Christian Clothing Brands: (Top 10+ Best Christian Clothing Brands)

Christian clothing brands

Many Christian clothing brands and fashion stores are available. One of the things I’ve observed over the last 25 years is how many brands have come and gone in the Christian clothing industry. As a long-time shopper and dealer of Christian clothes, I believe this is an important list of the top Christian clothing brands. Nevertheless, keep reading to learn further about Christian clothing brands, the top 10, men’s, urban, and popular Christian clothing brands.

Christian Clothing Brands

I’m all about making a comment with my clothing, so why not express our passion for Jesus while also feeling safe in what we’re wearing? In my search for non-cheesy Christian clothing, I came across several companies that offer believer swagger customized to the individual’s specific style. Take a look at this blog’s first list of stylish Christian clothing brands. That takes us to our top 10 list of Christian clothing brands.

Top 10 Christian Clothing Brands

Here are our best top 10 picks on the line of Christian clothing brands

#1. Kerusso Christian Clothing Brand

Kerusso is a Greek term that translates as “to herald”, as a public crier. Specifically heavenly truth (the Gospel); preach, declare, and publish.” As one of the pioneering Christian clothing manufacturers, Kerusso established the pattern and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of Christian clothing, making our top 10 Christain brands.

#2. Heavenly Family

Heavenly Family is a US-based Christian clothing brand that is located in Boston MA. They are known for their elegant products, which consist of unisexual hoodies, tees, and jogger designs, among other beautiful, useful items you won’t find elsewhere. In other words, based on true customer feedback, the Heavenly family is well known for their high-quality fabrics, which tend to last much longer.

Heavenly family clothing encapsulates the map for a successful Christian walk printed in words. From their prints of “Repent” to the prints of “the old is dead”, “all things are new”, extending to “it’s finished” and “born from above”. More than clothes, it reveals and reminds you of your identity in Christ. Heavenly family clothes come in every design you can imagine. From Hoodies to T-shirts to Pants etc all delivering the same purpose yet in different designs. Irrespective of your taste whether simple, classic, elegant, sophisticated, or a mixture of all, Heavenly family is the perfect clothing brand with top-notch clothing quality both for males and females. It’s affordable with higher quality compared with others.

#3. Jesus Loves You Christian Clothing Brand

With chosen pieces for as low as $10, the Jesus Loves You brand offers a casual design without losing an effective message. However, their mission is to spark a movement responsible for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. “We want to bring Jesus’ love to the streets, clubs, and grocery shops, as well as everywhere else you may find yourself. It was not a message “from Christians to Christians.” It is a message “from Jesus to humanity.” (Jackson, Trenton). It may be a personal choice, but the Jesus Te Ama tee is currently resting in my shopping order because I would completely wear it on the mission field in El Salvador.

#4. Elly & Grace Christian Clothing Brand

Generally, Elly & Grace women’s Christian clothing brand showed up in the market over the last few years. With a lot of help from its great simple designs, and solid Etsy store following.

#5. God the Father Christian Clothing Brand

Despite his kingship, Jesus did not hesitate to hit the streets in order to reach out to others. With their street-style attire decorated with scriptures, God the Father gear sparks discussion. When browsing this Canadian brand’s website, T-shirts and hoodies are priced between $24 and $29. Their aim is to carry out God’s command to all Christians, “Go and create disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20). Not only does wearing their clothing help preach the gospel, but 10% of all revenues benefit World Vision, which sponsors children in need throughout the world. I admire a mission-driven brand!

#6. Shields of Strength Christian Clothing Brand

Shields of Strength began by printing biblical verses on dog tags. This fantastic brand was seen in Lifeway and other retailers across the country. Meanwhile, they have been supplying customized dog tags to military sites (on the ground). As well as first rescuers, and law enforcement for several years. Shields of Strength offers a great selection of Christian clothes for men, women, and children, with an emphasis on athletic styles.

#7. God is Dope Christian Clothing Brand

God Is Dope, based in Atlanta, has spread across the United States because of the unique slogans on each item. I originally noticed their adverts while scrolling through Instagram and immediately felt the urge to purchase a tee for myself. Their prices are affordable, starting at $15 for a shirt. Fortunately, I placed my order on #nationalfreeTshirtday, which led to a total cost of $8 for the delivery price. I’m currently following its arrival and will provide a review as soon as it arrives.

#8. 316TEES Christian Clothing Brand

They made a list, but in all truth, they did not move themselves to the top rank. 316Tees is a rising veteran-owned Christian clothing brand that sells a variety of fantastic Christian tees inspired by classic companies such as C28, NOTW, and Sanctify. Also, they offer several Christian liberty-themed designs that are in keeping with God & Nation. 316Tees presently employs one of the brand’s original designers.

#9. Sacrize Christian Clothing Brand

Sacrize clothes are a little out of my price category, but it appears to be worth it when considering their high-quality, modern clothing that takes what Christians believe and refines it. “Their men’s, as well as women’s collections, are suitable for every purpose. You do not have to forsake fashion in order to show your Christian faith.” You can as well get some good-quality purses from one of the best purse brands to rock your style.

#10. Tim Tebow Foundation Christian Clothing Brand

A beautiful range of Christian clothes supporting a great charity. It’s always inspiring to see an athlete publicly declare his Christian faith in front of millions of fans. Tebow is not the only celebrity with a clothing line. However, it’s encouraging to see Christian athletes who are fearless of criticism for their faith.

#11. Girlie Girl Originals Christian Clothing Brand

Girlie Girl Originals is a lively and vibrant women’s clothing company that operates for some years. Their creations have been shown in major shops, boutiques, and more. GG Originals carries more than just Christian-themed tees. They even have a range of college items. However, they are a family-friendly and all-around good Christian clothing brand.

Men’s Christian Clothing Brands

Here is the list of men’s Christian clothing brands you should visit

#1. CXXII Apparel

CXXII, based on Romans 12:2, is the best combination of scripture and streetwear. With a broad range of basic and creative brands on high-quality Christian clothing for men’s attire. However, they made our list for men’s Christian Clothing brands, because of their original items and message.

#2. Raised Brand Co.

“A Community Brand.” That is precisely the case with Raised Brand Company. They are mostly concerned with two motives

  • Contribute to Kingdom-Centered Missions
  • Assist Local Communities

However, they are accomplishing this through the production of high-quality clothes and also the development of a team of creative people across all divisions to advance the company’s mission.

#3. Temple NY

Temple NY is a faith-based streetwear brand dedicated to bringing positive social change to believers and non-believers equally through Christian hip hop and fashion style. We enjoyed their clean aesthetic and high-quality products, which combine to create a brand worth knowing about. Furthermore, they offer a way for you to sponsor mission work directly using their website, which we enjoyed.

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If you’re searching for a real West Coast brand, you’ve come to the right place. SRVNTZ features a full roster of some of the most cutting-edge pieces available. They are a W in the streetwear game because of their high-quality fabrics and amazing designs.

The testimony of the founder of SRVNTZ is one to keep in mind and truly inspirational. The founder of SRVNTZ went through a spiritual battle when he gave his life to Christ and put a stop to his drug addiction. However, all of it led to a truly inspiring brand of faith-based clothing, and its expressed in his work.

Urban Christian Clothing Brands

If you are looking for urban Christian clothing brands, here is our top list for you.

#1. Saved

Its purpose is to bring great headgear and products to all consumers while sharing a word of life, glory, and everlasting. Meanwhile, it made our first pick of urban Christian Clothing brands.

Saved produces t-shirts and headgear expressing the truth that we Believers are saved from ourselves and Satan’s grip. Meanwhile, they even have a cap with the Hebrew word for “saved.”

#2. Soles For Christ

Mission: To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to advance God’s kingdom through service to the needy.

Along with its own clothing brand, Soles For Christ sells top-of-the-line sneaker brands such as LeBrons, Kobes, and Nike. The catch is that all of the revenue generated by those sneakers is later used to provide footwear to those in need. However, they earn no income which is not put back in their mission. Not bad for a brand managed by a couple of teenagers.

#3. Grateful Apparel

Grateful that God came and rescued us in our sinful state, Grateful Apparel wants to let you express your gratitude through a range of apparel styles. Secondly, the company contributes to the 3Sixty House, a facility that assists recovering addicts in restoring their lives. However, check out Grateful Apparel, one of the urban Christian clothing brands.

#4. Faith over Fame

Mission: To be an influential voice in whichever society you are a member of for the glory of God.

While these gentlemen have only recently begun, their clothing selections do not reflect the above. Faith Over Fame’s debut clothing collection, “Chapter 1,” features a t-shirt, a windbreaker, a bandanna, a bracelet, and shorts. However, visit and support these new guys doing great work.

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Despite the huge number of Christians, finding popular Christian clothing brands that inspire might be hard. However, there are many generic brands, which can be discouraging if you are a fashion-conscious believer.

Fortunately, there are a number of popular Christian clothing brands available if you want to look well enough. Below is our top list of popular Christian Clothing Brands to look at.

  • NHiM
  • Christian Clothing for Minimalists: Sacrize
  • All Glory Apparel
  • Christian Clothing Brands That Give Back: God the Father
  • Beacon Threads 

What Do Christians Wear on Their Bodies?

In order to project prestige and influence among peers, dressing elegantly for religious events was frequently required. Many Christians reject this custom and advocate modest, deferential attire for both Sunday worship and daily life (cf. outward holiness).

Do People Buy Christian Clothing?

For a while now, the American fashion industry has seen a significant increase in the popularity of Christian clothes. That is primarily due to its appeal to young people and teenagers. This is the only aspect that has fueled the expansion of this sector.

What To Avoid Wearing to Church?

Never dress in anything overly exposed, such as crop tops, tank tops, or shorts with cut-offs. If you’re unsure of what to wear to church, opt for something modest and relaxed. In general, graphic t-shirts with sports team logos or bands are never appropriate for church.

What Is the Name of Biblical Clothing?

It was a peplos or chiton for the inner tunic. Females wore the peplos. With its shoulder clasps, it was often a thicker woolen garment that was more distinctly Greek. To create an apoptygma, the upper portion of the peplos was folded all the way down to its waist.

What Attire Did Jesus Wear?

He was dressed in a tunic (chitn), which was typically worn by men and fell just below the knees rather than the ankles. Only the really wealthy men wore long tunics.


Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the best Christian top brands, it’s time to order!

However, each brand has its own identity and purpose, so it’s key to choose one that suits yours, and even great if their purpose or mission agrees with yours.


Are there any Christian fashion designers?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Natasha Lambkin, a 34-year-old non-denominational Christian from Brooklyn, had high plans for her luxury apparel business N A T A S H A, but she never imagined her modest style would adorn the pages of Vogue.

What is quiet luxury?

The term “quiet luxe” refers to a preference for understated yet elegant clothing. It was once considered of as the super-or rich’s old money’s distinctive style.

Is Dior high end?

This year, Dior is the fourth most popular luxury brand on the internet.

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