Best Gel Nail Polish Brands: Comprehensive List Of The Best Brands

Best Nail Gel Polish Brands
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Gel manicure has become something of interest to most women all over the globe. Some take part in it by going to the salon, while others resort to doing it themselves in the comfort of their homes. Whichever one, regardless, it is only natural to know the best gel nail polish brands to consult to achieve your desired manicure finish.

Subsequently, this post will be discussing the list of best gel nail brands used in the salon and at home respectively.

List of Gel Nail Brands Polish Used in The Salon

To further buttress our previous post on gel nail brands, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best gel nail brands used in the salon. 

#1. Kiara sky gel brand: 

Kiara Sky is the first on the list of best brands that produce odorless gel nail polish. The reason their products are so popular is this: The manicure results are professional, and the choice of colors available is astonishing. 

Their polishes require a two-step application process. First, the color coat before the topcoat, hence, the gel polish manicure does not require a foundation coat, because the base coat is already inside the color polish. So, you can just go ahead and apply gel paint to your client’s natural nails without first applying a base layer. Each application cures for 30 seconds with an LED but a few minutes with a UV lamp before removing with an acetone-based remover.

Kiara Sky produces a wide range of colors, including special effects and glitter finishes. It’s a significant advantage for folks who like to have a wide range of colors at their disposal. Besides, their polishes are all cruelty-free, made in the United States, and never tested on animals by the company.

#2. Bio Seaweed:

Bio Seaweed is a family-owned brand that produces non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free gel nail polish for salon usage. Their nail products are created in the United States and are free of the big five. In other words, they do not include Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA, or Camphor. 

In case you’re wondering,  the name “Seaweed” does not imply that the polishes are composed of seaweed. Water is used in the formulation of Bio Seaweed professional gel nail paint. According to the manufacturer, it does not damage or dehydrate your nails, but rather feeds them with vitamins to make them stronger.

Bio Seaweed requires a three-step application process: base coat, color coat, and topcoat. The topcoat does not leave a sticky coating on the skin. As a result, you don’t have to wipe it, which is a bonus. Also, there is no need for you or your clients to undertake another time-consuming step in the manicure procedure. Shake well before use before applying one thin coat and do not cap the free edge. And, cure for 1 minute in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.

#3. Orly GelFX:

Orly is among the list of gel nail polish brands for salon usage. Their polishes contain vitamins A, E, and B5. So, according to the maker, this gel nail lacquer preserves and strengthens your nails. It’s the most non-toxic gel nail polish on this list because it’s 12-free. That means it’s free of the most harmful toxins and unpleasant components, according to its ingredient list. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free

However, it must be applied in three steps: base-color-top, with each layer curing under an LED or UV lamp. Also, you must use the GelFX primer before applying the base coat, and you must wipe away the sticky residue after applying the topcoat. The Orly GelFX Builder in a Bottle is part of this nail paint collection. For the best salon manicure experience, this should be applied in two coats over the sculpted nail and curing 30 seconds between each coat. 

On the downside, because it lacks numerous functioning chemical constituents, Orly GelFx nail lacquer, for example, is prone to chipping and peeling, not to mention more complicated to remove than the other polishes on this list. This brand of gel nail polish is for those who prefer shorter length days of carriage. 

#4. EZ Flow TruGel:

EZ Flow creates products for hair and beauty artists. It’s also one of the most popular gel nail polish brands among nail technicians in salons. Their TruGel is a typical professional brush-on gel nail polish that can be applied over a base coat and finished with a topcoat. All of these layers can cure in a UV/LED lamp.

Furthermore, this polish reflects a fantastic topcoat and high gloss, as well as a lovely spectrum of delectable shades. It has the most brilliant reds and the shiniest top coat of any of the greatest gel nail paints listed. You can wear it for up to three weeks. TruGel is simple to soak off in about 10 minutes with acetone remover.

#5. Mia Secret Gelux:

Mia Secret is a company in the US that creates high-quality products for the manicure, spa, and eyelash sectors. The company is popular for its high-quality acrylic powders and acrylic kits. Mia Secret’s Gelux is a long-lasting soak-off gel nail polish that requires UV/LED curing on both natural/artificial nails. It can even last for up to two weeks if applied properly. 

The application process, on the other hand, requires more than three steps, which is significantly unusual. Therefore, before applying the base coat, clean the nail plate with a cleanser, then apply a primer and let it dry. Secondly,  apply the color coat and topcoat, and wipe away the sticky layer. This is among gel polish nail brands that are better used in the salon than at home because of its longer and more difficult application procedure

#6. Shellac CND:

Shellac CND is one of the most well-known professional gel nail polish brands used in the salon. It’s a popular choice for celebrities to wear on the red carpet. Shellac is a premium gel nail polish with a non-toxic formula. According to CND, it doesn’t affect your nails. Many professional nail techs say that Shellac products cause fewer adverse responses in their clients than professional gel nail polish from other brands.

During application, use the usual three-step gel nail polish technique. Begin with the base coat, then add two layers of color polish, and finish with the topcoat. Each application of shellac requires a UV lamp. This allows you to complete the manicure faster with no additional preparation processes. However, the topcoat requires 100% Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe off the sticky parts after curing. 

Furthermore, the CND shellac gel brand has over 150 colors to choose from to perform magic on your clients’ nails.

#7. Bettles:

Another of the several gel nail polish brands that can be used in the salon for the best manicure experience is Beetles. This is a Chinese company that makes gel nail polishes, as well as other manicure products and accessories. They sell their polishes in large and small sets and beginner packages that include a UV/LED lamp.

Additionally, these sets are an excellent starting point for salon-level manicures. Even more, the variety of colors available to Bettles is astounding, with unique effects. Beetles gel polishes are certified 7-free non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are also low odor, which is great for clients who can’t stand the strong chemical smells of nail products.

#8. Sally Hansen Gel:

Sally Hansen is a gel nail brand that is still popular today. It is one of the professional gel nail polish brands that can be used in the salon or at home. Other beauty items, such as hair removal strips, are also manufactured by the brand. Similar to Essie Gel Couture, the brand polishes are shinier and more chip-resistant than most standard polishes. Above all, the brand offers a wide choice of colors, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

During application, it doesn’t require the base coat, just apply the color polish and one coat of the topcoat. Moreover, you won’t even need an LED or UV lamp to dry the Miracle Gel. Although you may need to clean your nails a little before applying the polish to prevent them from peeling. In the same way, it does not need soaking or cleaning in the process of removal, so, it’s that simple to apply at home too.

#9. Gelish: 

Finally, on the list of best gel nail polish brands used in the salon, we have Gelish. It was one of the first soak-off professional gel nail polish brands to hit the market, and as such was the first to include a brush. As a result, it is one of the most durable gel nail polishes on the market, which is a great success by the way. 

Gelish gel polish has a 3-step application technique, similar to CND Shellac, which is its major competitor among professional gel nail polish brands used in a salon. Like Shellac, it necessitates the use of a nail cleaner. However, unlike Shellac, Gelish requires a more thorough preparation of the nail plate, which takes a little longer than required.

.For the most part, the Gelish collection offers over 200 different shades. Now, that’s just about enough to express your originality and keep your client’s coming. 

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Best At-Home Gel Nail Polish Brand

You can certainly perform your gel manicure at home. People these days do their manicures, which in turn saves the cost of going to the salon every two to three weeks. Below, you will find the best gel nail polish brand for your home use

#1. Essie Gel Polish:

First on the list of brands of gel nail polish to consult for your manicure experience at home is Essie. This brand has been a color authority and nails luxury leader for over 35 years. Also, with an award-winning assortment of nail colors and manicure care products, they offer you high-quality standards.

Gel couture is Essie’s long-wear nail polish with a gel-like gloss. With this 2-step chip-resistant product, you’ll look and feel like you just left the salon. In addition, there is no base coat, no harsh removal, and no compromise. It produces a gel-like finish, according to 90% of customer reviews.

#2. DND:

DND brand offers the best home gel nail polish products for the best manicure experience. Their gel nail paints come in duo packs that include both gel and regular nail polish in the same hue. However, the duo pack gel polishes use the same three-step application and soak-off removal technique as other gel polishes. That is, apply a base coat, a color coat, and a top coat, curing each layer using an LED or UV lamp.  

Again, DND gel polish lasts for about 2-3 weeks without chipping or peeling. And If you need to apply your polish fast and don’t want to wear it for too long, you can use the standard polish from the same box to coat your nails. As a result, it is perfect for both salon nail technicians and at-home usage.

#3. Gel II:

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite polish if you’ve never heard of the Gel II Couture collection. It’s primarily the brand for a home gel nail polish —no UV lamps, no heavy equipment, and very little drying time.

As stated earlier, Gel II is one of the best home gel nail polish brands. Given that it is a 2-step gel nail polish with the base coat blended in, it wears longer than some regular 3-step finishes. Of course, you must use a dehydrator and primer during the nail prep procedures to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

#4. IBD:

Still, on the progressive list of best at-home gel nail polish brands, we present to you the IBD. For more than four decades, IBD (International Beauty Design) has been producing the best nail products. Though the company’s most famous product is its line of incredible building gels, however, their gel nail polish is also a top product in the nail realm.

It’s opaque, lasts a long time, and, like all of the UV polishes on our list, cures under UV and LED nail lamps. IBD gel nail polish is available in a wide range of colors. Furthermore, it also comes with a handy brush that allows you to paint it on smoothly in three strokes. It is simple to apply in a thin layer, allowing you to cure and remove it with ease.

#5. Red Carpet:

Nail Alliance, the same firm that makes Gelish, manufactures Red Carpet. It’s their more approachable entry-level product than Gelish. As a result, Red Carpet is an excellent polish for do-it-yourself projects at home. 

Red Carpet polishes are available in a starter kit that includes a basic LED nail lamp, base coat, top coat, manicure tools, and nail prep materials. So, you may enjoy a full salon experience with this gel nail polish brand within the comfort of your own home. The polish’s disadvantage, nevertheless, is that it is soft and requires multiple applications for complete coverage. Also, it’s thicker than professional gel nail paints, making thin coats more difficult to apply.

#6. Born Pretty:

Born Pretty is a Chinese maker of gel nail paints, stamping pads, and other nail design items. Their magnetic cat-eye gel nail paints are their most intriguing offering. Cat-eye chameleon, on the other hand, takes a little longer to apply, but they look incredibly colorful and cool. 

To summarize, apply the base coat, then a layer of black gel polish, followed by a coating of magnetic polish. And, before curing the magnetic layer, hold a specific magnetic stick over your nails for 10-15 seconds, and then cure instantly. Then, apply the Born Pretty no wipe top coat afterward and behold an effect so incredible!  

Also, this brand of gel nail polish is very easy to use for beginners and at home. The disadvantage of this set of polishes is that they come in little jars with no brushes, as hard gels normally do. As a result, you’ll need to purchase a nail art brush to apply them. Furthermore, these polishes do not stay as long as some other professional gel nail paint brands.

#7. Deborah Lippman:

Maybe you’re more concerned by the salon’s regular queue than by the monetary expense, so you chose to do it yourself. Deborah Lippman is among the gel nail polish brands for the best at-home manicure. Here’s a company that refuses to use harmful ingredients in its gel nail lacquer. Especially, if you’re pregnant or chemically sensitive, this one-of-a-kind “seven-free” blend is well worth the money.

Furthermore, it contains unusual components that benefit the health of your nails. It contains, for example, rice protein, keratin, evening primrose, and green tea. Still, there is also bamboo and carnauba wax to improve gloss and wear time.

What is better than a gel manicure?

Each nail color is applied to your nails by dipping them into a pigmented powder after a clear liquid mixture has been applied. SNS, the most widely used kind, is promoted as “better for your nails” than any other longwear lacquer, including gel.

What is the healthiest nail option?

Instead of acrylic nails, go with soak-off gel nails. Although gel nails are more flexible than acrylic nails, they can nevertheless lead to nail brittleness, peeling, and splitting. Thus, there is a lower chance of your own nails breaking. Instead of gel nails that need to be filed off, you should request ones that soak off.

What is the healthiest manicure for your nails?

Your nails will be in the best shape with a simple manicure and the correct polishes. When we refer to the “correct polishes,” we mean the nail lacquer that promotes healthy nail growth or is permeable. Our nails often deteriorate due to the harsh chemicals in many polishes. The best technique to prevent damage is to use a vitamin-rich organic polish.

Which is more damaging to nails gel or dip?

As a result, professional nail products, whether they are gel or dip powder, are equally good for the nails. The fact that neither dip powder nor gel by nature harms the nail is actually the most crucial thing to understand. Instead, incorrectly applying or removing nail coatings might result in harm.

How often should you get a gel manicure?

Most gel customers can go 3–4 weeks without needing a fill. Start off with 2-week intervals, though, until you can see how she is adjusting to her nails. The intervals can eventually be increased to three or four weeks. Consistency and routine appointments are crucial.


As a professional manicurist or DIY expert, I hope you found the gel nail polish brands listed above useful and will try them.


This article should NOT be used as a guide for purchase, it’s solely for informational purposes. We thereby emphasize that we do NOT endorse any of the brands in this post. They are subject to your choice of decision and verification. We are not sponsored by any of the brands and the information provided here is to the best of our knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Gel Nail Color?

Truly, all three experts have agreed that reds, neutrals, and traditional French manicure colors are the most popular, followed by bursts of neon in the summer and somber ’90s colors.

Can You Use a Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light?

Gel nail polishes have become increasingly popular for their quick drying time and long-lasting wear. While only an LED lamp can cure your polish as quickly and effectively as a UV light, using non-UV gel polish, applying a drying agent, or soaking your nails in ice water could work as well.

Can I Bring My Own Gel Polish To The Salon?

You must be aware that most nail salons are happy for you to bring your own nail polish to their salons, and it doesn’t usually pose an issue. It is perfectly acceptable to bring your own nail polish to a nail salon if you wish to, so don’t feel rude or unaccepted.

Is Gel Polish Bad For Your Nails?

Gel manicures can cause nail fragility, peeling, and cracking, and repeated use can increase the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands. 

Can I Use Gel Polish Like Regular Polish?

The regular polish dries on its own, however, gel polish necessitates the use of a lamp and will not cure unless it is sat under the lamp. Apply a gel base coat, cure it, then apply ordinary polish and wait for it to dry completely before applying a gel top coat and curing it. This makes the mani stay longer and eliminates the need to purchase a gel color.

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