KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Top 10 Must-have Small kitchen appliances for your business

small kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances sets, kitchen apploances bundles and packages

A huge part of getting chores done in and outside the kitchen is largely dependent on our mastery of kitchen appliances. But then effective mastery is built on how familiar we are with these appliances. Well, this post goes beyond the couple of knives, spoons, or cutleries you have stacked up in your kitchen at the moment. It basically gets you acquainted with every type of kitchen appliance including the best small kitchen appliances you will need for your businesses. Furthermore, it will give you a rundown of Kitchen appliances sets, bundles, and packages you can leverage and the best time to buy them.

With these in place, let’s get started.

Types of Kitchen Appliances

For the longest time possible, types of kitchen appliances have been often misconstrued for a list of these appliances. Basically, half the information you find online only end up giving you a list rather than the types of kitchen appliances. This may not be entirely wrong though, but a more rational concept will be to categorize them into the following as listed below.

  • Food Production Kitchen Appliances
  • Maintenance Kitchen Appliances
  • Food Storage Kitchen Appliances
  • Special Kitchen Appliances  

And also seeing categories and types are synonymous to each other, we are definitely on the right path.

Now, let’s briefly go through these four.

Food Production Kitchen Appliances

As the name suggests, this type of kitchen appliance are sets of equipment that mainly facilitate food production. These appliances mostly work on either electricity or LPGs (Liquified Petroleum Gas).

The later can be attributed to the advent of technology. However, to fully get a hold of what exactly this category/type of kitchen appliance looks like, I have listed a few production appliances below;

Cooking Range

Cooking range appliances are used for a number of kitchen activities like baking, grilling, frying and boiling. They are divided into Restaurant range and Heavy-Duty range appliances.

But, while restaurant range appliances take care of food production on a small scale, the later deals with those on a larger scale.

small kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances sets, kitchen apploances bundles and packages
Cooking ranges

Other appliances under this category include, Burners, ovens, Cooking spoons and pans, Vegetable choppers and cutters, and finally, Steamers and Cookers.

small kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances sets, kitchen apploances bundles and packages

Maintenance Kitchen Appliances

This type of Kitchen appliances centres on ensuring the maintenance of tools in the kitchen. They include Dish washers and dish warmers.

While dish washers help to clean multiple bowls and dishes in the least time possible, dish warmers help with drying. According to MyKitchenSpecs, a typical dish warmer can dry as many dishes as a thousand, eight hundred per hour.  

It further eliminates the problem of contaminations associated with drying dishes manually.

This type of Kitchen appliances include freezers, refrigerators, heated storage systems, display counters, cold storage systems, vegetable storing systems, stainless steel wall shelves and so many others.

Food Storage Kitchen Appliances

These appliances keep food items fresh also ensuring they last longer.

 Special kitchen Appliances

This category basically features most miscellaneous tools you find in the kitchen. And these may include tools for either commercial or home use.

Some of these special kitchen appliances generally include Shredders, Nutcrackers, Kitchen Knives and so on.

With that out of the way, let’s move to a detailed look at small kitchen appliances. 

Small Kitchen Appliances

As you flip through pages across the net, you will find several definitions of a small kitchen appliance, but a more precise view was given by Wikipedia. It defined small kitchen appliances as

portable or semi-portable machines, generally used on table-tops, counter-tops, or other platforms, to accomplish household or kitchen tasks.


In other words, they are basically small appliances found in the kitchen. Consequently, if this definition is anything to go by, examples of these appliances would include: toasters, humidifiers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and food processors, to mention a few.

So it’s safe to say that these appliances have nothing in common with white kitchen appliances like small refrigerators or small washing machines. And that’s because using the quantifier, “small” makes no difference.

However, we will go through that shortly.

Uses of Small Kitchen Appliances

Small Kitchen appliances are basically used for tasks like; Beverage making (coffeemakers, iced tea-makers, electric kettles, etc), Cooking (electric hot plates, microwave ovens, etc) and so on.

A handful of these tools literally carry out the same function as their larger versions, only on a smaller scale. In other words, manufacturers often produce commercial and home versions of these products to either reduce costs or power usage. 

For instance an oven is a commercial version of a toaster oven. They perform similar functions but it is almost impossible to find toaster ovens in big restaurants and vice-versa. This largely has to do with the high level of food production we find in restaurants. And trust me, toaster ovens would hardly be able to keep up.

But more importantly, the industrial versions of these small kitchen appliances are generally designed to consume more electrical power. So attempting to use them for tasks at home may attract more electrical bills.

However, there is just one overside to taking this route; they are capable of carrying out heavy tasks at the same time. 

Best Small Kitchen Appliances

In no particular order, the following are my best picks for small kitchen appliances. By best picks, I mean the most essential small appliances that should be found in your businesses.

These picks practically centers on how important they are to ensuring the smooth running of your food-based businesses.

 Toasters and Ovens

These two have a lot in common than you could imagine. For the most part, Ovens are often called Toaster ovens but a major similarity hangs on the fact that they both heat up food items with the aid of electric power.

However, while toasters help to crisp bagels and pieces of bread slices efficiently, toaster ovens are used for melting cheese.  They are also the best small kitchen appliances for warming foods which makes them one of the most basic kitchen requirements.

Coffee Makers

Unlike most small kitchen appliances, coffee makers are hardly found in the kitchen. They are mostly seen in places like hotel rooms, offices, or basically anywhere in or outside the kitchen, especially considering the fact that everyone loves a cup of hot coffee.

This singular factor may literally put it on the top of this list, making it indispensable.


For those who are particular about mixing juices, sauces or soups, blenders are an important addition. But it is important that we do not confuse them with food processors. As similar as their functions sound, just one of them does the job better.

Many give that credit to food processors but blenders also have their benefits. Part of which is its ability to blend food ingredients efficiently, regardless of the amount. It is also a great tool for mixing liquids and ices. This is because they possess less powerful motors and less sharper blades than food processors.

Food Processors

Chopping of vegetables have not been more easier since the advent of food processors. They carry out the job perfectly well. They are your best bet for any processing need.

Mostly, they come with blade attachments in different sizes to meet those needs. So, you have the luxury of picking any blade that perfectly fits into your game plan.

Electric Grill

This is nothing like the conventional grills you know. Electric grills are way smaller and easier to clean which gives it a position on the list of best small kitchen appliances. But more importantly another factor hangs on the fact that food prepared on electric grills tastes way better and are a lot healthier than those traditionally fried on pans.

These days, electric grills of all kinds including panini grill, clamshell grill or electric griddle are welcome in the kitchen.


I guess only bakers will totally understand the need for mixers in the kitchen. I for one literally experienced the stress, first-hand, in stirring cake butters and bread doughs. Trust me, it’s a sorry sight.

Generally, mixers take away the stress of having to mix these ingredients. They easily combine wet and dry ingredients, like the eggs and flour, making your baking experience more fun.

However, most mixers also come with the necessary attachments for kneading.

Slow Cookers

Busy Chefs totally understand the importance of slow cookers. This is because they could help you keep a meal cooking for as long as you want. According to Overstock;

you can prepare a meal before leaving the house for the day and have it done by the time you get home.

With slow cookers, you can basically provide your family with a flawless home cooked meal by allowing food to simmer all through the day. Furthermore, slow cookers are also known as crock pots.

Rice Cookers

With the push of a single button rice cookers help you get the best results. They take out the guesswork experienced each time you decide to prepare rice on your stove or burner-tops.

However, a prominent property which makes it one of the best small kitchen appliances is its ability to carry out its primary function in automation.


As expected, this small kitchen appliance is takes care of your frying needs. The only difference however to your traditional frying methods is that deep fryers are more efficient. They make hush puppies, French fries and chicken fingers to perfection.

Conversely, they may not be as healthy as grills but they sure have a way of bringing the taste from restaurants home.


Microwave ovens is literally considered as the most-loved small kitchen appliance. Or as Overstock puts it, “the entire kitchen experience.”

Unlike the conventional ovens, microwave ovens heat up food way faster- less than halt the time it takes for other ovens.

And here’s an added advantage; they are durable and extremely easy to operate.

White Kitchen Appliances

Well if you thought white kitchen appliances were just white tools in the kitchen, you wouldn’t be totally wrong; but you wouldn’t be totally right either. White Kitchen appliances go beyond just tools painted white that are found in the kitchen.

According to MBN (Market Business News),

White kitchen appliances are large kitchen tools such as stoves (British: cookers), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, and air conditioners. They are large electrical goods for the house which were traditionally available only in white.

However, their availability in white is a thing of the past. You can find virtually every one of these products in several colours these days. But regardless of this fact, they are still referred to as white goods or white kitchen appliances.

On the flipside, with the earlier perspective of white kitchen appliances, there are tons of reasons why they have become a trend in recent years. Part of the reason being that they are crisp, bright and clean looking which gives your kitchen an attractive view.

Furthermore, other factors that play major roles to this trend include;

  • Their ability to blend with any colour, making it easier to decorate the kitchen.
  • The fresh and clean feel they give
  • The fact that they are easier to clean
  • And most importantly, their inability to get fingerprints, unlike their stainless-steel counterparts

Kitchen Appliances Sets

As you may have figured out, certain kitchen appliances serve specific kitchen duties better than others. For example, if you prefer baking to cooking, you will require a totally different set of kitchen appliance to achieve better results in any given situation. And trust me, it’s not an option to attempt using the wrong kitchen tool; it only makes the situation worse

But, half the time, we go out purchasing the pieces we need individually. However, we fail to realize that we often incur more expenses, taking this route. Although there are several other cons with purchasing these tools individually, we may not outline them in this post.

Rather, we will go through the best solution there is, kitchen appliances sets.

Purchasing the full set of kitchen appliances designed for a specific activity (like grilling or baking) will save a whole lot of stress. Because in the long run, cooking is meant to be fun.

At least, it is often considered a hobby by a handful of female folks.

So below are the best sets of kitchen appliances there is for every category, with their prices on e-commerce platforms inclusive.

Best Cooking Appliance Set

According to popular opinions, endorsements, personal experience and reviews, the Cuisinart 7-Piece Assorted Set takes the spot. Cuisinart is one of the most highly-respected and popular kitchen brands out there. This assertion is based on their reliable and high-quality tools which has been confirmed by its 4.8-star rating.

The 7-piece set includes a slotted spoon, a regular spoon, a spatula, a ladle, a spaghetti server and a skimmer. It makes this kitchen appliance set versatile, covering pretty much every rudimentary cooking activity.

Price: US$50

 Best Appliance Set for Camping

One of the fun things to do while camping remains cooking. Well the Life 2 Go Portable Outdoor Cookware Kit takes care of all your camping needs asides cooking.

This kit contains a spatula, tongs, knives, a serving spoon and fork, a scissors with an in-built bottle opener, a small cutting board and more. It basically ensures you are set for any cooking scenario while out in the woods.

Price: US$26

 Best Silicone Kitchen Appliance Set

Silicone tools are often highly sorted-after for as a result of their durability and heat-resistant qualities. Basically, their ability to resist heat also makes them resistant to scratches. 

But considering the high level of imitation out there, if you ever decided to pick one, your best bet would be the Le Chef 6-Piece S Tip Set.

This kitchen appliance set comes with 6 utensils in a bid to cover every basic kitchen need. And more importantly, these tools are dishwasher-safe.

Price: US$35

Best Baking Kitchen Appliance Set

These days, kitchen activities go beyond the conventional cooking, fr­­ying, and roasting. Baking has become a safe haven for most female folks. A means to ease off stress for some, a fun activity for others and a means to generate income for at least 50%.

Well for which ever category you fall in, a perfect set to try out is the Oannao 9-Piece Silicone Spatula set.

This piece covers a wide range of vital baking tools such as multiple sizes of spatulas, whisks, brushes and so on.  It is also produced with BPA-free and food-grade silicone materials which make them heat resistant.

However, two factors make them stand out from other sets, their durability and their inability to retain food smell.

Price: US$16

Best Non-Stick Kitchen Appliance Set

The Anolon SureGrip 6-piece set is your best bet under this category. Tons of reviews confirm that this set outranks silicone-made tools due to a number of reasons. The most prominent which hangs on its ability to handle cooking on non-stick pan.

Other attributes similar to the silicone set include their soft-to-touch handles, and a sturdier design which also makes them heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

The set is also available in grey, black and brown colours.

Price: US$40  

Best Wooden Kitchen Appliance Set

Olivewood meet several requirements for cooking appliances. Wooden sets may not sound like a popular choice for kitchen appliances, but that idea is relative.

A considerable number of individuals think of them as the best option, largely because of how nice they look.

However, unlike several wooden sets, Tramanto Olive Wood 5-Piece set is designed to meet the need of every Wooden-appliance lover out there. They do not absorb odour and can be washed severally without fear of splintering or cracking.

But like I mentioned earlier, Olivewood features tools with one of the loveliest designs. The Tramanto 5-piece set includes a nicely curved, slotted and flat spatula, a spoon, a corner spoon and so on. And more importantly, they produce these pieces with top-quality and genuine olivewood.

Price: US$38

Best Stainless Steel

The Chef Craft Kitchen appliance set ranks as one of the best-selling products on Amazon. It covers pretty much every tool you would need as a home cook.  Furthermore, they are produced from rust-resistant and durable steel; something you might want to keep in mind considering the popular fear for steel appliances.

The 6-piece set also come with comfortable handles that make it easy to hold for extended durations.

Price: US$20

Best Grilling Appliance Set

Any set outside the Cuisinart 20-piece Grill set would totally ruin your grilling experience. Part of the reason being that it has a 4.8-star rating on one of the most recognized e-commerce platforms. Also, it covers basically every tool you would need to prepare a pleasant meal on the grill.

These tools include skewers, spatula, tongs, basting brush, digital temperature fork, corn cob holders and a cleaning brush (a replacement head inclusive).

Additionally, the tools fit into a portable, light weighted aluminium kit that makes storage very easy. 

Price: US$70

Best Bamboo Kitchen appliance set

One of the benefits of a bamboo set in your kitchen is that it prevents damage of your pans. Activities like stirring clumpy pastas, flipping hefty pancakes and so on, becomes less detrimental to your cookware.

This is because bamboos are naturally gentle, so this keeps them from scratches and damages in the long run.

Price: US$25

Kitchen Appliance Bundles

Kitchen appliance bundles are a lot different from kitchen sets. Bundles feature multiple sets in them.

So it is safe to say that, kitchen appliance bundles are a combination of several kitchen appliance in sets or individually. In other words, a bundle could cover up to 3 or 4 kitchen sets, which means they basically cost higher than individual tools or sets.

However, while sets could contain different tools like we have mentioned above, they could also contain similar tools; in different sizes though. Examples of these sets include pot sets, pan sets, kettle sets, cooking spoon sets, knife sets.

And for the most part, kitchen appliance bundles tend to feature these kinds of sets. But speaking from experience, I have come to understand that sets aren’t the only tools you find in kitchen appliance bundles. E-commerce platforms now go beyond the norms to include tools like gas burners, cylinders, pressure cookers, toaster ovens, and a couple of other small kitchen appliances.

How Kitchen appliances bundles are picked

Basically the idea of kitchen bundles hardly follow a specific pattern. And choices of the tools that appear on these bundles are largely based on the discretion of e-platforms. A deep research into what customers need influences this action. Though, these choices are restricted to just kitchen sets and small kitchen appliances.

Consequently, some kitchen appliance bundle may contain just sets, others, small kitchen appliances and others, a combination of both. The only con however, is the perception that their prices are unreasonably high. Well, to an extent they have to be considering the fact that they cover a combination of several kitchen tools.

But in realty the idea behind kitchen appliance bundles is to get you tons of kitchen appliances for less. A detailed analysis geared at purchasing these tools individually will help you see that. 

There are several kitchen bundles on the net to pick from, an example below should give you a clue as to what to expect.

small kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances sets, kitchen apploances bundles and packages

Kitchen Appliance Packages

Similar to bundles, kitchen appliance packages feature kitchen tools and appliances either in combination or individually. Kitchen packages also come with the aim of helping you get more for less especially newlyweds, regardless of how expensive these products may seem. They basically designed to help you save money.

But two major differences exist in this regard; the kind of kitchen appliances found in packages and the platforms or organizations responsible for putting up kitchen appliances packages.

Mostly kitchen appliances found in packages are often white appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers and so on. Furthermore, platforms or organizations responsible for putting up packages are often manufacturers of the products.

For example you could easily find some of the best kitchen appliances packages on the official websites for brands like Samsung, Bosch, Thermador, Beko and the rest of them.

On the flipside, packages are also flexible; i.e., you can decide exactly what appliance you want in a kitchen package. And depending on the weight of your purchase most brands are bound to give you a percentage-off or a freebie, like an additional free appliance.

While there are tons of kitchen appliance packages on the net to leverage, the list below should help you narrow down your choices. According to Dadong, these are the best kitchen appliance packages for 2023.

Samsung Side-by-Side Package

Samsung Counter Depth Package

GE Profile Total Whirlpool Suite

KitchenAid French Door Package

Jenn-Air Counter Depth Package

Beko Counter Depth Package

Bosch Slide-In Kitchen Package

KitchenAid Freestanding Package

Thermador 30-Inch Kitchen Package

Jenn-Air Professional Bundle

Best time to buy Kitchen appliances

Every single time we go out to get tools or appliances, the game plan is always to get the best qualities at great prices. Most times a part of us wish we could to get them at prices that sound almost free.

Well now you can have that!

Regardless of whether you decide to get these appliances individually, or get them in sets, bundles, or packages, certain times during the year get you these wishes. They are regarded as the best times to buy kitchen appliances. They include;

  • Presidents’ Day
  • July 4th
  • Memorial Day
  • Labour Day
  • Black Friday (or anytime in November)

N.B: While it is possible to get these kitchen appliance packages from different brands it is advisable to stick to a brand for uniformity and maximum efficiency.

What Is the Most Commonly Used Kitchen Appliance?

You may be surprised to learn that the most utilized kitchen “appliance” is the sink/faucet center. Ten to thirty times every day, the sink, faucet, and its accessories are used on average.

What Are 3 Large Kitchen Appliances?

Cooktops, ovens, and specialist equipment such as fryers, steamers, and grillers are examples of large cooking appliances.

What Are 4 Small Appliances?

  • High Speed Blender.
  • The food processor is my favorite small kitchen appliance.
  • Cuisinart: I use it to make my authentic Lebanese hummus from a family recipe.
  • Immersion Blender
  • Electric Toaster Oven
  • , Water Kettle
  • Fountain Juicer
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Air Fryer

What Are 4 Large Kitchen Appliances That Are Commonly Used?

  • Kitchen range, sometimes called a range, cooker, oven, cooking plate, or cooktop.
  • Wall oven.
  • Steamer oven.
  • Microwave oven.

What Are Kitchen Small Appliances?

  • Beverage preparation appliances, such as electric kettles, coffeemakers, and iced tea makers.
  • Cleaning, including the use of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Cooking on a hot plate or in a microwave.
  • Using light fixtures for illumination.
  • The provision of thermal comfort, such as a heater or fan.


Kitchen appliance sets, bundles and packages are always a great way to save money with their qualities intact. Hope this post helped you figure out how to go about getting your kitchen appliances.

You can reach out on the comment section for more info.

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