SKATE SHOE BRANDS: List of the Best Skate Shoe Brands in 2023 (Updated)

skate shoe brands

Skate shoes, often known as skateboard shoes, are a type of footwear made exclusively for skating. They have many features designed specifically for use in skateboarding, While many non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes because they are fashionable, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed specifically for use in skateboarding, including a vulcanized rubber or polyurethane sole with minimal tread pattern For increased comfort, a low, padded tongue is frequently incorporated. Hence, Skate shoes are distinguished by their flat bottoms, which allow the skater to maintain superior board control. In this article, we’ll take you through the best skate shoe brands and oldest skate shoe brands in the industry.

Skate shoe brands have included a variety of unique elements in their footwear. These advancements serve a variety of purposes, including preventing “heel bruising” (injury to the heel portion of the foot caused by violent landings from great distances), improving “skateboard feel” through enhanced flexibility, and improving grip traction. Below are the best skate shoe brands for you.

What Are the 3 Types of Skates?

  • Recreational Roller skates These leisure roller blades, often known as fitness skates, are intended for skaters who seek a nice set of skates for outdoor activity.
  • Racing skates simply implies skates that are intended for speed.
  • Roller Hockey Skates.

What Shoes Do Most Skaters Wear?

Suede skate shoes are the popular favorite among skateboarders. The best skate shoes are constructed of suede, which also happens to be quite durable. They’re a lot more durable than a pair of canvas sneakers. At the very least, you should have suede covering the sections of your skateboard that touch the ground when you ollie, kickflip, or heelflip.

Best Skate Shoe Brands

Until recently, the majority of skate shoe brands were tiny, rider-owned businesses. However, with the growing popularity of skateboarding and the sport as a whole many of the big-name sports brands have been able to break into the market.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the scene’s most well-known brands and why they’re deserving of your hard-earned cash.


Vans is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known skate shoe brands. The company began manufacturing shoes on-site in Anaheim, California, in 1966. Because of Van’s rough make-up and sticky sole, local skaters embraced the shoe in the early 1970s. Others soon followed, and Vans quickly became the most popular skate shoe company. Further, Vans celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. Many people consider the Authentic to be the best skate shoe in the world. It’s a timeless classic that influenced today’s skate footwear. With its durability and comfort, it’s a shoe that’s stood the test of time. It’s also a very attractive shoe that comes in a variety of colors.


Adidas was formed in 1949, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the company became interested in skateboarding. It is now widely regarded as one of the greatest skate shoe manufacturers. They create skateboarding-specific footwear, as well as redesigns of earlier skateboarding styles. Adidas is now one of the most well-known skateboarding brands.


You don’t have to be a pro skateboarder to recognize DC. The footwear brand, founded by Ken Block and Damon Way, has become a mainstay in skateboarding and snowboarding, BMX, and a variety of other extreme sports.

However, DC had the puffy skate shoe thing under control in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A pair of DCs was the holy grail of large footwear, and the resurrection of bulky kicks has pushed the brand back into the spotlight.

New Balance

New Balance, a Bostonian big hitter, is another specialist footwear company penetrating skateboarding. The ‘Numeric’ imprint of the firm intends to do for skate shoes what its elder sibling has done for running shoes. To put it another way, make the greatest ones go.

Since 2013, the Numeric brand has been providing professional-approved skateboarding footwear with New Balance’s characteristic comfort, quality, and dependability.

Nike SB

When Nike SB debuted in 1997, it was met with scorn from the skateboarding community. Was a global sports company attempting to cash in on a sport distinguished by its anti-establishment mentality going to be an overnight success?

On the other hand, Nike SB has been effective in exposing skateboarding to a wider audience over the years. With some of the sport’s most iconic pro models – we’re looking at you, Stafan Janoski – it’s easy to understand why the brand has earned the community’s respect.


Hufnagel was one of the labels essential in the slimming down of skate footwear, having been founded by pro-skater Keith Hufnagel in 2002.

Huf’s sneakers, many of which are imprinted with a giant ‘H’ to the side, appear simple and stripped-back on the surface but are fact filled with technological features, making them a cult favorite among those in the know. There’s also an entire collection of streetwear-inspired clothes to go with the footwear.


The converse is well known for manufacturing the greatest canvas basketball sneakers in the game for more than a century, but in the last decade or so, the brand has made inroads into the skating scene as well.

Old Skate Shoe Brands

For some skateboarders, a skate shoe’s appearance is more important than its performance. However, with the comeback of 1990s and early 2000s fashion trends, we’ve seen designers reintroduce traditional shapes while also incorporating modern technologies that make riding more comfortable without sacrificing flair.

From old names that have since been discontinued to the newest niche enterprises, here is the most comprehensive list of some old brands we could discover.


Airwalk is widely regarded as one of the first skate shoe brands. After a few fruitless attempts to break out into other industries after being a go-to mainstay in the skate business since the 1980s, Airwalk finally faded from view.

The brand, on the other hand, is still going strong. Their shoe designs are reminiscent of those from the late 1980s, which are the models for which they have long been renowned. They may not be the slimmest vulcs or the most technically advanced capsules, but they certainly stand out.

DC Shoe Co.

Ken Block and Damon Way, two college mates, founded and launched DC in 1993. DC soon became one of the most renowned skate shoe brands in the world, thanks to a logo that is unmistakable even outside of skating. Within a decade, the company had grown to a $100 million brand, which was ultimately purchased by Quiksilver in 2004. It’s one of the skateboarding industry’s biggest success stories.

DC’s shoes have always been influenced by streetwear, and they continue to cherish their heritage. The majority of their models are reminiscent of technical skate shoes from the 1990s, but with a few current twists. That doesn’t imply they’re only interested in larger skate shoe designs. DC also offers a wide range of slimmer vulcanized shoes that benefit from new materials like Super Suede.

DC will undoubtedly remain one of the premier skate shoe brands in the world.


In 1992, World Industries, led by Steve Rocco, intended to make a name for themselves in the skate shoe industry. They planned to use a great skate squad and an eye-catching commercial campaign to promote a new generation of skate shoes. However, the brand almost vanished after only a few years due to fierce competition and a weak economy.

Duffs was purchased by Genfoot, a Canadian winter footwear maker, in 1997. In the early 2000s, the brand was fully restored after a three-year transition period. Duffs seemed to suffer the same fate as they had before, despite over a decade of a profitable company.

The brand was forced to downshift and seek a new direction due to declining revenues. Duffs still exist today, but it is a shell of their former grandeur.

DVS Shoes

DVS is one of the most well-known skateboard brands. Since its inception in 1995, the brand has amassed a sizable following of skateboarders, including Daewon Song, who served as DVS’ ambassador from 1995 to 2016. DVS, however, had to file for bankruptcy in 2012 after nearly a decade of a thriving company.

Fortunately, DVS did not finish there. After some financial difficulties, the company was sold, allowing them to move forward financially. With the additions of Torey Pudwill and Jon Nguen to their roster, DVS received the boost they needed. The brand is continuing strong today, thanks to the success it has achieved over the years.

DVS offers a wide range of shoes for both men and women, with a preference for more cushioned styles.


Element has had a strong ambition to be the finest skateboard brand it can be most ethically and honestly possible since its inception in 1992. This goal has been achieved since Element has been able to stand the test of time and remain at the forefront of the skateboard industry.

Element is well known for its skateboards and strong team, but they also offer some excellent footwear for when you’re out shredding the park. They have a large selection of models to pick from. Element has it all: high tops, low tops, vulcs, and cups.


Etnies takes pride in being the first skater-owned and controlled skate shoe business in the extreme sports sector, having been founded in 1986. Skateboarding has progressed to where it is now as a result of the development of technologies and goods that can withstand the rigors of our lifestyle. Etnies even manufactured Natas Kaupas the first-ever pro-model skate shoe.

Etnies has a long history in skateboarding, which is reflected in its product line. We’re talking about shoes like the Jameson, which is available in both vulcanized and cupsole styles. The Joslin is the newest addition to the trademark model lineup, and it looks amazing almost anywhere. The Marana, Ryan Sheckler’s pro model, is available in both vulc and cup varieties.


Globe is an Australian skateboard clothing manufacturer that was started in 1985. After a decade of success, the company felt it was time to expand internationally and enter the North American market. This proved to be a very profitable move for Globe, and it led to them becoming one of the world’s largest action sports firms. Further, Globe currently owns over 20 skateboard gear and streetwear businesses around the world.

Globe continues to produce its own line of skate shoes. They provide a wide range of types, from lightweight vulcanized shoes to more technical cupsoles.


Vans is the world’s oldest and most prestigious skate shoe manufacturer, according to several skateboarders. In 1966, the Van Doren brothers, Paul and James, founded the Vans. The Van Doren Rubber Company was their name back then. The Authentic was the original design in the Vans range, and it is still available today.

Vans also offer a wide variety of skate shoes in the classic Vans style that everyone has come to know and respect. Throughout the years, many skaters have preferred their iconic Old Skool, Authentic, and Era models. Further, Vans has a long history and a significant presence in skateboarding and music scenes, making them one of the world’s most well-known skate shoe brands.


Vision is one of the most well-known skate shoe manufacturers today. They’ve been a stalwart in skateboarding since 1976 when they were founded. You couldn’t walk down the street without seeing their ads or someone wearing their shoes. Vision may not have the same level of fanfare or visibility as it once had, but they still provide a large range of skate shoes.

The majority of Vision’s models have a classic skate shoe style to them. Think “Vans meets Converse” and you’ll get a good idea of what I’m talking about. They frequently have rubber toe caps or ollie patches strategically placed on high-abrasion areas. They even came up with the idea! When you’re shredding, this will provide you with both durability and grip. Last but not least, the sole provides excellent traction for all skaters.

World Industries

Since its establishment in 1987, World Industries has been a stalwart in skateboarding, with one of the most recognizable logos in the business. World Industries has become one of the most well-known skateboarding brands. They were able to diversify their product portfolio, and they now own Blind, Plan B, and A-Team. The company, along with Dwindle Distribution, was sold to Globe in 2002.

World Industries still has a shoe brand of its own. It’s made up of chunkier skate shoes that harken back to the skateboarding heyday of the 1990s. It’s got it all: a thicker tongue, good impact protection, and bright accent colors.

What Is the Most Famous Skate Brand?

  • Anti-Hero.
  • Powell Peralta.
  • Santa Cruz.
  • Polar Skate Co.
  • Krooked.
  • Real.
  • Welcome.

List of Skate Shoe Brands

skate shoe brands

A skate shoe’s durability is enhanced by some features. When skateboarding, skate shoes are constantly exposed to the abrasiveness of a skateboard’s grip tape. Skaters’ shoes tend to wear out quickly because of this. The toe cap is made of super suede, action leather, and plastic, which helps to extend the life of a skate shoe. Lace loops and guards insulate the most common spots that come into touch with grip tape, preventing laces from ripping.

Triple stitching with thicker treads to prevent tearing, larger width for more contact with the board with thicker tongues and sides to compensate, and deep sole patterns for grip are all popular features.

Popular skate shoe brands include;

  • Vans Authentic
  • Adidas
  • Adio
  • Airwalk
  • Axion
  • Circa
  • Converse
  • DC Shoes
  • Dekline
  • DVS Shoe
  • Duffs
  • Emerica
  • Element Skates
  • Footwear by éS
  • Etnies
  • Fallen Footwear
  • Globe International
  • Gravis
  • Habitat Footwear
  • HUF is a brand of footwear.
  • I-Path
  • Lakai Footwear
  • Numeric New Balance
  • Nike Skate
  • Osiris Shoes
  • SE Puma
  • Reebok Skate
  • Supra
  • Vans
  • Vision Street Wear
  • Vox Footwear
  • world Industries
  • Zoo York

Top Skate Shoe Brands

The following list of the top skate shoe brands available today reflects where skateboarding stands at the moment, with certain riders and brands sticking to tradition while others pushing the boundaries of what a traditional skate shoe should be. Below is a list of top skate shoe brands.


Pierre André Senizergues started éS in 1995, and it rapidly became a success. éS sought to push the boundaries of innovative footwear design while still catering to the needs of serious skateboarders.

éS created a significant name for themselves in the skateboarding world, with some of the top skaters at the time riding for them. Eric Koston and Tom Penny, in particular, were well-known skaters who rode éS. éS has continued to evolve, producing beautiful and durable skating shoes to this day.


Lakai is a popular skate shoe brand that many skaters swear by. Because the company is so heavily oriented on skateboarding, it has garnered a lot of trust across the world, and many skaters think that Lakai creates the best skateboarding shoes.

Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, elite skateboarders, created Lakai in 1999. The company’s tough team riders and epic films have made it a household name. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look at the video Fully Flared.

Above all, Lakai is a skateboarding company built by skateboarders for skateboarders, and the company has maintained a high level of integrity and respect in the skateboarding community since its inception.


Etnies was established in 1986 in France under the ownership of Pierre André Sénizergues. It became the first shoe manufacturer 100 percent owned by a skater. Etnies has always concentrated on quality and design, swiftly making their shoes popular worldwide.

Etnies are also our favorite sneakers, both as skate shoes and as shoes in other circumstances. Of course, they are largely skating that is in the foreground, but since such high demands are placed on durability and functionality within skateboarding, Etnies just always delivers. Therefore, very much all of their shoes are exceptional when it comes to durability, and comfort, but also when it comes to price.

Nike SB

What more can we say about Nike that hasn’t been said already? The world’s most well-known sports brand has effectively expanded into skateboarding, boasting one of the best skate teams in the world. Nike’s designs are more centered on revolutionary skate shoes, but they do offer some.

There are also some classic designs in the mix. One of them is the Stefan Janoski pro model, which is currently the world’s best-selling skate shoe. The Dunk and Blazer are two more models that have developed a cult following in recent years.

Other Top Skate Shoe Brands Are;

  • Adidas
  • Vans
  • Converse

New Skate Shoe Brands

Clear Weather

Clear Weather is a relative newcomer to the skateboard scene.

Josh and Brandon Brubaker launched the California-based startup in 2014. Their skate collection is primarily comprised of thin vulcanized shoes that deliver the best board feel imaginable. Their most well-known style, the Donny, is almost a modernized version of the Vans Era shoe. However, the shoe has a suede “toecap” on the outer toes, which adds toughness to the otherwise canvas-made shoe.


Diamond is a brand of skate shoes that is very new to the market. They started up in 1998 intending to make trendy and sophisticated streetwear that was still rooted in skateboarding. Diamond, on the other hand, did not begin as a skate shoe. Small hardware and skatewear helped the business get into the skateboarding world.

In 2005, Nike SB commissioned Diamond Supply Co. owner Nick Diamond to design a signature sneaker, which soon gained a cult following. Diamond’s skateboard shoe line got off to a great start with this release. As you can expect, these skate shoes have become a huge hit with skaters all around the world. You can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll skate great right out of the box.

Diamond’s shoes are primarily thinner vulcanized designs that give classic shoes a modern twist. They have a great look, feel, and skate extremely well. All Day, a pro model by Brandon Biebel, was also one of the first skate shoes to use a knitted upper.


Tum Yeto founded Dekline in 2004 and soon established a reputation for supporting a true raw skateboarding lifestyle. Dekline’s absence of mass marketing was what set them apart from the competition. Rather than forcing a product down skaters’ throats, they chose to let the items speak for themselves.
And it’s paid out handsomely.

Dekline quickly established itself as the skate shoe of choice for a large number of skaters. Their skate shoes have always been simple and discreet but designed specifically for skating. Dekline’s style has found a home among musicians and artists alike, in addition to being a well-known skateboard company.

FP Footwear

You’ve probably heard of FP insoles, but they’ve steadily made their way into full-fledged skate shoe designs. The company prides itself on innovation, and its DGS (dynamic gait stabilization) technology has garnered a lot of positive feedback from the skateboarding world. It has a non-newtonian fluid insole that is soft when walking but hardens when you hit the ground. What’s more impressive is that the insoles conform to the natural structure of your foot, preventing damage.

New Balance Numeric

It was New Balance’s time to enter the skate shoe market in 2013. The sportswear behemoth opted to produce a comprehensive range of skate shoes, even coining the moniker Numeric to distinguish them from other sports.

When New Balance first debuted on the scene, it’s safe to say they came out swinging. Numeric has a fantastic selection of skate shoes that should appeal to a wide range of people. From simple vulcanized shoes like the 255 and 345 to cupsoles like the 420, which is effectively a running shoe that can skate in, there’s something for everyone. Hence, their skate shoes are tough, comfortable, and fun to wear.

State Footwear

The state was founded in January 2016 to create traditional, durable, and inexpensive skateboard shoes for all users. We’re pleased to report that their vision has been realized. The state has focused on creating a simple product that exudes quality both visually and on your board. As a result, iconic designs like Madison have gained popularity among skateboarders all over the world. It’s definitely worth a look!


Straye is yet another newcomer to the skate shoe industry. Their goal was to offer skaters high-quality, attractive, comfortable, and cheap shoes with their own unique style. In terms of design, the majority of them have a low vulcanized look to them, but with more vibrant color choices.


In comparison to other major sports manufacturers, Reebok threw a curveball. They never attempted to enter the skateboarding business with a large marketing effort and a large market share. Instead, Reebok collaborated with skate shops to create limited-edition shoes, allowing the stores to determine demand. Reebok focused on producing limited editions in a variety of styles and hues. As a result, they were able to enter the skateboard market without offending the core community. Among other skate shoemakers, Reebok has unquestionably found its place.


This article should NOT be used as a guide for purchase, it’s solely for informational purposes. We thereby emphasize that we do NOT endorse any of the brands in this post. They are subject to your choice of decision and verification. We are not sponsored by any of the brands and the information provided here is to the best of our knowledge.


Do skaters wear Nike?

Nowadays, Nike SB is still on top of the skateboard shoe industry. Implementing new technologies into their shoes and sponsoring more skaters than any brand ever had.

Are Converse good for skating?

Converse sneakers are wonderful skateboarding shoes. Converse offers a vast assortment of shoes on the market, and they have an entire line dedicated to skate shoes, Converse CONS.

How can you tell if someone is a skateboard Poser?

Posers generally have no (or blatantly phony) scratch marks on their boards, while a true skater would have scratch marks on the center, nose, and tail of the board, depending on their style and tricks.

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