Best business to start with little money right now (+ all you need to start)

Did you know you don’t need as much as 500,000 to start a business? Well, now you know. In this blog post we have carefully listed 10 best businesses to start with little money.

This post contains detailed research on businesses you can start right away, regardless of the amount you have.

Hair dressing salon

The salon industry is growing rapidly. Men and women always want to look their best, so they visit the salons occasionally.

It’s important you have a plan before opening a salon. No business can function properly without a business plan.

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Rental services

You can start a rental service without huge capital and it’s not always limited to chairs, tables or canopies.

There is a list of several things you can rent out, and make money in return. Some other items you can rent out includes: video cameras, wedding gowns, catering equipment, etc.

The list is endless. Choose your niche, find the right clientele, and you’re ready to kick off.

Freelance writing

Freelancers have dominated the market space because a lot of individuals have resorted to working from home. So far, it’s the best business to start with little money or no money at all. It just needs your skills, irresistible profile and registering on a freelance platform.

Every business needs a good writer. If you can write excellently well, then you can offer your services on secured freelancing sites like Inklancers and Upwork.

Craft business

A craft business is a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of making things with the hands.

Examples of craft include jewellery, glass crafts, crotchets, embroidery, etc.

These things can be sold for a price.

Graphic designing

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how people perceive brands.

Good design makes a business more presentable, this is important because the eyes are always attracted to good visual content.

Every brand needs to hire a graphic designer.

If you own a laptop, you could look into working as a graphic designer for brands and companies.

Phone and laptop repairs

A huge percentage of people own phones and laptops. These phones or laptops are prone to damage any time.

There are lots of vocational centers teaching this skill, so it is advisable to get trained.

Once you get acquainted with the skill, you can start up your own business.


Do you own a camera? Do you love taking pictures?

Then, consider starting a photography business. You can be an outdoor photographer for a start, then work towards getting your own studio.

Hat making business

Hat making is a very lucrative business and people are making money from it right at home.

Hats are worn as headgears, and also as a clothing accessory. If you are good at this skill, then you can start up your own hat brand.

Cooking gas sales

Cooking gas retail business involves buying large quantities of cooking gas, storing them in tanks, and selling them to homes for cooking purposes.

There is a huge market opportunity in cooking gas refilling business. Gas is needed in every home, so there will always be a high demand for it.

Influencer marketing

Influential marketing happens when a business collaborates with an influential person to promote their goods and products.

If you have a large fan base, you can start earning money as an influencer.

We hope you found this list of ten best businesses to start with little money useful.

Now you know that with as little as 50,000 you can build your own start up, and start the journey of becoming your own boss.

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