COCONUT WATER BRANDS: The Top Healthiest Brands & Those to Avoid!!!

Coconut Water Brands
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Sticking a straw into a fresh-cut coconut is ideal, but if that’s not an option, a bottle of coconut water is the next best thing. People all over the world have been drinking coconut water for hundreds of years, but its popularity has suddenly gone through the roof. Coconut water has several health benefits because it is natural, tasty, and nutrient-dense. These days, you may find a wide variety of ready-to-drink, delicious, and revitalizing coconut water brands in stores. Finding the best coconut water brands can be difficult; that is why I have discussed the best coconut water brands, as well as the healthiest, real, and coconut water brands to avoid.

Also, we all know that after a hard workout, we feel thirsty and hungry. Sugary sports drinks may give you a burst of energy at first, but they usually leave you feeling very tired soon after. Unlike many sports beverages, coconut water is less processed, often comes in smaller quantities, and is not offered with artificial hues and tastes. 

What Is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is the clear liquid contained within coconuts. This is not to be confused with coconut milk, which is created by blending and straining the flesh of the coconut. It’s not the same as coconut cream (shredded coconut cooked in water) or cream of coconut (sweetened coconut cream).

What Are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

Coconut water is better for you than other juices because it has fewer calories and sugars when it isn’t sweetened or flavored. You should try some coconut water the next time you need something to quench your thirst. The trendy drink is commonly used in smoothies and other dishes like salad dressings because of its high vitamin and mineral content and ability to aid in hydration.

Even if there are others who claim to have experienced miraculous healing after chugging coconut water, is it really the best choice when you’re parched? Here are some of the top benefits of coconut water:

#1. It Helps in Hydration

Coconut water is a healthy alternative to sugary and artificially flavored sports drinks. The electrolytes in coconut water, including potassium, sodium, and magnesium, are a major factor in the beverage’s popularity. Researchers claim that the electrolytes in the drink can aid in exercise-related hydration.

However, researchers caution that studies that rely on the nutrient coconut water may not be the best option for most people and should be reserved for those who exercise for an hour or more. According to researchers, “it can be good to do extensive workout sessions.” In contrast, coconut water’s electrolytes might fluctuate. “In these cases, a sports drink is a safer bet.”

#2. Rich in a Variety of Essential Nutrients

Coconuts are a botanical fruit that develops on trees native to tropical regions. Cocos nucifera is their scientific name. However, the liquid inside a young, green coconut is known as coconut water. Fruits benefit from the extra nutrition. Coconuts take 10–12 months to grow to their full size. During this time, some of the liquid stays inside while the rest of the flesh hardens into what is called coconut meat.

Although adult coconuts also contain coconut water, it is more common to find it in young coconuts (about 6-7 months old). Coconut water yields around 1/2 to 1 cup from a typical green coconut.

Coconut water is nearly all water and has a negligible amount of fat. Also, grated coconut mixed with water makes coconut milk, which is a totally different product. Even though it’s high in fat, coconut milk is mostly water (50%).

#3. Potentially Useful for Diabetics Seeking to Control Their Blood Sugar

It has been shown that diabetic animals who drink coconut water have lower blood sugar and better health in other ways.

In 2015, diabetic animals given coconut water had better blood sugar management than controls. Additionally, the animals that were fed coconut water had much lower hemoglobin A1c levels, suggesting improved long-term blood sugar control.

Another study, this one from 2021, also found that diabetic animals who drank coconut water had lower blood sugar levels. More research is needed to corroborate these findings in human beings.

However, the magnesium in coconut water has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

For all of these reasons, it’s wise to see your doctor or a nutritionist before including coconut water in your diet if you have diabetes or prediabetes. This is because coconut water includes carbohydrates, which are converted into sugars by the body.

#4. Free of Fats and Cholesterol

Coconut water is almost all water (94 percent), so it does not have any fat or cholesterol. Researchers recommend choosing a variety without extra sodium for social drinking. They also recommend making sure the coconut water isn’t past its prime by tasting it before purchasing it.

#5. Prevents Kidneystone

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has found that around 11% of men and 6% of women in the United States will get kidney stones at some point in their lives. The best way to avoid them is to drink enough water. Researchers say that including coconut water in a healthy diet can help relieve symptoms and clean out the body. Researchers in 2018 found that coconut water boosted the excretion of potassium, chloride, and citrate in urine.

“There are many varieties of stones.” In contrast, “coconut water could be helpful if your doctor recommends getting additional potassium into your diet.”

Coconut Water Brands

When you need an electrolyte boost but don’t want Gatorade to go bad, use coconut water. You can’t get better coconut water than these brands unless you go to the tropics and have access to coconuts on a daily basis. Here are the best coconut brands you can buy to quench that thirst.

#1. Vita Coco

When it comes to happy customers, Vita Coco and the next brand on our list, Harmless Harvest, are virtually tied. Less than 1 gram of sugar, a small amount of vitamin C, and 100% coconut water (not from concentrate) are in their original coconut water.

The bulk package is sold at a low price, and the cardboard packaging it arrives in can be recycled. Nearly 2,000 good reviews from customers speak for themselves, praising the taste and price. I’ve gone through a lot of Vita Coco personally, and it’s always my first choice when I need to stock up on a product because of its low per-unit cost according to reviews.

#2. Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

The senior chef at Chilte in Phoenix, Arizona, Chef Lawrence Smith, raved about the coconut water, saying, “This coconut water reigns supreme.” “It also has the Fair for Life and Organic certifications and has a flavor that is nice and crisp. For me, it’s best served cold after a run. “Excellent for replenishing fluids, enhancing the flavor of smoothies, and even aiding in some post-party recuperation.”

#3. Nooma

Nooma’s sports drinks are like coconut water but with more of a kick. The sports drinks of our youth were full of sugar and other substances we didn’t need. Nooma was first made as a healthier way to quickly rehydrate before, during, and after a workout. The drinks are mostly made up of water and coconut water, with beneficial additives like Himalayan pink sea salt and mushroom extract for increased hydration.

Since it’s not 100% coconut water, Nooma has fewer calories and sugars than its rivals. There’s a line of caffeine and pre-workout beverages, and they have drinks in a wide range of flavors. Since these drinks have been water parameters, they don’t pack the same flavor punch as the others on our list.

If you want something to replenish after a strenuous run but don’t want something too sweet, this type of coconut water is a terrific and very inexpensive choice.

#4. Taste Nirvana

The Thai father and son who run this business make sure that the small amounts of coconut water they make are put in bottles within hours of being picked, so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. Taste Nirvana uses “nam hom” coconuts, which are coconuts that come from Thailand. In addition, these coconuts yield coconut water that has a flavor that is extremely close to being sweet even without the addition of sugar. Taste Nirvana is one of the best coconut water brands.

#5. C2O

Caffeine consumption and water intake are compatible. C2O makes a number of flavors of delicious coconut water, and this one is special because it contains 199 milligrams of caffeine derived from an espresso in addition to the natural coconut water. It’s still a great replacement for sugary lattes or sports drinks without dairy, animal products, or gluten. For many years, I’ve relied on this drink as an afternoon pick-me-up to help me power through the rest of the workday.

There are over 400 reviews for this product on Amazon, and they have given it an average rating of 4.4 stars. Espresso’s understated flavor pairs well with the coconut base, and customers love it. Also, you can save a lot of money on this beverage if you buy it in bulk online as opposed to in the shop.

#6. Zola

You’ll get a taste of the tropics with flavors of vanilla and rich citrus when you drink Zola coconut water. In contrast to the vast majority of other coconut water brands, it is made with pulp, which is fantastic news if you enjoy products of this nature. One of the reviewers stated, “This is my go-to when I want something to revitalize me.” As a means of staying hydrated during the day, I drink anywhere from two to three of these each day.

#7. Happy Belly

If you often consume coconut water, you know that it may add up quickly financially. Coconut water fans can stock up on the electrolyte-rich beverage from the Happy Belly brand for under $30 for a 24-pack. This is a far more cost-effective option than buying something from the store, as many of the canned varieties sell for as much as $4 each.

Users report a clear, refreshing flavor that is more like water than other gourmet options. The bad reviews all mention a strange odor coming from the bottles upon arrival, although the product has hundreds of great reviews.

#8. Wai Koko

This Hawaii-based brand of 100 percent coconut water is the next best thing to being able to pluck a coconut right from the tree in your Hawaii backyard (that is, unless you actually live in Hawaii), so grab a bottle of this stuff the next time you find yourself there.

“Over the course of the previous four to five years, I have personally been able to get over 50 people who say they “hate coconut water” to try Wai Koko, and the smile on their faces is priceless,” said this reviewer. In terms of coconut water brands, “Wai Koko is the best coconut water I’ve ever had.” They think it’s the greatest thing ever.

#9. Bodyarmor

Body Armor’s diet versions of their best-selling sports beverages are the healthiest coconut water brands, with the fewest calories and sugars. This drink is largely made up of distilled water, but it also has coconut water concentrate and vitamins to give you a little extra hydration. If you need a quick potassium boost, this is a great low-cost option. Due to the small amount of coconut water (10%), it won’t have the same effect on rehydrating you right away as 100 percent coconut water.

The flavoring is modest, which is appreciated by most users, but not everyone is a fan of the diluted flavor. But on the whole, people seem to really like it; out of roughly 30,000 reviews, it has an average rating of 4.8 stars.

#10. Zico

Looking for something cool and refreshing to munch on after your run this summer? My go-to pick-me-up is the chocolate-flavored coconut water from Zico. It’s great for when you need a real energy boost because it has more sugar than most of the other drinks here.

The vast majority of critics agree that this drink is exceptional. Over 80% of the over 8,000 Zico chocolate reviews on Amazon are positive, with buyers praising the brand’s high quality and delicious taste.

Is Drinking Coconut Water Every Day Healthy?

You might be curious about whether or not drinking coconut water every day is good for you. Most people think that coconut water is safe to drink and is a tasty, natural source of electrolytes. This makes it an ideal beverage for athletes.

Is Vita Coco a Good Brand of Coconut Water?

Yes, Vita Coco is a good brand of coconut water. 

There are almost 2,000 customer reviews, and almost all of them are positive about both the taste and the price. Personally, I’ve gone through a significant number of containers of Vita Coco, and it’s the brand I turn to anytime I’m looking for a bargain on a large quantity of something. The majority of people who have tried it agree that the flavor and freshness of this coconut water are simply amazing by anything else on the market.

Healthiest Coconut Water Brands

There is both reality and exaggeration to the fad, as is the case with anything that gains such widespread attention in the United States. When it comes to one’s health, it’s crucial to be up-to-date on the ins and outs of the latest fads in food and drink.

When it comes to one’s health, it’s crucial to be up-to-date on the ins and outs of the latest fads in food and drink. Many people have successfully included coconut water in their diet on a daily basis, while others have fallen for the hype and drink coconut water that is no healthier for them than soda. As is so often the case with eating problems, your own situation is one of the most important things to think about here. Here are the top healthiest coconut water brands you might consider:

#1. Whole Foods 365

You may stock up on this brand of 100% coconut water anytime you make a trip to the market to buy something else. In terms of sugar content, this is extremely similar to Simply Balanced (both have 11g per serving). It’s so convenient that I drink it on a regular basis, and it also makes a great addition to smoothies (after I dilute it, of course).

#2. Zico

Be sure to get your hands on the original! This is another commonly available healthiest coconut water, and like the other brands, it merely consists of coconut water. To reiterate, it is not an organic process. This is an excellent alternative for anyone who is trying to save money, and it beats orange juice hands down!

#3. Simply Balanced

The only other component here is vitamin C, which is not objectionable in any way. This is another excellent option, with 11 grams of sugar per eight ounces of product. The fact that it can be bought at Target is an added bonus, making it even easier to choose a healthy option almost anywhere you go. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not organic coconut water at all.

#4. Blue Monkey

Nothing but pure water from the coconut. Although it’s not entirely natural, the coconut pulp in Blue Monkey makes it taste and smell more like a genuine thing. You are getting really good value for your money here, as there are only 10 grams of sugar in a whole 8-ounce serving.

#5. Amy And Brian’s

Although they have 14 grams of sugar, which is a little more than most other kinds of coconut water, the quality of these beverages is exceptional, and purchasing one will be money well spent. They are a rare brand of coconut water because you don’t have to stick to the original flavor. This makes them an uncommon coconut water brand because all of their wonderful flavors share the same sugar.

What Is the Best-Selling Coconut Water?

Vita Coco was the best-selling coconut water brand among other brands in the United States, with sales totaling over 201.2 million dollars in the United States.

Which Coconut Water Has No Sugar?

ZICO is pure coconut water taken from whole coconuts. It doesn’t have any extra sugar added. Because it doesn’t have any added sugar and isn’t made from concentrate, ZICO is the best drink for naturally keeping you hydrated. It’s perfect after a workout, the morning after a night out, or whenever you want a tasty drink.

Real Coconut Water Brands

Jax Coco is a sustainable coconut brand that sells both coconut milk and coconut water. The company was founded in Hong Kong. because there wasn’t enough good coconut water in the area, and it has only grown since then.

#1. Jax Coco

Both animals and gluten are absent from the production of Jax Coco coconut water. Because Jax Coco cares about the environment, the beautiful packaging it utilizes is plastic-free and recyclable. And because their goods are so adaptable, you may use them in a wide range of dishes.

#2. Coco Goods

Coco Goods does not just sell magical coconut water; rather, they sell a wide variety of other products made from coconuts that are 100% organic and originate in Vietnam. They achieve their “all good” pledge by investing some of their revenue in the neighborhood where they conduct business.

The non-GMO coconut water offered by Coco Goods is also sugar-free, so the only flavor you’ll experience is the natural sweetness of coconuts. In addition, Coco Goods lets customers buy what they want by offering coconut water in different flavors and sizes.

#3. Coco Xim

CocoXim’s coconut water tastes just like it came out of the coconut. The company uses only the finest quality green coconuts from Vietnam. Many consumers consider its coconut water to be superior to that of other popular brands.

Furthermore, Cocoxim’s coconut water has earned two certifications: organic and non-GMO. Their coconut water is not only tasty but also healthy. As an added bonus, it also hydrates your body, which aids in lowering blood pressure and maintaining skin health. Coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes. If you do this, your body will appreciate it.

#4. Real Coco

Real Coco is committed to helping people live their best plant-based lives with their real organic coconut water brands. They source their coconut water exclusively from organic farms in Thailand.

Delicious and visually appealing, Real Coco’s pink coconut water is a must-try. The lovely pink color comes from antioxidants and enzymes combined in coconut water. just goes to illustrate how full of electrolytes and other good stuff their coconut water is.

#5. Natnat

Natnat is short for “naturally,” which is supposed to show that their pink coconut water is real. The popular Thai Nam Hom coconuts are used in this Hong Kong-created product.

Natnat’s 100% coconut water is made without the use of any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The best coconut water brands, in their opinion, are made exclusively from fresh coconuts. They sell premium, antioxidant-rich pink coconut water. Furthermore, environmentally friendly Natnat packaging is available.

How Do You Choose Good Coconut Water?

One of the most refreshing and hydrating drinks on Earth is coconut water. It tastes great and is full of electrolytes, which is a plus. Fans in Canada are in luck because there is now a huge amount of coconut water on the market. It comes in a wide variety of containers, including Packages come in a variety of forms, including glass, plastic, metal, powder, and ice. Here is how to choose good coconut water.

#1. Do It in a Really Natural Way

Those who live in places where they can easily get fresh coconut water should feel lucky. Raw coconut water has enzymes that help with digestion and metabolism, so it’s best to drink it right away. There aren’t many places to get fresh coconut water in the US, but you can find green coconuts in the produce section. 

#2. Avoid Sweeteners

Young green coconut water is naturally sweet, so there’s no need to add any sugar or other sweetener to it. Coconut water made from ripe coconuts has a harsh and acidic flavor that is usually disguised by the addition of sugar and flavorings. To avoid potentially harmful compounds, it’s best to stick to products that guarantee only the use of natural materials.

#3. Avoid Coconut Water Made From Mature Coconuts

Coconut milk, oil, and other coconut products benefit most from using fully mature coconuts. Even though they are healthy in their natural state, when they are used to make coconut water, their nutrients are greatly diluted and they have a more acidic taste, so brands have to add other things to mask the taste.  Be sure to look for brands that source young green coconuts to get the most out of your coconut water (particularly if you’re an athlete).

Not very long ago, the only way to satisfy a taste for coconut water was to travel to a tropical country. Grace Coconut water is now widely available in the international section of most supermarkets. 

#4. Avoid Coconut Water With Chemicals

A lot of coconut water brands use additives like metabisulfite in their products. These stabilizers make the coconut water last longer on the shelf and keep its natural color. When shopping, pick products that list “coconut water” as the only ingredient. To make sure you’re drinking the healthiest coconut water, you should only buy brands that grow and harvest their coconuts using organic methods.

Coconut Water Brands to Avoid

Coconut water is widely available in supermarkets. It tastes great, is more hydrating than water, and is a much better alternative to sugary sports drinks. You can add it to your morning smoothie, dinner sauce, or any other number of beverages and dishes. However, not all brands of coconut water are the same or have natural ingredients.

When shopping for coconut water, search for a brand that has little processing and retains as many nutrients as possible. Coconut water has a lot of health benefits, so it’s important to choose a brand that lets you get the most out of all of them.

Here are some of the brands of coconut water brands to avoid.

#1. Naked Juice Coconut Water

It is speculated that Naked uses fully ripened coconuts that have been rapidly heated to kill any harmful bacteria. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in the unflavored Naked coconut water, but there are many in the flavored varieties. Customers have complained that the artificial flavors leave a bad taste in their mouths.

#2. O.N.E Coconut Water

O.N.E. coconut water undergoes rapid thermal pasteurization. They add a lot of sugar and natural flavors to their flavored waters to make the line more appealing to consumers. Since there is no evidence to the contrary, it is likely that GMO sugar beets were used to make the sweet flavoring. Many reviewers said they stopped drinking it because the flavor was too strong to provide any hydration.

#3. Coco Zona

CocoZona coconut water, which is made from concentrate, has a notoriously poor taste. Some have said the drink tastes like a cross between a sweaty workout shirt and dishwater. There’s just too much sugar, and the manufacturer doesn’t disclose where the other potentially dangerous chemicals come from.

#4. Goya

This particular kind of coconut water offers items that have been pasteurized at high temperatures and have extra preservatives. Some of the sweeteners they sell are artificial sugars. The high price for such a small quantity of product is another common gripe about Goya.

#5. C2O

It’s safe to say that C2O is the least-worst option. This brand’s water is pasteurized for up to 5 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius without the use of any additives or concentrates. In addition, the heat and duration are unacceptable for producing drinkable coconut water.

Is Bottled Coconut Water Real?

It’s legal to put other things into coconut water that’s been packaged. But if it doesn’t specifically state that it’s made from coconuts, then you shouldn’t buy it. Keep in mind that even the “100% pure” coconut water you can get in a store has been processed in some way that has diluted its natural value.


With this guide, you should have no trouble selecting good coconut water brands. Coconut water is the only liquid calorie source worth drinking, and it’s a great way to add variety and depth to your Paleo diet. Some of the success of coconut water brands can be attributed to good marketing, but people like the drink itself as well.

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