Chip Brands: 2023 Top Most Popular 21 Brands (Updated)

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Are you a fan of chips? Or do you find it interesting and fun to have chips as your snack? Maybe you have eaten a particular brand of chips and you are looking for other brands of chips to taste their differences. Here is an article for you. We have different brands of chips that you will find joy in eating, and also we will be dealing with some other related topics to this, like chocolate, popular American chip brands, and their types.

What Are Chip Brands?

You have got chips made out of beans, lentils, kale, quinoa, and even crickets. Some of them even have the temerity to claim to be healthy foods that can help you lose weight. Chips may seem like a good snack, but the quality can vary from brand to brand. You want a chip that has just the right amount of crunch, is salty but not too salty and is just the right thickness. With that in mind, what brand makes the absolute best chips? You can now find out for yourself in this article.

chip brands, chocolate, popular, america, types
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Chocolate Chip Brands

#1. (Tie) Target Market Pantry Chewy Chocolate Chip Brands

Looking at the price for this brand, which is $1.59 per oz., it is really a good chocolate brand chip to go for. It contains 140 calories, 6g fat, and 10g sugar in 2 cookies; it is indeed a good snack option. However, at the bottom of the barrel is this cookie from the shot, with a gummy consistency that turned into not much mush after a few chews.

#2. Walmart Chippers Chocolate Chip Cookies

This brand of the chocolate chip has a price of $1.36 for 13 oz, and it has 150 calories, 6g fat, and 8g sugar. They are somehow too sugary-sweet, with a mushy texture almost like Play-Doh food. They were studied with chips that were rich, if slightly artificial-tasting. Although they looked perfectly baked, unlike other chewy cookies, which get crunchy as soon as you pick them up, Moreover, this brand of the chocolate chip is good for snacks.

#3. Keebler Chocolate Chip Brands

Keebler more or less invented the soft-baked chocolate chip cookie category back in the 1980s. It has 150 calories, 7g fat, and 12g sugar, and is $2.56 for 15 oz. This one appeals to our sense of food; kids love to take them as their pack of snacks. The appearance alone is very appealing to the eyes, which is more of a problem when trying to eat them. Thus, they taste very chocolatey and creamy. Still, if you crave a good soft cookie, this brand of a chocolate chip is a good one for you.

As soon as a taster bit into her cookie and asked, “Is this stale?” it was clear this cookie wouldn’t finish at the top. Chip distribution was skimpy and uneven, and the cookies were surprisingly lacking in chocolate flavor. Its price is $3.99 for 12 oz and it serves up 150 calories, 8g of fat, and 9g of sugar. It is among the brands of chocolate chips you can have and have the natural taste of chips.

This chocolate brand of the chip is also one of the good ones in chocolate brands, It is compared with some other chocolate chip brands and I noticed that it was downright yummy. It is neither crisp nor chewy, with a slightly mushy, medium crumb. This chip has a tag price of $1.59 for 13 oz, and it contains 160 calories, 11g of sugar, and 8g of fat. Lastly, the chips had a strong, rich cocoa flavor, and the cookie was very sweet.

#6. Nabisco Chocolate Chip Brands

Nabisco Chips has long boasted about how many chocolate chips it crams into each cookie, and we could find no fault with that claim. For all those chips, this brand of the chocolate chip has a price of $2.50 for 13 oz. A panelist described these cookies as having a “generic” taste. But these particular brands of chips are tasty; no matter what shop you are in, you can probably find them.

There’s something irresistible about petite cookies like these, which are so easy to pop in your mouth one after another until the bag is almost empty. This chip brand of chocolate has a price tag of $3.49 for 8 oz and contains 160 calories and 8g of sugar. I agree it is a good pack of snacks to go for. On the snackable appeal, it is loved for the crunchy texture but also a little too sugary.

This brand’s price tag remains $2.5 for 12.4 oz and contains 140 calories, and 7g of fat. Strong notes of vanilla and a sugary aftertaste were too much for a few of our panelists, and chip distribution was uneven. But everyone agreed that their size made Famous Amos one of the best for snacking with a glass of milk on the side. When you taste this chocolate brand of chip; you will find out it is a better one.

#9. Walmart Chippers

The price tag for this brand is $1.36 for 13 oz., serving size: 3 cookies, calories: 170g. The chocolatey cookie was from Walmart, especially given how poorly the soft-baked version fared in our taste test. It was studded with tiny, dark chips and had a very good crispy-crumbly texture that tasters described as “nostalgic” and “tasting”. The chips had a pleasant, mild flavor, while the cookie was buttery without being greasy, and a good brand of chocolate chip for kids.

#10. (Tie) Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Nantucket

Price: $2.88 for 7.75 oz.

Serving size: 1 cookie | Calories: 140 | Fat: 7 g | Sugars: 11 g

They are homemade and are made with fat, soft chunks of dark, very rich chocolate scattered liberally about the nicely browned surface. They’re also the most decadent: Each cookie has 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 11 grams of sugar; nearly twice as much as some others. The Nantucket cookies have a nice snap and a medium crumb that stands up to dunking in milk, while the flavors are nicely balanced. If you’re a fan of thick cookies,I encourage you to try this, it has enough taste and fun to go for.

Chip brands on their own have the best ones you can think of, including the popular ones you can see on the market anytime any day. Here is our list of the most popular chip brands you can find, with their origin and quality.

#1. SunChips

A bag of SunChips is as tasty as one of the popular chip brands and a one-off change of pace. The chips have a single shape, a different test, and a different feel. Though there are six different kinds of SunChips, where the Harvest Cheddar is the best-selling flavor, and it by far tastes the best. It really has a great taste on its own.

#2. Whole Foods 365 chips

These Whole Foods 365 chips are also among the most popular brands of chips. The chips are organic, kosher, vegan-friendly, and free of dairy and gluten. They are also low in fat and kind of low in sugar while having a notable amount of protein and fiber for a chip. Likewise, the Whole Food 365 brand also has barbecue potato chips that are made with organic potatoes. Thus, you don’t need to regret ever not having this snack.

#3. Zapp’s chips

Also, as one of the popular chip brands, Zapp’s chips are very unique in taste and appealing too. The potato chips made by Zapp’s are sliced thicker and cooked in peanut oil, the same type of oil that gives Chick-fil-A’s chicken such a delicious taste. Inspired by Cajun food, Zapp’s is available in entertainingly descriptive flavors such as Spicy Cajun Crawtator, Voodoo Heat, and Cajun Dill Gator-tator.

#4. Cheetos chips

When it comes to Cheetos, there’s simply nothing bad to say about how they taste. These chips taste very good and can be seen among the popular chip brands, whether you stick with the cheddar cheese goodness of the original or turn things up a few notches by opting for the spiciness of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Therefore, it is certain that everyone can enjoy a bag of Cheetos.

#5. Wise chips

These Wise chips were established in 1921 and are also found among the popular chip brands in the market. If the flavor is what you want most of all from your potato chip, Wise chips is really a wise choice to make. The Golden Original chips sound mundane, but they are packed with potato goodness. Both the Honey Butter chips and the Dry Rub Rib chips have an excellent taste that will leave you reaching back into the bag for more. Try one of them today and see good chips.

#6. Clancy’s chips

If you are bound and determined to locate a store brand of chips that can compete with the big boys, hop in your vehicle and head to your nearest Aldi. That’s where you will find Clancy’s chips. These things are legit. In fact, Clancy’s chips are so good that there are those who believe that Clancy’s chips are the best of the best. There’s a long list of available flavors of Clancy’s, including Barbecue, Ranch, Sour Cream, and Onion.

But while these chips are admittedly better than average and are undoubtedly one of the best store brands, Clancy’s are really inexpensive compared to the name brands even though it is among the popular chip brands, which makes them a really good bang for your buck.

#7. Pringles chips

When you pop this brand open, Unlike just about every other brand of chips, you know that there won’t be any cracked or crumbled chips due to the sturdy container. Pringles chips are among the popular chip brands and it is also made by a team of scientists that perfected these chips, as you can also be confident in the shape, texture, and flavor of each and every chip.

#8. Herr’s chips

This brand is also set among the popular chip brands in the market. The best thing about Herr’s is that all of its flavors are completely different and can stand on their own two feet. It can be proudly used for a snack. However, Mesquite BBQ is amazingly authentic, Cheddar Horseradish has a friendly yet noticeable kick, and Sour Cream and Onion have a deep, rich taste. It always tastes good, no matter the case, and will always be found among the popular chip brands in the market.

Chip Brands In America

Let’s start this American chip brands list with the most widely recognized brand of potato chips.

#1. Frito Lay

Herman Kay bought a potato chip company in Atlanta, Georgia, and started producing potato chips, which he sold from the trunk of his car. After buying television commercials with Bert Lahr as the celebrity spokesperson, Lay’s became the first snack manufacturing company to do so. In the 60s, the company merged with Derrick Lothert’s company, Frito, and thus came the iconic brand “Frito-Lay”. The company sells chips almost everywhere in the world. This reach of its products is obviously due to its current parent company, PepsiCo. Some of the popular flavors of Lay’s in the US are Salt and Vinegar, Chile Limon, Southern Heat Barbecue, Flamin Hot, etc.

#2. Pringles:

One of the most widely recognized names in the potato chips brands in America after the first chip is Pringles. The brand is popular not only in the US but globally as well. This is proved by their wide reach as they deliver to 140 countries all around the world.

The product was, however, developed in the year 1967 by Proctor & Gamble who named the product Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips. Currently, the brand is owned by Kellogg’s who bought it in the year 2012. This chip brand company in America has an interesting history specifically due to the shape the chips are made of.

Pringles chips have lots of flavors and they vary depending on the country as well. Some of their best flavors are sour cream and onion, Jalapeño, Honey Mustard, BBQ, etc.

#3. Red Rock Deli

Next on the list of chip brands in America is the Australian brand Red Rock Deli which crates tasty potato chips with the perfect balance of the salty and the savory. The company has had quite a good success in its origin country which is why PepsiCo, the company which owns Frito-Lay one of the largest snack manufacturing brands, decided to bring it to the American customers.

These chips are made from high-quality potatoes which are rough cut and cooked in sunflower oil which adds a unique taste to the chips. The company decided to keep the chips healthy by using no artificial flavoring or coloring agent. The chips only contain Non-GMO ingredients.

This brand is among the first chip brands found in America, and also the chips come in three flavors namely Red Curry and Coconut, Himalayan Pink, Salt and Lime, and Cracked Peppers each having their own unique blend and taste.

#4. Herrs

Here’s Potato Chips is another tasty brand of potato chip in America. The company has existed for more than seven decades and has arrived to maintain the same quality of the products as it was intended by the founder James Herr. The primary business of the Here family was chicken farming.

But James Here decided to go another way and start his own company. In the year 1946, he bought a small potato chips company in Lancaster (in America) and started the production of tasty potato chip brands of his own. As years went by he improved the process and created healthier and tastier potato chips which started to grow popular.

The company changed with time and introduced flavored chips in 1958 and switched to foil packaging in the 70s. A good boost came during the 70s and 80s when the snack industry grew rapidly. Herrs Food company started including other snacks and products in its product list.

The Herrs potato chips are tasty and the original flavor is pretty delicious. If you couple them with dips or sauce of your choice it just transcends to a whole another level of deliciousness

#5. Kettle

Cameron Healy founded a company named N.S. Khalsa Company in the year 1978. This was to later become the now known Kettle Food Inc. This company is among the list of the chip brands in America, and it is a team with a motivation to blend natural ingredients with savory flavor and create something healthy and so tasty that everybody loves it.

They used an old can as their delivery truck to deliver the food products to the market and the customers. In the year 1982, they were able to commercially produce and sell their first brand of potato chips. The chips were tasty which motivated the team to work harder into making it a phenomenon which they did by using the best quality natural and fresh ingredients which were then infused with intense flavor.

Besides these brands of chips in America, the company also delivers to various other countries like the UK, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, and many more. The classic salted potato chips flavor is very tasty with a balanced amount of salt. It does not feel too greasy either. You can also try other tasty flavors such as Sea Salt and Vinegar, Pepperoncini, Jalapeno, etc.

#6. Wise Foods

Wise Foods Inc. is among the chip brands in America. It is a food, mainly snack, a manufacturing company situated in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It has retail stores in 15 eastern seaboard states and also sells in a few others states like Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc.

The company was initially named Wise Potato Chip Company and was founded by Earl Wise in the year 1927. Earl owned a company named Wise Delicatessen and needed to find a use for the excess potatoes. Thus, he started to sell potato chips under the Wise Potato Chip Company name and initially cooked the chips in his mom’s kitchen and later sold them to customers in a brown paper bag.

His chips were tasty and crunchy and quickly drew lots of customers. His popularity grew and Wise Potato Chip Company became a regional hit. Currently, a Mexican company owns the Wise Foods brand. They have various flavors and these chips are very tasty. The original classic salted flavor rivals that of Lay’s. The amount of grease can turn some people off but it still is a tasty snack that can make that snacky feeling go away deliciously.

#7. UTZ

UTZ is a food manufacturing company of chip brands in America that started a century ago. The founders were Bill and Salie who felt that snacks need to be healthier and should come from the freshest of ingredients with a minimum amount of processing which will, in turn, preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients.

This is why they started UTZ in 1921 to be healthy and tasty food products to customers. They worked hard on the company and had an initial investment of $300. The machine was manually operated and while Sally cooked the chips it was bill who delivered them to farmer’s markets and retailers.

The hand-cooked method produced 50 pounds of chips every hour. They maintained the quality in their brands of chip makers and the company became popular in America. Currently, it is the largest privately-held independent snack food brand in the US. That is a statement about their product.

Types of Chip Brands

Now that we are done with the various topics on chip brands, we will be looking at the types of chip brands because believe me, we need to understand fully the different types of chip brands that we have, so you can make the right choice from the store or market. Below are the types of chip brands we have:

#1. Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion

The nutritional profile of these and Ruffles’ Original are about the same. However, it has 160 calories, 10 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 160 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, 1 g fiber, < 1 g sugar, and 2 g protein. If you grew up on plain potato chips, then sour cream and onion felt like the first real adventure into the wonders of potato chip flavors. They were a little dangerous. Salty! Onions! Velvety sour cream! Sour Cream and Onion were the gateway chip to bigger and bolder flavors.


1 oz serving (approx. 16 chips): 150 calories, 9 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 150 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, >1 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 1 g protein. Not only are these crisps downright addicting, but they have also been splashed with soybean oil, a fat that may increase appetite and slow the rate at which the body burns fat, causing you to pack on the pounds. In fact, researchers have gone so far as to say that when it comes to weight gain, soybean oil may be far worse than sugar, the food world’s current problem child. Lastly, as we all know that it is one of the types of chip brands

#3. Lay’s Classic Chips

There is also one of the known types of chip brands, and are also salty and oily, you’ll find a coating on both your fingers and tongue after just one. They outrank the chips below because you can consume more for the same caloric cost (15 chips vs 10). But we don’t recommend it. 1 oz serving (about 15 chips): 160 calories, 10 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat) 170 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, 1 g fiber, < 1 g sugar, 2 g protein.

#4. Pringles Sour Cream & Onion

1 oz serving (approx. 15 chips): 150 calories, 9 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 180 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 1 g sugars, 1 g protein. The use of soybean oil and MSG drops the rank of these Pringles. MSG increases appetite by blocking the message to the brain that you’ve eaten your fill—hello, abdominal fat! Sour cream and onion again! We’re not the only ones who think Pringles are kinda weird, right? They’re a mix of potato, wheat starch, rice, potato, and cornflour, they’re delicious. There’s a brittle crunch to the chips that work with the perfect thinness and uniform shape. It is found in the market in their chip brand types.

#5. Lay’s Barbecue

In types of chip brands, this brand has 1 oz (about 15 chips): 160 calories, 10 g fat (1.5 g saturated), 150 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 2 g sugars, and 2 g protein. These are an American favorite, especially for the male population. But, Lay’s Barbecue chips? Lay’s are a great salt delivery system. But they’ve always felt too thin for a good barbecue chip. Something about piles of smoked meat and ranch dips calls for a chip with a little heft. You know, like a Kettle Chip.

#6. Ruffles Cheddar And Sour Cream

1 oz serving (about 11 chips): 160 calories, 10 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 180 mg sodium, 15 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 2 g protein. But sodium counts big time. For every extra gram of salt, you eat in a day, that’s a mere ⅕ of a teaspoon, or about what you’ll find in one of those tiny salt packets from the soup shop. Ruffles are the ridged-for-your-pleasure chips that deserve a spot on any pantry shelf. The double hit of cheesy ‘cheddar’ dusting with the smooth sour cream works wonders for this entry. Add in the texture of the ruffle and we have a winner that’s well deserving of the top three.

#7. Cool Ranch Doritos

This is a type of chip brand; however, its power over Nacho Cheese Doritos is a bold choice, for people of the world. On the one hand, Nacho Cheese Doritos is a stone-cold classic. On the other hand, Cool Ranch, yo! Cool Ranch came on the scene in the 1980s and changed the tortilla chip game forever by adding a ranch dressing twist to the corn chip classic.

#8. Tostitos Oven Baked Scoops

In this type of chip brand, 1 oz (about 16 chips): 120 calories, 3 g fat (0.5 g saturated), 140 mg sodium, 22 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 0 g sugar, and 2 g protein. Also jumping on the baking bandwagon is another of Frito-Lay’s most popular snacks, Tostitos Scoops. This baked version has more than 50% less fat than its fried counterpart, with no loss of flavor. Pair a small handful with a diet soda for a just sinful-enough snack.

What Are Pringles Chips?

Pringles is a potato-based crisps brand from the United States.

What Is the Oldest Chip Brand?

The Mike-Potato sell’s Chip Firm, situated in Dayton, Ohio, claims to be the “oldest potato chip company in the United States,” having been established in 1910.

What Is the Hottest Chip Brand?

Carolina Reaper Chip 2023

One eye-watering, obscenely hot chip produced with the world’s hottest peppers.

Who Invented the Chip?

One of the most popular snack foods in the US is the potato chip. The origin story of the snack is intriguing, but potato chip spinoff innovations are equally fascinating. New York’s Saratoga Lake is where the potato chip was created. George Speck, its creator, is the offspring of a Native American mother and an African American father.

Which chip is spicy?

JoloChip. JoloChip was made with the intention of exporting Real Spicy to India. The Bhut Jolokia pepper, from which Jolo gets its name, can be found in the mountains of northeastern India.

There are some popular chip brands that are

  • SunChips
  • Whole Foods 365 chips
  • Zapp’s chips
  • Cheetos chips
  • Wise chips
  • Clancy’s chip
  • Pringles chips

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