What is the average living cost per month in Athens, Greece?

What is the average living cost per month in Athens

The cradle of Western civilization, ancient Greece, is regarded as the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, literature, theatre, architecture, and the Olympic Games. The ultra-liveable capital city of Greece, Athens is one of the largest and most influential cities, with deep roots in history and culture. You can find many exemplary architectures named after Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and warfare in Athens.

Athens culture

Interestingly, this heart of ancient philosophy has successfully developed over a thousand years, and Athenians significantly contributed to the contemporary appreciation for Mathematics, Science, and Art.

Enriched with history and culture, this city is visually stunning. It embodies almost everything phenomenal about the Mediterranean lifestyle, such as mouth-watering cuisine, pleasant weather, an active lifestyle with moderate exercise, focusing on overall health, close relationships with friends and family and becoming an indispensable part of the community.

The ultimate guide to Athens, Greece

Chiefly, the city is an enthralling mixture of enchanting places, towering mountains, sun-drenched islands, brilliant cuisines, and vibrant culture; Athens has it all to offer. Athens is also considered a tourist magnet with a thriving tourism industry, leaving the most lasting impressions on many visitors.

Whether you’re a visitor or student, Athens boasts fantastic weather, affordable accommodation, good food, work-life balance, friendly locals, a reliable public transport system, and an incredible study experience for international students. If you’re a history buff or a student, this blog will help you learn about the cost of living in Athens, Greece.

Cost of living in Athens

The estimated cost of living in Athens is relatively 30 per cent lower than in other European cities. Compared to the United States of America, prices for daily essentials, including food and transport, are about 20 per cent cheaper in Athens. Additionally, renting an apartment in Athens is comparatively 70 per cent less than in the USA. Please note that you will require cash in abundance in Athens as many establishments still prefer cash over any card type. Cafes, restaurants, marketplace, and public transport will ask you to pay in cash. So, it would be best to be well-prepared with real money during your stay in Athens.

Accommodation costs

Accommodation costs in Athens can vary from EUR 250 per month for short-term visitors or international students considering higher education in this city. Apart from rent, individuals need to pay utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water, which will come to around EUR 150 per month.

In addition, visitors and international students need to spend an additional EUR 25 to get high-speed internet and EUR 42.33 on food and groceries. Although the cost of living usually depends upon the lifestyle, visitors and students are recommended to set aside around EUR 450 to EUR 700 per month for their total living costs.


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