EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE: Best Monitoring Software 2023

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Your workforce is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping employees productive is of paramount importance to any company’s management because of the impact they can have on the company’s success. Monitoring productivity and efficiency have always been challenging, but now that remote work is the rule rather than the exception, it is crucial. This is where the employee monitoring software comes in. Employee monitoring is now used by close to 80% of Fortune 500 organizations. It is not hard to understand why. When firms use monitoring software, their productivity increases by 24%, they are able to measure time with 60% greater accuracy, and they can save up to $10 million in time each year. We’ll explain what employee monitoring software is and compile a list of the top and free EMS you can choose from.


Employee monitoring software provides great benefits to both small business owners and managers. It basically provide them with useful information about their workforce. The finest employee monitoring software (free or paid) will be able to keep tabs on what websites and apps workers are accessing, what they are blocking, what screenshots are being taken, and what reports are being generated as a result.

Management and workers both have difficulties when working remotely, but issues with attendance, productivity, and safety can be mitigated with the use of top employee monitoring software. If a manager wants to see who is working and what they are doing, all they have to do is take a stroll about the office during working hours. Managers can achieve a similar effect remotely with employee monitoring software by ensuring their staff members really clock in and out at the designated times.

Child care, cleaning, errands, and so on aren’t as much of a factor in the office as they are when working from home. However, but not all workers will acknowledge they’re having difficulties focusing because of this. Employee monitoring software can help you see who is doing their job effectively and who needs more direction even if it is free. It can also tell you when your team is most productive and what kind of tools they need.

When you have employees working from afar, your company is more vulnerable to security breaches. Your firm is at risk if an employee uses a public Wi-Fi connection to access sensitive company data or if they use a work-issued device to access malicious online content. Remote workers can be safer with the use of employee monitoring software that can filter out dangerous websites and single out at-risk workers.

What is a Monitoring Employee Software?

Employee monitoring software is tools that are used to monitor a company’s productivity and assure a company’s resources utilized effectively.

Monitoring employees is the practice of keeping tabs on their whereabouts and doings. Using this program allows information gathering on the company network or while working remotely or representing the firm in a client’s office.

Employers can benefit from monitoring staff members by keeping tabs on their whereabouts (in the case of remote workers), how productive they are, what they’re working on, and what they’re up to in terms of email, instant messaging, desktop applications, web browsing, file transfers to and from USB drives, and so on

We have analyzed and list the best employee monitoring software available in 2022 so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your company.

How Can I See What My Employees Are Doing on Their Computers?

It can be difficult to keep tabs on employees while they’re at the office, let alone when they’re at home. In light of this, it is crucial for businesses to have tracking software that can reveal which employees are slacking off.

The software is available to monitor your employees’ activity while on the computer during office hours. This has proven quite helpful, especially in recent times as remote work has gone up by 44%. This type of software keeps a record of what they do on the computer in order to gauge efficiency. Here is a list of some examples of outstanding employee monitoring software;

  • ActivTrak
  • Kickidler
  • Monitask
  • Connecteam

What are the 3 Methods of Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring provides organizations with a variety of benefits and has the potential to boost employee productivity. If you have employees that have access to computers, gaining an understanding of how they utilize that time might help you detect problems inside the company. In the list below are the 3 methods of employee monitoring;

  • Communications using Electronic Means
  • Software
  • Surveillance

What are the 7 Employee Rights to Monitor Your Activities?

Using employee monitoring software to keep tabs on employees’ whereabouts and actions can be beneficial for several reasons. Perhaps you want to increase output by decreasing interruptions; perhaps you need to strengthen protections, or perhaps you simply want to get a better grasp on how your organization is spending its time and money.

However, to guarantee a seamless rollout and the greatest outcomes, there are a few things you should know before monitoring your staff. In the list below are things you need to know before utilizing any of the top free employee monitoring software;

  • Limit distractions
  • Find out where the problems are.
  • Reallocate resources and look for cybercriminals.
  • Stop anyone from getting in who shouldn’t.
  • Educate your staff about the perks they will receive.
  • Keep in mind that lawn care takes both time and money.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

This list below shows a quick summary of each of the top employee monitoring software solution, including a description of its most important features

#1. ActivTrak

First, on the list, ActivTrak is a software that can track workers’ activities and provide feedback to managers in order to improve employee performance.

ActivTrak is a piece of employee monitoring software that includes helpful dashboards that provide you with an overview of the productivity and performance of your workers. ActivTrak allows you to monitor your team’s performance against established productivity criteria. It also provides real-time user monitoring, allowing you to keep tabs on employees without disrupting them in the process.

Weekly coaching summaries are only one feature that sets ActivTrak apart as a top-tier employee monitoring program. One-on-one coaching sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of each team member through the weekly coaching summary. You can also use the weekly coaching reports to track employee development, evaluate the success of action plans, and make adjustments as needed.

ActivTrak can be used in tandem with a wide variety of other productivity apps. Up to 3 users can enjoy a free account forever; beyond that, it starts at $9 per user, each month.

#2. Connecteam

Connecteam is software for increasing efficiency in the workplace by providing a number of tools for keeping tabs on workers. It can help you plan out shifts and assign work, allowing you to get more done in less time. You may keep your staff informed about company happenings with the use of its announcement, newsletter, and update sending capabilities.

If you need to keep tabs on remote workers’ output using electronic forms, Connecteam is your best bet. With Connecteam, you can effortlessly modify existing web forms or design new ones to meet the specific needs of your business. Its mobile app allows for the examination of forms, monitoring of completion rates, and the distribution of vital files to team members and investors.

There is a free version of Connecteam for up to 50 people, and the paid version starts at $39 per license per month, plus $0.50 per user each month.

#3. Kickidler

Kickidler is software that helps businesses keep tabs on their staff and boost productivity through various monitoring and management features. With Kickidler, managers can observe their staff in action without disrupting them. By automating the creation of timesheets and reports, Kickidler helps managers and human resources personnel keep better tabs on employee hours.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your business and your clients safe, Kickidler is the ideal software for the job. The system’s ability to detect shift schedule deviations can help you keep your SLAs with customers. Kickidler also keeps a complete log of every employee’s computer activity, which may be viewed to deter wrongdoing.

Kickidler has a monthly pricing structure that begins at $3.67 per user and includes a free trial period of 14 days.

#4. Clockify

Employee tracking software that includes a calendar for easy visual monitoring of time and activity logs. Clockify is monitoring software that keeps tabs on employees and provides a number of features, like time tracking and timesheet monitoring, to make sure that everyone is working efficiently. It offers a simple dashboard that lets managers see at a glance who is working on what and how far along the project is. You can also create and distribute insightful productivity reports to your team and investors with Clockify.

You should use Clockify if you’re looking for employee tracking software that will assist your workers to increase their productivity by allowing them to schedule their time more effectively. Inspecting staff members’ timetables is a simple way to guarantee that working hours are being used productively. For peace of mind that employees are putting in their time where it should be and not wasting it on unnecessary tasks, Clockify allows you to compare an employee’s actual activities to their scheduled activities.

Clockify can be used in tandem with other productivity apps like Google Calendar, Zendesk, Google Docs, Wrike, Basecamp, Gitlab, etc.

If you need a quote, you will need to get in touch with Clockify and ask about their rates.

#5. Monitask

It is a productivity-boosting employee monitoring software that records and analyzes computer use. The Monitask program allows you to monitor productivity and see how each person is doing individually and as a group. With its task and project management features, you can rest assured that your work will be completed on time and under budget. Using the time-tracking function in Monitask, you may also determine which tasks are taking too much time and create strategies to speed up their completion.

Because it provides a breakdown of the websites and programs used, Monitask is the finest software for monitoring employee computer use at work. If an employee’s output suddenly reduces, you can investigate their online habits to find out where they’re wasting time, such as on social media. Screenshots can be taken at random, keeping workers on their toes and discouraging them from using personal apps and websites.

Prices for Monitask begin at $4.99 per user per month, with a free trial available for 10 days.

#6. BambooHR

A time and attendance monitoring software that can help automate the administration of employees’ schedules

If you’re a small or medium-sized firm in need of human resources management tools, look no further than BambooHR. It’s perfect for mobile teams or telecommuters because workers can clock in and out from anywhere with internet access. Employees can use their smartphones to log into BambooHR from anywhere, thanks to the app’s availability on both iOS and Android.

If you’re looking for a monitoring system that also keeps track of employees’ time and attendance, BambooHR is your best bet because it automates both processes, guaranteeing that your timesheets will be correct and your managers will approve them promptly. To better allocate manpower, you might have staff members record their time spent on tasks like client calls, meetings, and projects. BambooHR also allows you to keep tabs on paid time off, which may be used to reshuffle the deck and find replacements for workers who are out on vacation.

When you request a quote from BambooHR, the company will gladly adjust the price to meet your needs.

#7. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a system for monitoring employee time that includes timesheets and payroll sync. It has a feature that sends out instantaneous alerts if an employee is found to be spending too much time on social media, video-sharing sites, or other non-work-related websites. Whatever operating system you or your employees prefer, TimeDoctor is accessible from any device. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome devices.

If you need a dashboard for evaluating employee monitoring information so you can see how much time different employees spend on different clients, projects, and tasks, TimeDoctor is your best bet. The information can be used for trend analysis of employee behavior and the development of strategies to reduce unproductive actions. Assigning more people and more money to projects that take longer to finish is also possible using this method.

TimeDoctor works with a wide variety of other apps and services, such as Breeze, Mavenlink, PayPal, LiquidPlanner, and Evernote.

TimeDoctor’s low monthly fee begins at $7 per user.

#8. Vericlock

This is workforce management that utilizes GPS tracking to keep tabs on where your employees are at all times

Vericlock is a time and attendance tracking program that may also measure your employees’ productivity. Because its timekeeping function supports clocking in through smartphone, SMS, and web browser, it guarantees that workers can punch in from any location and using any device. Employees can sign their timesheets digitally with Vericlock to avoid payroll conflicts.

Vericlock is the ideal employee monitoring software for those in charge of remote workers since it features GPS geotagging capabilities that make it possible to verify whether or not workers are clocking in at the correct time and location. In addition, you can acquire visual evidence, like images and videos, that your remote workers are in fact where they claim to be. The software’s ability to keep tabs on workers during nontraditional work hours makes it particularly useful for keeping tabs on contractors and telecommuters.

The monthly fee for using Vericlock is $10 per account plus $5 per user. There is also a free trial period of 30 days.

#9. Hubstaff

Software that keeps tabs on staff members and compiles information to help with decision making

Hubstaff is an employee management system that may help you run your business with features including time tracking, payroll management, invoicing, and task management. Using Hubstaff, you can keep tabs on what websites and apps your workers are accessing. And by this, you can make sure they’re staying focused on their jobs. You may use Hubstaff to keep track of when people are working and when they are not, allowing you to maximize efficiency.

If you want in-depth data on your employees’ work and time usage, so you can evaluate their productivity, Hubstaff is the ideal software for the job. Project and workplace bottlenecks can be eliminated and profitability increased with the use of thorough productivity reports. Hubstaff reports may also be used to check in on whether or not workers are hitting their KPIs. This allows you to better target your coaching and development efforts.

Hubstaff can work in tandem with other time-saving apps like Jira, Slack, QuickBooks, Salesforce, TransferWise, and more.

Hubstaff provides a free 14-day trial and starts at $7/user/month.

#10. Teramind

This software help keeps tabs on your staff and can identify insider threats is an excellent way to keep your business and your clientele safe.

Teramind is a computer and activity monitoring software that may be used to keep tabs on what employees are up to on their phones, computers, and the Internet. Its keylogger function monitors, records, and transmits employees’ keystrokes, allowing employers to gain insight into their efficiency and morale. You may immediately put a stop to any illicit activity on a company computer by using Teramind’s remote desktop control tool.

Teramind is the greatest employee monitoring software for preventing insider threats. Thus it can help you keep your business and its customers safe. It has a data loss prevention and data security is bolstered by its ability to detect and safeguard critical information. Teramind’s user behavior analytics can help you keep a tight eye on staff you suspect of wrongdoing by spotting harmful activities and behavioral aberrations.

Teramind offers a free 14-day trial and monthly pricing starting at $5 per user.

Do Employers Have to Disclose Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring is perfectly legal in the United States. Employers can legally monitor employee gadgets under current legislation in the country. However, the terms provide that the monitoring procedure must be supported by valid business grounds.

Additionally, it is mandatory in some jurisdictions for businesses to obtain permission from their subjects before beginning a monitoring operation. In light of recent changes to federal law, however, businesses are under no obligation to inform their employees of the plans to be observing their actions.

Employee Monitoring Software Free

While most of the employee monitoring software comes with a price, there are still a few you can use for free. This is a list of free employee monitoring software you can find useful for keeping tabs on your staff. Items on this list are available for testing with no financial risk. However, you should know that limitations in terms of time or features are typical in most free versions of employee monitoring software.

To make sure you acquire the right product, compare all free Employee Monitoring Software in our list. This is to discover more options and assess more features.

  • Time Champ
  • Kickidler
  • Time Doctor
  • ActivTrak
  • Insightful 
  • DeskTime
  • Teamvue
  • C2Perform
  • Fin
  • Traqq
  • Teramind
  • WorkTime
  • Backlsh
  • Ekran System
  • G2 Deals
  • BrowseReporter
  • DeskTrack

Is It Illegal to Monitor Employees’ Computers?

Absolutely. Keeping tabs on an employee’s work hours is not illegal here in the United States. In the United States, companies have broad powers to spy on workers’ electronic communications and activities thanks to monitoring legislation. There needs to be a sound business rationale to support this, though. The need for consent is also mandated by some state statutes.


Employee monitoring software provides great benefits to both small business owners and managers. It basically provides them with useful information about their workforce. The finest employee monitoring software will be able to keep tabs on what websites and apps workers are accessing, what they are blocking, what screenshots are being taken, and what reports are being generated as a result.

Employee Monitoring Software FAQs

What are the types of employee activities that can be monitored?

Powerful modern and free employee monitoring software makes it possible and simple to keep tabs on a list of activities;

  • Computer activity
  • Email
  • Time on projects & tasks
  • Time & Attendance
  • Application usage & website usage
  • Screenshots

What teams of professional most relied of employee monitoring?

Because contemporary computer monitoring software is adaptable, organizations in almost every sector utilize it to track employee efficiency. Nevertheless, the list below shows a few teams that rely on employee monitoring software;

  • Fast growing businesses
  • Accounting agencies
  • Engineers
  • Office workers
  • Constructions and engineers
  • Lawyers

How can I possibly monitor my employee for free?

  • You can basically monitor your workers using any of the top 10 Free Employee Monitoring Software in 2022:
  • Hubstaff.
  • Time Doctor.
  • ActivTrak.
  • Insightful (formerly Workpuls)
  • DeskTime.
  • We360.ai.
  • Traqq.
  • Time Champ.


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