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Cereal Companies
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Cereal manufacturers produce cereal for consumer consumption. They are referred to as “morning meals.” Cereals are light foods that may be eaten anywhere, although they are best consumed at home. Some cereal companies also produce other foods. The cereal meal is good for everyone. This article talks about the biggest or top cereal companies and which of the companies went on strike. It also talks about black-owned cereal companies.


Cereal grass is any grass grown for the edible components of its grain, which include the endosperm, germ, and bran.  Cereal grain crops are grown more extensively and supply more food energy globally than any other form of crop.

In societies, generations like to consume more cereals. In modern civilization, cereal is for breakfast or other times of the day. Warm cereals, such as porridge and grits, have the most history. Ready-to-eat cold cereals in the late 1800s were typically made with milk (traditionally cow’s milk), but you can also use yogurt or take it plain. Fruit or nuts are occasionally among them. Some companies market their products based on the health benefits of eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals.

In 1863, James Caleb Jackson invented Granula, the first cold breakfast cereal, in the United States. The cereal was never popular because of the inconvenient requirement of soaking the hefty bran and graham nuggets overnight to tenderize them. Wheatena was invented by George H. Hoyt in 1879, during a time when shopkeepers would buy cereal (the most popular being wheat, oatmeal, and cereal in) in barrel lots and scoop it out to sell by the pound to customers.

Top Cereal Companies

The global breakfast cereal market was worth over $40 billion in 2017 and rise to $54 billion by 2022. The growth of leading cereal brands can be achieved by changing eating habits and the influence of Western culture on consumers in emerging economies. Top-ten morning cereal firms focus on product innovation and marketing to meet the growing demand for healthy brands. In their busy lives, people are changing their morning habits and choosing gluten-free cereals. Best-selling breakfast cereals offer a time-saving alternative, while diabetes-friendly cereals promote a healthy breakfast routine.

The top morning cereal businesses need to grow their market reach due to rising consumer health awareness and demand for nutritious, convenient foods. It increases health consciousness and middle-class disposable income, boosting demand for popular cereal brands. In recent years, most customers have concentrated on decreasing their calorie intake by switching to healthy cereal brands. The top breakfast cereal companies come from Northern America, notwithstanding Asia-Pacific’s large consumer market. In recent years, gluten-free and diabetic breakfast cereals have become increasingly popular worldwide. The following list of top cereal companies is below;

#1. Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s is one of the world’s top ten-morning cereal brands, having produced the greatest breakfast cereal for many decades. Kellogg’s is one of the top cereal brands. Its establishment was in the year 1906 in Michigan, the US, by Will Keith Kellogg, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of great morning cereal. In 2017, this best-selling breakfast cereal brand had annual revenue of more than $15 billion and a net income of about $2 billion. This top breakfast cereal brand also manufactures diabetic breakfast cereals and employs more than 30,000 people.

#2. The Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill is one of the top ten breakfast cereal companies in the world, featuring a variety of healthy cereal varieties under its umbrella. The establishment of the breakfast cereal brand was in the year 1978 in Milwaukie, Oregon by Bob Moore, and is widely popular as one of the top breakfast cereal brands in the world. In 2017, Bob’s Red Mill, one of the leading cereal companies, should have a sales revenue of almost $10 billion and a net income of around $1 billion. This top ten breakfast cereal firm has a plant of over 80,000 square feet and wants to grow the production and distribution of healthy cereal products globally.

#3. Erewhon

Erewhon is another major morning cereal brand in the global market and has been a leading cereal manufacturer for many years. Aveline Kushi and Michio Kushi developed this popular cereal brand in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1966. In 2017, this top ten breakfast cereal firm should be able to generate annual revenue of more than $10 billion and an operating profit of more than $1 billion, with approximately 4 retail outlets in the North American region. This top-selling breakfast cereal company employs over 1,500 people and specializes in the production and marketing of the best gluten-free breakfast cereals. As evidenced by rising sales and revenue, Erewhon remains popular among children in the United States, as evidenced by rising sales and revenue.

#4. Limited Weetabix

Weetabix Limited is a top breakfast cereal company that is good at producing diabetic cereals. In the year 1932, Bennison Osborne had to create Weetabix Limited, one of the top ten breakfast cereal companies. This company employs approximately 2,000 people and has $12 billion in annual revenues and $1.5 billion in operational profits. Weetabix is a leading cereal brand in the UK, making 3 billion biscuits per year in its Kettering factory.

#5. Cereals from Nestle

Nestle Cereals is one of the top ten breakfast cereal brands in the world, delivering the best breakfast cereals for diabetes and being one of the healthiest cereal companies. This top cereal brand was founded in 1991 as a joint venture between General Mills and Nestle with the goal of producing the best breakfast cereal in the world. In 2017, this best-selling morning cereal firm was expected to have a yearly revenue of roughly $120 million and an operating profit of close to $45 million. This well-known brand manufactures gluten-free breakfast cereals. Nestle employs about 1,800 professionals in its cereal division.

Black-Owned Cereal Companies

It is a successful Connecticut entrepreneur who has established the newest black-owned cereal business group of companies, appropriately named “Proud Puffs,” which offers chocolate-flavored, vegan-friendly puffs in the shape of a fist. According to Nic, the black-owned group of companies cereal was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Legacy Cereal, the black-owned group of companies, plans to introduce its first product, Proud Puffs breakfast cereal, later this spring. Proud Puffs is a vegan, low-sugar morning cereal made with genuine cocoa, tapioca, and monk fruit that has chocolate-flavored, empowering fist-shaped puffs. The black-owned Legacy Cereal companies, founded in December 2020 by Nic King, are dedicated to developing plant-based, health-conscious breakfast and food items.

Biggest Cereal Companies

General Mills, Kellogg Company, Post Consumer Brands, and Quaker Oats (a division of PepsiCo) are four of them. These companies dominate 86% of the $8.5 billion US breakfast cereal market, and several of their brands are household names. These companies also improve their ingredient sources, so there will be much more improvement as time goes on. These firms may help US grain producers flourish by investing in supply chain innovations, setting and upgrading sustainability standards, and promoting consumer awareness.

The Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) are ready to collaborate with these enterprises in the heart of the corn country. Farmers have been encouraged to cultivate cover crops and include oats and other crops in their rotations. However, according to reports, PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats, which has a huge factory in Iowa, does not acquire oats from there. While General Mills uses a lot of oats, is based in the Midwest, and has pledged to convert a million acres of farming to more regenerative practices by 2030, the firm hasn’t committed to buying oats from diverse farms close to home. According to PFI, it is precisely this lack of market certainty that is holding back Iowa farmers.

Cereal Companies on Strike

1,400 unionized Kellogg’s workers went on strike from October 5 to December 21, 2021 (BCTGM). The union and employers clashed over a new labor contract, which included health care, holidays, retirement benefits, the cost of living, and vacation time. The strike affected Kellogg’s cereal-producing operations in Battle Creek, Michigan, Omaha, Nebraska, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Memphis, Tennessee. It is one of several strikes planned by the BCTGM in 2021, which also includes actions against Frito-Lay and Nabisco.

The walkout at Kellogg’s Battle Creek plant is the first since 1972. The walkout ended after workers ratified a five-year contract.

What Are the Top 3 Cereal Manufacturers?

The largest companies in the cereal production industry in the United States. IBIS World records for Kellogg Company, General Mills, Inc., Pepsico, Inc., and Post Holdings, Inc.

Who Is the Largest Cereal Company?

In 52 weeks, General Mills, the world’s largest cereal company, increased both the dollar and unit sales. Total cereal sales in the US rose 0.9% to $2.6 billion, with 790.7 million units sold, a 1.5% year-over-year gain.

How Many Cereal Producers Are There?

As of 2022, there are about 70 cereal production firms in the United States, a 3.8% growth from 2021.

What Is the Best Cereal Company in the World?

  • Kellogg’s.

Generally, is one of the world’s top ten breakfast cereal brands, having produced the greatest cereal for many decades. And others, as listed below;

  • Best choice. Whole Grain Magical Cereal Lucky Charms
  • Second place. Cinnamon Crunch Cereal from Cascadian Farm, Fair Trade Certified.
  • Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal, naturally flavored by General Mills.
  • A formidable opponent. 3-Pack QUAKER Life Multigrain Cinnamon Cereals

Who Is Kellogg’s Biggest Competitor?

General Mills Inc., J.M. Smucker Company, Nestle USA, Frito-Lay, and Ingredion are among Kellogg’s biggest competitors.

Which Company Sells the Most Cereal?

Cheerios are America’s favorite cereal in terms of income and box sales. Cheerios is the most profitable cereal brand in the US, with $18.127 billion in revenue and 139.1 million boxes sold. The cereal sector in the United States is worth $20.59 billion in 2022.


As the economy grows, so do the cereal companies, especially in their cereal quality. The cereal is good for everyone and is mostly taken in the morning as breakfast. This article teaches about the “cereal companies.”


What is a cereal product?

Wheat, rye, and oat flours; semolina, cornmeal, and corn grits are among the cereal products obtained from the milling process. Cereal flour is used to make bread. Some of the other items are breakfast cereals, pasta, snack foods, dry mixes, cakes, pastries, and tortillas.

How much do cereal companies make?

The US morning cereal manufacturing business consists of approximately 85 establishments (single-location enterprises and units of multi-location companies) with a total annual sales of approximately $10 billion.

What is the importance of cereals?

A fantastic source of carbohydrates a good source of protein a good supply of B vitamins, such as folate iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc

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