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Just like any other product, cooking utensils have a long and storied past. Although ancient Chinese cooks utilized pottery, by the 4th century BC, the Greeks were already making moussaka in a casserole dish. However, there is an almost infinite variety of cookware available, from cast iron to stainless steel to nonstick. While some individuals are truly in their element in the kitchen, others would rather have their favorite restaurant bring their food to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re the former or the latter; either way, you need a good collection of cookware brands. It’s understandable that people have varying requirements, though.  To that end, we have you covered whether you are looking for nonstick cookware brands, ceramic cookware, the best cookware brands in the USA, and at the world at large.

What Are the Various Kinds of Cookware?

Which specific cookware you wind up purchasing is going to be determined by a number of factors, including how much money you have available, how you typically cook, and how much you care about looks. And so, a few examples of the cookware available are:

#1. Nonstick 

The coating on modern cookware, which can be made from metals like aluminum or steel, makes it easy to remove food from the pan with less oil and expertise. That’s why it’s great for first-time cooks, people who don’t do a lot of cooking, and egg lovers. Is there a disadvantage to this? As the nonstick coating can easily be scratched, special care must be taken when using the cookware.

#2. Carbon Steel

This material is highly tough and light while also being a good heat conductor with few hot spots. Though similar to cast iron, it’s easier to work with, making it a better sauté pan.

#3. Stainless

This uncoated cookware is long-lasting, strong, uniformly transfers heat, and safe to use at high temperatures. It’s great for browning and searing and for hard-core cooks because it has no coating. However, it is not as user-friendly for novices because food might become stuck without the proper technique.

#4. Ceramic

If you’re concerned about PFOA and PFTE, two chemicals banned from nonstick coatings, you should buy newer nonstick cookware. The Food and Drug Administration has mandated the eventual elimination of such components. Although it is great for novices, ceramic is susceptible to scratches, unlike nonstick cookware. However, modern alternatives on the market are made to withstand more wear and tear.

#5. Cast Iron

Heavy, high-quality cookware is perfect for searing, frying, and other methods that need a high temperature for a long time. If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime and work effectively.

Best Cookware Brands

Here are our top picks for the best cookware brands on the market!

#1. OXO

In spite of the fact that OXO is better known for its kitchen tools than its cookware brands, the company takes the same care in designing its pots and pans as it does its corn peelers and recognizable POP containers. OXO’s appealing cookware is made of carbon steel, ceramic coating, Non-Stick Pro, and Stainless Steel Mira (with nonstick skillets).

Also, the cookware is reasonably priced, making it a good choice for someone who is just starting out in the kitchen or for someone furnishing a first home. But professionals may feel limited by the small number of options, which are only skillets unless you buy a set.

#2. Dansk

Several lines of Dansk cookware brands look like they were plucked from a vintage ’50s movie. Saveur praises Dansk’s ancient Dutch ovens, saucepans, and baking dishes for their practicality and beauty, except for the skillets. Because of flaws in their design or the quality of their materials, Dansk enamel-on-steel skillets don’t do a good job of transferring heat. Cuisine Gizmo noticed Dansk’s low-quality products before using them, such as a pot’s paint chipping. The Dansk’s wooden handle adds style, but improper care can warp or deteriorate it.

However, Dansk does offer certain benefits despite these drawbacks: The trivet-like lids can be used for other purposes, and the goods come in a variety of attractive hues. Given its high pricing and customer concerns, they placed Dansk lower on our list. Additionally, people are confused as to why Dansk items of different colors are priced differently.

#3. Greenpan

GreenPan is one of the original “nontoxic” nonstick cookware brands. You may need a quick refresher. The FDA discovered that some of the compounds utilized in Teflon made it harmful to individuals and the environment. Thermalon, a silicon material, makes the GreenPan’s nonstick surface scratch-resistant and heat-resistant up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. Open-stock skillets, stockpots, and others are available, as well as sets. Multi-piece sets can cost anything from $150 to $720.

#4. T-Fal

T-Fal is one of the well-known low-priced brands of cookware that is very user-friendly for novice chefs in the home. The red T in the middle of the pan is a brand hallmark, and it turns a bright red when the pan is ready to use. The core of this pan also has anti-warping technology, which makes it less likely that uneven heating will happen. The handles may be shorter than those of competing manufacturers (including Calphalon), but they are well-designed and simple to grip. The handles can be removed by unscrewing them.

T-fal produces a variety of materials, including non-stick, ceramic non-stick, stainless steel, and hard-anodized. Because of its frail construction, this cookware is prone to chips and warping. While the materials make it easy to heat the pan, they also prevent it from staying hot for long.

According to Appropriate Reviews, T-fal pans’ non-stick coating isn’t as effective as that of competing cookware brands, thus home chefs will need to use more fat to avoid sticking while frying eggs and other similar meals.

#5. Ecolution

Ecolution makes a wide variety of cookware brands for big-box stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. This brand’s Evolve non-stick frying pan has a 4.5 average rating from nearly 2,000 Amazon buyers. The pan evenly heated meals, however, Amazon customers complained that it scratched easily and wore out in a year.

Including two fry pans, two sauce pans, and a Dutch oven, the eight-piece Ecolution Artistry Cookware Set is marketed for less than $100 at the time of publishing and has all the requirements for a first-time home cook (all with lids). Customers who have bought the set praise its durability and the fact that it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Overall, people have issues with non-stick cookware, and those issues apply to this particular brand as well: it’s not very long-lasting, you can only use it at low temperatures, and you probably won’t use it for more than a year before you need to replace it. Spending a little more on stainless steel brands can get you a more durable and widely available piece of cookware.

#6. Caraway

In 2019, Caraway introduced its “healthier” nonstick option that combines form and function into the cookware market. Because of its bright colors and well-thought-out design, this has quickly become a favorite among millennials. The pan’s ceramic nonstick surface, oven-safe design, lack of hot spots, and modular storage solutions stood out in the testing. Nonetheless, this is a very new direct-to-consumer brand, so don’t expect to find quite as many products as with other retailers. The basic cookware set includes a 10.5-inch fry pan, 3-quart sauce pan, 4.5-quart sauté pan, and 6.5-quart Dutch oven.

#7. All-Clad

Rethinking your approach to kitchenware Starting a database? So you want to act like it’s the end of the world? For that purpose, there is All-Clad. The stainless steel line is what keeps us coming back to this 50-year-old brand, despite the fact that they also provide ceramic, nonstick, and hard anodized options. With two layers of stainless steel and aluminum fused together, this material excels in conductivity, durability, and overall performance. Even if it’s expensive, considering of this brand as an investment for your kitchen time is appropriate.

#8. HexClad

The Hex Clad brand markets its products as a cross between stainless steel and nonstick cookware brands. CNET reports that the company stands by its claim that their cookware is actually non-stick while still withstanding scratches and chips like a stainless steel pan. Hex-clad pans are a little more cumbersome to lift and may not sear food as well as a regular stainless steel pan. Hex-clad pans are easier to clean than stainless steel ones and may be cleaned with dish soap and water. Users’ experiences with this pan over time have borne out the manufacturer’s claims of durability. When it comes to not getting scratched, these pots and pans are much better than other non-stick options.

Simply put, the Hex Clad is a great alternative to using a nonstick pan, but it shouldn’t be used in place of a stainless steel pan. The 10-inch pan cost roughly $100 at Amazon at the time of this writing. For this price, you could get a stainless steel pan instead of a more expensive non-stick one.

#9. Lodge

There’s no reason not to have at least one Lodge cast-iron skillet in your kitchen. It’s cheap, comes in many forms and colors, and may last a lifetime with proper seasoning and upkeep. All the newest models are true, saving you both time and money. Cast iron is great for baking and searing meat to a beautiful brown and crusty finish (hello, skillet cookie). It’s not ideal for every task because to its high weight and extended heating time.

#10. Viking

There are a lot of choices in nonstick, hard anodized aluminum, and stainless steel cookware from the Viking brands. You can save a lot of money by purchasing the stainless collection rather than all-clad. The durability and longevity of these pans are big selling points. Viking’s best-selling product is a three-layer roasting pan made of stainless steel with a metal induction lid and a rack. Manufacturers claim that this pan’s oval form is better at maintaining heat, and that by removing the rack. The lid can be used as a separate serving dish of the same capacity to hold casseroles or gratins.

The three-ply stainless steel Dutch oven has a 4.7 average rating from 177 buyers on Amazon, so it comes highly recommended. This pot’s form is ideal for boiling, sautéing, and cooking soups. The Viking is different from other stainless steel pots because it has conical sides. These sides increase the surface area, which makes water evaporate faster. The Viking Dutch oven is a lightweight option for people who want to add to their collection of cookware. It can withstand heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use on the grill, under the broiler, or on the cooktop.

What Cookware Do Top Chefs Recommend?

Chef cookware brands prefer materials such as copper, cast iron, and carbon steel. Most cooks in the food service industry don’t use non-stick cookware because it wears out too quickly with everyday use. Non-stick pans are more expensive than carbon steel pans and have a shorter lifespan when used in commercial kitchens.

What Is the Best Cookware for Everyday Cooking?

This type of cookware is ideal for everyday food preparation as well as a variety of other tasks. Stainless steel is durable and adaptable, making it ideal for preparing any meal. Stainless steel pans are scratch- and dent-resistant, so you can feel safe using them with metal tools and cleaning them with harsh chemicals.

Best Cookware Brands Nonstick

No matter if you’re looking for professional-grade cookware or a more basic set to start out with, you’ll need a few basic pots and pans. But if you invest in quality nonstick cookware brands, you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of either cooking or cleaning. Concerns like whether or not a set of nonstick pans is indeed nonstick and, thus, easier to clean, arise while shopping for a nonstick cookware set.

However, the use of nonstick pots and pans can greatly improve one’s experience in the kitchen. All you need is water to get food that has baked onto stainless steel pots and pans to slide right out. Everyone who values convenience and wants nonstick cookware will like the nonstick coating.

Cast iron pans and other similar cookware can be seasoned to make them nonstick; however, this process can be time-consuming, and certain seasoned surfaces can’t be cleaned with soap and water. 

When shopping for nonstick cookware brands, it’s important to think about the chemicals and materials used to make the pans stain, oil, and grease-resistant. So, we see a lot of marketing campaigns using phrases like “healthy,” “non-toxic,” “PFOA-free,” “PFAS-free,” and “Teflon-free.” Here are the best nonstick cookware brands.

#1. All-Clad

Researchers looked at a lot of different brands of cookware and found that the All-Clad HA1 hard-anodized nonstick cookware set was the best overall. It passed all of the tests with flying colors, and the sleek black finish and glossy metal handle on each pan make them a sight to behold. The handles of All-Trademark Clad are easy to hold because they are concave, and their length makes sure that each pan is perfectly balanced.

The pans may be a bit on the hefty side, but they’re made of high-quality, hard-anodized aluminum and are well constructed. In addition, All-Clad uses three layers of PFOA-free nonstick material to create a smooth finish that aids in the easy release of food from the pans.

#2. T-Fal 

The T-Fal C561SC Titanium Advanced Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set is the best option if you want a high-quality nonstick set that won’t break the bank and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Based on its low cost and high-quality performance, this set of cookware is one of the best brands.

Researchers tested this set and found that it produced properly fried eggs with no added oil and that rice and sauces were cooked in the saucepans without burning. Not only that but the stockpot included in this set boiled water more quickly than any other in our comparison group. It was easy to heat the pans uniformly, and the padded handles stayed cool to the touch. The riveted handles are easy to grip and can stand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven without breaking. This high-quality cookware set is dishwasher safe, which saves you time scrubbing pans after use.

#3. Circulon 

The raised, concentric circles on the nonstick surface of each pot and pan in the Circulon Symmetry Black 11-Piece Cookware Set make it easy to clean. Even though they don’t know why or how these ridges acquired the Circulon trademark, I can attest to their efficacy in preventing food from adhering. The high-quality Circulon pans did not only do well in the nonstick tests; they also did well in many others (except that the tall and skinny stockpot design took the longest in the group to boil water).

In comparison to other cookware brands people have used, these were among the most user-friendly because of their ergonomic design, stainless steel handles, and judiciously distributed weight. The cookware is made of a hard anodized substance, making it twice as durable as stainless steel. Each one is sturdy and durable, with a scratch-proof coating.

#4. Cuisinart

The Cuisinart Green Gourmet Hard Anodized 12-piece set, which is part of Cuisinart’s new line of eco-friendly products, was better than anyone could have hoped. When compared to petroleum-based coatings, Cuisinart claims that their ceramic nonstick coating uses less oil because it is PTFE and PFOA-free. The cookware cooked uniformly, and the handles’ generously spaced rivets made cleanup a breeze. The nonstick qualities worked perfectly, and the set performed well in all of the other tests as well.

When compared to the other cookware brands people tried, this one doesn’t quite measure up. The two saucepans are not dishwasher safe and do not stack neatly. Also, the smaller pot was constantly scratching the bigger one because it got stuck inside. Even though there is a lot of bang for the buck in this set, we felt it was lacking a 12-inch nonstick skillet and a larger sauté pan.

#5. Ninja

As a whole, people were really pleased with the Ninja Foodi NeverStick Ultimate Cookware Collection. Despite having a rougher surface than standard nonstick pans, these pans outperformed the vast majority of the competition in terms of preventing food from sticking.

Even without oil, the fried egg slid all over the pan, and the rice didn’t stick. This cookware wasn’t the best at distributing heat evenly, but they weren’t the worst, either. Not only did people appreciate how quickly and easily these pans heated up, but also how light they were.

Furthermore, these pans were otherwise excellent, however, they lost points due to a few minor details. The rivets holding the pan’s handles together were far too close together, making cleanup a pain.

Unevenly burned spots resulted when cooking rice because the saucepan design made it difficult to reach the edges with a spoon.

What Cookware Will Last a Lifetime?

To this day, stainless steel cookware remains a cut above both aluminum and Teflon. A set of high-quality stainless steel cookware is an investment that will pay dividends for a very long time. You won’t have to replace your old, worn-out cookware or rotate it in with newer ones. Also, read KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Top 10 Must-have Small kitchen appliances for your business.

Are There Any Nonstick Pans That Last?

The Zwilling Madura Plus is the top recommendation for a durable, multipurpose nonstick pan that will endure for years. In general, nonstick coatings on ceramic pans don’t last as long as they do on non-ceramic pans, but the GreenPan Paris Pro is a great option if you’re set on a ceramic pan.

What Is the Safest and Most Durable Cookware?

The five types of cookware that are thought to be the safest are cast iron, stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, glass, and 100% non-toxic ceramic.

Furthermore, due to the fact that it is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, this material is used to make many of the best pots and pans. Because it does not react with acidic or alkaline foods and is not easily pitted or scratched, stainless steel is highly sought-after as an interior cooking surface. In particular, “18/10” stainless steel is highly prized for this purpose.

Best Cookware Brands in the USA

Most cookware brands are moving their factories overseas because retailers are putting pressure on them to make more money and local labor costs are going up. Despite this trend, a few American (USA) brands continue to sell cookware of high quality. Here are the best cookware brands in the USA.

#1. All-Clad

All-Clad has been the pioneering brand of multi-layer, bonded cookware since 1967. With regards to fully-clad products, this is the original manufacturer.

John Ulam, a metallurgist, started All-Clad in the Pittsburgh suburb of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1971. He also came up with the company’s signature stainless steel construction.

Even though certain non-stick pans and appliances are now created overseas, All-Clad continues to make its stainless steel cookware in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, using steel made in the United States. Their cookware is sold in department stores like Williams-Sonoma and Macy’s, as well as on websites like Amazon and All-Clad.com.

#2. Abbio

Any serious home cook worth their salt needs cookware that will endure longer than the Last Supper, and they can get that and more at Abbio. For example, Abbio’s nonstick, four-layer coating and its pan, which is made of a single piece of stainless steel and an aluminum base, are excellent examples of cookware’s sturdiness. Your food will be heated rapidly, cooked uniformly, and removed easily. The cookware Abbio sells is similarly of commercial quality and is easy to clean. Abbio is one of the best cookware brands in the USA.

#3. Ayesha Curry

Cookbook author and Food Network star Ayesha Curry, who also happens to be Stephen Curry’s wife, argues that a healthy dose of celebrity worship may be useful in the kitchen. Her brand of cookware has trendy features, like the enamel on steel, and useful improvements, like better nonstick. You can stock up on anything from pots to ovens to grills to bakeware to cast iron to jars full of bacon grease, which makes for a great present. When it comes to cooking sets, the Hard Anodized Collection stands out as a top option due to how simple the process is.

#4. Made In

Made In is one of the best brands if you want high-quality cookware made in the USA without breaking the bank. However, “Made in” is not dirt cheap, but it is significantly less expensive than high-end cookware manufacturers that manufacture in the United States (such as All-Clad).

Made In debuted in 2016 with the intention of offering high-quality, commercial-grade cookware at affordable rates. Chip Malt and Jake Kalick, best friends since childhood, started a company they’ve been building piece by piece through direct consumer sales. They’re known for their high-quality, understated products, so there aren’t many collections to pick from. However, you’ll see that everything is made with the home cook in mind.

#5. Lodge

Lodge, which has been in business since 1896, has been making cast iron cookware and other items in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

In addition to enameled cast iron, carbon steel, and stoneware, Lodge is a family-owned business that has been around for multiple generations and is best known for its cast iron skillets. However, the company also offers a range of other options for cookware. It is the oldest and has been in business the longest of any company in the United States that makes cast iron.

What Is the Healthiest Form of Cookware?

Pots and pans made of materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or cast iron are the best choices for preventing potentially harmful substances from leaking into the food you prepare.

What Type of Pans Do Chefs Use?

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron are the four most common types of fry or saute pans used by professional chefs. Each of these four materials has its own unique set of qualities and benefits that make it a desirable option.


Cookware brands come in a variety of sizes to try to meet as many different needs as possible. Take into account your preferred method of cooking before diving into a set. However, it’s crucial to think about how you’ll be using the pans or pots you buy if they aren’t nonstick. If you’re cooking something delicate, like eggs or seafood, pancakes or crepes, or something as simple as grilled cheese sandwiches, then you need nonstick cookware.

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