AMAZON PRIME LOGO: History, Fronts, and All You Need to Know

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Amazon Prime offers more than just speedy shipping. Members of this subscription service have access to a number of Prime member features. Some of the benefits are free movie streaming, fast shipping, early access to sales like the one coming up soon, and access to more services. This article explains the deep depth of the story behind the amazon prime logo, how the Amazon Prime logo changed, and the good quality of the Amazon Prime t-shirt.

What is Amazon Prime?  

For $139 a year or $14.99 a month, you can get a premium Amazon Prime membership. There are many benefits available to Prime subscribers. The main benefit is free one-or two-day shipping on the majority of Amazon’s purchases, though. The company disclosed last year that it has more than 200 million paid Prime members worldwide. At the time, this was just a pipe dream, but Bourlier says it’s still a big reason why people join Prime. At the time, this was just a pipe dream, but Bourlier says it’s still a big reason why people join Prime. Over the years, Amazon has added to the benefits of being a member. Now, you can get discounts on Amazon purchases, entertainment services, and food delivery.

The number of people signing up for Amazon Prime increased dramatically during the epidemic. In a letter from Jeff Bezos, executive chairman of Amazon (who resigned as CEO in July 2021). According to the market research firm Digital Commerce 360, as of January 2020, Amazon had more than 150 million Prime subscribers around the world. The pandemic played a role in the roughly 33% increase in members since individuals were compelled to stay indoors and rely on delivery services like Prime Delivery to purchase necessities like office supplies and food.

For the first time ever, Amazon is holding two deals similar to Prime Day this year. According to Jessica Young, director of research at Digital Commerce 360, there are a number of factors that could have led to this decision, including increasing Prime membership sign-ups. It’s possible that they decided to increase the membership fee this year, or that there are simply a lot of people who are already members.

Evolution of Amazon

There was a change in Amazon from 1994 till date:

1994-1995: The foundation is set for Amazon’s launch 

When Amazon first began operations, it was a Seattle, Washington-based online bookstore. Amazon could virtually avoid having to collect or charge their customers’ sales tax because Bezos chose this location because the state did not have any. The “Amazon River,” which is the biggest river in the world, was the inspiration for the name of the company. Bezos wanted Amazon to be the biggest bookstore in the world. He also searched for names that began with “A” so that his business would appear first in alphabetized lists.

Bezos used $10,000 of his own funds in addition to his parents’ contribution to finance the launch, which actually took place in 1995. In the beginning, Bezos ran Amazon out of his garage in his leased house in Bellevue, Washington, with the help of a small crew, as well as himself and his wife.

After just two months in business, Amazon was selling books in almost 50 countries and making $20,000 a week.

1997: Amazon goes public

With booming sales, Amazon went public in 1997 at a valuation of $300 million at $1.96 per share.

1999: Amazon expands to allow third-party sellers

As it continued to grow, Amazon decided to take on a new business venture that was uncharted territory for other established e-commerce companies. Amazon let outside sellers sell their goods on the Amazon website as part of this new project. More than 250,000 buyers bought a third-party item on Amazon during the first four months this service was offered.

2005: Amazon Prime is Launched

Up until 2005, Amazon lacked a customer loyalty program. However, everything changed when Bezos revealed his intention to install one during an earnings call. He said that Amazon Prime, which costs $79 per year, would include free two-day shipping along with other perks.

2015: Amazon offers more

Amazon’s Echo (and Alexa products) were first developed in 2011, but they weren’t officially released for sale until June 2015. Consumers had never heard of an in-home virtual assistant before, but the idea caught on. The Echo Dot was the most widely used model, and Amazon extended it to connect Alexa to other smart home gadgets and concentrated on giving Alexa regular updates so she could do more.

Since Amazon’s initial debut in 1995, its success has been unmistakable. Amazon is one of the most well-known businesses in the world today, and it has grown into a large e-commerce company with many different goals. This includes their Amazon Prime service, which has more than 112 million subscribers around the world.

In 1994, an online bookstore called Amazon was founded in Seattle, Washington. Now, Amazon sells much more than just books; they now sell groceries, cosmetics, gadgets, and other goods. Additionally, Amazon includes the e-reader Kindle, Alexa, and Prime. Additionally, they innovated the market with their drone delivery system.

Amazon has made a long journey from an online bookstore to the largest online retailer on Earth. Throughout the journey, their logo was modified numerous times. The present logo was completed in 2012.

Amazon’s current logo accurately captures the essence of the business. An uppercase “amazon” is inscribed on the Amazon Prime logo, and an upward-curving arrow runs from “a” to “z.” The arrow signifies two things: first, that they sell everything from A to Z; and second, that the consumer is grinning. The logo’s original intent was to show that they offer everything from A to Z. However, they state in the news release that the goal “now begins under “a” and finishes under “z.”

Black and orange are the two colors used in the current Amazon logo. While orange conveys joy and pride, black stands for superiority and elegance. A blue color was also added to the Amazon Prime logo when it was launched in 2005.

In 1995 – 1997

Turner Duckworth created the first logo for the web platform in 1995, and it was elegant and meaningful. The primary component of the logo was a stylized, aggressive black letter “A,” which was framed by a straight, smooth white line that mimicked the characteristics of the Amazon river.

Underneath the logo was the lowercase “” wordmark, done in a crisp, straightforward sans-serif typeface in black.

1997 – 1998

In 1997, the painting was redone, and white lines that came from the Amazon river were added. These lines caused the logo to begin to resemble not only the shape of a river but also a tree and the zebra pattern, which was what made it so remarkable.

This logo’s color scheme remained monochromatic. The font style of the wordmark was changed a bit, and the writing was made bolder. The insignia was redesigned and made smaller to look more delicate.


The year 1998 was a very intriguing one for the brand’s visual representation. In that year, three different logos were produced. The first was a straightforward “” wordmark in a classy sans-serif style with the tagline “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore” printed in all capital letters. It was a black-and-white logo that was quickly replaced with one with an entirely different idea.

The new color scheme of black and vivid yellow was used to design the following iteration. The logotype’s characters are now capitalized, and the yellow letter “O” has been made larger. This version does not have a tagline.

This logo was only used by the corporation for a short period of time before it was changed to the one we are all familiar with at the end of the year.

1998 – 2000

The infamous “Swish” logo was created around the end of 1998. It was as simple as all the previous versions, but it had a younger, livelier feel to it.

A bold yellow line under the wordmark’s lowercase black letters added contrast. The line’s modest arc at the top makes a connection between the past and the future.

Officina Sans was used to create the wordmark, with the “Amazon” portion having thicker lines than the “.com” portion.

2000 – Today

The logo that is familiar to everyone now was put in place in 2000 and quickly came to represent the new generation and the advancement in technology. The largest e-commerce platform chose this design because it shows that it is optimistic and looks to the future.

The wordmark “Amazon” in lowercase letters makes up the present Amazon logo. An A to Z smiley-face-shaped yellow arrow runs smoothly and boldly under the letters.

These emotions are only heightened by the black and orange color scheme, which also makes the visual identity vibrant and flawlessly balanced. The black and orange color scheme makes these feelings even stronger, and it also makes the brand look lively and well-balanced. A blue color was added to the Amazon Prime logo in 2005.

The Amazon Prime Logo Changed

When Amazon Prime first started moving into the digital world, the company’s logo changed quickly.

Every time the Amazon Prime logo changed, Jeff Bezos was there to approve it, even when his designer suggested replacing the logo’s yellow circle with a bright orange curve beneath the name

The slightly curved orange mark in this version of the Amazon logo looked a lot like a sun rising from under the name, which was the same idea as the last version. Besides that, the name’s letters were changed back to lowercase to better appeal to modern audiences.

The business didn’t start developing the design once more until 2000 when it unveiled the initial iteration of the Amazon Smile logo. The word ‘”Prime” was added to the Amazon Prime logo in 2005 and it was designed with a blue color.

You can’t help but smile when you look at the wavy orange line. In fact, Turner Duckworth’s vision for the logo was exactly this! Amazon aimed to make the most of the smiling icon. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, did not want to spend more money on branding and package design. Then, Duckworth suggested putting a smiley face on containers like boxes and bags.

In terms of marketing, that was a very clever choice. Now the business was bringing smiles to their clients’ doorsteps!

The orange color of the arrow adds to the warm and friendly feeling that the logo already gives off.

In the word “Amazon,” the smile is an arrow that runs from A to Z. The first to last letters of the English alphabet show how many products are available on the e-commerce website. The arrow also represents persistence in pursuing goals and ongoing growth. These are the principles that the entire Amazon team upholds.

Here are some significant things you need to know about the Amazon Prime logo:

#1. Amazon Prime Logo Arrow

The most recognizable element of the logo is the arrow in the Amazon Prime logo that goes from A to Z in the company’s name. This arrow has a tiny curvature to it and is large enough to resemble a mouth with a cute dimple.

#2. Amazon Prime Logo Color

The colors of the original Amazon Prime logo were only black and white. The bright orange coloring was used as the business grew and the brand sought to become cheery and approachable.

The Amazon app logo and the Amazon Prime logo both feature the color blue.

#3. Amazon Prime Logo Font

Experts say that the font used for the Amazon Prime logo is Officina sans bold, which is a sans-serif font. However, this font type has undergone a few alterations.

The aggressive yet elegant typeface of the new Amazon logo was made just for Amazon. Its main features are smooth, arching lines, playful tails at the ends of the lines, and a very precise and clean look. The letter “Z,” which has its bottom horizontal bar curved to the center like “hugging” the arrowhead coming from the orange Amazon logo, is the most recognizable element of the typeface. Also, it gave the text and the graphic portion a very cohesive appearance with two arched elements.

Why is the Amazon Logo Orange?

Black and orange are the two colors used in the current Amazon logo. While orange conveys joy and pride, black stands for superiority and elegance.

The Amazon Smile Logo and Meaning

One of the most famous logos in the world right now is the Amazon Smile.

Turner came up with the smiling logo by using the curve as a kind of arrow that pointed from A to Z while flipping it over.

The letter “Z” also takes on the appearance of a smiley cheek dimple thanks to the curving introduced, since Jeff Bezos didn’t want to spend money on any further branding.

Because of what it stands for, the Amazon logo is one of the most recognizable around the world. The orange line that curves under the company name gives the idea of happy customers and loyal clients.

Without more branding, people recognize Amazon’s smile as the company’s name.

The arrow’s orange color contributes to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the business. At the same time, the letters “A” and “Z” in Amazon are connected by a curved line to show that it is a business that sells goods from A to Z.

The Amazon logo’s third and ostensibly final design has a few genuinely original components. The first of these is shown by the beginning and end of the arrow beneath the logo. This graphic feature of the Amazon logo is supposed to convey the idea that Amazon sells everything from “A” to “Z,” starting at the “A” in “Amazon” and finishing at the “Z.” When Amazon changed its logo, it had long since outgrown its status as a simple bookstore and was engaged in the business of selling a variety of goods. Also, when Jeff Bezos unveiled this new logo, the idea of everything Amazon would eventually be involved in was definitely present in his thoughts. The arrow in the Amazon logo goes from “A” to “Z,” showing that the company can meet all of its customers’ needs.

This Amazon logo stands for customers that pay a monthly charge in exchange for rapid and free deliveries. The recognizable arrow with the word “Prime” following Amazon is still present in the Amazon Prime logo. The Prime logo stands for efficiency, quality, and the inviting blue color of investment.

The arrow in the Amazon logo is there to resemble a smile as well, so its design actually accomplishes two things. When put together with the rest of the design, the logo as a whole looks a little bit like a face. According to research, people are quite good at recognizing smiles, and we put a lot of faith in them. Amazon can convey its reliability and friendliness by making its logo resemble a smiling face.

If you’ve ever used Amazon, you’ve probably seen their logo. The Amazon Prime logo is prominently on the box of every item, the app, and the company even markets itself as “delivering smiles to customers’ doorsteps.” Since Amazon deliveries are often so easy to get, people often reuse the boxes to ship other things, which helps the Amazon brand even more. It’s one of the best ways Amazon uses its logo, and it serves as an illustration of how crucial packaging is to branding.

A strong logo also serves as a springboard for catchy slogans, and as was already said, Amazon based one of its biggest catchphrases on the shape of its logo. Another illustration of how Amazon has created a part of its branding around the style of its logo is the company’s smile program, a benevolent arm of the business that provides money to numerous causes.

Amazon is without a doubt one of the most fascinating businesses to research right now, and it will be fascinating to see what advancements they lead in the upcoming years.

What Does the Prime Logo Mean on Amazon?

On the product detail pages of every qualifying item, logged-in Prime members can see the Amazon Prime logo. The logo conveys the following: Standard Delivery is FREE for this item. To eligible pin codes, the item can be eligible for FREE One-Day, Two-Day, and Scheduled Delivery.

What Does a Prime Item Mean?

They are Items that are recognized on the product page and during checkout as being fulfilled by qualified sellers.

How to Tell if You Are an Amazon Prime Member

Log in to Amazon and choose Your Account to see if you currently have an active Amazon Prime subscription. To access the Manage Your Prime Membership page, click on Your Prime Membership. Your name and your membership status are displayed in the left sidebar.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming

A fantastic benefit for gamers is Amazon Prime Gaming. Visit the Prime Gaming landing page for special in-game items, cost-free PC games that you can keep forever, and a cost-free Twitch subscription each month. For gamers who are familiar with Twitch Prime, Amazon Prime Gaming is simply a rebranding of the beloved program. Amazon Prime Gaming is already a part of your subscription if you have Amazon Prime, so check it out right away.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Despite the pricey entrance fee, there are lots of benefits to becoming an Amazon Prime member.

On certain Whole Foods purchases, Prime members receive a 10% discount. With new weekly price reductions that save consumers an average of 20% on in-season vegetables, meat, seafood, and other products, Amazon has been stepping up its Whole Foods discounts.

On purchases of $35 or more, Amazon Fresh(opens in new tab) deliveries are free for Prime members, the company said in an announcement last October. Previously, Prime members had to pay an additional $14.99 per month to purchase Amazon Fresh. According to an announcement from Amazon, Fresh will now be free for Prime members who have previously utilized the service. (Members who haven’t utilized the service must request an invitation to Amazon Fresh in order to benefit from the delivery for free.)

Digital services like FreeTime Unlimited, which costs $2.99/month for Prime members or $4.99/month for non-members, are likewise discounted for Prime members. Additionally, Amazon will make an effort to make up for any delivery delays if you receive an Amazon Prime package.

Amazon Prime has benefits for students as well. Two- and four-year college students with a email address can sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student (opens in a new tab), which includes all of the benefits of Prime as well as discounted prices and coupons just for students. For up to four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first, Prime Student will cost you half as much as a standard Prime subscription after your trial period has ended.

Amazon Prime Deals and Discounts

Prime Early Access allows Prime members to shop Lightning Deals on Amazon thirty minutes before the general public. These deals normally go live for four to six hours. Discounts and deals are available to members of Amazon Family outside of the already low prices on Prime Day. For example, members may save 20% on diapers, baby food, and more when they sign up for Subscribe & Save, and they can save 15% on eligible products from baby registries.

What material is Amazon prime logo T-shirt made of?

100% combed ringspun cotton. The softest material in the industry and ideal for a graphic t-shirt. (Cotton kind may vary depending on the availability of the goods for 2XL and 3XL sizes.)

Where can I find other Amazon Prime Logo T-shirt Designs?

You may shop for Amazon Prime-exclusive artwork, as well as artwork inspired by Amazon Associates, Netflix, and Amazon itself, all created by independent artists.

Amazon Prime Slogan

The slogan of Amazon prime is Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.

Amazon’s marketing slogans are almost as well-known as the company itself. They are a wonderful representation of the brand’s values. If you’re American, chances are that when you think of internet shopping, that’s the first store that comes to mind.

Amazon is the most popular online marketplace in the United States, according to surveys of both shoppers and sellers. Popular with both buyers and sellers, this site offers the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and accessibility.

They didn’t construct Rome in a day, and neither is anything of lasting value; rather, it takes years of trial and error to get even close. Amazon’s current motto shows how dedicated the company has been to its brand for a long time. The catchphrases used by Amazon are exemplary in their straightforwardness, simplicity, memorability, and durability.

There’s a smile made out of the arrow that runs beneath the A-Z logo design. The logo represents the progress that the large technology company has accomplished. The range of goods and services offered by the website is represented by a happy alphabet from A to Z. It also represents the satisfaction a buyer gets after making a successful purchase. 

How much is Amazon Prime per Month?

The cost of Amazon Prime right now is $14.99 per month. $139 annually. Membership in Prime Video is $8.99 per month.

How can I get Amazon Prime for free?

Here are the steps you need to take to get Amazon Prime for free:

  • Go to Amazon Prime.
  • Select Start your free trial.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

How much does Amazon Prime cost for Seniors?

Sadly, seniors cannot use Amazon Prime for free. Prior to the reduction, it would have cost $14.99 per month.

How is Amazon Prime different from Amazon?

Amazon is an online retailer that offers a variety of goods for sale on its website. Amazon Prime is a service that offers two-day shipping, as well as access to thousands of songs, TV episodes, and movies. With Amazon Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping on a few things, free media streaming, and free returns.

What is the hidden logo on Amazon?

At first glance, the arrow at the bottom of the Amazon logo looks like a happy face, but it’s more than that. The arrow points from “a” to “z,” which shows how many different things you can buy on Amazon. The smiling also represents customer satisfaction.

Is the Amazon Prime Logo a Smile or an Arrow?

Depending on your point of view, the Amazon Prime logo could be a smile or an arrow. In the word “Amazon,” the smile is an arrow that runs from A to Z. The first to last letters of the English alphabet show how many products are available on the e-commerce website. The arrow also represents persistence in pursuing goals and ongoing growth.


The Amazon Prime logo is both straightforward and adaptable, and it has a dual meaning. It’s a terrific illustration of a unique graphic design (in this case, the arrow) evolving into something more than just a logo. Because of its strategic placement, the Amazon smile is now as well-known and recognizable as the logo itself.


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