FedEx LOGO: The Hidden Meaning, History & Evolution

FedEx logo

FedEx is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but it’s also a company that has experienced some trouble over the years. There are plenty of people out there who don’t even know what the FedEx logo looks like! This can be confusing for everyone involved, so we’ll be going through some history behind this iconic logo and explaining how it came about. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating brand and its hidden meanings.

The arrow represents speed. The spoon, as you may have guessed, represents reliability. Lindon Leader designed the logo in 1994 and was released in 1995. It’s now considered one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

The hidden meaning behind our beloved FedEx logo has been known by many people for years—and it all comes down to one thing: speed!

According to legend, when Lindon Leader came up with an idea for this design, he had two things on his mind: speed and reliability (or “reliableness,” as he called it). That’s why two arrows point towards each other—one to represent speed and another to show what makes us go fast: reliability.

The spoon is located on the right side of the arrow. This means that it’s a direction of travel from where you are to where you want to go, indicating forward motion.

The spoon is also located on top of the arrow, which means that it’s a source of food for your journey—a waypoint along your path.

The spoon also points upward, indicating that you need to look up and see what’s above you.

Why Is the FedEx Logo Purple and Green?

The official colors of the company are purple and green. The combination represents power, authority, and wealth. Purple symbolizes energy because it’s associated with royalty, wealth, and prosperity; green represents growth associated with health and vegetation.

The FedEx logo has a unique meaning. It’s not just the logo that has meaning, but also the name of this company.

FedEx is an American global courier delivery services company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, founded in 1971 by Fred Smith. The FedEx logo was designed by Lindon Leader in 1994. He was inspired when he saw an advertisement for American Airlines on television with its distinctive orange color scheme while working for a software company called Data General Corporation (now part of Hewlett-Packard).

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and easy to read from far away, it also had enough contrast between different colors so that people could still see it even if they were indoors without lighting conditions or sunlight behind them like when you’re reading something inside during daytime hours where there’s plenty of ambient light coming into your eyes through windows or other openings around which there’s no need for additional illumination since most places have plenty already provided via artificial sources such as fluorescent lamps placed above desks where people work so they can see what they’re doing instead having to rely solely upon natural sources available outside such as direct sunlight shining down onto desks/cubicles etcetera.

What Does Fedex’s Slogan Mean?

The slogan “absolutely, positively” is essential to the FedEx logo. It was created in 1971 by then-CEO Fred Smith, who wanted to distinguish his company from other shipping companies and convey its commitment to customer service. The word “absolutely” was chosen because it conveyed confidence in what you were selling or providing; “positively” refers to being optimistic about things going well—and these two words together make up an acronym: ABP (Absolutely Positive).

The old FedEx logo was designed in 1994 by Lindon Leader. He is a graphic designer who has worked on many logos, including Verizon, Mcdonald’s, and Procter & Gamble.

The FedEx logo was designed to be a symbol of speed and reliability.

Leader wanted to create something that would stand out from other shipping companies like UPS and DHL because he believed they were too similar, so he made something new for the company. This shows how much thought goes into every part of designing these things!

When Was the First FedEx Logo Created?

The first FedEx logo was created in 1973.

It was designed by Lindon Leader and featured a red “F” on an orange background with a green “eXpress” underneath. The company’s name was written inside the letter “e.”

This design was changed to purple and green in 1994 when FedEx merged with Kinko’s (a printing company) to form FedEx Kinko’s International.

Why Is the FedEx Logo Purple?

Purple symbolizes royalty, creativity, imagination, wisdom, and spirituality. It’s also a signifier of intelligence.

Paul Rand designed the logo in 1963 as part of his corporate identity system for Federal Express (FedEx) Corporation. In 1998, the United Nations adopted it as its universal symbol for peace and harmony across nations – hence why we see it so often on global t-shirts.

The arrow and the spoon are two symbols that represent the company’s history and evolution.

The arrow symbolizes speed, precision, and reliability in delivery. The spoon represents accuracy in packaging and shipping containers.

FedEx has used these two elements for more than 100 years to show its commitment to excellence in service delivery.

The handle of a fork and knife is the logo. It’s not a real knife, but it looks like one.

The handle of a spoon, fork, and knife is also the FedEx logo. This time, however, there are no hidden meanings here. The company just wanted to use a simple image for people to understand by themselves—and also didn’t cost too much money to design!

Was the Arrow in the FedEx Logo on Purpose?

The arrow in the FedEx logo is not a mistake. It is intentional. If you look closely, you will notice two arrows on the side of the delivery truck. The first one points up and then down onto another arrow pointing down (which we will discuss later). This means that these two arrows represent three things:

They represent an arrow going across from left to right or vice versa, depending on how you look at it;

It shows that there is always something new coming from behind us;

  • And finally, but most importantly for this article—it means that everything has already happened!

What are the Values of FEDEX?

FedEx has been around for over 50 years, and it’s widely known that Fred Smith founded the company. But what exactly does this mean? And how did he come up with these values?

To undTobehind FedEx’s logo and seven values, you must know some history about the company. When Smith started as a business truck driver in 1955, he had no idea what he was doing—but he knew that he wanted his company culture to reflect those values!

As he built his business, Smith realized he needed to hire people who shared his values. And so, when FedEx was founded in 1971, it was to create a company culture where employees could thrive and feel valued. This meant providing them with benefits like healthcare and retirement plans—but it also meant giving workers opportunities for growth and development.

What Does Fedex’s Slogan Mean?

FedEx slogan: A global provider of transportation and logistics solutions.

The company’s logo is a stylized letter F which appears in an upward direction and has been used as the logo since 1957.

The company’s logo has a blue and white color scheme, with the word “LOGAN” written in black on top.

The FedEx logo is trademarked, meaning you cannot use it on your website without permission from the company. However, since the logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone without the permission of the owner, you can only use it if you are a FedEx customer or partner. If you’re unsure whether you are eligible for this privilege (i.e., whether or not your company has been approved), then ask them directly.

FedEx Freight is a division of FedEx that provides freight transportation services. It was formed in 2000 and has grown to be one of the largest logistics companies in the world.

The logo for FedEx Freight was designed by Michael Bierut, who also designed logos for Apple, Nike, and many other brands you’ve seen on your computer screen or television set. The logo is not just iconic; it’s also used across several different contexts:

  • On the side of trucks
  • On business cards that employees use when they call customers about orders (this can be confusing because it looks like both sides have been flipped)

The FedEx logo font is Helvetica. The font is a modern sans-serif typeface that was first released in 1957 by Haas Type Foundry and has become one of the most popular fonts worldwide.

It’s used on many products, including food packaging, apparel, and stationery.

FedEx Ground Logo Black and White

The FedEx Ground logo is a black-and-white image that represents the company’s ground delivery services. It can be used on any material, including business cards, flyers, banners, and logos.

The FedEx Ground Logo Black & White was designed by Chris Ferris in 1996 for FedEx Corporation as a corporate identity for their ground package services division. In 1999 it was adopted as part of the official logo for all of their services (FedEx Freight).

The FedEx logo is simple and easy to remember, read and draw. It’s also easy to type out.

The logo has an interesting history that we’ll discuss below, but first, let’s look at why the name “FedEx” was chosen in the first place.

The name “FedEx” was chosen because it was easy to remember, read and write. The company’s founder, Fred Smith, wanted a name that people could say without thinking about it. He also wanted one that would be easy to spell and type out.

FedEx Logo White PNG

The FedEx logo is an innovative, unique, and memorable company symbol. It is simple and clear but also a good example of a logo that can be used in different colors. It’s been used in many shades of red since its creation in 1971.

The red color in the FedEx logo represents the speed with which this company delivers the shipments: they want their customers’ deliveries to arrive as quickly as possible.

What Do the Different Colors of FedEx Logos Mean?

As you can see, the FedEx logo has several color variations. What do they mean?

Red logo: This is used for express delivery and means that your package will be delivered within one day of being placed on the truck. This is also used for ground delivery, air freight delivery, and international shipping.

Blue logo indicates that your package will be delivered within 2-4 business days after being placed on a truck. It’s also used for freight delivery, international shipping, and white-label services (customer-specific packages). These are considered “regular” shipments; however, some companies have started using higher quantities or special orders as well as custom labels instead of red/blue logos, indicating these orders should take longer than usual.

FedEx Ground Logo SVG

SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s XML based, meaning it can be used to create vector images and shapes using code instead of manually drawing them in the software.

SVG is supported by all major browsers and has been around since 1998—the same year as Microsoft Windows 98! This makes it an excellent choice for logos because they will be viewed on any device or platform without any issues (even though there may be some different rendering styles).

As you’ve probably noticed from this article so far, I like SVG because of its flexibility: no matter what kind of image you want your logo to look like or how small or large it needs to be, there’s an option for that! With vector graphics also comes better quality than rasterized images; each pixel stands out more clearly no matter what size they are compared with rasterized ones (think about how hard it would be if someone wanted their logo shrunk down into a tiny size).

What Is FedEx Freight Mean?

If you’re wondering what FedEx Freight means, the airline is a subsidiary of FedEx Express. It is the largest air carrier in the world and operates over 450 aircraft to carry various types of cargo worldwide. The company was founded in 1994, with its headquarters at Memphis International Airport (MEM), Tennessee, USA.

FedEx Freight has been operating under this brand name. Still, it wasn’t until 1999 that they launched their first international route between Dallas, Texas, and Panama City, Florida, via Miami International Airport (MIA).

The logo features two stacked boxes with arrows pointing up & down; these are called ‘grips’ because they resemble handles on a pair of pliers or scissors, respectively.

The FedEx logo symbolizes the company and its brand, values, and mission. It also represents their vision for the future.

FedEx Logo SVG

The FedEx logo is a registered trademark of FedEx Corporation. It has been used since 1971 and is one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

Saul Bass created the original design in 1972 for use on airmail envelopes, but it was not until 1974 that he used it as part of an advertising campaign for their TNT parcel service (now known as FedEx). The current version uses an italicized sans-serif font style with an inverted triangle shape reminiscent of early aircraft design aesthetics; this design has remained unchanged since its inception.

The FedEx logo is a diamond-shaped symbol, which is why it’s called the “depot” or “warehouse” mark. This shape represents the strength and quality of FedEx.

The diamond has been used as an icon in many other logos worldwide—including the logo for the British rock band Radiohead, who use it on their album covers and merchandise like t-shirts, posters, and buttons.

Why Does FedEx Have Two Different Colors?

The FedEx logo is a symbol of teamwork and organization. It represents the company’s values of teamwork, efficiency, and innovation. The logo was designed by John Martinez in 1967, who said that he wanted “a graphic image that would identify our services with those of other air freight carriers.”

The colors used in the FedEx logo are purple and orange. Purple is a color that symbolizes creativity, imagination, and innovation; orange is a color that represents energy, optimism, and warmth. Both these colors have been chosen because they complement each other well when combined.

Why Did FedEx Change Its Name?

Originally, the company’s name was Federal Express. It was founded in 1971 and purchased by FedEx Corporation in 1995. This is where they got their logo: an eagle flying over an airplane with wings outstretched (the shape of which resembles their logo), with the words “Federal Express” underneath it.

In 2000, they changed their name to FedEx Corporation due to legal issues surrounding trademark infringement with Airborne Express Airlines and its owner Ray Ferriera Sr.’s request for permission to use “FedEx.” The company also wanted a new name because it felt people would associate them with being associated with Airborne Express if they kept using “Federal.”

Paul Rand was a graphic designer and art director who designed the FedEx logo in 1994. He also designed logos for IBM, UPS, ABC, Westinghouse, and many others.

Rand was born in Latvia in 1923 and immigrated to the United States when he was 15. He studied architecture at Cooper Union School of Architecture before turning to graphic design full-time at age 21. His first job as a freelance artist was designing posters for Columbia Recordscatalogses; this led him into advertising copywriting, where he worked until 1984, when he founded his own company called Rand Worldwide Design Group (RWDSG). A year later, RWDSG merged with The Design Partnership Incorporated before becoming known as Rand-Martin Advertising Agency Incorporated; this company continues today under its original name Rand Martin Advertising Company

Why Did FedEx Pick Purple and Orange?

FedEx is known for its purple and orange logo, but why did the company choose these colors?

The answer lies in the company’s history. The first logo used a purple and orange color scheme. In 1971, when Fred Smith founded FedEx, he wanted to create an iconic symbol that would represent his business. He chose a combination of these two colors because they were easily identifiable as being associated with speed and mobility (as well as being bright), which are important aspects of delivering packages across long distances quickly and efficiently – something you can imagine would be very useful when sending something from one continent to another! So if you see someone wearing purple or orange clothing or accessories like sunglasses etcetera, chances are high that this person works for FedEx!

The arrow is a symbol of speed, precision, and accuracy. It’s also hidden in many other places.

The fork represents the union of two ideas or people, while the spoon represents a new idea or product. The star on top of the spoon is a symbol of excellence; it’s where FedEx flies when they want to get somewhere fast!

Why Does FedEx Use Purple?

Why does FedEx use purple? It’s a very royal color—the color of royalty and nobility. It’s also one of the most powerful and influential colors in fashion, with brands like Gucci using it to convey status. The color has been associated with wealth since ancient times; it was said that anyone who wore purple would become wealthy. The rich were often represented by wearing robes or tunics made out of this fabric which they would wear while attending ceremonies or parties where they could show off their riches by wearing expensive clothes made from expensive materials (such as silk).

FedEx Logo Arrow

The arrow, which points to the letter “E” and is the company’s logo, represents Fedex’s mission to deliver packages on time.

The arrow is also a symbol of speed and accuracy. It signifies that you can count on your package being delivered in good condition and on time—and that’s something customers appreciate.

The arrow was created by Daimler-Benz AG (Daimler), which later became Daimler Chrysler Corporation before merging with Chrysler Corporation; thus becoming what we know today as FedEx Corp., or simply FedEx next page.

The hidden code in the FedEx logo is a combination of the letters “E” and “X,” which stand for “express” and “extra,” respectively. The arrow symbolizes the company’s rapid delivery service.

The E-X symbol has been used by companies since 1910, when Western Union first used it to represent its service as an express carrier.[2] Some historians believe it was invented by John Augustus Roebling Jr., who co-designed Brooklyn Bridge with his son Washington Roebling.


The FedEx logo is a well-known symbol, but what did it originally mean? The answer is nothing! It was created in 1968 by Paul Rand, an American graphic designer. He combined two very different images to create a new style that would become popular with many other companies. The spoon symbolizes speed and efficiency, while the arrow represents movement forward or progress towards goal completion. Both are important parts of life; without them, we would have no way forward through time.

FedEx FAQs

An arrow pointing to the right.

What are the two symbols hidden in the FedEx logo?

E and X.

What logos include hidden messages in their design?

The FedEx logo with its iconic arrow, the Toblerone logo with a hidden bear, and even the Baskin Robbins’ logo with its integrated “31”.


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