Remarketing Ads: Meaning, Examples, Guides (+ all you need to know)

Remarketing might just be the one step left to achieving that massive goal you set for yourself.
If you own a business and already have some followings then remarketing is exactly for you.

Then if you are a start up business, this is still for you especially if you online sales and strategy is part of your marketing plan, so still read up.

Remarketing and retargeting though slightly different works together to achieve similar goal which is to make sales and make your paid ads marketing more effective.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what each of these entails.

Retargeting ads

This is simply reminding the 96% visitors who visited your website that they have uncompleted purchase to make or better options to opt for even awareness of a new product on sales.

Okay you still don’t get it, let me show you how retargeting works.
Each time you visit a website that has unobtrusive piece of code often called pixel sometimes, this unknown code then drops a browser cookie which in turn enables the website you previously viewed send you same or similar product you saw.

Ever wonder why you keep seeing a particular ad from a site you previously visited?
This is exactly what retargeting is all about. It’s serves as reminder to the visitor and also ensures the website company maintains enough visibility for their business to strive

Retargeting as been defined as a cookie-based technology that uses simple JavaScript code to anonymously follow your audience all over the web in other words you can term it ‘online stalking’.

Here is how retargeting ad can aid you make more sales either as start up or as a business already in place.
You can maximize your marketing strategy effectively driving traffic to your website with an email, Google ad, Facebook ad, or Instagram ad. Then, when someone leaves without buying, you can retarget them with an ad (or, if your Shopify store is connected to Mailchimp, a product retargeting email).
And once they make a purchase and you collect their email address at checkout, send a welcome or first-purchase automation to keep them engaged with your brand at all time.

The one amazing part of this is that it is super cost effective to ensure your online marketing pays off as retargeting campaigns are offered on a CPC or CPM cost basis
CPM = Cost per “mille,” or 1,000 impressions
CPC = Cost per click
As good as CPM is, CPC is way better because here you would be able to target visitors that actually knows about your brand hence this increases your ROI.

Remarketing ads

Statistics has it that on an average, only 2% of your website visitors convert. Remarketing goes after that other 98%. In fact, customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

This is another strategy to bring back customers who have once interacted with your website, product and services but in this case email marketing is used.

Remarketing simply involves getting your prospect details and then persuading them to return to your website to either purchase a product or complete a specific task.

Remarketing follows same strategy whereby a potential prospect visit your website, then after a while leaves the site either without finding what he or she needs or was unable to complete the purchase due to one reason or the other. Remarketing comes in to remind that same visitor about your brand through emails
More often you already have details of these visitors; hence you can bring them back through emails probably by offering a discount or even a freebie.
This increases sales and visibility for your brand as well.

Remarketing ads examples

What are theories without practical?
To make the best of remarketing ads, here are few things you should put into considerations
Classify your audience according to what might interest them.

  • Create relevant ads according to your audience reach.
  • Try out different platforms and formats for your ads
  • Ensure any platform you use brings conversion, if not invest more on the more profitable platforms
  • Upsell new products to both previous and current customer as they are aware of your types of product

Here are few of the amazing remarketing examples and reasons why they are really significant

Bluehost use remarketing ads to keep nudging their previous visitors towards getting started on their website.

Their messaging here is highly targeted to prospects that are further into the sales funnel and may be choosing between multiple hosting companies.
Bluehost also uses these remarketing ads to remove financial objections as it position itself as the most trusted choice and encourage audiences to get started on their website.

Jumia customizes remarketing ads on social media based on your activity on their site. This ad, for example, allows Facebook users to browse and shop a selection of curated items.

This setup makes it easy for people to buy, and the ad’s personalization inspires brand loyalty among Jumia shoppers.

How to use this remarketing example
Use retargeting ads to feature curated products based on visitors’ browsing history and preferences.

Doing this makes it even easier for them to purchase — and personalization shows you care about their needs and interests, which can lead to repeat purchases.

Our next retargeting ad example comes from Spotify.
Spotify uses traditional display remarketing to reach people as they browse other sites on the web.

Spotify also includes a promotion with a CALL TO ACTION

After seeing the ad, people can easily click the CTA button to get three free months of Spotify Premium.
The offer speaks to traditional Spotify users, who have yet to upgrade to the premium version. And the free trial eases the burden of opening your wallet for Spotify Premium.

How to use this remarketing example
Solve pain points with your remarketing strategy. That was exactly what Spotify did in the ad-connect users who haven’t upgraded to premium — and then offer a free trial to help them overcome the hurdle of signing up.


This remarketing ad let the user scroll through several pairs of sneakers “suggested for the user” based on previous activity on Nike’s website. And it included a call-to-action (CTA) button to direct these back to Nike’s site to finish shopping.

How to use this remarketing example
If you’re just getting started with remarketing, consider using simple display ads with clean images, text, and CTA buttons that guide people back to your site to buy.

One advantage of Remarketing on the Google Display Network is that it allows you to show ads — like this one from Nike — to visitors as they browse more than 2 million websites.

Amazing, right?
Other Remarketing examples include
Invideo and so much more.

Facebook remarketing ads

An E-Marketer survey shows that more than 95% of social media marketers named Facebook as the best social network for producing ROI for their clients. These results placed Facebook well ahead of Twitter (63.5%), Instagram (40.1%) and Snapchat (2.1%).

Hence if you’re planning to use targeted advertising to increase sales, Facebook is probably the best place to start.

Facebook as seen is one the best social media marketing platform has it has so many features which can enable you target your specific audience thereby increasing more sales.

Examples of these Facebook remarketing ad includes but not limited to:


Utilize the icons to tell your message

The icons help to convey the message and make PayPal’s ad a little more engaging, leading to lower Facebook ads cost.
Notice something in these great Facebook ad examples is their masterful use of color and minimal design.
Apply that trick also!


We are all familiar with the funfilled and simplified canva.
Using a white colourful Facebook ad design just like canva can help get your ad noticed.


Hootsuite here used the tactics of making a limited offer
Limited-time offers makes people act quicker. It is really advisable to ensure your budget is capable of reaching all your target audience when running a limited time campaign like this.

Other ways to make best use of Facebook Ads include
Use original photo or animation as its catches your audience attention more often.
Use a CTA (Call to Action) in the ad image
When telling a story, opt in for Carousal ad instead.
Most times sharing valuable contents goes a long way than selling, so share contents.
Mention the numbers and use visual clues.
You can even advertise good-looking lists etc.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

The difference is in the strategy as remarketing uses more of email with the aid of mail chimp while retargeting uses different forms of ad to entice visitors who visited the site to complete an expected conversion.
Below lies a few ways they differ.
Remarketing allows for better up selling and then specific personalized messaging while retargeting involves a broad range of persons.
More distinctively difference is the manner of approach each goes about it, remarketing uses a collated list of your prospect who previously interacted with your website or even bought your products before and then send personalized sales letter according to the perceived kind of product you are likely to have interest in while here we have retargeting which uses paid ad to get these prospects to get back to their sites.

In conclusion to this, the end result of this is often related is getting their prospect to complete a particular process which serves a conversion to them , this could be purchasing a product or signing up for a training etc.

Remarketing lists for display ads
Remarketing list comprises of the list gathered by the code snippet of your website visitors or app visitors. This is often used in targeting remarketing ad to these visitors. It has some rules such as eithr to leave the list open or closed, the duration before its closes, the segmentation of these list.

Here is a practical example of how remarketing list works
You own a cleaning site and you want to show ads about your car washing promo discount to persons who viewed or visited your product/service page in the past few months.
You decide to create a ‘Car-Washing Discount Deals list’ with membership duration of 60 days and a specific rule to collate visitors to a webpage ‘carwashingdiscountdaels.html’.
Hence each person that visits this page is automatically added to the car washing discount list which you can target with your campaigns about the car washing deals.

In conclusion retargeting might just be under the branch of remarketing but it is very important you understand that all are extremely very important to ensure the 96% of your visitors are converted to your buyers eventually.

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