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CPQ software has been around for a while, but this kind of innovation is regarded as the most recent development in sales optimization tools. You will learn about the top CPQ software, tools, SAP, and salesforce in this piece, along with the advantages of employing them.


Cpq is a sales tool that enables businesses to quickly and precisely develop bids for orders. Furthermore, this software frequently has exact integrations with CRM, ERP, and other business technology. By automating the development of bids in accordance with a set of preprogrammed guidelines, cpq software ensures accurate pricing that takes quantities,

Studies show that time spent on estimates, proposals, and getting approvals makes up the majority of a sales team’s non-selling time. Only 36% of the time are salespeople really trying to close deals. According to users, when cpq is correctly implemented and utilized:

  • Producing quotations now takes 10 times as long.
  • 95 percent faster approval time
  • Converting from a quote to cash twice as quickly
  • An expedited ramp of 30% for new reps

Cpq software is a well-liked solution among organizations due to its scalability and potential for a high rate of return on investment (ROI).

CPQ Process

With the software process, businesses may increase the efficacy and accuracy of their client quotes. Typically, it involves the following steps:

  • List the goods and services provided.
  • Create pricing strategies for every product.
  • Adapt goods and services to the demands of the customer.
  • Produce offers in accordance with client requirements.
  • Ponder the quotations before embracing them.
  • Provide the accepted quote to the customer.

Cpq in Salesforce

Salesforce cpq, a fully native Salesforce component, automates the ordering, contracting, and bidding processes. The technology enables users to generate sales quotes and deliver orders from any device fast and correctly. It equally helps customers to close more deals more quickly and boost sales productivity without ever leaving the Salesforce Cloud.

The software is faster and easier to set up than its traditional applications. Sales personnel may deliver branded quotations more rapidly while also saving time because of its out-of-the-box capabilities. Many prebuilt features, such as price and discount schedules, guided sales, and others, make it simple for businesses to scale as their sales processes alter. Thanks to Salesforce cpq, sales personnel may efficiently use the Salesforce product catalog and spot up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Features of Salesforce Cpq

  • Price and quotation
  • Arrangements and updates
  • Product Customizer
  • Guided sales
  • Generator of proposals
  • Control contracts
  • Invoice
  • Billing for subscriptions
  • Payments
  • Organize VAT and sales tax
  • Recognizing revenue

Benefits of Salesforce Cpq

  • Salesforce cpq (previously Steelbrick) simplifies many sales cycle steps. Just a few clicks require you to arrange products, price your buy, and get an exact quote. This new generation of Cpq software is easier to use and deploy than conventional programs.
  • Sales reps can regularly give correct quotes thanks to the tool. Salespeople can always identify the best product or service for each client thanks to the guided selling feature. Also, sales representatives recommend goods and services more frequently using the Google-like search engine. They are more productive thanks to the feature, which also makes it simple for them to spot up-sell and cross-sell chances.
  • The pricing and discount module controls a variety of pricing and discounting options, such as channel and partner pricing, volume discounts, pre-negotiated contract pricing, and pricing as a percentage of total subscriptions. Setting up clear guidelines enables you to maintain price and discount consistency. The solution can incorporate the ideal arrangement of components from each quote due to its uniformity. Nowadays, giving customer-friendly quotes is always simple.
  • The contracting and proposal procedures can be expedited with Salesforce cpq. You may create professional, brand-specific proposals using the proposal generator. You can equally create papers with the design you want by using fully editable templates. Professional sales contracts can be made with the management contract function’s assistance. additionally, contracts and signatures can be utilized to swiftly close additional transactions.

Cpq Software

Salespeople can quickly and simply create accurate pricing quotes using the Configure Price Quote software. Business-to-business quotes often match client needs and product capabilities. Estimates are normally custom-made, and discounts are possible.

Even though to the general public it may appear to be straightforward math, preparing a quote in the B2B sales process is a mind-numbing exercise due to the sheer number of variables and elements that determine the final cost. Nobody wants to misstep at this stage of the sales process.

Sales teams are freed from their price concerns thanks to cpq software, which helps with the creation of these customized quotes. Of course, there are further benefits as these software packages become increasingly important business tools.

Benefits of Cpq Software

The advantages of CPQ software are numerous, as will be seen below.

#1. Encourage your SDRs and AEs to concentrate on selling by reducing their workloads with boring tasks.

Creating estimates, invoices, and manually entering data into a CRM are just a few of the repetitive, manual operations that the average sales professional spends 66% of their workweek doing. In a 40-hour workweek, it translates to 26 hours not spent promoting.

Yet, according to reports from Salesforce, this software can aid sales teams in producing proposals ten times more quickly, halving approval times, and accelerating the time from quote to payment by two times. Compared to the 4 months it takes 75% of B2B companies to gain a customer, it is a significant improvement.

#2. Accelerate the hiring of new salesmen

Depending on the size of your company and the experience of the trainer engaged, training programs can cost anywhere from $500 to $15,000 per day and take anywhere from 3 to 15 months to fully onboard the average sales representative. You also can’t truly cut corners on the price or duration of your training programs if you don’t want to have a weak sales crew.

Dynamic quoting and pricing systems can help sales managers onboard new sales reps 30% faster because they require fewer manual processes.

#3. To shorten the sales cycle, hasten the quote creation procedure.

About 83% of businesses utilize Cpq software in some capacity, and sales teams frequently estimate time savings of 20% to 80% when producing quotes.

Best Cpq Software 

  • ApttusSalesforce Cpq
  •  IBM Cpq
  • Infor Cpq
  • Oracle Cpq
  •  FPX Cpq
  • SAP Cpq
  • CallidusCloud
  • Model N Cpq

Cpq Sap

Cpq Sap is a solid sales configuration system (Configure, Price, and Quote). Customers can use the tool to traverse complex marketing combinations. It streamlines and also automates the solution-selling process, allowing users to exactly meet client needs.

Cpq Sap is a powerful, scalable engine that can be configured either top-down or bottom-up. The software also provides robust configuration tools that enable users to define component requirements, evaluate functional requirements, integrate various solution components, and remove dependencies. The entire technical solution seamlessly synchronizes with customer service and sales apps to give a tailored package for increased efficiency

Benefits of Cpq Sap

The following are cpq sap benefits:

  • The sales cycle can be automated and hastened with the use of SAP Cpq. By offering powerful configuration tools and an easy-to-use user interface, it makes it simpler to design and sell solutions with complicated product combinations. This innovation increases the company’s scalability and makes it simpler for users to maintain configuration model data for performance monitoring. This program’s all-inclusive, scalable configuration engine is essential to its success. The simplicity of the engine allows the program to build multidimensional solutions from the ground up.
  • The solution setup environment is one of the most important components of SAP Cpq. This trustworthy module outlines the organization of solutions in sales orders and quotes. In addition to providing a versatile setup environment with two modeling options, advanced mode and compatible mode, it readily links to order processing processes in the SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and Hybris Commerce systems. While the advanced mode is intended for sophisticated solution settings, the compatible mode makes modeling simple product configurations simple.
  • The environment for solution modeling is a key component of SAP C. The Eclipse Rich Client Platform is used to construct the solution modeling interface (RCP). Its design enables it to handle a variety of navigational methods and operate effectively even when users are interacting with intricate models. Before sending solution models to the target systems, it aids users in designing and testing them.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and Cpq?


  • Quotes can be readily included in the same system as other customers- and sales-related data and operations.
  • Sales are skilled users of their equipment.
  • One system houses all consumer information linked to sales.
  • CRMs manage customer data and sales, not quotes. If information is missing, you won’t win the quote.
  • Making the connection between offerings and delivery is sometimes overlooked.


  • It is a process-rich, user-friendly tool made exclusively for quotes.
  • -Easy to design unique user interfaces for particular user groups, such as clients.
  • The idea behind Cpq is the integration of master data between CRM, PDM, design systems, and ERP.
  • It is made to assist clients with difficult transactions.
  • Another application in a business system’s landscape.
  • Integration of systems is not always simple.

What Is Cpq in Marketing?

CPQ, which stands for “configure, price, quote,” is a commonly used abbreviation to refer to a piece of software that enables vendors to create precise quotes for complex and variable commodities.

What Is Cpq and Clm?

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is a contract automation system that streamlines the contract process from creation to execution, in contrast to CPQ, which is sales automation software for estimating the cost of complicated, custom software products.

Is Cpq Part of Erp?

No, it is not a part of an ERP system, despite the fact that you can integrate them. For instance, you may integrate SAP CPQ and SAP ERP to keep the two programs’ data synchronized.

What Does Cpq Mean in Erp?

With the sales tool Cpq, businesses may quickly and accurately produce bids for orders. CRM, ERP, and other corporate technology are frequently perfectly integrated with Cpq software.

Is Cpq for B2B or B2C?

Both B2B and B2C firms can benefit from Salesforce Cpq. Companies of all sizes, on B2B and B2C platforms, and in a variety of industries use the program. Automating repetitive operations, it can help firms in a B2B context increase quotation accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

What Is an Example of a Cpq?

A manufacturer of large trucks in the automotive industry could be used as an example of CPQ. When a consumer chooses a specific chassis (the fundamental framework of a motor vehicle), the range of accessible engines is limited since some engines might not fit the chassis. Because a hefty trailer requires a more potent engine, etc., the selection of trailers is then constrained based on the chassis and engine.

Is Cpq a B2B?

B2B companies employ Cpq software to streamline complex and flexible product bids. This software has been available for a while, but more creative B2B CPQ applications for sales optimization have emerged as a result of recent technology breakthroughs.


After learning all of this, you ought to agree that CPQ software helps users manage pricing for all of their goods and services. It allows sales teams to make personalized quotes with consistent pricing that take advantage of any available savings. To handle volume discounts, percent-of-total subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract pricing, and channel and partner pricing, advanced pricing rules can be set up. Users may make sure their pricing is precise and effective by using CPQ systems.


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