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Managing an association requires a lot of labor for a frequently voluntary position. As an association manager, you could frequently feel overburdened by duties, including expanding memberships, day-to-day administration, member communications, and staff management. Despite their efforts, many associations rarely achieve their desired outcomes. Averaging 52% of members are inactive, according to some statistics from the status of community management 2022 report.  Only 11% actively share, while 7% act and respond. While there are various causes for this, they are just symptoms of the larger issue—poor association management. Since COVID-19 has compelled most operations to be conducted online, association management systems can help by taking over your association management.

What are Association Management Systems (AMS)?

The all-in-one administration tool known as AMS, or association management systems, includes a platform for organizing events, an organization website builder, an online contact database, a communications system (email), and more.

If you manage any association, AMS can virtually remove all of your administrative labor by:

  • Quickly process donations, fees, and online payments.
  • Establish payment and reminder systems for online event registration.
  • Using automated invoices, emails, and newsletters will improve member communication.
  • Create a polished, simple-to-build website where you can post a news section, announcements, resources, member directory, event calendar, and more.
  • Keep an updated, searchable, and comprehensive contact database.
  • Quickly and easily create membership summaries, analytics, and financial reports.
  • By automating many more administrative chores, your business can save time and money.

What To Look For in Association Management Systems

The AMS that best satisfies your company’s needs will ultimately be the best option. 

Comparing possibilities is pretty simple; however, you should take the following factors into account to identify the best option for you:

  • Are there startup costs? What are the costs of support? Additional transaction costs?
  • Is the system simple to learn?
  • How quickly do you need the software to be configured?
  • What specialized features would you require?
  • Do you require integration with other platforms, such as WordPress or QuickBooks?
  • Is the system safe?

What are the Features of Association Management Systems?

Pay close attention to the following features when selecting association management software:

#1. Member management

You should be able to save, modify, and use information about your members in your AMS’s contact database. 

Your website should immediately update the database with the new information when new members sign up. 

Some systems enable members to access a member-only portal on your website and update their information, which can also be helpful. 

#2. Payment processing and management

You should be able to receive and process payments like membership dues, contributions, and event entrance fees using your AMS. 

It ought to be able to send receipts and reminders automatically. 

#3. Website Builder

You should be able to create and edit your website using the drag-and-drop builder included with your AMS. 

In addition, your website and contact database should work together seamlessly. 

#4. Email marketing

You should be able to divide your lists based on particular attributes and send manual and automatic emails to your members (for example, lapsed members, expiring soon, event attendees, etc.)

#5. Events management

It should be possible for your members to see future events, sign up, buy tickets, and get notifications before and after the event. 

#6. Accounting and finances

You ought to be able to keep track of your received and projected funds (member dues, gifts, etc.) and have a general understanding of your company’s financial situation. 

#7. Reporting and analytics

Reports and KPIs that are crucial to the development of your firm should be easy for you to pull (revenue, event attendees, new members, etc.)

Personify Association Management Systems

Leading member-focused and mission-driven organizations receive enterprise software and service solutions from Personify, enabling them to increase member value through best-in-class technology and industry best practices.

Are you looking for a committed, compassionate partner to support your development? Personify can customize, combine, and modify its Community Experience solutions to fit your changing demands and promote stronger ties within your neighborhood. They enjoy listening, and nothing makes them happier than strengthening the bonds that underpin your success.

Best Association Management Systems

#1. WildApricot

Every day, WildApricot helps thousands of associations manage their members.

A mobile app, a member directory, a member’s-only section, an automated member payment system, and a drag-and-drop website builder are among the features. Due to WildApricot’s open API and WordPress and Quickbooks connectivity, you can adapt the program to meet your unique demands.

  • Pricing starts at $48/month
  • Free basic plan
  • Free 30-day trial

#2. MC Trade

The all-in-one membership management software MC Trade from MemberClicks is designed for trade associations and chambers of business. It has extensive member databases, automatic accounting systems, and in-depth reports. To help you make the most of the AMS, MemberClicks also provides system training.

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

#3. MC Professional 

The ideal solution for professional associations is MC Professional from MemberClicks. Its features are geared toward enticing new members, increasing member retention rates, and automating membership management activities. Additionally, it’s a fantastic choice for organizations that host numerous events.

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

#4. ThreeSixty

One of the top digital solutions providers for associations, charities, and health & wellness groups is Personify’s ThreeSixty. Some of the biggest associations in the US, such as the YMCA, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, use them for association management.

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

#5. 123Signup

The association manager software from 123Signup has many capabilities that can automate your membership. Keeping track of your organization’s finances, registrations, surveys, donations, and educational credits is essential.

  • $299 setup fee + one of two options:
  • $49-$189 per month + $0.30-$0.35 per member
  • $1.50 + 2% per transaction
  • Demo available upon request

#6. Euclid ClearVantage

With over 25 modules for membership, events, products/inventory, certificates, papers, fundraising, finances, and more, Euclid’s ClearVantage is a comprehensive association administration system. They make it simple to view a complete picture of each member, including their hobbies, past behavior, purchases, etc.

  • $10,000 setup fee, plans start at $1,075 per month
  • Demo available upon request

#7. Exware

Exware is a straightforward association administration program that offers a ton of functionality, such as job postings, donation pages with campaign goals, e-newsletters with available statistics, a classifieds module, and more.

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

Association Management Software Companies

Association management companies (AMCs) are for-profit organizations that oversee associations to support their expansion and success. Professional societies, trade associations, not-for-profits, and philanthropic organizations may successfully manage their day-to-day operations and promote their long-term goals thanks to their experience, workforce, and resources. AMCs provide associations with high levels of expertise and responsibility so that they may keep raising the value and relevance of their organization to members.

 The AMC approach enables all services to be tailored to fit certain objectives. AMCs use shared resources across multiple association clients to increase means and capabilities, including membership, marketing, finance, and other areas, whether your nonprofit is looking for full-service management or specific services, such as strategic planning, membership development, communications, and more.

Nonprofit organizations can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of the members of the AMC Institute. AMC Institute Through time-tested best practices, AMCs offer a wealth of association management expertise. They have extensive and varied skills and knowledge because they oversee multiple associations.

AMCs are an excellent choice for administering many charitable organizations because they offer their clients unmatched flexibility, agility, and financial benefits.

Working with AMCs can be done primarily in one of two ways:

#1. Full Service: 

Many AMCs act as the headquarters of the organization, providing an experienced executive to work with a unique combination of other AMC staff resources, managing day-to-day operations, supporting members, and serving as the organization’s public face, all with staff members who are experts in the critical areas of association management and operations that are crucial for success.

Retaining an AMC can result in increased purchasing power, increased employee productivity, and decreased overhead costs, which are significant in this economy. AMCs provide turnkey management for all operational areas, including day-to-day operations, membership, marketing, and policy creation (including staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies, and member services).  

#2. Outsourced Services: 

Because AMCs provide service scalability – employees and resources where and when needed – enterprises frequently prefer an outsourced strategy. AMC staff members work as an extension of staff to help fulfill a client’s unique needs because they are experts in association management services. AMC may outsource executive, administrative, and financial management, strategic planning, member development, public affairs and lobbying, education and professional development, statistical research, meeting management, and marketing and communication services.

Benefits of Association Management Software Companies

AMCs provide a wide range of advantages and benefits, such as:

Operational and Staffing Benefits:

  • custom personnel and services
  • wide range of experience
  • Improved personnel and resource allocation Day-to-day and continuous staff management
  • Proven best practices in management and top-notch tools and resources

Financial/Business Benefits:

  • gains in efficiency from using shared resources
  • increased purchasing power
  • lowered commercial risk

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Greater member satisfaction as a result of staff professionalism and responsiveness Freedom from day-to-day operations to retain boards’ focus on mission and strategy
  • Including cutting-edge tactics and concepts
  • Scalability to allow for future organization expansion or contraction


The AMS you choose will impact your productivity, the membership experience, and the expansion of your organization. Budget, anticipated membership size, and willingness to pay setup or transaction fees are all important factors to consider.

You can also think about working with an association management company if you have a sizable budget and prefer a more hands-off approach.

Association Management System FAQs

What Does AMS Software Do?

Organization management software, or AMS for short, is a comprehensive management tool that includes a platform for organizing events, an association website builder, an online contact database, communications tools (email), and more.

What are Association Systems?

Association systems are collections or tracts of nerve fibers that connect numerous parts of a single central nervous system subdivision, such as the various regions of the cerebral cortex or the various spinal cord segments.

Is AMS an ERP System?

The Microsoft Dynamics AX platform is the foundation for the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution known as Advanced Manufacturing Software (AMS).


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