SHOPPING CHANNELS LIST: Best Picks for 2022 (Updated)

Shopping Channels
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When most people get back from work, chances are that immediately after dinner, they sit in front of the TV to watch shopping channels while waiting for the news. These channels are those that only broadcast infomercials and direct-response advertisements. The idea of TV shopping channels was initially made famous in the USA by the Lowell “Bud” Paxson and Roy Speer-founded local cable channel, the Home Shopping Club, which later changed its name to the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Enough talk already, let’s check out our list of top shopping channels in the USA.

Shopping Channels

Shopping channels are more like TV shows or specialty channels dedicated to home shopping. It’s also known as “teleshopping” in British English. On-air presenters and other spokespeople frequently give live product presentations and demonstrations in their forms, all the while making a pitch for the product. Viewers are also shown how to place an order for the products. Shopping channels may focus primarily on products from broader product categories or narrower subcategories like upmarket apparel and jewelry. The adage can also be used to characterize TV shows on networks that only air infomercials and direct response advertisements.

How to Use Shopping Channels Successfully

Simply listing your products on a shopping channel is insufficient. For the listing to be optimized, you also need to use the appropriate product identifier. Use the right keywords and have a compelling product description if you want the user to choose you.

Shipping is surely a component of your entire product offering in the eyes of your customers, therefore you must do the same. This requires considering costs, available choices, and the amount of time needed for delivery.

It’s also crucial to nail your pricing strategy for online markets as well as your bidding strategy for social media platforms and comparative shopping engines. This necessitates striking a fine balance between growing sales and making sure those sales are profitable.

Increase your efforts’ variety to prevent becoming reliant on a single source. To do this, you must execute a multi-channel strategy and other eCommerce strategies in order to draw customers and boost sales.

Shopping Channels List

The greatest channels for direct shopping TV let you shop while lounging on your couch. You may purchase goods like apparel, jewelry, crafts, and more without going out and fighting the crowds at the store.

  • Shopping Network at home (HSN)
  • QVC
  • ShopHQ
  • Live JTV
  • Produce & Make
  • Planet Auction TV
  • Gem Network Shopping

Home Shopping Channels

HSN, formerly known as Home Shopping Network, is the epitome of convenient and easy shopping in the modern era. HSN makes it possible for anyone to locate a deal on practically any product imaginable with the aid of specialized cable channels, web content, and online purchasing.

#1. Stoneberry

Stoneberry is excellent for people who have recently moved into new houses or who simply want to remodel. This channel has made a name for itself in this sector by focusing on retail products like electronics and home furnishings.

#2. Fingerhut

Fingerhut has a vast and illustrious history that began in 1948. Since then, it has been used to find deals by millions of people. Today, it allows anyone to register and shop and offers a huge selection of brands.

Furthermore, Fingerhut provides support to those who may have already been turned away because of bad credit records. Nearly soon after submitting your application, Fingerhut Credit will get back to you.

#3. MDG

MDG is different from other online merchants. They are a credit organization with 29 years of industry experience, and they provide their credit customers with TVs and computers. They take pride in being able to give credit to folks who might have been denied elsewhere since they consider the whole person rather than just the numbers.

#4. Ginnys

Ginnys is a fantastic internet retailer if you need to renovate your outdated, worn-out property. They are well known for carrying housewares and kitchenware. Like many other similar services, they also offer an internal credit system that makes it simple to stick to a strict household budget through frequent payments.

#5. Midnight Velvet

Visit if you’re seeking a great online lifestyle shopping platform. You may easily shop now and pay in manageable payments later with a unique Midnightvelvet credit account. This is a great website for anyone looking for fashion accessories, jewelry, and other current trends in lifestyle products. They also frequently provide significant discounts on apparel.

#6. AfterPay

Beyond being another online retailer, Afterpay offers more. Anyone can use this full credit system to make a purchase and then pay for it over the course of four successive fortnights in four evenly spaced installments. In fact, Afterpay has become a huge shopping fad, and many individuals use it to manage their household budgets.

#7. Zzounds

There are Zzounds for those who adore creating music. They feature an enormous assortment of audio recording equipment, hardware, effects, and musical instruments. This is virtually a utopia for musicians and audiophiles. The best part is that Zzounds offers credit, so you may pay for your purchases over time as well as free shipping to any area in the United States.

TV Shopping Channels USA

The best TV shopping channels allow you to shop while kicking back on your couch. You may buy items like clothing, jewelry, crafts, and more online without going to the store and battling the crowds.

#1. Home Shopping Network (HSN)

First on our list of TV shopping channels in the USA is the Home Shopping Network (HSN). The Home Shopping Network was one of the television networks that started things moving (HSN). Years before satellite television and digital cable would bring it to millions of homes, it made its debut on a local Florida station in 1982. The channel offers a broad selection of products for sale, including apparel, jewelry, accessories, home goods, and technology. HSN also carries popular brands like Sephora, Bissell, Singer, Skechers, and others. Viewers never have to go without their needs because they always have access to purchase options. Anyone with a cable TV plan or access to the internet can view the channel. HSN also offers useful FlexPay substitutes and a 30-day return period.

#2. QVC

Since 1986, QVC has been a leader among the leading television channels for direct sales. Everything you need to complete and adorn your home is available on the 24-hour channel, including apparel, jewelry, accessories, and goods for your health and beauty. Name-brand products from businesses like Proactiv Solution, Sleep Number Bed, KitchenAid, and Dell, to name a few, are available to customers. Anyone can access QVC at any time by using their website or their free iPhone and Android apps. For straightforward purchases, QVC also offers a credit card, and it’s available on the majority of streaming services, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

#3. ShopHQ

ShopHQ, formerly known as ShopNBC, is a general shopping network. Thanks to a variety of exclusive collections, the network is able to offer customers distinctive designs from well-known clothing and jewelry designers. The network has access to electronics, food and home goods, health and beauty products, and more. Brand-name products can be purchased for up to 85% less than their retail price. Any item can be purchased from ShopHQ with six equal ValuePay® payments, each of which carries a zero percent interest rate if paid in full by the due date. ShopHQ also offers a credit card of its own. A large number of items from ShopHQ are shipped gratis. On their website, mobile app, and some cable services, ShopHQ is always live streaming. You can search for the station in your local lineup using their channel discovery feature.

#4. JTV Live

Jewelry, unusual gemstones, and jewelry-making supplies are available via the Jewelry Television Network, often known as JTV Live. Along with movies and courses on how to manufacture your own jewelry, the shopping network also provides Jewel School. It also has a study library with a variety of articles about jewelry and gemstones. There is an auction component on the website where you may place bids on the featured items. JTV is available to stream live on their website, through their mobile applications, on Roku TVs, and through their channel finder on their website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

#5.Create and Craft

Create & Craft, a TV shopping channel for all things crafty, including sewing, knitting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, and more, debuted in the UK in 2014. Even specialist baking equipment is available for cake modeling and decoration. Despite having a base in the UK, they send their goods everywhere. You may access the channel 24/7 on their website as well as through the Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire streaming services. On the website is also a craft academy with tutorials and no-cost downloads.

#6. Planet Auction TV

24 hours a day, Planet Auction TV, a live home shopping channel, is available. Live auctions are held there for a range of items, including designer jewelry, musical instruments, auto parts, antiques, and keepsakes. There is also a store with goods available for purchase outside of auctions. It’s available on their website and through the Roku streaming service. There is a blog on the website that offers information on common gemstones.

#7. Gem Shopping Network

The last USA TV shopping channel on our channels list is Gem Shopping Network. The Gem shopping network has touched more than 40 million households since its start in 1997. The showcased jewelry includes exquisite grade gems and diamonds set in 14K to 24K gold. Through their website, mobile apps, and local cable service, the retail network is available 24/7. Additionally, it is provided by streaming services like Roku. There are videos with industry experts explaining problems connected to jewelry and gemstones on the network and website. All products on the Gem Shopping Network have 30-day warranties, despite watches having a one-year warranty. There is a seven-day return policy available.

What are the shopping channels?

  • Home Shopping Network (HSN) 
  • QVC. …
  • ShopHQ. …
  • JTV Live. …
  • Create and Craft. …
  • Planet Auction TV. …
  • Gem Shopping Network.

What was the first TV shopping channel?

Up until 1986, The Home Shopping Network was the only television shopping channel. Then, seventeen other businesses started to compete with them.

What is HQ shopping channel?

ShopHQ is a multi-channel video store and American cable, satellite, and broadcast home shopping television network owned by iMedia Brands Inc. It was formerly known as ValueVision, ShopNBC, Evine Live, and Evine.

What happened to the shopping channel?

Just two years after its debut, a home-shopping channel funded by Seven West Media entered into administration, leaving its workforce without salary and owing millions of dollars to its creditors.

Why did TSC change its name?

The conversion of TSC Locations to Peavey Mart stores strengthens our commitment to our devoted consumers; we look forward to carrying on with our excellent in-person and online services and are thrilled to launch the Peavey Mart brand in Ontario.

How long does it take for the shopping channel to ship?

Subject to certain restrictions, most orders ordered between 12:00 am and 10:00 am may be eligible for delivery the following day. Express Shipping should often reach you within 1 to 3 days.

How do you get free shipping on the shopping channel?

The methods listed below can help you get free shipping on your online purchases.

  • Choose your retailers wisely. …
  • Spend money on a yearly membership. …
  • Look through your credit card. …
  • Think about a shop card. …
  • Elect to send to a shop. …
  • Take a look at

How does the shopping channel work?

A third-party website where you can list your products is referred to as a shopping channel. This increases your ability to reach new audiences and increases your sales.


Irrespective of the current busy schedule that people face on a daily basis, shopping channels on TV in the USA are still quite functional. Although, with the launch of eCommerce sites, the usefulness of the USA TV shopping channels is becoming questionable.

Shopping Channels List FAQs

What was the first TV shopping channel?

As far back as the late 50s. Although Home Shopping Network (HSN) is often cited as the pioneering TV shopping channel, there have been other additional TV shopping programs, as well as some unsuccessful attempts, around the world.

Who is QVC target audience?

The majority of the company’s customers are middle-aged women (35-64) who live in the United States.

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