CACTUS JACK LOGO: The Meaning and Its History.

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Cactus Jack is a new American brand that debuted in Houston, Texas in 2017. It merges two divisions with similar names: Cactus Jack Records (a recording studio) and Cactus Jack Publishing (a publishing company). This article talks about the green Cactus Jack logo face.

What Does the Cactus Jack Logo Represent?

The Cactus Jack logo is cross-shaped, with the first and second words of the label’s name printed vertically and horizontally. The text, however, is stylized as a cactus, as demonstrated by three lines drawn from above and simulating thorns.

What Exactly Is Cactus Jack?

This is an American record label. It was created by Travis Scott, an American rapper who goes by that stage name. Cactus Jack Records’ primary musical genres are R&B and hip-hop.

Travis Scott founded the Cactus Jack record label. His brand and collaboration are built on an unconventional approach, innovation, and a lack of fear of the unknown. Cactus Jack Records’ fans anticipate new performers as talented as those who have previously signed with Travis’ label.

Travis Scott is the owner of the musical label Cactus Jack. It mostly serves to meet his requirements. It also records other people, but Scott is by far the most successful. Several releases have been made over the course of its existence. Cactus Jack apparel also includes shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, and sneakers.

Travis Scott and his label Cactus Jack are now among the world’s most influential celebrity brands. However, Travis Scott revolutionized advertising, elevating brand collaborations to new heights. Travis has collaborations with a wide range of brands, including Hotwheels children’s automobiles, the online game Fortnite, and the worldwide fast-food giant McDonald’s.

The Cactus Jack Logo History

Travis Scott, a singer, producer, rapper, and composer called Jacques Bermon Webster II, founded the brand, which is represented not only by its creator but also by a crew.

The recording studio was set up so that young singers could try to make a career out of their singing. But the company’s founder said that he tries to help other artists and rock new names by giving them every chance. Huncho Jack, which includes Quavo from Migos, released their debut album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho in December 2017. On the Billboard 200 list, it reached number three.

The recording studio announced the JackBoys album cycle in the fall of 2019. His first collection was released in December of the same year, and it peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 in 2020. Cactus Jack also works with other show business people to assist them to generate high-quality tunes. He embellishes his works with unusual insignia related to the stage name and concept.

More Information

Smokepurpp, real name Omar Pineiro, was the first musician to sign with Cactus Jack Records. Sheck Wes is another artist on the Cactus Jack Records label. Travis Scott’s first album on his Cactus Jack label, “Jackboys,” was released in 2019. The album has seven songs co-written by Young Thug, Pop Smoke, Offset, Quavo, Sheck Wes, DJ Chase B, and Don Toliver. Cactus Jack sells goods in addition to music. 

In 2017, Travis released a range of goods featuring characters from the horror film “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. However, Travis was not the first person to call himself Cactus Jack. Mick Foley, a WWE wrestler, used a similar alias in the 1980s. Still, it is said that Travis’s father, who goes by the name Jack, was the one who encouraged the musician to start a label. Travis is also a native of Texas. Cacti are an important symbol of this state; therefore, he decided not to forget his roots. The Jack component is an abbreviation for Jacques, his given name.

In 2017

Travis Scott revealed in March 2017 that he would be creating his own record label, Cactus Jack Records. But on December 21, Scott and Quavo of the hip-hop group Migos released their first album as Huncho Jack. The album was called Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. The Billboard 200 listed Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho at number three.

Sheck Wes was signed in February 2018 in a collaborative agreement with Interscope Records and Kanye West’s label Good Music. Wes announced his debut studio album, Mudboy, on March 10, and it was released on October 5. Don Toliver was signed to the label later that month after performing on the Astroworld song “Can’t Say.” Mudboy debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200, while Astroworld debuted at number one.

Scott announced the label’s debut compilation album, JackBoys, on November 29, 2019, and it was published on December 27, 2019.

In 2020

Toliver’s debut studio album, Heaven or Hell, was released under the label on March 13, 2020. WondaGurl, a Canadian record producer and close collaborator, secured a worldwide publishing contract with Cactus Jack Publishing and Sony/ATV Music Publishing on July 21, in partnership with her own record label and publishing organization, Wonderchild Music.

Scott announced cooperation between Cactus Jack and the fashion house Dior on June 24, 2021, and its menswear collection was presented the next day on a live stream that also featured fragments of Scott’s upcoming fourth studio album, Utopia.

Toliver and Chase B revealed in late September 2021 that their respective solo projects, Life of a Don and Escapism, will be released in October. On the 8th of the same month, Toliver released Life of a Don.

The main logo is made up of the musician’s inventive nickname, which combines his given name and surname. “Cactus” is written vertically with three strokes at the top. They resemble the thorns that grow on a cactus. The singer’s pseudonym (“Jack”) is stretched horizontally and extends across, joining in the letter “c,” which is shared by both sections.

The inscription is done by hand in written letters that are careless and hurried. The font is primarily upper case (save for the letter “t”), therefore the name is visible and readable despite the messy handwriting. This insignia is shaped like a recording microphone stand. Each sign is distinct.

The squad has a second logo that is designed in the same style as the first. It is handcrafted in a casual design. However, if the first version is text, the second is a picture. It creates a caricature of a person’s face. That is to say, it is a cartoon.

A circle with two lowered short lines instead of eyes is placed on a black background. They appear to represent sadness. The lips are drawn with a single, crooked line that is crossed out in four places with small vertical lines to show that the person can’t talk or express themselves. There are many little strokes of varying heights in the upper half of the circle. This is the hair of a person whose face is visible from the front.

The Emblem’s Font and Colors

The company’s symbol is simply its name organized in the shape of a cross. The second ‘C’ letter in ‘Cactus’ serves as a connection point for two nouns that share it. Each letter is hand-drawn with black lines. It appears to be a conceptual drawing, with irregular lines and skewed proportions. The logo looks like a cross. However, it’s most likely a cactus. There are three lines extending from the top letter that could resemble thorns. A second symbol on the label shows a child with his eyes closed and his lips stitched together. It’s also made with hand-drawn lines, resulting in irregular and disproportionate shapes.

The logo’s creator chose a basic grotesque inscription, with each symbol unique. He did not utilize one of the available fonts but instead created his own to depict his inner world. The color scheme of the symbol is similarly kept as simple as possible, consisting of black and white.

The company employs a one-of-a-kind, handwritten typeface. It appears that a black marker was used to hurriedly write down the name, resulting in oddly formed characters. The characters are oddly spaced and of varied thicknesses. To ensure that the overall insignia seems balanced, the letter “A” in the word “Jack” is smaller and compressed, while the letter “K” is spaced further apart. The color black is a timeless option. It is quite simple, but it exudes elegance, power, and even mystery.

Cactus Jack is the name of a brand founded in 2017 by popular artist Travis Scott. The WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling star submitted a trademark application for Cactus Jack on February 18, according to the USPTO Trademark database.

According to the filing, Mick Foley wants to trademark Cactus Jack for products, specifically hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and other items, as well as general pro wrestling/sports entertainment use. Mick Foley now sells Cactus Jack merchandise on his Pro Wrestling Tees store, thus this is most likely a case of Foley obtaining the trademark to avoid future complications.

The Cactus Jack trademark was previously owned by WWE, with whom Mick Foley has worked on and off since 1996, including multiple matches as Cactus Jack. The organization dropped the trademark in 2010, two years before Foley’s official retirement from the ring at the 2012 Royal Rumble. Despite this, WWE would later try to prevent rapper Travis Scott from trademarking Cactus Jack in 2018, when Scott founded Cactus Jack Records in 2017.

While Mick Foley is also known for his aliases Mankind and Dude Love, Cactus Jack has been his most frequently utilized and favorite persona throughout his career. Cactus Jack appeared in almost 20 promotions, including WCW, ECW, All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCCW, and WWE. His last match as the character came in 2004, when he lost to Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Backlash.

Cactus Jack Is Worth How Much?

Scott’s record label is Cactus Jack. The collaboration between the hip-hop musician and McDonald’s is just the latest evidence of his ability to merge music, fashion, and well-known companies. Take a glimpse at Scott’s $40 million fortune, which includes anything from partnering on clothing lines to presenting video game concerts.

Jack Cactus’s Net Worth in His Brands

Travis Scott is a multi-talented rapper. He composes, produces, and performs music, with hits including “Sicko Mode” and “Antidote.” Cactus Jack Records is Scott’s own record label.

Scott has designed clothing and shoes outside of the music industry, working with prominent brands such as Nike.

Scott will conduct a series of free virtual concerts on the popular video game Fortnite in April 2020. According to Forbes, almost 27 million people tuned in, and the three-day event resulted in a tremendous increase in Cactus Jack merchandise sales.

Scott most recently collaborated with McDonald’s to produce the $6 Travis Scott meal, which includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite. The meal was released on September 8 and will be available till October 4.

Scott released Cactus Jack merchandise inspired by McDonald’s at about the same time. Some of the goods included a $250 pair of denim shorts and a $90 chicken nugget-shaped body pillow. Scott also appears in an ad for the dish.

Travis Scott’s Brand and How He Made His Riches

Travis Scott’s net worth is believed to be at $39.5 million. His income is generated by a combination of music and merchandise production, touring, and collaborations with large businesses such as Nike and the MLB franchise Houston Astros.

Scott was raised in Houston, Texas. He hails from a musical background and has been active in music since high school. He spent two years at the University of Texas in San Antonio before dropping out to focus on his career. From April 2017 through October 2019, Scott was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner. Stormi Webster, the couple’s kid, was born in February 2018.

Scott signed with Epic Records in 2012, and his debut album, “Rodeo,” was released in 2015. He released “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” in 2016, followed by “Astroworld” in 2018. His Astroworld trip in 2019 netted $54 million. Scott’s income is largely derived from his collaborations with major businesses. He launched a month-long deal with McDonald’s in September 2020.

Scott’s new McDonald’s-inspired items under his label, Cactus Jack, special t-shirts for employees, the $6 Travis Scott meal, and a new advertisement featuring Scott and his interpretation of the fast-food chain’s trademark jingle are all part of the cooperation.

While Scott’s relationship is the fast-food chain’s first celebrity meal agreement since Michael Jordan’s McJordan burger in 1992, it is far from Scott’s first. Scott has struck relationships with brands in the fashion, food, and entertainment industries.

Additional Information

Scott had a concert series within the computer game “Fortnite” in April 2020. The first night drew over 12 million players. The virtual Scott-themed goods in the game, on the other hand, were not. According to Billboard, Scott earned approximately $2.5 million from virtual merch sales based on a usual revenue split between Fortnite and Scott.

Over 27 million participants took part in the three-day event, which helped Scott’s Cactus Jack merchandise sales. According to USA Today, in 2019, the rapper collaborated with General Mills to design a box of Reese’s Puffs. The $50 limited edition boxes were gone in less than 30 seconds.

In January 2017, Scott designed apparel for the minimalist fashion label, Helmut Lang. This capsule collection includes 19 items ranging in price from $175 to $1,715, including shirts, shoes, jeans, and jackets.

Scott is also well-known for his numerous Nike collaborations since 2017. He has revamped classic Nike models such as the Air Force 1, Jordan 6, and Dunk. Scott worked with his hometown team, the Houston Astros, to create a limited-edition baseball cap in 2019.

Since 2013, the producer and performer have been nominated for seven Grammy Awards. Scott’s “Astroworld” sold 270,000 copies and received 349 million streams in 2018. “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” sold 88,000 copies in its first week two years ago.

Following Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protests in 2019, Scott faced fire for performing at the Super Bowl. Scott donated $500,000 to Dream Corps, a nonprofit organization, and other efforts in collaboration with the NFL.

What Does Cactus Jack Stand For?

Cactus jack is just a typical term given to some people that sound dope, such as wrestler Mick Foley, who also went by “mankind” and “cactus jack.” As for la flame, Travis is simply saying his music is fire, so he calls himself la flame, which translates to “The Flame,” which he is.

The green Cactus Jack Logo Tee was designed by Travis Scott. The regular price is $90.00, but it is on sale for $95.00 and is available in all sizes of the green Cactus Jack logo. Click here for additional details about the green Cactus Jack logo.

Cactus Jack Logo Face

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More information about the cactus Jack face logo can be found here.

Who Is the Real Cactus Jack?

Travis Scott, previously known as Cactus Jack, has established himself as one of music’s most significant figures. To his devotees, his fame goes much deeper than music.

Travis, born Jacques Webster, was raised in the Houston area and has remained close to his roots. He just gave $100,000 to Workshop Houston, a non-profit after-school program that allows children to express themselves creatively. 

Travis can be found representing his hometown at practically any major athletic event in Houston. This is one of the many reasons Travis has fans all across the world. He has remained true to his roots and has given back to his community. He was even awarded the key to the city of Houston.

Travis began selling beats to producers in Los Angeles to make a living while sleeping on a friend’s couch. He caught the attention of hip-hop legend T.I. and was put on a plane to New York to see Kanye West.

Thanks to his mixtape Days Before Rodeo, Travis rose to prominence. With over one billion streams on Apple Music, his recent album, Astroworld, became one of the most listened-to albums of all time. The album was named after the Six Flags Astroworld amusement park, which closed on October 30, 2005. His intention with the album was to take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster similar to what the amusement park did to him as a child. Sicko Mode became the album’s most-hit track, spending 30 weeks in the Billboard top 10, an unprecedented feat.

Concerning His Song

His Netflix special Look Mom I Can Fly takes viewers behind the scenes of his life and journey to the top. The special depicts Travis’s studio process as well as scenes from his tour Astroworld: Wish You Were Here. It chronicles his participation in two of the year’s most important events, the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards. It also depicts his relationship with Kylie Jenner and the birth of Stormi, their daughter.

Travis has always said that Kid Cudi was one of his biggest influences, and the two worked together on the song “Through the Late Night.” This song was included on his second number-one album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Travis pays homage to Cudi in the song by including the following lyrics:

“Day and night”

I toss and turn at night. Mind, I maintain stress in my mind.

I crave tranquility, but I can’t always keep it.

Come out and play at night to join a rage.”

“Day ‘n’ Nite” is Cudi’s biggest hit, and the song let individuals who were going through tough times know they weren’t alone. Kid Cudi’s admirers dubbed themselves “Ragers,” and one of them was a young child named Jacques Webster. Travis stated in an interview, “In my entire career, all I wanted was acceptance from Kid Cudi; I don’t care about anything else!” This guy literally saved my life.” Travis has followed in the footsteps of Kid Cudi by allowing his fans to forge their own path…..

Cactus Jack’s Transformation

Born in Trenton, Missouri, in 1923, he served as a US Army staff sergeant during WWII and by 1955 was on the air as “Cactus Jack” on KDRO in Sedalia, where he presented both country music radio and television shows.

On weekdays, his radio broadcast began just after 6 a.m. and lasted all day. On Sundays at 7 p.m., he presented “Cactus Jack’s General Store,” a half-hour television program for which he built the set.

He read the news, the weather, and cue cards. He also interacted with the general public. The Byrd Brothers and the Drifting Tennesseans were featured in a newspaper advertisement for an April 1955 dance at the Double B Corral, one mile south of Sedalia on US 65. It also noted “Cactus Jack On The Drums,” which was an added bonus.

According to Dan Call, his father established a reputation as a buddy of younger singers hoping to break in through such appearances. “He functioned as a master of ceremonies at country music performances,” he remarked, “though that is probably an overstatement.” “He’d done it more in tiny places, most likely pubs.”

“However, he was adamant about it. He was enthusiastic about his work as well as dedicated himself towards it.” By 1957, his father had relocated to KCKN, 1340 on the AM dial in Kansas City. “Cactus Jack” became a part of a long-cherished Kansas City broadcast heritage by playing country music on the air.

From the late 1930s to the mid-1950s, KMBC-AM broadcasted a Saturday night country music revue known as “The Brush Creek Follies.”

Additional Information

During the 1950s, KCKN was one of the country music radio stations run by Cy Blumenthal, who is widely regarded as the first entrepreneur to establish a network of large-market country stations.

However, the industry was fluid for disc jockeys.

Ted Cramer, a Country Radio Hall of Fame member and Jack Call’s competitor in the 1950s and 1960s, can attest to the high instability of the Kansas City radio market during those years.

KCKN thrived during and after WWII by playing big band music as well as soloists such as Rosemary Clooney and Jo Stafford in the early 1950s.

However, KCKN suffered when Todd Storz of Storz Broadcasting, widely regarded as the pioneer of the Top 40 pop music radio format, purchased Kansas City’s WHB in 1954. Storz hired high-profile disc jockeys from KCKN and quickly dominated the local AM radio station.

KCKN’s owner, the estate of former Kansas Senator Arthur Capper, who died in 1951, eventually sold the station. Blumenthal, a country radio mogul, eventually purchased the station in 1957.

Cramer stated, “Cy hired Jack Call as his first program director at KCKN.”

KCKN made a country impression with Call. Blumenthal, according to Cramer, ordered an advertising blitz that included advertisements in The Kansas City Star-Times as well as billboards around town. KCKN quickly disseminated flyers promoting its “Fabulous Fifty,” or top 50 country music, a homage to WHB’s Top 40 format.

The KCKN hit surveys included images of the KCKN disc jockeys, including Jack Call, who was dressed in a cowboy hat and sat behind a microphone.

What Does Cactus Jack Logo Mean?

The name of the record label is spelled out with the first word written in a vertical orientation and the second word written in a horizontal orientation within the cross-shaped Cactus Jack emblem. However, the inscription is designed to look like a cactus rather than a cross, as shown by the fact that it has three lines coming down from above and resembling thorns.

What Is This Cactus Jack Thing?

Cactus Jack is a brand name that is used for a wide variety of products, ranging from souvenirs to athletic shoes and casual wear.

Is Travis Scott a Cactus Jack?

Actually, Jacques Bermon Webster II is the real name of the American rapper who goes by the stage name Travis Scott. And the name of his record label is Cactus Jack Records.

Is the Cactus Jack Logo a Cross?

The minimalistic and monochromatic logo shows a crossed inscription, with the word “Cactus” written vertically, and the word “Jack” crossing it horizontally in the upper portion, with both words sharing the second letter “C.”

Where Did Cactus Jack Originate?

Travis Scott, better known by his stage name Cactus Jack, has emerged as one of the most important musicians in the annals of music history. His appeal resonates with his fans on a level that goes well beyond music. Travis, whose birth name was Jacques Webster, spent his childhood in the Houston area of Texas and has never abandoned his Southern heritage.

How Much Is Cactus Jack Worth?

The name of Scott’s record label is Cactus Jack. The hip-hop artist’s recent collaboration with McDonald’s serves as the most recent illustration of his ability to successfully combine music, fashion, and well-known brands. Learn how Scott made his fortune of $40 million, which included collaborating on clothing lines and hosting video game concerts, by taking a look inside his business.

How Did Travis Scott Get Cactus Jack?

Wrestling News states that Foley chose the name “Jack” as a way to honor and pay respect to his late father. In a similar vein, DJ Premier disclosed that the inspiration for Cactus Jack came from Travis Scott’s father, who also goes by the name Jack. WWE does not currently hold an active trademark for the Cactus Jack character.


Travis Scott, previously known as Cactus Jack, has established himself as one of music’s most significant figures. To his devotees, his fame goes much deeper than music. Travis, born Jacques Webster, was raised in the Houston area and has remained close to his roots.

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