CLOVER POS SYSTEMS: 2023 Reviews & All You Need

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When it comes to point-of-sale systems, the Clover POS ecosystem has you covered.Clover POS systems have everything you need, and you can always add more, whether you’re in the market for a full-featured small business or restaurant POS system, a retail POS system, or mobile features for payments on the move. The cutting-edge resources and automated technologies found at Clover Station were developed with the needs of every business and client in mind. This guide focuses on Clover POS systems, what they are all about, their reviews, and how to use them for a small business.

Clover POS Systems

Incorporating specialized hardware, Clover POS is a unified POS system made for a wide range of retail establishments. This point-of-sale system comes with a variety of deployment modes, including web-based and server-based versions, as well as options for countertop hardware, mobile POS, contactless payments, and more. One of the most popular point-of-sale apps designed with eateries in mind is Clover Dining.

The Clover POS system is an all-in-one solution for managing a company’s sales, inventory, and other front-of-house operations. Clover can be used instead of conventional hardware such as a cash register, paper receipt printer, label printer, barcode scanner, and others. All major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and contactless payment methods are accepted and processed without any problems.

Here are the various Clover POS systems: 

#1. Clover Station Duo POS

As the next generation of the best desktop POS systems ever made, the Clover Station Duo is a game-changer in the industry. The Clover POS software includes the Clover App Store in addition to its intuitive interface and streamlined design. The Clover Station Duo’s capabilities can be expanded and improved with the help of available add-ons. This flexible countertop features a tablet-based interface, printer, and a customer-facing Clover POS Mini. Register drawers, barcode scanners, kitchen printers, and other high-powered add-ons are available as extras. Start with the basics and build from there.

#2. Clover Flex POS

For convenient, cutting-edge payment options, try Clover Flex. The Clover Flex is a wireless point-of-sale system that allows you to connect to the same fantastic POS system as the Clover Station and Clover Mini. Clover Flex has a built-in receipt printer and supports the same payment methods as the larger Clover Stations. Solutions such as customer premises payments, restaurant pay-at-the-table, and trade exhibitions are well suited to the Clover Flex because of its exceptional portability.

#3. Clover GO POS.

Take use of mobile technology! The Clover Go turns your iOS or Android smartphone into a fully functional point-of-sale terminal. Because of its compatibility with Bluetooth, using it is quick, easy, and effective anywhere. The Clover POS software makes it simple to link up your phone with the Clover Go reader. The market leader among portable credit card readers and EMV readers.

#4. Clover Barcode Scanner (Accessory)

Adding a Clover Barcode Scanner to your Clover POS system is a great tool for improving inventory management, streamlining the checkout process, and other business operations. The integrated adjustable stand gives this specialized barcode scanner a more streamlined appearance and a smaller overall footprint. Scan high-density (HD) barcodes seen in niche retail and electronic manufacturing in addition to conventional (1D) and (2D) barcodes found on paper labels and smartphone screens. The modified Clover version supports direct plug-and-play connectivity.

#5. Clover Kitchen Printer (Accessory)

Restaurants and high-end eateries alike can benefit greatly from using Clover POS, and the system becomes even more ideal when paired with a Clover Kitchen Printer. This robust, adaptable technology makes it easy to convey orders to the kitchen. This rapid, two-color printer is built to endure the heat and humidity of the kitchen, and it prints clear, legible text in a compact size. Because only this printer is Clover-compatible, it’s ideal for use in the kitchen.

Notable Characteristics and Advantages

Here are a few advantages of the Clover POS system to help you decide whether or not to implement it in your business.

  • Incredible performance: A 14-inch screen will let you see the big picture of your company, allowing you to work more efficiently on tasks like invoicing, reporting, and inventory management.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity: Your orders, employees, reports, and stock will all function smoothly if you have the sufficient processing power.
  • Maximum safety: By Clover Station, your data is protected with fingerprint login and end-to-end encryption for each and every transaction.
  • Customization: Modifying menu items, adding or removing modifiers, and seeing the updated order total is as simple as clicking a button.

Does Clover Have a Monthly Fee?

Yes, there is a monthly subscription price for all Clover software. Starting at $4.95 per month, fees can reach $69.95 per month.

Is Clover owned by Bank of America?

In October 2013, Bank of America Merchant Services was the first to make the announcement that it will market Clover to its merchant base.

What Banks Use Clover POS?

Yes, there is a monthly subscription price for all Clover software. Starting at $4.95 per month, fees can reach $69.95 per month.

Clover POS Systems Reviews

Reviews of Clover POS systems are quite fragmented. The unfavorable reviews of Clover POS systems can be troubling because many of them claim that the business, and Clover merchant services, in particular, lack transparency. Now let us look at some positive and negative reviews or responses about Clover POS systems consumers. 


In reviews of Clover POS systems, we identified a number of encouraging trends, including:

  • Many Different Apps That Can Be Adapted To Almost Any Industry: The vast majority of app store reviews I observed were positive, despite a few customers complaining that they had to buy applications to access specific features. They liked the variety of options and how simple it was to link with the POS program.
  • Integrated Design: Many users loved Clover’s inclusion of everything they required for their business and were glad they could get all the required hardware in one spot.
  • Extremely Quick Setup: In a similar vein, several users appreciated how quickly they could get their system up and running and how little time was required to train new personnel.
  • Utilization Ease: This characterizes Clover. The interface is extremely user-friendly and cutting-edge. Users liked that there aren’t many unnecessary buttons and that the back end is easy to use and organized.

Negative Clover Post complaints and reviews

Several significant red flags are raised by Clover merchant reviews, including:

  • Customers’ demands: Many Clover customers have serious issues with the company’s customer support (or lack thereof). Long-term heartache can be avoided by doing your homework before selecting a service.
  • Insufficient Transparency: It’s also very typical to hear complaints about non-negotiable contracts, hidden costs, and other unpleasant shocks. A few clients reported that they were told they could download apps that would assist with particular problems later, only to discover that the apps did not deliver on their promises.
  • Cost: The upfront expenditures can be expensive, which is the main criticism I’ve heard from both buyers and reviewers. The finest cloud-based POS software can all be run on an iPad or Android tablet, so you can switch to a different system without having to spend money on new gear if you test one out and find it to be ineffective.
  • Target Markets: Another drawback of Clover is that you can only use one merchant services provider while there is no single location where you can purchase it. Each store will offer a varied range of rates, prices, and customer service alternatives. However, the only available processor option is Fiserv, regardless of the reseller you use. Even if some resellers have a stellar reputation, they are only able to assist with payments and merchant accounts. You are still dependent on Fiserv’s hit-or-miss technical support.

How Much Does the Clover POS System Cost?

The $49 Go is the most affordable and portable model, while the Station Pro is the most expensive model.

What is the Difference Between Square and Clover?

If your POS system truly only needs the most fundamental payment processing features, Square will help you save money. On the other hand, Clover is the greatest option for expanding firms that need to manage several staffs as well as keep track of inventory and customers.

Clover POS Systems for Small Business

The correct payment processor can boost revenue, simplify operations, and protect client data. The CloverTM system is compatible with a wide variety of merchant services, so your customers can pay with the option that is most convenient for them. In contrast, point-of-sale (POS) systems aimed at smaller businesses have not been the subject of much innovation. Big, bulky touchscreen monitors operated by a standardized program developed many years ago sit atop a giant cash register at any pub or restaurant you enter. Below are some of the advantages of clover pos systems for small business management.  

#1. Learn About POS using Clover

Clover is a point-of-sale (POS) system that combines new features with a streamlined interface to meet the unique needs of your company. Forget about those antiquated, clumsy point-of-sale systems! Clover is a replacement for the traditional cash register, credit card terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. Take debit, credit, and Apple Pay. Run reports at work or at home and use time-saving software to learn more about your business and your consumers.

#2. Avoid Falling Behind in Technological Advancements

With an open application programming interface (API), thousands of developers can contribute to the Clover point-of-sale system, making it as easy to use as an iPhone or smartphone. Your Clover POS system will always be up-to-date since developers are always introducing new features, smart designs, and updates for faster processing to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Companies vary greatly in their quality and performance. Some others may not benefit from the same approaches that work for you. Locate options including customer retention strategies, bookkeeping interfaces, data analytics, and more.

#3. Do Your Job From Anywhere!

Thanks to Clover’s cloud-based architecture, you can handle all of this without physically being in the store. Take that into consideration. Some of our shopkeepers have told us they went on holiday for the first time in years.

#4. Relax and Take Pleasure in the Basics!

New technologies are great because they are simple to grasp. Simply said, if you can use a smartphone, you can use a Clover system.

#5. Straightforward Record-Keeping

The straightforward layout also includes an easy-to-grasp reporting tool that can help you learn the ropes of business management.

#6. Dedicated Hardware that Performs as Good as it Looks

Clover offers a variety of POS-focused integrated solutions, including stationary and portable terminals. Aesthetics are important, but your gadget also needs to be robust enough to process thousands of transactions without compromising on security.

Who Does Clover Use for Payment?

You can accept payments via a web browser, a mobile application, or your Clover device with the Clover solutions provided by Wells Fargo Merchant Services, L.L.C. (WFMS).

How Do You Cash Out on Clover?

Customers have a choice of POS options to pick from, including hardware and accessories. They may also accept payments virtually with Clover’s virtual terminal.

Does Clover Do a Credit Check?

No, credit checks are not conducted using this information.

Does Clover POS Have a Contract?

You may take payments, send invoices, and expedite checkout by saving customers’ credit card details through Clover’s web dashboard. The fact that contracts with Clover are month-to-month is a truly fantastic perk.


Whether you’re looking for a complete restaurant POS system, a retail POS solution, or a mobile POS to accept payments on the go, Clover POS systems provides what you need and more. Everything at Clover Station, from the state-of-the-art facilities to the fully automated technologies, was designed with the customer and business in mind.

However, the many negative evaluations of Clover POS systems indicate that the business and merchant services lack transparency.

Clover POS Systems FAQs

Is it possible to re-program a Clover POS system?

Negative, you can not re-program a Clover POS in any way. A Clover POS will only function with the merchant account that was used to activate it when it was first made available for usage.

Is it appropiate to purchase a used Clover POS system?

Although secondhand Clover POS systems are available, you cannot reprogram them even if you buy one, therefore you can not utilize them to conduct sales at your establishment. On eBay, some people offer used Clover machinery “for parts.”

Is Clover POS a good option for small businesses?

For any kind of small business, including restaurants, retail stores, and professional services, Clover POS systems is a fantastic choice. Although its hardware is on the expensive side, the reasonable monthly fee and minimal payment processing fees help gradually offset that initial outlay.


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