazon.

Lingerie Brands That Are Best In The USA

Below are the best lingerie brands in the USA you should consider while shopping. 


BETWEEN THE SHEETS Lingerie brand is specially designed to pair with your bikini or high-waist pants while wrapping yourself in smooth, silky comfort. Rest assured that these brands are made from the best and finest materials in the USA. 

#2. Bella Materna Brands

This is one of the best lingerie brands of Bella Materna, the plunge T-Shirt nursing bra is great for new moms and pregnant women. Moreover, it is supportive, wire-free, and form-fitting, which provides comfort when convenient access is needed! Made and available in the USA

#3. Naked Princess Brands

Naked Princess Bralette offers a light level of support without being constraining. It is absolutely one of the best lingerie brands in the USA. In short, thanks to the careful use of silk on each of the straps for extra comfort. 

#4. Rago Brands

For your form-fitting clothing, Rago light-shaping high-leg panty is one of the best brands in the USA. The lingerie subsequently destroys panty lines with a good diversity of colors, soft and comfortable designs. 

#5. Only Hearts Brands

This lingerie is one of the best brands crafted from the best durable nylon, softened with silk for comfort, and reinforced with an underwire for maximum holding power. In summary, this brand should be in every woman’s closet in the USA.

#6. Decent Exposures Brands

Made in the USA with eight different styles, their brands when it comes to lingerie are the best and so comfortable with no elastic on the waist. 

#7. Chakra Intimates Brands

Chakra Intimates is one of the best lingerie brands made in the USA that is best when it comes to sustainability and comfort. 

#8. Knock Out Brands

One of the best lingerie brands in the USA made with a mix of cotton, lace, and spandex, Particularly for all-day comfort. The Above is one of the best lingerie brands in the USA

2023 Best Lingerie Brands

We have the best brands in 2023, which you will use to refresh your lingerie drawer even as you usually update your closet.

#1. Carine Gilson Brands

The level of craftsmanship and the finest materials used in the production of this lingerie brand is the best and cannot be matched, Basically, they express true luxury.

#2. Dora Larsen Brands

Brands that create beautiful and playful lingerie that can instantly light up your moods in 2023 and yet, be sexy and irresistible. to further their commitment to making sustainable lingeries, lace that can be made regularly using recycled yarn has been introduced.

#3. LaSette Brands

This is one of the best new and notable lingerie brands that basically offers a collection of sweet pieces designed to wear either day or night or however you deem fit.

#4. Bordelle Brands

This is one of the London-based lingerie brands that is practically known for its seduction and dominance, plus the bold styles are what you need in 2023. Also the best in commitment to ethical production and sustainability.

#5. Studio Pia Brands

Studio Pia is one of the best lingerie brands that are easy to recognize with their rich color and best craftsmanship. However, it is important to know that in 2023 the lifecycle of each item is extended meaning fewer unsold goods at the end of each season. it’s actually a win-win.

#6. ASOS Brands

This is one of the best trendy lingerie brands that will be sexy and fashionable in 2023, with a unique design to spice up your closet. And also very affordable and sell out very fast.

#7. WORON Brands

Woron is one of the best lingerie brands you can’t go wrong with when it comes to sustainable, thoughtful, and high-quality lingerie. They also, sell a variety of lingerie, like bras, and bodysuits, all made from natural materials and fibers.

#8. Le Buns Brands

This is practically where simplicity meets sustainability by using natural dyes and organic fibers, plus the comfortability it provides.

#9. Elomi Brands

Elomi is one of the best lingerie brands for busty ladies, ordinarily, the sizes start at 32GG and go up to 46DD! The brand typically gives proper support and comfort and it’s what you need in 2023.

#10. Fleur du Mal Brands

For those that love wearing lingerie-like cloth, Fleur du Mal is just for you, with how silky and soft it is, it’s sure to give you all the comfort you need the day or night.

#11. WACOAL Brands

Whether you are looking for a T-shirt bra or sexy lace or even a sports bra, Wacoal will give you just that. Seeing that they have been in this industry for more than 70 years simply means they know what you are doing.

#12. BLUEBELLA Brands

The founder believes and creates the best lingerie brands so that you can express personal style and self-indulgence, and not just about being sexy or the simple everyday styles. In other words, the brand empowers you to show off and embrace your own meaning of sexiness in 2023 with sizes under 30A to 40D AND XXS to 6XL.


Honey Birdette lingerie is all about dressing for the intimate moment and with designs that match different bedroom styles. Basically Brands best for newlyweds in 2023. Meanwhile, the price is affordable and it comes in 30A to 40G.

#14. YANDY Brands

This brand is known for its collection with theme Hallowenes that express sexiness in every sense, typically with an abundance of lace, ruffles, pompoms, and mesh. sizes are XS to 4X, Although not all pieces are available in the full-size range.

#15. PEPPER Brands

Pepper is all about celebrating and regularly providing for the AA, A, and B cup crowd, However, styles are available in 30 to 38 that are comfortable and supportive. this is actually one of the best lingerie brands in 2023.

#16. COOBIE Brands

Coobie lingerie brand is about comfortability and versatility, starting from their bra line camis to a strapless bra that you will actually enjoy wearing all day.

#17. PARADE Brands

Firstly, parade produces soft fabrics from recycled yarn. In addition to that, the comfort and ability to sustain them made them perfect to use when you are on your period.

#18. Freshpair Brands

This brand is for those that want something that is not ordinary or the opposite, So, Add to your lingerie wardrobe Freshpair best lingerie brand to give it a daring look this 2023.

#19. Victoria’s Secret Brands

Victoria’s Secret lingerie is perfect with jeans or everyday wear and also for special occasions. So, I guess that’s why the brand is the best lingerie in 2023 and it’s absolutely everywhere!

#20. Torrid Brands

Torrid is the best place for cute and comfy lingerie. However, there are options for plus sizes for busty ladies. The best lingerie brands you can trust in 2023.

What Is Shapewear and Why Should I Get It?

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that minimizes excess fat and love handles to make the figure appear slimmer while emphasizing and elongating curves. Even though it’s not necessary, it does give the design a more appealing and compact appearance.

How Many Hooks Do I Need on My Bra Closure?

The exact breadth of the bra at the back closure determines how many hooks are needed. Additionally, the width of the bra’s back corresponds to the size of the cup. Only one or two hooks are needed for small cup sizes. Three, four, or even five hooks may be necessary for larger cup sizes.

Do Thin Bra Straps Provide Enough Support?

Bra straps are no longer just functional; they are now also a style statement. However, medical professionals have issued a warning that thin bra straps may cause nerve damage and headaches.

Why Should I Buy a Garter Belt?

Garter belts are great for keeping your clothing appearing as neat and put together as possible in addition to being sexy accessories. I prefer to think of them as the lingerie equivalent of suspenders. They are not necessary, but, like shapewear, they contribute to a polished and put-together appearance.

Do I Really Need an Underwire Bra?

Underwires are used to make less-coverage bra types, such as demi and push-up bras, supportive enough to be worn. This does not mandate that you wear an underwire. You can choose a wire-free or soft cup bra if you dislike the way underwires feel or make you look.

How Do I Wash My Bras?

To wash your bras, we provide two suggestions. 1. When handwashing your bras, use only Eucalan. It only takes a quick soak, a gentle rub on problem spots, and drying on a hanger. 2. A washing machine detergent called Forever New delicate wash. Use a delicate garment bag and wash on delicate if you decide to wash your bras in the washing machine. And keep hanging everything to dry. Even on delicate, avoid drying your bras in the dryer. Any heat will cause the materials to alter their shape and eventually cause your hooks and wire to bend.

How Long Do Bras Last?

How many bras you own and how well you maintain them will determine how many. If you own two bras and alternate between them, they will lose their shape in three to four months. You should change if you’ve been wearing the current one for a few years.


The best lingerie brands are certainly the ones that are comfortable with the lace stretchy not scratchy, and with designs and varieties of colors, you can pick for special occasions and daily activities.

Best lingerie Brands FAQS

What's the most comfortable bra brand?

Some of the most comfortable brands are as follows

True&Co brand, Aerie brand Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra, Soma brand Maidenform Comfort Devotion Ultimate Lace-Trim Wire-Free Bra, Olga Easy Does It No Bulge Seamless Wireless Bra.

Is it Ok to wear padded Bra everyday?

Wearing a padded bra every day is bad for your health, it increases the chance of having cancer of the breast and also, alter the shape of your breast by applying pressure to the delicate tissue.

“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “FAQPage”,
“mainEntity”: [
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What's the most comfortable bra brand?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “

Some of the most comfortable brands are as follows

True&Co brand, Aerie brand Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra, Soma brand Maidenform Comfort Devotion Ultimate Lace-Trim Wire-Free Bra, Olga Easy Does It No Bulge Seamless Wireless Bra.

, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Is it Ok to wear padded Bra everyday?
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “

Wearing a padded bra every day is bad for your health, it increases the chance of having cancer of the breast and also, alter the shape of your breast by applying pressure to the delicate tissue.

] }

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