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Allstate is the abbreviated name of the American insurance provider Allstate Corporation. It was once a part of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. but eventually split off to form its own business. In 1931, it first became apparent. In 1967, the corporate offices were relocated to Northfield Township, Illinois. It is currently the largest firm, with annual revenues of close to $40 billion. The Allstate logo offers protection and assistance. Clients will feel completely secure after a policy is issued. The elements of the logo might be connected to consideration, focus on user needs, calmness, and confidence in the future.

Allstate Corporation

One of the biggest insurance providers in the US is Allstate. It offers protection plans for a variety of consumer goods and holds a monopoly in the life insurance sector. The largest and most lucrative sections of the organization are property insurance and accident protection. It is a company that engages in investing, banking, and insurance. Its corporate headquarters are situated in a Chicago suburb.

Sears, Roebuck, and Co., Allstate’s “parent” business, underwent a division in 1931. At first, it was a tire company rather than an insurance company. The decision to offer insurance was made somewhat impulsively. In 1934, the brand-new insurance company’s first office was established in Chicago. Despite all efforts, just 25% of American car owners had insurance in 1941. A municipal law that held the driver of the vehicle legally responsible for any injuries caused in a car accident was developed in an effort to increase insurance sales. Other states adopted the same policy within 15 years. There have evolved to be more options for insurance. Also established was a representative office in Canada. The Allstate Corporation name was well-known as a reseller of tires, batteries, and insurance by the end of the 1960s.

Meaning of Allstate

Since 1967, the corporate offices of the Allstate Corporation have been located in Northfield Township, Illinois, not far from Northbrook. It was initially established in 1931 as a division of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Despite being spun off in 1993, Sears held onto a piece of it until June 1995, when it became fully independent. In Canada, the company also offers personal lines insurance.

With $39.8 billion in revenue in 2018, Allstate was a sizable business, placing 79th on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the biggest American businesses by total sales. Are you getting quality care? is the slogan of their steadfast marketing effort, which began in 1950. A suburban-style home is cradled by two enormous human hands in the instantly recognizable logo.

History of Allstate

The management of the Sears department store chain announced a competition for the best brand name for car tires in 1925, the same year the insurance company was established. Out of more than two million alternatives, it selected Allstate, registered it the following year, and secured the trademark. Everyone was using the term since tires were in such high demand.

Then, Robert E. Wood, the chairman general of Sears, was suggested mail-order auto insurance by insurance salesman Carl L. Odell. The directors’ board subsequently approved the proposal after hearing it. This is the history of how the Allstate Insurance Company, a company that insures people and is named after a brand of tires, came to be. Almost by chance, inspiration struck in 1930 while traveling by rail. The company has already been actively working on initiatives for the upcoming year. The first Allstate office was established in a Chicago Sears department store in 1934.

The number of insurance claims included in the bundle increased as a result of her subsequent development of insurance services. Due to its growth, the business relocated its offices frequently. She created the logo and identity in 1950 using a creative marketing tagline she had created. It was written by general sales manager Davis W. Ellis. You’re in Good Hands with Allstate, it seemed to say. Because it conveys a sense of security, the insurer’s emblem helped build consumer trust in it. The company now possesses a total of five personal identity marks thanks to ongoing developments.

Here is the evolutionary history of the Allstate logo from its conception till date.

History of Allstate Logo From 1931 – 1955

The concept occurred to them by accident, and the company’s first 20 years of operation are linked to its inception. During this time, the insurance industry planned, laid the groundwork for more measures, and sold car insurance through the post office (mainly at the beginning). She probably had a simple Allstate logo with simply her name in a stern, ordered sans serif font.

History of Allstate Logo From 1955 – 1969

The designers concentrated on showing loving hands because the company’s motto was “You’re in good hands.” After the competition, the management chose a version with outstretched palms that displayed a private residence on a piece of land. The white arms were enclosed in a black oval. The name, motto, and legal status of the insurance company are enlarged in an inscription to the right (below).

History of Allstate Logo From 1969 – 2006

In the next iteration of the Allstate logo, the designers altered the text. The middle part of the hand, which was meant to resemble the roofs of a car and a house, was covered in writing that said, “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.” With the exception of the roof and the automobile, all graphic elements were created with white backgrounds and black outline fills. The firm’s name was written in big, fancy letters above the emblem. The typeface stood out due to the crossbar of the capital “Acute” and the identical acute angle of the lowercase “a”.

History of Allstate Logo From 1999 – 2006

The palms were relocated to the left of the insurer’s name as part of the redesign and clustered into an oval shape. The hands were open and rotating with the inside of the palms up, representing the maximum level of consumer confidence, as the roof and the car vanished from their line of sight. The logo is now, for the first time, blue.

History of Allstate Logo From 2006-2008

More changes have made the icon’s frame significantly larger and the inscriptions look slightly different. The remaining characters have a new look, with the exception of three letters (“A” and two “l”) (rounded and streamlined).

History of Allstate Logo From 2017 – Today

For a brief period, the business utilized a logo with hands to the right. Instead of the usual oval frame, it had a round one with hands on it. The font was also tested again by the designers, who made some minor adjustments like adding diagonal slashes.

Allstate Symbol’s Font And Logo Color Scheme

The logo was created by employees, not consultants, of the insurance agency. In this particular instance, Allstate management established a competition for the winning logo. Theodore Conterio, who also got a $50 reward, had the winning concept. The original phrase and logo are the most trustworthy, per a 2000 study by Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate Department of Integrated Marketing Communications.

The logo’s typography is reminiscent of the humanistic sans serif font Whitney SemiBold. The idea was developed by designer Tobias Frere-Jones, and Hoefler & Co. was the first to publish it. The color scheme is subdued but calming due to the quirks of the insurance sector. The identity was first dominated by black, but eventually, navy blue took over and has held that position ever since.

Davis W. Ellis, a salesman for Allstate Insurance Company, coined the phrase “You’re in wonderful hands” in the 1950s to comfort his wife that their kid would be cared for by a doctor. Since 1950, this has served as the tagline. The “Good Hands People” is another name for Allstate.Ed Reimers, the spokesperson for Allstate, appeared in radio, print, and television advertisements in the 1960s and 1970s. Reimers frequently appeared with his hands cupped. For 22 years, he served as the spokesperson.  The Allstate catchphrase “You’re in good hands” was the most well-known in the country, according to research conducted in 2000 by Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate Department of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Mayhem has surpassed both Flo from Progressive Insurance and the GEICO gecko to become the third most well-known insurance advertising mascot, according to Advertising Age. Online research revealed that more than 90% of the time, both Flo and the GEICO gecko were connected to their respective companies. The Age reports that the Allstate campaign, which was the second most well-known commercial behind the top two, was recognized by 65% of respondents. The same individuals correctly picked Allstate 63% of the time when asked which brand they associated with Mayhem. In the entire sample, just 41% of people were able to link Mayhem to Allstate. 

Utilizing the Internet

Allstate debuted The Lines[36], a multi-episode TV drama series, online in January 2011. The presentation included high school students Teresa Cesario, Kyle Sandgate-Blix, Jackson Schultz, Bridgette Pechman, Chase Maser, and Corey Doyle. The television drama’s performers can be seen in sequences that depict common teenage driving-related situations (Texting while driving in particular). The program appears to be designed to encourage responsible teen driving and overall road safety. Allstate and other major organizations are interested in social media because of its quick expansion as a tool for marketing initiatives.

Sponsorship of Allstate

Allstate sponsorship include the following:

#1. College Football

With the help of Allstate, more than 67 colleges and universities now have branded field goal nets. For each field goal and extra point scored, The Allstate Foundation donates money to general collegiate student scholarships. Over $2.9 million has already been raised thanks to these donations. [when? Branded nets are used during field goals and extra points in more than 20 college bowl games, including the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the BCS National Championship Game. In addition, Allstate sponsors football in addition to the other 20 Southeastern Conference sports.

#2. Sugar Bowl

Since 2007, Allstate has served as the Sugar Bowl’s main sponsor. The Sugar Bowl is one of the four games that make up the Bowl Championship Series. The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints. Another team that Allstate backs is the New Orleans Saints. ESPN broadcast the Allstate BCS National Championship Game of 2012, which took place on January 9.

#3. The Allstate Wrigleyville Classic

Northwestern Wildcats and Illinois Fighting Illini played in a college football game at Wrigley Field on November 20, 2010. Since DePaul University started playing its home games there in 1938, Wrigley Field had not hosted a football game. Allstate Title provided sponsorship for this competition.

#4. Team of Good Deeds for Allstate AFCA

Local Allstate agents’ ineffective Allstate marketing locations treat athletes to gifts via the American Football Coaches Association “Good Works Team.”

#5. Soccer

In addition to working with Major League Soccer and the USSF since 2011, Allstate began supporting the Mexico National Team in 2007.


The Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, an annual NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the late summer, was sponsored by Allstate from 2005 through 2009. Driver Kasey Kahne was featured in advertisements.

Products Available

In the US, Allstate is the biggest supplier of property and liability insurance, and below are the insured products;

#1. Products Include

Personal flood insurance, recreational and off-road vehicle insurance, motor club insurance, and full-coverage personal liability insurance are all examples of personal insurance.

#2. Currency Exchange

There are many possibilities, including long-term care insurance, supplemental health insurance, term life insurance, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance, estate planning insurance, business succession planning insurance, and family protection insurance.

Retirement planning, life insurance, and asset management

Environmental History

The Allstate leadership team for sustainability is made up of officers and senior personnel from all business divisions. The organization focuses on programs and projects for corporate sustainability, like environmental efforts that integrate “green” practices and programs into everyday business operations.


The American Association for Justice ranked Allstate the worst insurer in the US in July 2008. According to Jon Haber, CEO of the American Association for Justice, Allstate has secretly told its agents to deploy a “fighting gloves” tactic against its policyholders while extolling its “good hands” technique in public. The study has drawn criticism from Allstate, an insurance company, which stated that “the personal injury attorneys behind this report provide no proof for their views other than decade-old rehashed allegations that have been proven to be without merit in courts of law.”

In 2009, Allstate was successful in getting the government to acknowledge them as TARP grantees, but after that, they declined the offer.

#1. Claims For Auto Insurance

According to a CNN report published in February 2007, major motor insurance providers like Allstate often deny claims from people who have been hurt by its insured members. In 2010, 18% of Allstate’s market share in the United States came from auto insurance.

#2. Housing Claims

The PBS television show Now and the magazine Bloomberg Markets both launched exposés on the home insurance policies offered by Allstate and other major insurers.

#3. Minimizing the Risk of Disaster

Allstate has made it clear that it wants to lessen its exposure in Florida, which is vulnerable to hurricanes. 120,000 policies that were set to expire in November 2006 were not extended by the company at that time. A 90-day emergency order was enacted by Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet to temporarily stop insurance companies from not renewing coverage.

The judgment was clarified by Florida’s insurance commissioner, Kevin McCarty, on February 20. He said insurance firms have the authority to refuse to renew policies if they follow a number of requirements, such as giving clients 100 days’ notice and submitting new, lower rates to the state.

Who Started Allstate?

The Allstate Insurance Co. was established in 1931 by Sears, Roebuck CEO Robert Wood in response to a friend’s suggestion that his company advertises auto insurance. One of the wealthiest and fastest-growing subsidiaries of its parent company, Allstate immediately made a name for itself. In the first year of business, the company employed about 20 individuals.

Who is Allstate Merging With?

As part of a $300 million transaction, Allstate has agreed to acquire SafeAuto for $270 million in cash and an additional $30 million in pre-close dividends of specific non-insurance assets.

Who Bought Out Allstate?

Several Allstate Corporation companies, including the life and annuity provider Allstate Life Insurance Company (ALIC), have been sold to Blackstone. The agreement was previously made public earlier this year. ALIC holds about 80% of Allstate’s life and annuity reserves. Despite having $467 million in revenue in 2019, the company lost $23 million in the first nine months of 2020.

An announcement from the business stated that the acquisition brought in total profits of $4 billion, which included Blackstone’s roughly $2.8 billion purchase price as well as increases in statutory surplus since March 31, 2020. ALIC will now go by the name Everlake Life Insurance under the new ownership of the Blackstone firms.

The company’s goals, according to Tom Wilson, chair, president, and CEO of Allstate, are to increase its client base and market share for liability insurance for personal property. This transaction reallocates resources to the incredibly lucrative property-liability and protection services sectors by lowering interest rate exposure

In particular, at this time of historically low-interest rates, Gilles Dellaert, global head of Blackstone Insurance Solutions, stated, “We believe the investment outperformance we can deliver through our sector-leading private credit origination platforms—while maintaining strong policyholder protections—will play a crucial role in helping meet long-term customer obligations.” “We are happy to consummate this acquisition,” he continued. Prior to the sale of ALIC, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York (ALNY) was bought by Wilton Re for about $400 million.

Allstate estimates that the sale of ALIC and ALNY will result in asset and liability reductions of $34 billion and $33 billion, respectively, as of June 30, 2021. As a result, a GAAP book loss of roughly $3.8 billion was recorded in the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, the transactions produced $1.7 billion in deployable capital overall.

Did Allstate Change its Name?

As a result of the Transaction, Allstate Distributors, LLC became Everlake Distributors, LLC, and Allstate Life Insurance Company became Everlake Life Insurance Company (the “Company”). You will receive an endorsement from the Company that reflects the name change.

What Company Did Allstate Buy?

The Allstate Corporation has paid $4 billion to acquire National General Holdings Corp. Independent agents will be able to offer their clients more protection options now that they have access to a strong technical platform, creating growth opportunities for both them and Allstate, according to Tom Wilson, chairman of Allstate.

What States is Allstate Available In?

These states include Maine, Maryland, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, etc. 

Is Allstate Car Insurance Good?

On our list of the Best Auto Insurance Companies of 2023, Allstate and Travelers are tied for sixth place. In every category, including Best for Customer Service, Best for Claims Handling, and Most Likely to be Recommended, it received ordinary to below-average ratings. Allstate has some of the most costly vehicle insurance rates among the companies we looked at, with an average premium that is substantially more than the national average.

Allstate Customer Service

According to the results of our study, Allstate, Progressive, and Travelers are all tied for second place with a score of 4.1 out of 5, well behind USAA at the top. Customers who have submitted claims represent 46% of those who say they are entirely happy with the process and level of support. Survey respondents who have made a claim report higher levels of satisfaction. 47% of this group are pleased with the service they received, and nearly 51% are completely satisfied with how simple it is to contact customer support.

Allstate Claims Handling

On our list of the Best for Claims Handling, Allstate and Geico are both ranked third. In the study, 50% of respondents said they were completely satisfied with how simple it was to file a claim, and 45% said the same thing about the status updates they received along the way. 46% of respondents state that they are entirely satisfied with the way their claim was handled.

Allstate Customer Loyalty

The possibility that a respondent would renew their insurance and suggest their insurer to other drivers looking for coverage is known as customer loyalty. According to our analysis, Geico and Allstate are tied for third place in the category of “Best for Customer Loyalty.”

44% of those who haven’t yet made a claim and 37% of those who haven’t yet recommended Allstate to other drivers believe they’re very likely to do so. When asked if they would suggest Allstate to someone seeking insurance after filing a claim in the past, 38% of respondents responded yes, while 46% indicated they would keep their Allstate coverage.

How Much Does Allstate Car Insurance Cost?

The average auto insurance premium at Allstate is $2,047, which is more than twice the $1,442 national average. Additionally, it is around twice as expensive as USAA, whose average premium for car insurance is the lowest. The second-cheapest auto insurance company, Geico, bills customers nearly $900 less than Allstate. Additionally, Allstate offers in of the highest prices for all of the driver types we took into account, including young drivers, older drivers, those with a history of accidents or DUIs, and those seeking the most fundamental level of coverage.

It’s important to remember that while our data may give you a broad idea of what the typical motorist spends for coverage via a particular insurer, it might not be an accurate representation of your rates. The easiest way to figure out how much you’ll pay for auto insurance is to compare many quotes before choosing a plan.

Allstate Auto Insurance Is Here For You

#1. Allstate Rates for Teen Drivers

Compared to drivers in other age groups, young drivers frequently pay the highest auto insurance costs. The costs Allstate charges are around 26% higher than the national average and more than twice as expensive as USAA, the company with the lowest vehicle insurance premiums in our analysis. When comparing coverage, Geico, which has the second-lowest prices for young driver auto insurance, can be a smart choice for parents to consider. Only Farmers and Progressive offer teen drivers auto insurance premiums that are more expensive than those from Allstate.

#2. Allstate Rates for Young Adult Drivers

Young female drivers’ pay rates from Allstate are more than 28% higher than the national average. Male young people have rates that are more than 27% higher than the national norm. Geico and USAA both offer rates that are considerably less expensive than the national average for young adult drivers shopping for coverage.

#3. Allstate Rates for Adult Drivers

Comparing adult drivers to teen and young adult drivers, mature drivers frequently pay lower auto insurance prices. The Allstate premiums for adult male drivers are 29% more expensive than the national average, while the premiums for adult female drivers are 30% more expensive. The cheapest rates for adults are offered by USAA, and Allstate’s premiums are more than twice as expensive as theirs. Geico has the second-lowest premium for adults, which is almost $900 less expensive than Allstate.

#4. Allstate Rates for Senior Drivers

Allstate charges prices for auto insurance for older drivers that are around 32% higher than the national average. USAA offers elderly citizens the most affordable auto insurance; it is $1,000 less expensive than Allstate. The premiums for Geico are approximately $800 more expensive than those of Allstate, despite having the second-lowest rates for senior drivers’ auto insurance.

#5. Allstate Rates After a Speeding Ticket

Your auto insurance rates would most surely go up if you got a speeding ticket. Allstate sets premiums for drivers who have received a speeding ticket that is more than 24% more than the national average. The most reasonable rates for drivers in this category are offered by USAA and State Farm.

#6. Allstate Rates After an Accident 

Accidents are unavoidable, but sadly they can result in higher insurance costs, especially if you are at fault. Allstate offers rates that are over 28% more than the national average for motorists who have a history of accidents. The lowest rates for drivers who have been in accidents are offered by USAA, which charges twice as much. State Farm has the second-lowest rates for drivers involved in accidents, but its premiums are nearly twice as expensive as Allstate’s.

#7. Allstate Rates After a DUI

In addition to other factors, having a DUI on your record may result in an increase in the price of your auto insurance. For drivers with DUIs, Allstate charges 23% more than the national average. Despite having the lowest rates for drivers with a DUI on their record, State Farm costs $1,300 more than others.

Is Allstate a Fortune 500?

With $39.8 billion in revenue in 2018, Allstate was a sizable business, placing 79th on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the biggest American businesses by total sales. In 2021, the insurer’s revenue climbed by 20.7% over the previous year, totaling $50.6 billion. As a result of selling ancillary businesses worth $4.4 billion, Allstate saw rapid growth while cutting costs. The $4 billion purchase of National General by the business increased its market domination in the auto insurance sector. However, agents only sold 2.5 million policies in 2021, down from 2.6 million the year before, notably falling short of Allstate’s annual goals for acquiring new business.

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