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From the beginning of time until now, people have made and worn jewelry to show their social status, importance, and membership in a family, tribe, or group. Although there are many more reasons why jewelry is worn today, the fundamental concept has not changed. Showing social status with jewelry is a valuable practice. Today, a lot has changed because there are many companies that have focused on creating these items. Today, there is a lot of jewelry available for everyone, whether it is big or small, cheap or very expensive. Despite the fact that certain companies have been around for decades while others are virtually unknown, a brand by itself doesn’t imply much. Instead, what matters is the value they offer. And if that value grows over time, you can be sure that the jewelry brands in question are among the finest jewelry brands in the industry.

Top 20 Jewelry Brands

You can’t overstate what a piece of good jewelry does to an outfit. The right pieces will definitely make you look better. For the majority of us, though, fine jewelry and everyday jewelry fall into quite distinct categories. The more casual pieces can be worn every day or put in a travel jewelry case. The more expensive pieces, on the other hand, should only be taken out of your jewelry box for special events.

#1. Cartier

Cartier was established in 1847 in Paris by French fashion designer Louis Cartier. It quickly became known for making beautiful jewelry, and it grew to include other big cities around the world. The fabled panther-shaped brooch, which features pave diamonds and the most exquisite stones, was made by Cartier in 1947. Both the Princess of Windsor and the rest of the world took notice of it since it was such a masterful creation. Since then, Cartier has made a new version of this, which is still one of the most looked forward to things every year. The best and rare pieces of jewelry are frequently auctioned off there as well.

#2. Premi Drop Necklace

During the pandemic, jewelry designer Megan Kothari changed the focus of her line Aaryah to engagement rings and bridal-specific items, but she still provides other gems that aren’t exclusively for weddings, like this stunning lapis lazuli pendant necklace. She is an expert in the field and gets ideas for her designs from the fact that her family used to sell diamonds and that she has ties to India.

#3. Hermes 

Thierry Hermès, a French designer, founded Hermès in Paris in 1837. The upscale brand is also into producing jewelry for women. It is known for its wild colors and striking patterns. As with its other products, it is known for producing bespoke and limited edition jewelry rather than mass production. Because the company is so good at working with leather, it also makes high-end gold and diamond collections and modern jewelry that combines leather and enamel. 

#4. 14-Karat Gold, Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Matthew Harris of Mateo is a self-taught jewelry designer who used to live in Montego Bay, Jamaica, but now lives in New York City. His line is recognized for using pearls

#5. BvLgari

An immigrant from Greece named Sotirios Voulgaris founded the Italian company Bvlgari in the late 18th century. The colorful stones and diamonds that makeup Bvlgari’s distinctive jewelry are extremely stunning and one-of-a-kind. Its most well-known line is called “Serpentine,” and it features watches, necklaces, and bracelets that are coil-shaped like snakes and covered in diamonds and precious stones.

#6. Chanel

The legendary Gabrielle, or “Coco” Chanel, founded the high-end fashion house in 1909. Coco Chanel is renowned for her groundbreaking designs and for advocating for and creating clothing that fuses feminine and masculine features in a way that does not stereotype women but instead brings out the best in them. Chanel creates elegant collections of diamond sculptures in addition to fine contemporary jewelry.

#7. Dior

Whether it’s clothing, handbags, perfumes, or jewelry, Christian Dior is a master at what it does. Since it was a logical evolution and something that complemented its current product line, the firm expanded into jewelry manufacturing in 1950. Dior makes both high-end and low-end jewelry, like fine jewelry and watches with a lot of gemstones set in them. It understands the market and its target audience.

#8. Harry Winston

Harry Winston established the company in 1932 and died in 1978. The business kept the name and carried on producing diamond and gemstone-set couture and designer jewelry. You can recognize one when you see one because of the intricate, exquisite, and structural nature of its jewelry. Even now, celebrities still favor Harry Winston on red carpets because the designers maintain the historical style while creating modern jewelry.

#9. Monica Vinader

You might think of the royal family when you hear the name Monica Vinader since both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have been seen wearing her bracelets and Siren earrings. Being a palace favorite, however, is only one aspect of the line. In 2020, the company decided to shift its focus to sustainability. Along with recycled sterling silver and recycled gold vermeil, the company started putting more emphasis on sustainable diamonds, pearls, and gemstones.

#10. Dana Earrings

In 2010, Justine created her own brand, which features all French-made creations. This brand is favored by celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Charli XCX, and it is easy to understand why given the company’s blend of mixed metals, asymmetrical design, and edgy appeal.

 #11. Chopard

In 1860, Sonviellier started the Swiss company Chopard, which is well known for making watches for women. In 1960, it was acquired by a German business that kept its name and carried on producing wrist and pocket watches for women that had made the brand famous. Later, it broadened its boundaries and began producing jewelry for ladies, all of which are still in high demand today.

#12. Idyl

Due to their use of sustainable components and lower prices compared to mined diamonds, several brands are giving laboratory-grown diamonds priority. Idyl, a new modular jewelry company based in Belgium, only makes handcrafted pieces with diamonds that were made in a lab. (For those who are unfamiliar, the modular design allows you to start with a base piece and combine add-ons for a close-to-custom look.) Idyl won’t remain a minor name for long considering that celebrities like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and Jamie Chung all wear it.

#13. Kinn Studio

Bringing you the classics is the main focus of the AAPI-owned company Kinn. Those daily herringbone chains and signet rings with heirloom-inspired designs appear decades old, and you might keep them for that long as well. We particularly like the brand’s anklet since it makes a subtle tribute to the ’90s era. (However, you may go all-out Delia’s catalog by including low-top lace-ups and thin, floppy socks as well.)

#14. SVNR

When Christina Tung’s company SVNR appears on their feed, who double-taps? (Guilty.) It makes sense because SVNR’s bright designs are pure eye pleasure. Consider milky quartz earrings or a pastel rainbow necklace. However, it isn’t the only reason they merit a place in your jewelry collection. The environmentally conscious designer also uses recycled and used materials to create striking pieces that you’ll seek out when you want to make a statement.

#15. Jennifer Behr

Gossip Girl may have made designer Jennifer Behr famous (our favorite moody debutante Leighton Meester wore a complicated Behr headband), but her wedding-worthy hair accessories and ethereal jewelry have kept her at the top. The Brooklyn-based jeweler has kept producing items that look beautiful but still have a hint of downtown since 2005.

#16. Mejuri

Even if you already adore Mejuri’s understated style, we’re still stocking up on tennis bracelets and stacking rings. In addition to helping to cofound the company with her husband, CEO Noura Sakkijha has also designed direct-to-consumer items that are worth all the street cred because they appear to be much more expensive than they actually are. Expect surprising affordability in everyday contemporary jewelry from them.

#17. Vrai

Vrai diamonds are created in a foundry in the Pacific Northwest that uses little energy, and they are then expertly cut and polished in Belgium by top cutters. The outcome? From daily essentials to big occasion jewels, these pieces are truly beautiful. Simply choose from 15 styles (including round, oval, pear, baguette, emerald, marquise, and more), then select from three metal bands to satisfy even the most discerning of us while browsing for engagement rings.

#18. Ten Wilde

Tenisha Wilde’s all-gold line may give you West Coast vibes, but that’s only because Ten Wilde, who is from NorCal, is essentially a showcase for her California heritage. Items like medallion pearl necklaces and gold hoop earrings may easily liven up casual ensembles while still looking elegant.

#18. Studs

Studs are the place to go for those complicated piercings that run up your lobe. It is both an ear-piercing studio and a jewelry brand (it performed Kaia Gerber’s snakebites a few years ago). Yes, you can find studs in every design, from conch to helix to rook piercings, and they are all reasonably priced. Since the company is located in New York, it only makes sense that among its many products you’ll find bodega coffee cups and little MTA-card patterns.

#19. Demy Earrings

Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, who are twin sisters, started the collection more than 10 years ago. They often use different kinds of materials, like mother-of-pearl, aventurine, and quartz in these earrings. It also provides handbags, scarves, belts, and other equally stunning accessories.

Finest Jewelry Brands

Are you looking or thinking of the finest jewelry brands to go for? You don’t need to worry because we’ve listed below the finest brands you can always go for:

#1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a household name in the world of fine jewelry. He is known as the “King of Diamonds” and is thought to be one of the best American jewelers of the 20th century and all time.

The name-brand company, which was started in New York City in 1932, has become a household name in the luxury jewelry industry because of its elegant and detailed designs, use of the best metals and gems, and skilled craftsmanship.

Many stars who walk the red carpet choose Harry Winston, a company that stays true to what its founder started.

#2. Tiffany & Co.

One of the most recognizable American jewelry brands is Tiffany & Co. It was established in New York City in 1837 and operated as a stationery business for 20 years before beginning to sell jewelry.

Since then, it has grown its business internationally and now has over 300 locations. It probably has the best and widest range of engagement rings of any brand.

The talented craftspeople at Tiffany’s take great delight in their exquisite assortment of rings, earrings, charms, and pendants made of platinum, diamonds, and other high-quality materials. Tiffany & Co. is one of the finest jewelry brands you can go for.

#3. Mikimoto

The Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto was founded in 1899 in Tokyo. It is known for its nearly perfect cultured pearls, beautiful gems, and high-quality diamonds. Their collections are admired by many people all around the world and include elegance and simplicity.

Because their beautiful pearls are so popular, they have shops in many big cities, such as Shanghai, London, New York, Paris, Bombay, and others.

#4. Graff

Graff is a British diamond company that was first established in London in 1962 as Graff Diamonds Company. The jewelry brand got its name in honor of its founder, Laurence Graff, who began his career in the jewelry industry at the age of just 15 after quitting school a year earlier.

After his first store was successful, he opened many more in London. Not long after that, people from all over the world started to notice how good he was at working with diamonds and how much he knew about them.

He still runs his business today, and he is one of the most well-known jewelry designers in the entire world. Graff is one of the finest jewelry brands you can get for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

#5. Bvlgari

In a small Greek village 134 years ago, a local jeweler named Sotirios Boulgaris opened a small shop that would become the start of a worldwide craze in the elite field of jewelry. Today, practically everyone has heard of the renowned jewelry company Bvlgari.

With its distinguishing characteristics, the Italian-based brand specializes in opulent and exquisite items without losing sight of history. Their most famous collections are provocative and seductive, always trying to get respect and attention, and they bring to mind the glamour and tradition of Italy.

No matter if they are men or women, Bvlgari is the brand of choice for many artists, actors, celebrities, and top stars because it caters to both with the same fine jewelry, expensive watches, and leather products. Recently, the brand has grown to include high-end hotels in some of the most important cities in the world.

#6. Chopard

The Swiss company Chopard started out by making high-end watches for women. Later, they started making jewelry as well. The company was started in 1860 by the famous Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard. In 1963, German jeweler and watchmaker Karl Scheufele bought it, and he and his two children still run it today.

Both beautiful jewelry and sophisticated luxury timepieces are now among Chopard’s most well-known products around the globe. Despite being straightforward and timeless, they have a unique design. They have supported the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix for a very long time.

#7. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a company that makes high-quality jewelry. It was founded in Paris during the Art Deco period and is known for its beautiful designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Their Old World-inspired designs, such as necklaces, watches, earrings, and rings, enchant everyone.

The Alhambra collection of necklaces is probably the most well-known Van Cleef & Arpels piece. Its simple patterns but delicate and elegant designs shocked almost everyone.

Aside from that, the company is renowned for its fairies, flowers, and ballerinas, all of which are made using the finest jewels and gemstones available.

#8. David Yurman

It was started in New York City in 1980 and is one of the newest jewelry brands on the market right now. David and Sybil Yurman started the business, and now it’s well-known that they get their ideas from architecture.

Some of their collections include the Moon, stars, clouds, and rainbows as their motifs, while others would look stunning on the red carpet and feature breathtakingly colorful gemstones that harmoniously complement silver, platinum, or gold wiring. Women from all around the world have been impressed by their hallmark line, Cable Motif.

Jewelry Brands That Look Expensive, but Are Actually Affordable

Some jewelry brands look expensive but they are very affordable. Here is a list of affordable jewelry brands you can go for:

#1. Mejuri

Mejuri is now essentially synonymous with cool-girl jewelry that is affordable, so it is doubtful that it needs an introduction. The company specializes in excellent jewelry for everyday wear, as evidenced by its incredible selection of wedding accessories and basics for both men and women.

#2. Vanna

We had no idea watches could be so beautiful until we came across Vanna, a woman-owned business based in Los Angeles that produces the most opulent pieces intended to represent the modern female. One of our faves from the brand’s six lines is Umbra, which includes the Umbra Emerald, which contrasts a stunning square case with an emerald green sunray dial and a stainless steel or gold-plated band.

#3. Missoma

One of our go-to brands for jewelry that we’d happily build entire outfits around is Missoma, a company that promotes self-expansion through its range of demi-fine jewelry pieces. Since receiving the Coterie Chain Necklace, a lovely gold-plated chain necklace that is distinctive due to the combination of plain and twisted links, we haven’t stopped wearing it.

#4. 8 Other Reasons

 The brand’s core message is to embrace your own self without apology, as evidenced by the stunning statement pieces of jewelry like the Honey Necklace.

#5. Rocksbox

You may recall Rocksbox as the company that brought about a revolution in the jewelry rental subscription market with its selection of high-end, trendy pieces that can be delivered right to your door. Even now, the service remains one of our go-to methods for purchasing jewelry, particularly when we are unsure of which trends will suit our tastes or go well with the other items in our collection. The Slate Huxley Huggies, Rudiment Baker Ring, and Aster Posy Toggle Necklace are currently our favorites, but we can’t wait to check out three new items next month.

#6. Rellery

The whole premise of Rellery is that it should be “crafted with meaning”; in other words, it should represent your personality and speak to you. Keep that in mind while you browse the company’s line of reasonably priced, ethically produced items. Our favorite option is the current yet classic Pearl Choker Necklace 

#7. Van Der Hout

With the idea that jewelry should be unique, Karen Van Der Hout founded her jewelry line to offer authentic gemstone patterns set in pure gold that will let you express your mood. The Diamond Evil Eye Stud Earring is what we think you should get instead of your regular studs if you want to protect yourself from bad energy.

#8. Miranda Frye

The goal of Miranda Frye’s self-named jewelry line was to make everyone feel fashionable and confident while wearing the collections at reasonable prices. We especially like the Brooklyn Necklace, which is modeled after the traditional Cuban link. If you prefer to wear one necklace rather than stack several, a hefty chain necklace like this one is ideal.

#9. Made by Mary

Without a few selections from Made by Mary, a company that wants to use jewelry to serve as a constant reminder of your most prized milestones and experiences, your jewelry collection would be incomplete. The Laurel Ring and the Hera Chain Necklace are two eye-catching pieces of jewelry that are both under $100, but we are particularly smitten with them.

#10. Brilliant Earth

Despite the fact that Brilliant Earth is well-known for its extensive collection of fine jewelry, especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring, the company also offers a superb range of items for less than $250. Choose a piece from the collection to treat yourself to a little touch of luxury, such as the Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant which has received almost 5-star reviews and is always in fashion.

#11. Humans Before Handles

In order to honor each person’s authenticity and to develop a jewelry marketplace for those who “won’t leave the house without the ideal statement earring,” Ashley Sims founded Humans Before Handles. When looking for jewelry that will make us grin and draw attention, we prefer shopping at this black woman-owned boutique. How fantastic is the River Starburst Earrings, which serve as a constant reminder to dream big?

#12. Studs

You may find all kinds of earrings at Studs, including Huggies, hoops, dangles, and actual studs. You’ll never want to take out the easy and enjoyable earrings that the brand sells. You’ll find the ideal accessory for you at Studs because they only sell ear accessories. The Daisy Huggie can help you unleash your inner child and demonstrate that jewelry doesn’t have to be overly serious if you’re feeling joyful.

#13. Jennifer Zeuner

The “simple with a spiritual touch” jewelry by Jennifer Zeuner’s self-named brand is a representation of her individual taste. Each item may also be easily layered with other items existing in your jewelry box because the pieces were developed with simplicity in mind. One of our faves is the Marta Necklace, which is a classic piece of jewelry that goes with any clothing, any setting, and any person.

#14. Fortune & Frame

Fortune & Frame makes items to hold your love letters, fortunes, and other messages you want to keep close at hand, as the name would imply. However, the brand has completely redefined how distinctive a locket can be by giving it a contemporary touch, so don’t think of the traditional lockets of your youth. The Flowered Vines Fortune Locket, which lets you glimpse your message through a glass pane against the sparkling vines, is one of our most popular items.

#15. Aurate

Since the beginning, Aurate has worked to make jewelry that not only meets the high standards of its customers but also takes into account sustainability, durability, and openness.

#16. Amyo

Looking for a woman- and Asian-owned company that sells fashionable yet classic jewelry? Then you should go over to Amyo Jewelry, a company that thinks that accessories complete your look. The company offers a selection of classic, timeless accessories like the Baguette Huggie Earrings that go with everything. Huggies must pave and baguette crystals for a unique earring with just the right amount of bling.

Reasons to Buy Good Jewelry Brands

There are some reasons why you should buy good jewelry brands for yourself. Here are some reasons:

#1. Treat Yourself

According to research, more than half of women purchase pricey jewelry as a pleasure or reward for themselves.

Jewelry lasts a lifetime, unlike other prizes like a car or clothes, and is cherished by women. An automobile needs to be replaced after ten or twenty years, but the value of a diamond only rises during that time.

You don’t have to wait for someone to give you jewelry. Even if they may have the resources, husbands and boyfriends may not understand your needs. They could not fully understand what flatters you.

If you’re indulging yourself to pricey jewelry, don’t feel guilty about it.  Waiting and purchasing necessary jewelry as a reward is not being greedy.

You should buy it because you deserve it. Spend some time unwinding and getting what you need to feel good. Don’t accept anything less than the most prestigious gifts as a reward for yourself.

#2. Prestige

There is no denying the hefty cost of fine jewelry. A set of decent earrings might cost you $75. When you can buy that type of jewelry and wear it, it gives you a sense of distinction that nothing else can.

When you wear this type of jewelry, people can tell that you’ve accomplished a significant life milestone. Show that you can afford it and that you can keep it up for many years. Buying expensive jewelry gives you the same feeling of success as buying your first home or car.

This is the primary reason why a lot of famous people and prosperous people wear jewelry. It signals to the rest of society that they are moving ahead of the pack. With the correct necessities that sparkle with excellence, you may bring that prestige with you as well.

#3. Durability

Real stones like diamonds, gold, and sterling silver last for generations. Since they are tough metals, regular use won’t cause them to break. They hardly ever occur, and even when they do, they are simple to file and fix.

Rings, earrings, and necklaces can all be resized or reshaped by jewelers. They accomplish this effortlessly. The end result is jewelry that is still strong and long-lasting but looks better on your body and makes you look better.

That sort of toughness cannot be expected from inexpensive jewelry. They frequently employ cheap wire and strings that break with the slightest pressure. Others are so fragile that they will break if they fall or if you accidentally walk on them.

Compared to low-end items, the prongs that hold the stones are stronger. Even with constant use, they won’t budge and release the stones. Because less expensive jewelry isn’t as sturdy, choking hazards result.

#4. Unique Design

A common problem is that basic pieces of low-end jewelry don’t have much that makes them stand out. They are produced in large quantities and sold by the hundreds of thousands. This implies that you might run into someone wearing the same earrings or necklace that you do.

You may be sure that you will have one-of-a-kind goods when you buy high-end jewelry necessities. The jewelry you own is unique and won’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Jewelers rarely create identical copies of their creations, and even when they do, each one has a unique feature that distinguishes it from its siblings. Jewelry is frequently produced in small quantities, so you can be sure your purchase is unique.

You also have the benefit of better design options. Are you sick of seeing diamond engagement rings in stores? There are other additional jewels to choose from, and they are all becoming more popular.

Your distinctive design will help you stand out. You will own the lone silver necklace with valuable stones or a diamond, while every other woman wears a copper necklace with worthless gems. As soon as you enter the room, everyone will turn to look at you.


Spend no more money on inexpensive jewelry that you know will fade and deteriorate. Spending money on jewelry that your children can’t inherit is not a good idea. Why spend money on bad jewelry brands if you can’t pawn it when times are tight or if it doesn’t make you look your best?


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