DODGE LOGO: How and Why Did Dodge and Ram Split?

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Dodge is one of the most well-known brands, and its cars are made with conservatives and wealthy people in mind. However, Dodge, on the other hand, is the company whose logo has changed the most and the most drastically over time. In addition, the Dodge logo is a mix of cold metal and hot racing passion. The Dodge logo shows how sophisticated and smooth the car’s body lines are, as well as how committed the company is to making products that are both easy to use and very effective. Also, Dodge’s lineup has changed over time. Cars made 20 years ago are different from those made today. The brand’s new look may confuse some longtime customers. The Dodge logo and the hood ornaments sometimes depict a star, a crest, and a ram’s head. In this article, we will discuss the story of the old, new, and original Dodge logo.

The Brief History of Dodge

Dodge automobiles are manufactured in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and the Dodge brand is a part of Stellantis. Dodge cars are now considered to be Chrysler’s upper-middle-range brand, but in the past, they were priced below Plymouth. Also, John and Horace Dodge set up Dodge Brothers Inc. in Detroit, Michigan, in July 1914. Before starting their own car company, the brothers put money into and made engines for Ford Motor Co. for 10 years. The Ford brothers made almost every part of their cars themselves, except for the seats and tires.

More than that, the Dodge brothers were the first to mass-produce an all-steel touring car. Only 249 of these cars were made in 1914, with the first being driven by a man named Guy Ameel. By the end of 1915, more than 45,000 Dodge cars had been manufactured and sold. They had the best first-year sales record of any new vehicle manufacturer and were the third highest-selling automaker in the United States in their first full year of production.

The Dodge Brothers were attending the 1920 New York Automobile Show when tragedy struck. Horace’s condition deteriorated rapidly as he battled pneumonia. John caught pneumonia while visiting his sick friend in the hospital. Furthermore, John went away after 10 days. After John died, Horace stayed alive for a while, but his injuries eventually killed him.

Dodge After the Dodge Brothers

The company was sold to Walter Chrysler for $175 million in 1928. Even after the acquisition, Dodge maintained its identity and flourished. During Chrysler’s time in charge, Dodge’s quality kept getting better because the company put more effort into mass production, new designs, and cutting-edge technologies. By this point, the company had shortened its name from “Dodge Brothers” to simply “Dodge” and had built its first eight-cylinder engine.

Also, Dodge cars became higher and more boxy over time after WWII, when the company’s resources were used to make things for the war. In the decades that followed, as Dodge added more powerful and stylish cars to its line, it became known as Chrysler’s performance brand.

But in the late 1960s, Dodge joined the NASCAR racing circuit and the “muscle car” market, where it stayed until the early 1980s. The Dodge Charger became and continues to be an extremely popular automobile. Dodge’s next big step was the launch of the tiny vehicle, as well as the ever-popular Caravan and truck series. Today, Dodge is still one of the most popular truck brands on the market, with a wide selection of models and engines. Dodge cars are still bought by millions of people around the world because they are known for being reliable.

Dodge Logo Overview

The Dodge brothers, Horace and John, were the inspiration for the company’s name. However, in 1899, they established their factory to produce bicycles. After figuring out that making Ford parts in large quantities would make more money, the company made the necessary change. Dodge Brothers’ first car hit the market in 1914, and the name immediately rose to prominence. When Horace and John passed away six years later from the Spanish flu epidemic, their heirs sold the company. The Chrysler Corporation has controlled the business since its inception in 1928.

Dodge makes cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and commercial vans right now, and they are sold all over the world. However, the North American market accounts for the vast majority of Dodge brand sales.

  • Founded in 1900
  • John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge founded the company
  • The main office is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA.

Dodge Logo Meaning and History

There was a plethora of Dodge brand logos. Each car model had its own unique set of grille Dodge logos. However, many cultural landmarks from the last century are now long forgotten. In 1946, the Dodge family crest was the first of its kind to appear on the front of a car. Furthermore, the mountain goat head, which is the most well-known Dodge logo in the history of the company, was designed in 1951 after the hood mascot proved to be a big hit. However, they have recently abandoned that look in the Dodge logo in favor of a straightforward wordmark.

The original Dodge logo created more than a century and a half ago, looked nothing like the modern version. The original Dodge logo, on the other hand, looked like a star with six points made up of two triangles that were locked together. In a circle around it, the words “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles” were written.

Furthermore, the star’s center had an entwined “D” and “B,” which may have stood for “Dodge Brothers.” Even though the corporation stopped using this brand name beginning in 1929 and 1930, the “DB” identification remained in the brand’s emblem for the majority of the 1930s.

Dodge first began using the now-iconic “leaping ram” logo at the front of their cars around the year 1932. Over the course of a decade, the Dodge logo became more and more important, and by 1940, it had clearly replaced the star logo. But since it was first made, the ram has gone through a few changes. For example, in 1951, the logo was just the ram’s head with its curving horns. The ram’s head logo for Dodge cars was officially taken off the cars for the 1955 model year. However, it would return many years later.

Dodge Logo Evolution 1910- 1968

The original Dodge logo was a circle that looked like a bumper sticker or other car accessory. However, the Dodge Brothers’ initials, “D” and “B,” were engraved within as a monogram.

A new Dodge logo was used by the company in 1914 when it began mass-producing passenger automobiles. The focal point is a star with six rays, created by two triangles that cross over one another. But the globe was just a background for the geometric figure, which was supposed to show that Dodge was known all over the world. A black border around the map reads “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles.” The star’s nucleus now features a modified “DB” monogram.

Furthermore, black “Dodge” letters became the Dodge logo after the term “Brothers” was removed from the titles of its trucks and cars. A bold, rectangular font with rounded corners was employed in the design process. 

The first issue of Forward Look came out in 1955. At the same time, everyone noticed the original Dodge logo that Virgil Exner had been working on. A pair of multicolored boomerangs (black and red) were overlaid on top of one another. Evolution, motion, and technical advancement were all represented by them. Due to Chrysler’s role in the space program as a rocket manufacturer, the Dodge logo became closely identified with rockets and rocket propulsion systems.

In 1962, the first Custom 880 and Polara 500 cars had the stylized triangle that is the Fratzog logo. The Dodge logo resembled three stacked arrowheads, each pointing in a different direction. However, the creator of this design was thinking of the hub and wheel when making it. And he gave himself the meaningless moniker Fratzog at management’s urging.

Brand Evolution Continues 1968- Till Date

The red wordmark in bold italics has been used for decades. The typeface is a Plymouth clone. The gentle incline implied quick movement. However, the inscription was updated to include the Pentastar Dodge logo, a pentagon with a slim five-pointed star at its center. The team of Lippincott & Marguiles designed it exclusively for Chrysler. This logo was blue for Chrysler only, while it was red for Dodge.

Furthermore, using the ram’s head as the Dodge logo dates back to 1993. In 1932, the first Dodge cars came out with a logo of a jumping ram. By 1951, only the ram’s head remained. Then they went on for a while without thinking about him. When the traditional logo made a comeback, its designers showed a long-horned argali inside a white shield with a red outline and added the word “Dodge” in black at the bottom.

Ram Trucks used to be a part of Chrysler. In 2010, it became its own company, and the head of a ram became its logo. The advertising firm Wieden & Kennedy created a new logo for Dodge, which consists of silver letters with two red diagonal stripes at the end. Furthermore, the new Dodge logo, with two slanted lines that represent speed and agility, embodies the brand’s athletic spirit.

What is the Dodge Symbol and Slogan?

Since 1994, the sleek head of a ram has represented the company as a sign of quality and style. However,  the discussion focuses in part on the astrological sign of Aries, which, according to company lore, served as a lucky charm for the Dodge brothers. In part, this is because the brand is conservative and, as the saying goes, stubbornly upholds its traditions. And one tradition that gives the name a lot of value is the dedication to and practice of careful car safety. In today’s Dodge logo, the brand name is front and center. The name is emphasized by diagonal lines, which also convey a sense of progress. After all, a line might be a chic way to divide a road.

To this day, the company’s slogan is “Never neutral.”

The Dodge Logo Font and Color Scheme

The main Dodge badge is a stylized extended uppercase logo in a strong, futuristic sans-serif font, with letters that look stretched but are still stable and balanced. The Dodge logo features a font that is most similar to Ordin Rounded, with a few tweaks to the curves.

Also, Dodge’s visual identity is based on a color scheme that combines the different tones of silver metallic, and red. Together, these colors stand for power and passion, skill and bravery, tradition and new ideas. Furthermore, the Dodge logo was developed from the brand name, thus the font had to be carefully considered. The version from 1994 was “flattened” even further, and the document was unified. The logo’s designers moved away from the square-friendly lettering and toward the more graphic signs, which were stretched horizontally.

At the moment, the Dodge logo is mostly used in metallic silver (for the font) and red (for the diagonal lines on the right side). However, the color silver has long been associated with loyalty to established norms and a drive toward technological excellence, whereas the color red has come to represent a more assertive marketing stance and a sense of speed and force.

Why Is the Dodge Logo a Ram?

A ram-shaped hood ornament, which was popular in the 1930s and again in the 1970s, can be found on many cars and trucks, even heavy-duty tractors. However, as history may have it, Avard T. Fairbanks came up with the ram radiator cap in the 1920s. When Fairbanks questioned Chrysler about what he would think if he saw a ram in the wild, Chrysler expressed doubt about the proposal. Dodge’s retort of “Dodge!” was spot-on.

Aries’ ancient symbol, the Ram, connotes leadership, power, bravery, and virility.

After incorporating a ram’s head into their new pickup truck logo, Dodge began marketing them as RAM. By the 1990s, hood ornaments were no longer popular, so the ram’s head had to be changed into a standard logo that was easy to remember. As a result, from 1993 through 2010, the Ram logo appeared on virtually every Dodge vehicle.


Furthermore, after Fiat’s 2009 purchase of Chrysler, RAM was spun out as a separate brand. Dodge no longer used the logo for their vehicles because RAM felt it better represented the rugged durability and capability of their pickups.

A pentagon with a five-pointed star inserted into its center best describes this shape. It’s one of the most emblematic of the company, and it dates back to the 1960s. Dodge’s Pentastar logo is red, while Chrysler’s is blue to help customers tell them apart.

Interesting Facts About the Dodge Company

Dodge is a well-known car company that makes high-quality cars with the latest safety and entertainment features. However, the Charger and the Challenger are only two of the brand’s well-known sports and muscle vehicle lines. This century-old company has an intriguing history, but it also has an impressive lineup. Here are some of the fascinating facts about Dodge.

#1. The First Dodge Model 30 Was Built on Steel Frame

In 1914, Dodge introduced the first Model 30 automobile to the market. It had four cylinders, and a sliding gear transmission, and was made of steel throughout. Most cars at the time still had wooden frames, so the metal body was a real standout. It had a steel body and a unique hexagonal window for its period.

#2. Dodge Cars Were Used in the First “Mechanical” Cavalry in Us History

In 1916, Lt. George Patton Jr. led the first motorized cavalry attack in the history of the U.S. Army. He did this against Pancho Villa. He only brought 15 troops and three Dodge touring cars. As it turned out, Villa was killed by a pumpkin seed vendor driving a 1919 Dodge Roadster. Later, during World War II, Dodge made cars and trucks for the military. They also made engines for the B29 Superfortress at a special facility in Chicago. Patton did a couple of things as well throughout that battle.

#3. The Ultimate Dodge Challenger

Dodge’s Challenger lineup is widely regarded as one of the company’s all-time best. The first generation of this car appeared in the 1970s, with a powerful V8 engine. A shaker hood scoop, certain hues of paint, and dual tailpipes are just a few of the extras that can be added at your discretion.

To this day, it remains one of the most sought-after pre-owned American automobiles in the UAE. But Challenger’s success is mostly due to the fact that the design of its cars has stayed the same from generation to generation.

#4. The Dodge Logo Was Something Called the Fratzog for Two Decades

From 1962 through 1981, the Dodge logo was a “Fratzog,” a geometric configuration of three interlocking triangles. According to legend, the logo’s creator made up the term “complete Fratzog move” when no one else could come up with a suitable moniker.

#5. In the Celebrity World, Dodge Is a Top Pick

Dodges are often seen in Hollywood movies, and many famous people from other countries also like to drive them. Some famous people who drive Dodges include JB Smoove, Amber Marshall, Kenny Wayne, John Teller, Jim Jefferies, and Vin Diesel.

However, the most impressive information regarding Dodge is presented here. Since its founding in the early 1900s, Dodge has come a long way. The company made its name in the industry by producing high-performance vehicles. 

#6. The Alliance Between Dodge and Ford

As was already established, the Dodge brothers used to produce vehicle parts for major manufacturers like Ford in the early days of their business. They were well known at the time for making Ford’s engines and transmissions.

Henry Ford couldn’t pay the Dodge brothers in full with cash because he didn’t have enough money, so he gave them stock in the Ford Motor Company. However, the Dodge brothers resold these shares to Henry for $25,000,000 later that year, in 1919. Sadly, the Dodge brothers passed away in 1920, just a short time after establishing their own company.

#7. Even Before Dodge Automobiles Were Built, They Were in High Demand

Before the Dodge brothers showed the details of their first self-driving car in November 1914, over 22,000 people who wanted to be rich wanted to own a Dodge dealership. This was just based on how well-known the brothers were. Dodge soon became one of America’s best-selling companies because of its privileged employees.

#8. Dodge Manufacture Winter Vehicles

Dodge was one of the first car companies to promote the idea of winter-ready cars. rollover-proof winter car with a fold-down hard top and snap-on side windows. Dodge’s efforts to stand out in the industry are helped by the fact that the brand is committed to always trying new things with design and vehicle body types.

#9. The Sports Cars From Dodge

Dodge sports cars have a stellar reputation worldwide. But the company has made a number of lines of cars that are known for their quick acceleration and sleek, athletic looks.

In 1964, Dodge released the Charger, the first in its model line to fall into this classification. A powerful V8 engine can make up to 470 horsepower in this two-door muscle car series. The fact that 11 different generations of the Dodge Charger have been made and sold shows how popular the series is.

#10. Dodge Made a Car Just for Women

Dodge released La Femme in 1950 (notice the apostrophe in “the”). You seemed in a hurry to get to the discussion below. The furniture (Ha!) was polka-dotted with roses and came with a matching clutch. Even though it didn’t do well in the market, it is now seen as an important step toward gender equality. Step by step, please.

Are Dodge and Ram the Same?

Both Dodge and RAM are made by the same company, but they are known as different brands right now. Passenger vehicles with a rich history of racing prowess are still among Dodge’s offerings. Dodge makes Popular cars like the Charger and the Challenger are popular because they put a lot of thought into how well they perform.

What Does the Dodge Slogan Mean?

Dodge’s recent slogan is “Tear up the streets… not the world.” This one was introduced in 2021 as a preview of a muscle car EV that Dodge plans to release in 2024. This company, which has been around for more than a century, uses a number of catchphrases to promote its products in the United States. Additional contemporary Dodge advertising phrases are as follows:

  • Excess drives success (2021—present): that excess, in this case of power, from a potent Dodge engine, will get you where you need to go
  • Domestic. Not Domesticated (2016—present): plays with the idea that a Dodge can be both a kid- and grocery-hauler, as well as a monster on the track
  • During the company’s 100th anniversary celebration, the slogan “Born Dodge” (used from 2014 to the present) was introduced, along with a series of special edition vehicles.
  • Never neutral (2010—present): Dodge’s are meant for active driving, not passively ferrying a driver from point A to B

Dodge’s lineup of powerful muscle cars, muscular trucks, and practical SUVs and minivans has earned the brand a special position in American automotive history, and the brand’s future looks bright.

Why Are Dodge Trucks Called Ram?

Dodge began manufacturing their now-iconic pickups in 1914, though the company itself dates back to the early 1900s. For this reason, Dodge quickly became a household name, with a reputation for producing sturdy vehicles that are up to the challenges of your Kendall workplace.

At first, the Ram name was only given to Dodge’s full-size, light-duty D-series pickup truck. Dodge’s manufacturing of these automobiles started in 1981. Once upon a time, Dodge was a standalone automaker, and Ram was just another moniker for one of their models. The company also made Ram-branded cars, like the Dodge Ramcharger SUV and the Dodge Ram Van, which have the word “Ram” in their names. But in 1987, the Dodge Ram pickup truck came out. It joined the Dodge Dakota, which was a midsize pickup truck.

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Why Did Dodge and Ram Split?

After buying Dodge in 2009, Chrysler decided to give the Dodge brand a whole new look. With this reorganization, Dodge’s array of vehicles and minivans became known simply as Dodge.

Both the Dodge Ram and the Dodge Dakota are sold under the Ram Truck brand. During this time, RAM was a popular brand, and you’ll often see ads for it with a focus on the first letter. Even though Dodge employed capitalization as a stylistic identification to set their trucks apart from the competition, the format isn’t grammatically valid because phrases written entirely in capital letters are usually acronyms. With this partition in place, Ram was able to keep its own CEO, Fred Diaz.

Since the 2010 model year, Ram has been a separate part of the company that only sells trucks. A used truck from a year prior to the current one will be identified as a Dodge Ram.

What Were the Advantages of the Dodge Ram Split?

Dodge and Ram decided to split their model lines so that each company could focus on making and selling high-performing, innovative cars on its own. The split into the Dodge and Ram brands has given each automaker more resources to put toward making cutting-edge cars.

After being separated, Dodge set out to create muscle cars and sedans to go up against Jeeps and Chevrolets. Dodge fans who have been around for a long time will recognize classics like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon right away. 

But Ram put a lot of money into research and development to make reliable, hard-working pickup trucks like the Ram 3500, which is always popular. Furthermore, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has put a lot of money into the Ram brand and the Ram manufacturing plants in the US. For the production of the next-generation Ram 1500 pickup truck, the corporation spent over $1.5 billion in 2016 on its assembly factory in Sterling Heights, Michigan. To produce more Ram Heavy-Duty Trucks, the company spent another $1 billion on a new assembly factory.

Is Dodge a Luxury Brand?

Dodge isn’t known for its luxurious vehicles, but Chrysler’s luxury brand does make timeless sedans like the Pacifica and 300.

However, Dodge isn’t known for making luxury cars, but its Charger, Durango, and Challenger all come in “SRT Hellcat” versions. The standard versions and these special editions have upgraded engines that look like the famous Dodge muscle cars and the highest levels of comfort and convenience.


In 2007, Dodge and Ram became independent companies; in 2010, the Ram truck brand broke off from Dodge, taking the Ram logo with it. This required the creation of a new Dodge logo, so the company went and made two! The original logo was quite basic, including just the word “Dodge” surrounded by two arcing lines. At first, the design was only used for advertising, but by 2012, it had been built into cars.

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