FISHING BRANDS:2023 Best Fly Fishing Brands (Top 15+)

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Fishing is still a career and a way to acquire food for human nutrition in today’s society, although it is more of a sport or leisure. Moreover, having the right tools is very critical whether you are fishing for fun or to supply sustenance for the human race. As a result, we’ll show you the best fishing apparel, fly, and pure fishing brands in this article.

Best Fishing Brands

I’m sure we can all agree that there are a plethora of fishing reel brands available that cover a wide range of apparel, gear and pricing ranges. These are the best fishing brands based on their experience, durability/quality, technology, customer service, and last but not least, how they have adapted to the changing fishing market.

Penn Fishing

After immigrating to America from Germany in 1922, machinist Otto Henze started working for the reel manufacturer Ocean City Manufacturing Company. He rented a loft a few blocks away and began his own reel company 10 years later. Miller Auto Supply Company was so impressed with his unique designs that they granted him a production contract.

Penn began as a manufacturer of saltwater fishing gear, and it still maintains that reputation today. Since its introduction in 1936, their hallmark reel, the Senator, has been a stalwart in the saltwater fishing scene. There are currently 220 different versions in existence, all of which we consider to be among the most reliable for ocean fishing.


Shimano began as a bicycle parts firm in Japan in 1927. They were well-known for their meticulous engineering and inventive applications of existing gear technology. They were the first to develop in-hub gear systems. The company’s American division didn’t get into the fishing reel market until 1970, but their success was rapid.

Shimano is known for its pioneering spirit. Following on from the game-changing DUX Auto series. The Bantam 200 reel, the first ultra-light bait caster, was introduced. Shimano designed a computerized reel even though the market wasn’t ready for it. It was quite large, as it contained a microcomputer that operated the motorized spool. In addition, these brands have a wide range of rods, lures, apparel, and other fishing accessories.

Daiwa Fishing

Daiwa is a Japanese fishing company found in 1955. At initially, they concentrated on a single line of spinning reels. Slow and steady growth was the norm. They constructed a sales and distribution center in Culver City, California, in 1966 to handle what grew to be a significant portion of the Western Hemisphere’s fishing tackle industry. They are currently known for their high quality and dedication to great craftsmanship.

The company is primarily notable for its freshwater rods and reels, though they do have some excellent saltwater choices. Although the saltwater reels are pricey, they show off Daiwa’s industry-leading innovation. The majority of their freshwater reels are spinner and baitcasting, with a few fly and trolling reels thrown in for good measure.

Abu Garcia

Many of today’s most well-known fishing tackle companies began with completely unrelated products, and Abu Garcia is no exception. In the 1920s, they began creating timepieces and taximeters. During WWII, however, demand for those products rose. The corporation sought advice from Göte Borgström, the founder’s son, on which path to take. Because the Swede enjoyed fishing, he began designing reels.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on an antique Abu Garcia reel. A brief search on sites like eBay verifies the rarity and exorbitant price of vintage Abu Garcia tackle. Smooth spinning reels and low-profile freshwater bait casters are the company’s most well-known products nowadays. They also have a lot of amazing rods, combos, gear, and clothing options.

Okuma Fishing

Okuma is a newcomer to the fishing gear sector, having debuted in the mid-1980s. They do, however, have nearly 40 reel series that covers all of the key types: spinners, bait casters, saltwater, freshwater, and fly reels. Their designs range from simple to almost too complex.

Although their product research is headquarters is in the United States, the majority of their manufacturing takes place in Taiwan.

Okuma’s budget reels are well-known. They’ve mastered the technique to the point where they can produce solid, feature-rich reels at a reasonable cost. Beginner anglers who know how to research and find a decent product that meets all of their needs are particularly fond of them. Many of their mid-priced reels are well-liked by experienced fishermen.

KastKing Fishing

KastKing is noted for its affordable costs and overall value. The majority of their reels are around $50, with some costing less than half that. Spinners and bait casters are roughly equally represented in their reel array, however, their bait casters are the most popular.

Zebco Fishing

Another well-known reel manufacturer was a watchmaker. The company has developed from its humble beginnings in the 1940s to become a multibillion-dollar manufacturer of a wide range of outdoor products, but it is best recognized for its fishing gear. Along the path to becoming one of the largest and arguably most well-known fishing suppliers, it has purchased and sold several smaller fishing firms.

They’re also known for their closed-head spinning reels, sometimes known as spin casters, which are extremely popular among children. Adults, on the other hand, appreciate how tangle-free their hair is. Some of these bullet spinners from the 1950s are still operational today. That speaks to the brand’s reputation for dependability and excellence.

Piscifun Fishing

Two fishing mates founded this young startup in 2013. They claim to be committed to “quick product upgrading,” but their products don’t appear to be updated all that frequently. However, if you get it right the first time, this isn’t necessary. The company is known for its great quality and functionality, so the two pals appear to know what they’re doing.

They make fly reels, spinning reels, and baitcasting reels. Other fishing gear, such as waders, tackle boxes, and backpacks. They’re most renowned for their huge sealed drag fly reels at this stage. They’ve also developed a reputation for producing huge open-design freshwater and saltwater bait casters. It will be interesting to see what the Piscifun series of reels look like in a few years. They might become the industry leader in fly reels, with a strong chance of capturing a larger share of the saltwater market.

Fishing Brands Apparel

Choosing the appropriate fish apparel for your outdoor activity is an important first step. Consider some of the greatest fishing apparel from various brands listed below. Fishing apparel is made to improve your fishing experience while also promoting your favorite brands to the rest of the globe. The modern angler has the ability to properly adapt their clothes to the environment and conditions they’ll face on the lake, whether it’s offering protection from the weather, a moisture-wicking base, or the insulating layers in between. Below are some of the best fishing apparel brands you should consider;


Huk brings fishermen together via high-performance, innovative gear that fuels your passion and pursuit no matter when, where, or how you fish. They produce some of the best fishing apparel compare to other brands.

For example the Huk ICON X is one of the most popular fishing shirts on the market. A performance shirt that not only looks good but also feels good and is a product of durable poly-knit.

Further, Huk integrated the most advanced sun-blocking +30 UPF materials into their clothes to block both UVA and UVB rays, and this fishing shirt also protects your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Special fibers that carry sweat away from the skin and synthetic materials that allow air to pass through provide outstanding breathability in the Huk performance shirt. Hence, the stain-resistant coating prevents stains from adhering and makes cleaning easier.


Columbia men’s ball cap is ideal for outdoor activities both in and out of the water, whether you’re looking for a fishing cap or a cap for everyday use. This cap could be just what you are looking for.

The Columbia Men’s PFG Mesh Ball Cap is a high-tech daily sports hat that is both comfortable and stylish. It has Columbia’s Omni-Shade protection, which prevents UVA and UVB rays. This Columbia men’s ball cap is a product of high-quality stretch mesh materials that provide maximum comfort at all times. Columbia Performance Fishing Gear is noteable for its high quality and versatility in applications for serious anglers. This Flexfitted men’s ball cap is a design that keeps you comfortable while you’re out and about.


Modern fabrics and materials provide the protection and comfort required to run a boat, adjust tackle, or battle fish – all while avoiding fighting clothing. FishUSA offers FishUSA gear, suits and bibs, coats and hoodies, shirts and tops, pants and shorts, hats and gloves, shoes, socks, and eyewear, among other items. FishUSA branded apparel continues to expand.

Costa Del Mar

These co-injected co-molded frames combine a superb fit with the world’s best-polarized lenses to provide you with the best comfort and vision on the water. Keep an extra pair in your tackle box since a true athlete is always ready. Saltwater junkies will love these hard-core sunglasses.

Costa’s co-injected bio-based nylon frame material is robust and durable, as well as comfortable to wear. TR-90 nylon is an excellent material for sports and performance frames since it is heat and cold-resistant. It is durable despite its flexibility. Costa’s signature wraparound design is easily formed from nylon.

Other fishing brands apparel include:
  • Aftco
  • Pelagic
  • Simms
  • Patagonia
  • Guy Harvey
  • Under Armour
  • Bassaholics
  • Cabela’s
  • St. Croix
  • Hooked nation.

Fly Fishing Brands

Below is a list of some of the best fly fishing brands we could find;

Sage Fly Rods

Sage was founded in 1980 by famed rod designer Don Green with a single goal in mind: to develop the world’s best performance fly rods. Don transformed the fly fishing world by using world-class materials and years of experience garnered while working for Fenwick and Grizzly rod makers. Further, Don had learned from years of fly fishing that fly rods should never lose their “power.” As a result, the new style of fly rod Don developed for extremely long casts or in windy situations was dubbed Reserve Power. The first significant Sage fly rod series came to light in 1982 and rapidly became the world’s most talked-about fly rods.

Hence, Sage brands has the products to enhance your fly fishing experience no matter where you go in the world.” Sage is now a firm made up of dedicated anglers and craftspeople who are always looking for ways to improve performance by experimenting with new materials, ideas, and engaging with the fly fishing community.

Scott Fly Rods

For the past 45 years, Scott Fly Rods has been handcrafting and tirelessly improving the performance of freshwater and saltwater fly rods. As a long-time Scott Fly Rod dealer, ReelFlyRod has witnessed the evolution of Scott rods and has fished the many generations. Scott began developing fiberglass rods in the 1970s and swiftly grew to become the industry leader in the graphite rod revolution.

Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis knows everything there is to know about fly fishing compare to other brands. Its fly rods, reels, and fishing gear aren’t just great—they’re also transforming the fly-fishing scene with ground-breaking initiatives and public awareness campaigns to safeguard your fisheries and the environment.

Patagonia Fly Fishing Gear

Patagonia is one of the fly fishing brands that is much more than a clothe company. They are noteable for producing high-quality, high-performance waders, boots, jackets, outerwear, and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. Patagonia is an iconic lifestyle company that sells sustainable outdoor clothing and apparel for fly fishing, climbing, hiking, skiing, and surfing.

Echo Fly Rods

Echo is a modest fly-fishing shop in Vancouver, Washington. Tim Rajeff, a casting champion, enthusiastic fly fisherman, long-time Alaskan fishing guide, globe traveler, and principal rod designer, founded Rajeff Sports, which owns Echo. Echo produces a comprehensive assortment of high-quality single-handed and two-handed fly rods. Echo is noted for providing high-quality rods at a lower cost than its competitors. There is simply no greater performance to price ratio in the business, and this is true across the whole Echo rod series range. Echo rods give you a lot of thrill for your money.

Pure Fishing Brands

Pure Fishing brands were developed by dedicated inventors who are responsible for much of the tackle we use today. They keep pushing the envelope with quality while making improvements possible with investments in cutting-edge technologies. Each brand in our portfolio has gained a distinct and unique reputation among modern fishermen worldwide, day by day, innovation by innovation, and catch bycatch.
Hence, the expansion of their brands reflects more than just business; it also reflects the great appreciation for the value of fishing to an increasing number of anglers throughout the world. Pure Fishing brands commit to assisting anglers throughout the world in having more fun and catching more fish. Here are some of the pure fishing brands you never knew;

Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia is one of the pure fishing brands that creates equipment for fishermen who approach the sport with the zeal and zeal of an athlete chasing a personal best. Fishing for a living has long been ingrained in our DNA. And we guarantee that it will continue to do so in the future. While we are proud of what we have accomplished in our 100-year history with anglers all over the world, we are also focused on what we can do today with anglers. And then there’s tomorrow. We pledge to do the same as long as fishermen work hard to be the best they can be.


Berkley is the only fishing brand that develops goods using a scientific process to provide anglers the tools and confidence they need to capture more fish. Its baits have been proving in labs and on the water to work effectively. They further produce Soft and firm baits, as well as a leader in line.


Pflueger products are known across the world for their inventiveness, durability, and meticulous attention to detail. They continue to manufacture great fishing items by combining pride in craftsmanship with a commitment to innovative technologies.


Your first fish is unlike any other. Shakespeare, more than anybody else, understands this. They have been one of the most well-known pure fishing brands for almost a century. Shakespeare will be there as more newcomers discover the love of fishing, offering the gear and inspiration to ensure that the next bite is never the last.


Stren is well-known across the fishing industry for its durability, dependability, and cutting-edge technology, all of which contribute to a sense of security on the sea.

Ugly Stik

Ugly Stik creates pure fishing equipment for folks who enjoy fishing in an unattractive manner compare to other brands. With slime-streaked clothing and oil-burning Jon boats, they go fishing. And it’s made of a strong tackle that can withstand just about anything you can throw at it. It’s time to go ugly fishing.


This article should NOT be used as a guide for purchase, it’s solely for informational purposes. We thereby emphasize that we do NOT endorse any of the brands in this post. They are subject to your choice of decision and verification. We are not sponsored by any of the brands and the information provided here is to the best of our knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one fishing brand?

Penn is the number one fishing brand according to ranking and reviews.

Who is pure fishing owned by?

More than 15,000 merchants receive direct sales, merchandising, and marketing help from the recreational products company, which has operations in around 20 countries. Jarden Corporation owns Pure Fishing and is a subsidiary of The Coleman Company.

Where is Pure Fishing made?

Pure Fishing is a multi-brand conglomerate that includes Berkley, Fenwick, Pflueger, Penn, Shakespeare, Ugly Stik, Stren, and other well-known fishing equipment companies. They were founded in 1874 and are currently headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina.

What is the best fly fishing company?

  • Sage
  • Orvis
  • Redington
  • Greys
  • Scott
  • Simms
  • Airflo
  • RIO
  • G Loomis
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