SQUARE DEVICE: What Is It, How It Works & Compatibility

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Square is a financial services platform developed by Block, Inc and one of the most well-known credit card processing companies available today. Square, through its card reader (device), allows users to accept credit cards directly from their mobile devices. The payment processing and point-of-sale (POS) platform is used by businesses of all kinds both online and off, although it is designed specifically for smaller establishments to enable them to take credit card payments and utilize tablets as cash registers. It has reasonable rates, has a flat-rate pricing structure, and doesn’t impose monthly or yearly fees for its fundamental processing service. To help you decide if the Square device is perfect for you, we’ll explain everything about their process, payments, and compatibility as well as how you can find your device code.

How Does Square Device Work?

The company makes money by providing services to companies, including subscription-based goods like Square Payroll, Square Register, and Customer Engagement.

The cost to use Square Payroll for payroll is $20 per month, plus $5 for each employee. Square provides both electronic and physical gift cards. However, to use the money, a QR code must be scanned.

In addition, businesses can take credit card payments online, thanks to Square Market, while finance possibilities exist for businesses that use the Square system through Square Capital.

Using a web-based scheduling system, local companies can now take online bookings for services like haircuts and massages. However, it doesn’t support restaurant reservations.

With Square Payroll, even the smallest businesses can handle payroll. You can buy this product in all 50 states and Washington, DC. Plus, it manages payments, withholding, and tax filings automatically. While with an application programming interface (API), Square allows merchants to create unique platform interfaces.

More financial services are available from Square Financial Services. The technology transfers the bank information to the card reader when you swipe a magnetic-stripe card, and the card reader then sends it to Square. The acquiring bank receives this information from us after that.

You can accept credit card payments anywhere using Square’s magstripe reader, which plugs into the headphone port of your iOS or Android device. Square device ( point-of-sale) app is compatible with the reader, and your customers’ credit card data is protected by Square’s cutting-edge security protocols from the moment they swipe.


#1 Square Reader for Magstripe

In its first iteration, the Square device interacted with the Square app via the phone’s audio jack in 2010. Its flagship product, the Square Reader, was released in 2010. Generally, it connects to the headphone jack of a mobile device in order to process credit card transactions. The first generation had a read head connected directly to a 3.5 mm audio socket. This basically allowed for the transmission of unencrypted, analog card data to smartphones, where it could be amplified and digitized. Moreover, in items released after 2018, Square Reader also supports Apple Lightning.

On Square hardware, there is no storage of card numbers, magnetic stripe information, or security codes. Square Reader is both Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance and Verisign certified.

Merchants can get Square’s magnetic stripe card readers at no cost from the company. Square’s chip-based Square Reader on the other hand costs $29, while the more permanent Square Stand costs $99. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store provide a free download of the Square app from where you can get started.

For each credit card transaction, Square takes 2.6% plus $0.10 for card readers and 3.50 percent plus $0.15 for keyed-in transactions. However, there are no ongoing costs or minimum commitment requirements. Compared to traditional credit card processors, the company claims its prices are lower on average. There are no setup or monthly expenses. The company asserts that, on average, its expenses are less than those of traditional credit card processors. During 1-2 business days, swiped payments are put into a seller’s bank account. In some cases, Square defers payments while chargeback-related problems are being resolved.

#2. Square Reader for Contactless and Chip

This Square Reader is a Bluetooth-connected scanner that allows Android and iOS smartphones to accept contactless and chip card payments.

#3. Square Terminal

The Square Terminal has a screen, produces receipts, and is compatible with the chip, swipe, as well as contactless cards. It doesn’t need a phone or tablet to function, unlike a regular card reader. It’s a cheaper alternative to Square Register. It was basically created to replace the more traditional credit card terminals used in many retail locations. According to Square, customers have a negative experience with these devices (terminals) because of the onerous contracts that come with them. The WiFi-enabled terminal runs on an all-day battery, allowing it to be taken to different parts of the store and given to individual consumers.

#4. Square Stand

A coffee shop’s flipped-over square stand allows consumers to select their preferred tipping method. With the addition of the Square Stand, the Apple iPad may serve as a more robust POS terminal.

#5. Square Register

Unlike other integrated square devices (POS systems), Square Register may function alone. It incorporates a swipe, chip, and contactless reader into both the retailer’s tablet and the customer’s tablet.

Who Is Square Best For?

Since its 2009 introduction, Square has enjoyed enormous popularity among small businesses, and it is simple to understand why. The business takes its name from the free square-shaped mobile card reader it offers customers, enabling them to accept payments anywhere. The company provides a simple, quick-to-set-up, all-in-one credit card processing service. With Square’s free mobile credit card reader, which can be plugged into any mobile device, and also free POS software, businesses can start accepting credit card payments in just a few minutes. Hence, for startup companies who don’t want to spend money on a credit card processing system, Square is the best option because there are no obligations, basic requirements, or upfront expenses.

Square Device Code

You can provide your employees remote access to your point of sale system by creating and allocating devices to each of your business locations.

While making a new Square Device Code, you’ll be prompted to give it a physical address. The online Square Dashboard allows you to add and manage physical storefronts whenever you choose. With a Square Device Code, a mobile device can be linked to a specific area, facilitating reporting at the device level.

However, be aware that Device Codes cannot be used to gain access to your Square Dashboard or adjust your account settings via the online platform. You must subscribe to Team Management in order to provide each member of your team with their own login to your online Square Dashboard.

Using Device Codes

First things first: to get started, make sure you’re logged out of the Square app.

You may manage your hardware in Square’s web dashboard under Account & Settings > Business Information > Devices.

  • Click Create a Device
  • Enter a Nickname and click Create to generate your code
  • Choose to send your code via email or phone number and tap Send
  • Launch the Square app on your mobile device and then select the Sign In button
  • Click on “Use a Device Code” and input the given code.

Once it gets here, then the device status in your dashboard should display as Active.

Team members, if you have one can hence clock in using their unique PIN and gain access to the system based on the roles they are assigned to.

Meanwhile, if you fail to make use of the code within 48 hours, a device code will expire. Hence, you will need to reset it in order to be able to log in to the Square app. Below are the basic steps for the reset;

Reset or Deactivate a Square Device Code

If you have lost or had your device stolen, you can change your device code under the Devices section of your online Square Dashboard. Just;

  • Navigate to the Devices tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  • Click the device to reset or deactivate.
  • Click Reset Device Login or Delete.

Once you are able to reset it, you’ll automatically get a new Square device code.

Is the Square Device Free?

Square Point of Sale is basically free and incredibly simple to use. It enables you to manage and do whatever you need to effectively manage your company.

How Do You Get Money From Square?

To move money from your Square Checking balance to the bank account you linked to your Square Checking account:

  • Launch the Square app
  • Go to the Balance section, and then
  • Tap the Transfer to Bank button
  • Enter the amount of money that you want to send
  • Choose a transfer speed. You have the option of using instant transfer or  next-business-day transfer
  • Confirm your transfer.

Can I Use My Square on Any Phone?

Your Square device or Reader for magstripes is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including those made by Apple and Android. Depending on the type of device you have, you can choose between two different versions of the Square Reader for magstripe. One with a lightning connector, and the other with a 3.5mm headset jack.

Can You Use a Square Without WI-Fi?

Processing payments with a Square device or Reader for magstripe does not require the use of Wi-Fi. You may still accept payments through the Square device (Point of Sale) app even when you do not have access to Wi-Fi or the internet by using the Offline Mode feature.

Does Square Require a Monthly Fee?

Whether you are making sales face-to-face, online, over the phone, or in the field, it doesn’t matter. Square does not require you to pay any initial setup fee, or monthly or ongoing maintenance payments to use a Square device. To put it simply, you are only obligated to pay when you really receive payment.

Square Device Compatibility

When we talk about Square device compatibility, the Square Reader for magstripe as well as Square Reader for the chip are both compatible with most Apple devices running iOS 14 and above, and also Android devices running version 7 and above.

Square devices do not currently support

  • BlackBerry devices
  • Windows devices
  • Unreleased or beta software versions for your device
  • Amazon Kindle devices

Regardless, you can still check the Square Device Compatibility page to see if your device is among those supported.

Square Device for Payments

When used in conjunction with the free Square Point of Sale app, the Square device enables merchants to accept payments from customers using swiped credit cards on their mobile devices.

Your Square device (Reader for magstripes) is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including Apple, Android as well as tablets. Depending on the type of device you have, you can choose between two different versions of the Square Reader for magstripe. One with a lightning connector, and the other with a 3.5mm headset jack. You can browse the list of software and hardware that is compatible with the Square device using the device-compatible page.

So, How Exactly Does a Square Payments Device Work?

When a customer pays with a magnetic-stripe card, their financial details are sent to the card reader, and then on to Square. Square subsequently relays that data to the acquiring bank. The Square magstripe reader connects to the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device, allowing you to accept credit card payments anywhere.


Although Square provides a variety of business tools, its POS solution is the most commonly used. This paves the way for companies to accept credit card payments wherever their customers are located.

Because of its simple flat rates, free POS software, and scalable add-on services, Square is basically the finest credit card processing firm for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The software is intuitive and can be used by anybody on the team with little to no training. In addition, transaction fees are simple to comprehend and there are no monthly fees with the pay-as-you-go model. However, due to the potential for costs to escalate more quickly than those of competitors who charge a monthly fee to process limitless sales, large firms may be reluctant to use Square. Regardless, it is one to consider.


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