How to Create a YouTube Channel & Make Money in 2023

How to create a youtube channel

Maybe you are among those wondering how to create a youtube channel and make money in 2023 and have yet to come across any relevant information. This article is for you.

To make money on YouTube is a two-sided thing; if done right, you smile at the bank monthly. If done wrongly, it will take forever to actualize.

In this article, we highlight how to create a YouTube channel and make money in 2023. Let’s dive in.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Making a successful YouTube channel begins with the creation of a YouTube channel. Here’s how to create an account.

Create a Google account first

You probably already have a Google account if you use Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Play… So proceed to the next step.

If you’re starting from scratch, click here to create a new Google account.

Don’t worry about keeping your name and email address on-message because they will not be publicly linked to your brand. This is simply your key to the YouTube door.

Step 2: Set up a YouTube account

You already have a personal YouTube account with your Google account. However, in order to use YouTube for business, you must first create a Brand Account.

Simply go to your YouTube account page, click Create a Channel, and then give your Brand Account a name. You’ve been accepted!

When you create a YouTube Brand Account, you can grant admin access to multiple people and customize the name and appearance to match your brand.

Another cool feature of Brand Accounts is that they give you access to YouTube Analytics, which provides extremely useful information about who is watching your videos and what content is popular. Create a channel on YouTube’s account page

Step 3: Make your YouTube channel unique.

It’s time to claim your new social media profile.

Click Customize channel in your channel dashboard. Enter information into the three tabs — Layout, Branding, and Basic Info — to help optimize your channel for audience discovery.

Use descriptive keywords when filling out this information to help your account appear in searches.

Keywords can include the topics of your channel, your industry, questions that your content can answer, or products featured.

You can upload your channel art and icons under Branding to give your channel a distinct look. One that, ideally, is consistent with your overall brand and visually connects your YouTube account to your other social media platforms and website.

Step 4: Post your very first YouTube video

This is very exciting. You’re about to become a YouTube content creator! You are the one who is crying, not me.

To publish your first video, click the Create button in the top-right corner and follow the instructions.

Step 5: Promote your YouTube channel

As the old adage goes, if you have great content on YouTube but no one sees it… What exactly is the point?

To increase views and subscribers, optimize your channel and videos for discovery. If you want to go deeper, we have a comprehensive guide to promoting your YouTube channel.

Use short, descriptive titles with Google-friendly keywords. Titles are what users see first, but they also help search engines understand what your videos are about. As a result, make sure that all of your titles are not only catchy and intriguing, but also clear and include keywords.

Improve your YouTube description

It’s also critical to be clear, concise, and descriptive here. Make sure to include links to other playlists and to front-load your keywords.

Another useful trick for video descriptions? To assist viewers in finding what they’re looking for, create a “table of contents” with timestamps.

Check out our complete guide to writing a winning YouTube description for more specific advice.

Add tags (with caution)

While it may be tempting to fill this section with clickbait tags, only include YouTube tags that are relevant to your content. Be truthful, and prioritize quality over quantity. The goal is to reach viewers who are actually interested in your content.

Tags also assist YouTube’s algorithm in determining the nature of your content. Make sure to include at least one category to help the search engine place your videos in front of the right audience.


To let your existing fans know you’re starting a video empire, include a link to your YouTube channel on your other social profiles, website, and email signature.

Recognize the algorithm

If you haven’t already, now is the time to become acquainted with the YouTube algorithm. This AI determines not only search results, but also recommendations for the vital “what’s up next” sidebar.

9 YouTube Channel Startup Tips

Make use of eye-catching thumbnails and channel art

Make a good first impression with your channel art and thumbnails!

A good thumbnail is clear and accurate, and it works well with the title of the video. It must, however, stand out.

When scrolling through search results, viewers use thumbnails to decide what to watch. This means that you don’t just have to explain what your video is about. You must also distinguish yourself from the competition.

And much of the competition is… loud.

Examine what everyone else is doing and try to veer away from it. For example, to stand out in a sea of neon colors and Impact font, choose a distinct color palette or go full-on minimalist.

Select the ideal channel icon

A channel icon functions similarly to a logo for your YouTube presence. It should be consistent with your brand and complement your channel banner.

To avoid stretching, stick to YouTube’s recommended image dimensions when choosing an icon. Check your channel on various devices to ensure that everything looks good.

J.J. McCullough, a YouTuber, uses a cartoon caricature of himself as his logo to represent his art as well as his personality.

Make Playlists

The best way to keep your viewers on your page is to organize and create video playlists on YouTube.

YouTube playlists not only organize your related content into one neat and tidy list, but they also auto-play. When one video concludes, the next begins… and so forth. This reduces the likelihood of a viewer switching to another channel.

Make a channel trailer

When someone discovers your channel for the first time, a channel trailer allows them to get a sneak peek at your content. Make the most of it.

You can give your audience a taste that will leave them wanting more, just like the Hollywood hotshots did with Avengers: Tokyo Drift.

Assume the viewer is an unknown, so introduce yourself and explain why they should subscribe. Keep it short, sweet, and snappy: tell ’em what your content is like and when new uploads can be expected, as Yoga with Adriene does on her channel.

Consistently produce excellent content

This may seem self-evident, but we’ll say it anyway: viewers want to watch good videos.

However, what makes a good YouTube video differs from what makes a good video for a foreign film festival.

Successful YouTube videos, according to Search Engine Journal, have attention-grabbing intros, great branding, background music, and clear audio.

Calls to action are also important. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase your subscriber count, or start a conversation in the comments, the right CTA can help.

There is no perfect formula for a successful YouTube video, as there is for any other type of social media content. Some brands thrive on slick, highly produced content, whereas others thrive on being raw, unfiltered, and authentic.

Arrange your videos

Give your videos the best chance of success by posting them when people are online and ready to watch them.

Your channel analytics will tell you if there is a particular day of the week or time of day that has a high level of viewership or engagement.

Once you have that information, you can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite to publish on a regular basis within this time frame.

Recognize your target audience

It’s difficult to create compelling content if you don’t know who you’re making it for, so make sure you understand your audience persona before you begin.

Once you’ve created a few videos, check your YouTube Analytics to see if you’re on track. Cold hard numbers will tell you whether, how, and when your work of art is having an effect.

Test out YouTube advertising

If you’re not getting the results you want from organic content, it might be time to invest in a promotional campaign.

YouTube advertisements are classified into four types:

  • Skippable in-stream advertisements
  • In-stream ads that cannot be skipped (including bumper ads)
  • Ads for video discovery (previously known as in-display ads)
  • Non-video advertisements (for example, overlays and banners)

Request that viewers subscribe

When someone subscribes to your channel (and clicks the bell button), they receive an alert when you publish a new video, so increasing your subscriber base is the best way to increase your organic reach.

There’s a reason why “Don’t forget to subscribe” is the go-to sign-off for YouTubers of all sizes.

Increasing your subscriber base is, of course, easier said than done. As a result, we have a comprehensive guide on how to get more YouTube subscribers.

You’ll be able to register as a YouTube partner and monetize your channel once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a year. More information about YouTube’s Partner Program can be found here.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to starting a successful YouTube channel.

Is it Free to Make a YouTube Channel?

Yes! Creating or even making a video on YouTube is free and stressless. However, it is essential to bear in mind the following factors:

To enjoy your YoTube experience, your equipment should be in good shape. This equipment includes:

  • Microphone
  • Video editing software
  • Quality video camera
  • Good Recording software etc.

A good microphone clears out noise during your recording, and the software lends a professional feel to your content.

In conclusion, it is free to make a  YouTube channel. Moreso, you can make free YouTube videos and monetize your channel and earn from your content as a content creator. Let’s take a look at how this is possible:

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

A minimum of a thousand views plus a watch time of 4000 hours qualifies your channel for earning, although some channels start earning with 500 subscribers.

You make money in different ways when you qualify for the partnership program; you can earn from the following:

  • Adsense
  • Fans pay for subscriptions
  • Sponsored Content.
  • Crowdfunding and 
  • Royalties when your audio is used on any commercial.

Any of these avenues get paid as soon as you apply for the partner’s program after meeting the 1000k threshold.

Notwithstanding, while you can get paid on YouTube, you need to know that you aren’t paid at random for every view or watch time from your subscribers. YouTube follows a timeline in their payment. This is highlighted in the section below:

Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

The sum of all your revenue sources on your channel is totaled and paid by YouTube at the start of the following month. So yes, YouTube pays monthly.

However, the payment goes through a timeline, and you only receive your earnings on the second week of the month.

Once the threshold to receive payment is met; also, standard charges accrued for your account are deducted, and the balance is forwarded while your payment is processed.

The payment could be through a direct transfer or a mail order; you get paid through a direct transfer with the payment system added to your Google account.

Businesses are not left out of YouTube creation when it comes to maximizing sales and boosting revenues; here is how to create a YouTube channel for business.

How to create a YouTube Channel for a Business.

Creating a YouTube channel for your business is almost the same as you do with a personal account, the difference being the account type.

Unlike your account, when creating your business channel, you should consider the factors if you want to earn a following

Your website link and presence have a lot to play on the success of your YouTube channel, and this is because customers will leave your site if your site takes time to load whenever they want to make an order.

Creating a YouTube channel for your business also makes it possible to earn in-house revenue if you have a large following.

How much do 100k Views on YouTube Pay?

Based on the average CPC and RPM, a YouTube account with 100k views can pay you anything from $300000 to $20M.

The Pew Die Pie YouTuber confessed to earning up to $30k on his channel.

This also is the response of other A-list YouTubers.

On the contrary, this excludes earnings from purchases and services offered on your website when viewers decide to visit your site.

YouTube rates every 4000 hours of view at 0.03-0.05 cents. Calculating that per 100k view roughly gives the amount to be anything from $300k -$500k.

How much do you get from 1000k Views on YouTube?

Going by the rate it will take to earn on a 1k view on YouTube, the average you can get from a 1000k view is anything between $3000-$20000 for high-end and low-end videos.

Your earning depends on the views you get and those who subscribe to your channel. Hence it is crucial to put in the best practice possible to earn highly.

How to Create a YouTube Channel 2023.

Creating a YouTube channel in 2023 has become way easier and faster because of the new app features and updates present.

However, it follows the same procedure as opening a YouTube account in previous years.

  • Sign in to your Google account and locate the YouTube application.
  • Click on the profile icon on the top right of the screen to register.
  • Fill in your channel name and type of account.
  • Input the description of your channel and other SEO requirements.
  • Add in the links to any website you own.
  • Complete your registration.
  • Create your first video.

As stated before, the app has witnessed the introduction of specific features that make video creation exciting. 

From the watermark customization feature to a more personalized thumbnail and even short video reel like on TikTok, Videos only improved.

What do 500 Subscribers get you?

When you have up to 500 subscribers on your channel, you get a direct notification on your email, plus a more advanced feature to aid your content creation process.

These features include a personalized feel to your thumbnail, a Livestreaming option, and royalties to your audio when used. 

Some lucky creators get their channel to pass for the monetization option even with 500 subscribers/viewers.

One thing is sure, regardless. A 500 subscriber gives you more customization options to enhance your video-making experience.

How much do 1k subscribers pay?

Having 1k subscribers to your channel allows you to apply for monetization.

After this application and you are verified, you get to earn at least $3-$5 for every watch on your channel. Therefore, your earnings could be as high as $5000 or more.

How to create a YouTube Channel on your Phone.

YouTube has made it easy to create videos and sign up without sitting behind your desktop working out your registration. You can do all that on your smartphone

Although you can use the app on your smartphone to run your sign-up, it is not advisable as some options are available in the app should you decide to use it.

The best way to create a YouTube channel on your phone is to use the website version of the app while registering. 

On the site, you will need to switch your page setup to a desktop view to allow for the menus and other options to be displayed. After doing that, you can proceed to do the following:

  • Sign in or create an account using the profile icon on the website.
  • Upload a profile picture that represents your niche.
  • Add in your channel description and about.
  • Your channel art, watermark, and other images are needed.
  • Create your first video by uploading it from your gallery or recording it on the website.

You see, it isn’t as complex as it seems; regardless of your device, you, too can enjoy creating videos on YouTube.

How much do 10k subscribers earn for you on YouTube?

With 10k subscribers on your channel, your earning will be anywhere between$3000-$5000, depending on your niche and video quality.

Videos previously uploaded and not met the standard vier hours for earning will not be included when being verified for earning.


YouTube is a great place to start your video content-making career. Not only does it support you earning from it personally, but businesses and big brands also showcase their product and services.

From knowing how to create your first YouTube video to knowing how much you stand to earn with the number of subscribers you have, creating engaging content shouldn’t be that difficult.


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