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Finding the best receipt printer for your restaurant business is often viewed as a task that can wait. In reality, a high-quality thermal printer can either make or break a business. The reason is, a wireless receipt printer for your POS system is what provides both you and your customers with their receipts. You need a printer that provides high-quality images and text to avoid any confusion. To make the process of finding a receipt printer easier, we have compiled a list of the best thermal printers for your POS system with Square suitable for your small business.


Receipt printers are essential devices for any business that needs to generate receipts for their customers for them to hold on to for returns or records. These machines are designed to print out receipts quickly and accurately, making them an ideal choice for busy retail environments. They come in different types, including thermal, dot matrix, and inkjet printers, and can be connected to a computer or POS system via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. Some models can even print barcodes and graphics, making them versatile and useful for a wide range of businesses. Thus, either a wireless or thermal receipt printer must-have for any company that wants to provide its customers with a professional and efficient service. 

Can I Use a Label Printer as a Receipt Printer?

By changing from a label roll to a continuous paper roll, you can print receipts from your thermal printer. Thermal label printers have an added advantage for receipt printing because you have more size options.

Best Receipt Printer

The best receipt printers are machines that are generally connected to the cash register at your place of business. When you make a sale to a customer, the wireless receipt printer prints out a tangible copy of their receipt for them to hold on to for returns or records. Thus, the best receipt printers use thermal or dot matrix technology to produce high-quality text and images. Also, look for a printer that can print in black and white or color, such as a series two-color POS thermal printer.

How to Choose the Best Receipt Printer

You need to consider some crucial factors when purchasing the best wireless receipt printer for your business. Factors such as print speed, connectivity options, font types, and the like are essential in making a well-informed decision before buying any equipment. It is also necessary to factor in space availability since a lack of space can limit your selection of printers.

#1. Your Business Needs

Before choosing which receipt printer is the best for your business, you need to assess your business needs. If you own a restaurant or other small retail business, you only require an introductory printer to print receipts from credit cards and provide quick customer service. On the other hand, if your business relies on high-volume transactions such as supermarkets and convenience stores, you will need a high-volume printer to print receipts faster.

#2. Compatible

Ensure that the wireless receipt printer you are buying is compatible with your computer operating systems and cash drawer. This will ensure efficient connectivity between the devices and help avoid problems when producing receipts.

#3. Your Budget

The size or volume of space available can significantly influence your choice of printers. If, for example, you have a large retail store, you might need a high-volume printer. However, space availability may limit the choice of printers you can go for.

#4. Quality 

There are two factors that you need to consider when looking at quality. These include print resolution and print speed. Some printers offer high resolution, while others can print receipts faster than others. Choose a printer with both these features to get a printer that best suits your needs. Just like the high-quality printer for teachers, the receipt printer’s quality depends on the model and type of the printer.

#5.  Warranty

Since most printers are relatively expensive, make sure you choose a receipt printer with some sort of warranty. However, You should review the terms and conditions of this warranty to avoid unnecessary costs during its duration.

#6.  Cost-Effective?

It is important to note that not all receipt printers are created equal. While some can print at very high speeds, their costs may be so high as a result. On the other hand, some printers can deliver high-quality prints at low prices. These should be your first choice as they provide you with optimized value for money.

Best Receipt Printer: Examples

Below are the best receipt printer,

#1. Epson TM-T88V

This is one of the latest devices from Epson and is one of the best receipt printers in the market. It is perfect for the retail environment and offers lots of improved features. It comes at a price that is higher than what you will pay for most other models, but it is well worth the price. They are durable and reliable products.

#2.  Star Micronics SP742ME

This is a very reliable POS receipt printer that can work well even in a harsh environment. It is built specifically for the harsh environment. It can withstand the condition (high heat and humidity) that characterizes the kitchen environment. In terms of performance, there are several things you will love about this device. It is a fast-receipt printer and is ideal for intense usage.

#3. Star Micronics SM-S230i

This is one of the best POS receipt printers in the market you can get. One of the most impressive things about this device is that it is compact, lightweight but very powerful. It is the smallest device you will find in the Star Micronics series, but it boasts impressive features. The device is also compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS. In terms of performance, the SM-S230i is impressive. It prints at a speed of 80 mm per second

#4. TEROW T5890K Printer

Those looking for both form and function will love what they find in this model. It has amazing functionality, allowing ESC/POS print commands and built-in data buffering. It also supports bitmap and downloaded graphics printing. These all make it a convenient option for busy businesses. Remember that this doesn’t have as much power as competing models might. It will struggle to print text-heavy receipts, which could be a dealbreaker for some businesses. This is a lightweight and highly portable option for businesses that travel that you can take anywhere.

#5. MUNBYN Receipt Printer

This fast-printing option is excellent for those under a lot of pressure to get a line of people or a lot of orders taken care of quickly. It will get you 40 receipts per minute. This is an astonishing 230mm/s. Being this quick means, you can expect excellent efficiency from this model and an overall increase in productivity for yourself and your staff. However, merchants who are using Square should steer clear of this design. It won’t work with that platform, so it won’t be helpful for your business.

Why Are Receipt Printers So Expensive?

Thermal printers use complex technology. Zero ink printers, thermal printers, and label makers are naturally reliant on sophisticated printer hardware, such as thermal print heads to get the job done. Similarly as to why ink cartridges are so expensive, you are ultimately paying for the technology inside.

Wireless Receipt Printer

With so many receipt printers on the market, it’s hard to know which one will support your software while giving you the best return on your investment. Wireless Receipt printers are printing machines used at the point of sale. The primary purpose of a wireless receipt printer is to print sales receipts and transaction reports in retail and hospitality environments connected to computers without cables or wires.

They can also support integration with IOS & Android devices. Typically, the best wireless receipt printer features a high-speed printing mechanism for printing receipts. This is because it can print at speeds of up to 250mm per second in black or color, depending on the printer model and interface.

Examples of Wireless Receipt Printer

Below are the best wireless receipt printer suitable for you,

#1. MUNBYN Bluetooth

Is a portable and eco-friendly 58mm mini wireless POS receipt printer that is perfect for small businesses, restaurants, and sales. It is compatible with Android/Windows systems and comes with a powerful 1500mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts for days. The mini printer is easy to carry and comes with a free belt to hang on the waist, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

#2. The Rollo Wireless Printer X1040 

They are aimed at those who need to print 4×6” shipping labels, it has the benefit of a wireless Wi-Fi connection as well as a USB, which makes it easy to print from a phone. We also like the fact that it’s designed to work with the cloud-based Rollo Ship Manager, which you can then connect to multiple online platforms to manage and keep track of all your shipping needs via phone or tablet. 

#3. First Data FD130 Terminal

This is a wireless receipt printer that was not made for the sole purpose of printing receipts. It is an all-in-one payment processing and receipt printing terminal that sells at a very reasonable price. It is therefore a valuable device that will make your processes smoother. In addition to printing receipts, you can process credit card payments, connect to cash registers and integrate with various POS systems with this single device.

The New Mobilink portable wireless receipt printer is small, lightweight, and easy to carry with a modern and wearable sleek design. Seamlessly integrate Mobilink printers with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms through WiFi or Bluetooth®. Designed with durability in mind, Mobilink receipt printers are water- and dust resistant and with drop ratings from 4 to 6.9 feet.1

#5. NuPrint 320B

NuPrint™ 320B – 3″ (80mm) POS Bluetooth Printer is the mobile, portable, compact, and efficient solution to your Point of Sale and retail needs. This Bluetooth Mobile wireless receipt printer is perfect for any business transaction without the mess and clutter. No matter your POS environment, connect via Bluetooth, or USB from this portable printer and have the confidence of choosing multiple devices that will print directly from the NuPrint 320B from up to 30 feet away.

Can a Regular Printer Print on Receipt Paper?

If you prefer using receipt paper for regular printers for your receipts, you should consider using traditional printers, such as inkjet printers

Receipt Printer Square

There are many supported receipt printer models compatible with Square (Squareup) depending on the device you wish to use. These Square receipt printers are already approved to work with your Square system out of the box. With a wide variety of printers on the market, selecting the best receipt printer for Square all comes down to which capabilities are a priority to your business. Hence, to help you we have a list of compatible POS Printer models depending on the device which we will share below so you are familiar with the correct receipt printer to use.

Receipt Printer Square: Examples

I have compiled all the Square receipt printer available for iOS and Android devices, explaining how they work.

#1.Star Micronics SM-S230i 

This new-generation, compact model is the smallest, lightest, and fastest Bluetooth receipt printer for Square. It measures 80 x 114 x 44 mm in size and weighs only 217 g with the battery. Despite the tiny size, the battery life is also the longest of the mobile printers: up to 19 hours with 5-minute printing intervals. That’s partly because the automatic sleep mode conserves the battery power. It prints at a high (203 dpi) resolution, 80 mm-per-second speed on 2-inch paper receipts.

#2. Star mPOP

The Star mPOP cash-drawer-and-receipt-printer-in-one is a good choice. This model of a receipt printer is compatible with iPad only, whether it is used with or without Square Stand. Retailers can choose to add a barcode scanner too, but this is optional. The receipt printer prints 100 mm per second on 2-inch paper. As with other countertop models, loading is an easy drop-in-and-print action, and it’s got an auto-cutting guillotine.

#3. Epson TM-m10 

The Epson TM-m10 printer is the smallest desktop printer at only 102‎ x 102 x 102 mm, weighing just 0.9 kg. You can position it horizontally or vertically, making it versatile in whichever small space you need it in. It comes in a choice of black or white and prints 150 mm per second on 2-inch paper. This receipt printer with square is strong on mobile connectivity, as it uses NFC to connect with a compatible iPhone or iPad for easy pairing. That said, you can use the USB version to connect with a Square stand with iPad, or the LAN connection to connect with any iOS device.

#4. Epson TM-T20II 

This Epson model is one of the most affordable receipt printer with square but it is therefore not the highest-performing. Yet it is of great value with a fast print speed of 200 mm per second on 3-inch paper, and the automatic paper reduction makes it more economical and environmentally friendlier than most peers. It comes only in dark grey, featuring an auto-cutter to ease the checkout experience. The pack comes with an adaptor and power cable, power switch cover, paper roll, rubber feet, USB cable, and wall hanging bracket.

#5. Epson TM-T88V 

The Epson TM-88V series is, like the TM-T20II model, very “green” with its low power consumption and paper reduction feature. It’s the first Energy Star-qualified thermal-heat receipt printer ever to be made. The receipt printer with square prints 300 mm a second and is exceptionally reliable over a long time (to prove this, Epson offers a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty). A strong point is the multi-greyscale printing capabilities for more vivid graphic images and logos.

How do I print a receipt with Square?

All you need to print your receipts with Square is to connect your receipt printer to a power source. From your Square Point of Sale app, go to your Settings, choose Hardware, then Printers, and select Create Printer Station.

Thermal Receipt Printer

The best thermal receipt printer is a handy device for anyone running their own business who needs to print labels, receipts, and more. Good thermal printers tend to be smaller, lighter, and more reliable than standard home printers, and they usually require less maintenance, making them great options for small arts and crafts businesses, whether you’re working from home, from a workshop or studio, or on the move.

Thermal receipt printer use heat to transfer pigments onto a surface, turning the coating of the thermal paper black in the areas where it’s heated. Thermal receipt printer also plays a critical part in building the customer experience. In addition to a record for consumers, a good thermal printer can also create other useful marketing items.

Thermal Receipt Printer: Factors to Consider

In this guide, we will educate you about the features of a thermal receipt printer with a square that you should check out when making a purchase decision. When choosing the best thermal printer for you, you need to consider several factors. Most importantly, you need to have a clear what you want to do with the thermal printer.

#1. Price

You also need to consider the price of a thermal receipt printer before buying. Many assume that if a product command higher prices, they are better. This is not the case in most instances and you need to be sure that whatever device you are getting is worth the price you are paying. If you can afford high-end receipt printers, buy them by all means.

#2. Printing speed

The printing speed of a thermal printer is the most prominent feature. Every company boasts about their printing speeds on the packaging. If you need a receipt printer for a restaurant where only a handful of customers are present at a given moment, then printing speed may not take priority for you. In comparison, if you own a coffee place in a busy area where dozens of customers are standing in a queue all the time, you can’t compromise on speed. Hence, assess your printing needs and choose wisely. You don’t want to fall for attractive printing speeds when you don’t need them.

#3. Quality

Print quality is another important feature of thermal printers as you might know that thermal printers use heat to make printouts on the receipts. However, these prints can fade away with time. If you have ever come across a blank receipt in your closet, this is what has probably happened to it. When working in a restaurant, you need a thermal printer whose print will last for years so you can keep track of your business transactions.

#4. Compatibility

Make sure the thermal printer you’re buying is compatible with all your equipment, such as computers and printers, especially the operating system and drivers. If it’s not compatible with your existing equipment, you’ll have to buy new parts that can be used with or without the thermal printer you’re looking at.

#5. User experience

A good printer offers a smooth user and setup experience. Make sure your printer has all the little things that you need. For instance, if you want a printer with wall mounts, look for it. Moreover, language support, setup guides, etc. are also important things that you shouldn’t compromise on.

#6. Connectivity

Connectivity is another super important feature of thermal printers. You want a printer that offers a wide range of connectivity. Make sure to look for the following:

  • LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • USB connectivity

This allows you to switch between devices very easily. You should also make sure the printer is compatible with your device’s OS. Several printers in the market are not compatible with Mac and iOS devices, so look out for that.

Thermal Receipt Printer: Examples

Below are the best thermal receipt printer suitable for you

#1. Star Micronics TSP143IIIU USB

They deliver high-speed printing of 43 receipts per minute with an easy-to-setup USB connection. The “Drop-In and Print” clamshell design allows for quick and easy paper loading, while the “De-Curl” function always delivers a flat receipt. The Software allows you to customize receipts with professional graphics, coupon printing, word-triggered advertising, and more. Its small footprint and embedded power supply save precious counter space. 

#2. Epson TM-T20II Direct 

 Is a reliable and efficient option for desktop receipt printers. With thermal line printing technology, this printer has a low power consumption of approximately 1.8 Ampere. It offers standard connectivity through USB and Serial ports and supports flexible coupon printing. Additionally, it supports ePOS-Print service for direct printing from mobile devices or web-based applications. The Epson TM-T20II is an excellent thermal printer for making receipts.

#3. Epson USB

This POS Hardware Bundle for Square includes an Epson USB Thermal Receipt Printer (With Autocut) and a cash drawer. It is compatible with Square Stand and Square Register. The printer connects to the USB ports on the Square Stand without the need for installation. The Cash Drawer connects with a Built-in RJ12/11 cable (included) to the Printer for automatic opening of a cash drawer. It does not require ink or toner, only a thermal paper roll is required for printing.

#4.  Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN

You’ll enjoy high-speed prints with this receipt printer that you’ll be unable to get with competing models. It can produce up to 43 receipts per minute, which comes out to around 250mm/s. It’s also effortless to set up using the included cable. You’ll use an ethernet connection for this model. However, it is essential to note that some consumers experienced problems with their printers not too long after getting them. This calls into question its overall longevity. There is an error reporting feature, so you are never caught off guard when problems pop up. It

#5. Star Micronics TSP654IIBi2 Bluetooth 

Their high-speed printer can print up to 60 receipts per minute with an easy Bluetooth connection for iOS devices. It also includes PromoPRNT promotion printing service and is compatible with Star Cloud Services digital receipt solution and AllReceipts app. The printer has a “Drop-In and Print” design for easy paper loading and a small footprint that saves counter space. It prints standard 3-inch receipts.

#6. POLONO PL330 

Is a versatile printer that is compatible with ESC/POS printing commands, cash drawers, and Windows and MAC OS systems. It has a high-speed printing capability of up to 300mm/s and supports paper widths ranging from 2 1/4″ to 3 1/8″. The printer also features an automatic cutter that makes 1.5 million cuts and a wall-mount design with two hanging holes for space-saving options. The package includes the printer, adapter, power cable, user manual, thermal test paper, USB drive, and serial cable.

#7.MUNBYN POS Printer, 80mm USB

This printer is a great choice for restaurants and fast-food corners. It has a whopping 230mm/sec speed. Hence, it can handle your customers faster than you can. It supports USB connectivity to connect it to all of your devices very easily. The receipts are perfect without any errors. The printer itself is efficient with auto-cutting and fast printing features. There are several models of this printer. Highly compatible with nearly every POS system software. This printer doesn’t need toner or ink at all.

#8. DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

The best thermal label printer for e-commerce sellers – from Etsy sellers to those with small shops and websites. It’s simple to set up and compact, producing crisp and clear labels with a high resolution of 300 dpi. While the Dymo 4XL printer can print labels in a range of sizes, it’s best equipped to print larger shipping labels up to 4 inches wide. This goes hand-in-hand with its compatibility with many major online marketplaces and shipping platforms – it can print shipping labels directly from platforms like Amazon and eBay. 

#9.  Phomemo PM-246 Pro 

This is a very compact thermal printer, although you might have to take into consideration the extra space needed for the label holder. It’s relatively easy to set up, coming with a USB containing how-to videos, quick guides, and drivers so you shouldn’t have any issues with connecting. However, there is no Bluetooth connectivity so you won’t be able to print directly from your smartphone or tablet. The printer comes with Labelife editing software which is great for customizing your labels.

#10. Zebra 4-inch 

The Zebra 4 is a good, modern thermal printer that can support the larger four-inch label side and has a fast 4.25′ per second speed to keep those labels coming when you’re up against a deadline. This is one of the best thermal printers if you need a fast label maker with consistent and reliable results. It’s a modern machine, with a compact and sleek design, and cartridges are easily replaced. It looks good on your desk and once up and running is easy to use with the app.

#11.Star Micronics Monochrome 

This printer is a thermal receipt printer that is perfect for your basic business receipt printing needs. It prints in monochrome gray ink and produces a standard receipt type that is easy for the average consumer to read. The printer has Ethernet connection capabilities and features an included power cable so that you can start using your printer immediately. This printer comes with an auto cutter feature that cuts receipts quickly and effortlessly without jamming.

Best Receipt Printer for Small Business

With the rise of e-commerce, there is a growing need for fast, efficient, and cost-effective printing solutions for shipping labels, receipts, and invoices. As an online business seller, choosing the right printer is essential to ensure your operations run smoothly.

With a receipt printer, businesses could provide receipts for customers, check cash deposits, order goods, verify transactions, and ensure that they are financially fluid. With that being said, having a receipt printer is considered mandatory for every business.

Best Receipt Printer for Small Business: Examples

Picking the best label printer doesn’t have to be a struggle. This list will help you take the guesswork out of your label printer buying needs and you will end up with a product that you will love that will take care of your every label printing need with ease.

#1. The Epson TM-T20III POS Receipt Printer

This is a USB-only printer that is compatible with Square Stand and Square Register. To use it with Square, a user must have the Square Stand or Square Register. This printer is perfect for small businesses that only need a USB connection and do not require a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

#2. TSP100III Receipt Printer

The TSP100III printer developed by Star Micronics is currently at the top of the list of the best receipt printer for small businesses in the market. This printer can print 43 receipts per minute. It is also by far the easiest printer to set up and install. The printer has three connectivity options – Bluetooth, WLAN, or LAN to connect to your POS system. The company has added an additional USB type A connector so that small businesses can charge tablets or smartphones. You can print multiple copies, and add graphics and logos, or coupons.

#3. Brother MFC-L8905CDW

The best receipt printer for small business use we’ve tested is the Brother MFC-L8905CDW, an all-in-one color laser model. It produces incredibly sharp documents, doesn’t take long to warm up, and prints very quickly at up to 32 pages per minute. Its flatbed scanner is large enough to scan Legal-size sheets (8.5″ x 14″), and it has an automatic feeder with single-pass duplex scanning.

#4.Brother MFC-L2750DW

 If your business only needs to print black-and-white documents, get the Brother MFC-L2750DW instead, an all-in-one monochrome laser printer. It produces high-quality documents, doesn’t take long to warm up, and prints quickly at 36 pages per minute. It doesn’t cost much to maintain, as the toner cartridge yields about 1200 prints and is cheap. Also, unlike color printers, there’s only one cartridge to replace.

#5. TM-T82II Receipt Printer

The model developed by Epson is the best receipt printer for businesses having a low volume of POS transactions. The TM-T82II printer can print both text and graphics in high quality and higher speed of up to 200mm/sec. If your business requires coupons and barcodes then this printer is what you need. The TM-T82II receipt printer comes in two types of interfaces: USB + Serial or USB + Parallel or Ethernet only interface. It is easy to install and is unbelievably user-friendly.





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