6 Quick and Easy Tips for Staying On-Brand on Instagram  

Quick and Easy Tips for Staying On-Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a vast space. In addition to that, it is constantly growing too. There is already a lot in the platform and with the updates, it can keep its user completely hooked to it.

With this, so many people have considered this platform as one of the most sought-after career options.

Now, owing to the free and easy access it gives to connect to the audience, the work seems completely effortless.

Well, here’s bursting the bubble, that is not the case. The main reason is the competition. With the updates, the number of users increases and with this the competition. 

Also, there is no lack of talent in the world. So, there will also be someone better than you.

Now, taking that into consideration, staying on-brand on Instagram is something users stress about.

Best 6 Tips for Staying On-Brand on Instagram

The importance of staying on-brand has been discussed above. Up until now, we also have a brief of it.

So, taking the next step in the discussion, we have the tips.

Here we have curated a list of six such tips.

Those are: 

  • Post regularly
  • Make use of reels
  • Use SEO
  • Stay active on Instagram stories
  • Make use of appropriate hashtags
  • Take care of profile visuals

#1. Post Regularly

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Now, that is the easiest mantra we usually think of. But again, it is not as easy as it sounds. People often confuse posting content with dumping anything and everything.

But, that is not the case. Now, with influencers, someone who mostly posts personal content, if nothing then at times a mere selfie can serve the purpose. 

The real struggle is with folks who have accounts based on a particular niche. Let’s say we have a small business page on Instagram. 

Now, as the name itself suggests, they usually tend to work on their own. At times, it is from top to toe.

Also, it is not that they regularly receive orders, sometimes the business dries up for a lot of days, so at times posting content becomes tiresome as there remains nothing new to show.

On those days, the page can be used to show the feedback that is being received or a throwback post.

Here we have sighted one example, but we know there is the umpteenth number of niches that face this problem.

All in all, posting regularly should always be done taking relevant content into consideration or else it is a completely worthless effort.

#2. Make Use of Reels

Well, the reel has brought a revolution to the already popular Instagram. After the video-making apps like Tik Tok and others got popular among the audience, especially the youth. 

Instagram brought this update which took the app by storm. The number of engagements it brings is uncanny. 

If we look at the bigger picture, we can understand how the people who control the usage of the apps bring in the updates giving in the lifestyle of the users.

Now, in the case of reels, do you realize why we tend to stay that hooked to it?

Because in the fast-growing pace of life and the world where we love to “swipe”, short and relatable content is what our mind wants.

So, whenever we come to the reels section, we want to consume short content. Contents that can be swiped in a go. Hence, the popularity of reels.

It will be utter foolishness if you do not make use of the space. Also, reels are completely unrestricted.

In the sense that you can use trends, compile old videos, just shoot some random things, basically everything works. Add a good song and you are good to go.

Reels have become so important these days that Instagram without reels is not Instagram anymore.

#3. Use SEO 

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You can be all talented you want, use all the space you want. But to make a mark, never forget Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization gives you all the validation and recognition.

To break it down, SEO is the key to staying “on-brand”. Now, you may wonder where SEO actually works on Instagram.

Staying relevant to the niche is one way to work with SEO. 

The username that you take has to make sense of what the profile is likely to portray. Again, it is also important to not make it complex or use some tough vocabulary.

It has to be sweet and easily understandable. Two reasons behind that, one being that the audience will be able to reach the account easily and the other is the number.

When you try to search a term on Instagram, you will never search the tough vocabulary, instead, you will search the simple words relevant to the niche.

The same goes for the profile name you give. It has to be relevant to the niche and all the above-mentioned criteria work here too.

#4. Stay Active on Instagram Stories 

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It has been years since Instagram stories have come to the scene. But it has not lost importance, even for a bit. It won’t be wrong if we say that it has increased rather. 

The updates also deserve the credits. The developers try their best to not let the users get bored so that they constantly keep adding things. 

But, some of those updates stay relevant for the longest. For example, we have added songs and GIFs

Instagram stories is a place where folks put content they do not want to stay in their profile for long, like some day-to-day things, which can make it to the ‘gram but sounds unnecessary as a post.

Now, if there are stories that can be kept as a part of the profile, Instagram has got you covered here as well.

For that tune in to Instagram highlights and it will stay a part of the profile as long as you want.

So, it is crucial to bring it to use to stay relevant on Instagram. If you are a business, you can use the space to show the bits and pieces of the working procedure.

This type of short content can keep the audience hooked to your product and services and you will not be totally MIA even if there is nothing to post about.

#5. Make Use of Appropriate Hashtags

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There is no Instagram without hashtags. Hashtags are the basics of the platform. No matter what changes come in the algorithm, hashtags will always have one of the most crucial roles to play.

Also, there is no way one can make a mark on the app keeping hashtags out of the scene. The more the hashtag, the better the engagement. 

While we are talking of engagement, we also have Megafamous promotions to hike up the likes, followers, and engagements.  

People on the app follow hashtags of their choice so that they can have pictures or videos related to their loved niche on their feed and if in that regard there comes some profile that catches the eye, they tend to follow that.

So, that is why hashtags have a lot of importance and have to play a great role. Using irrelevant hashtags just because it has got numbers will not serve the purpose.

So, sticking to the tone of the post and the niche of your profile and then thinking of numbers in that regard can work a long way.

Also, vigorous research and the trends that are going on presently and keeping the track of the same can work for the betterment only.

All in all, take care of the hashtags and it will definitely get you results and the validation you have been longing for. 

#6. Take Care of Profile Visuals

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Profile visuals can attract a lot of audiences. A messy profile, even if of the choice of the niche is not doing any good in getting the audience. 

So, profile aesthetics is a thing and needs to be taken care of. There are many ways to do that. But, the idea behind all of it is to match the tone of all the posts in one way or the other.

It can be color or any other thing. Especially for small business owners, having good-looking profile visuals is a way of getting people attracted to their business. 

Sometimes it is the grid, contrasting colors or pictures, or pictures divided in 6×6 format and split into many posts. 

But, to keep that continued planning before posting is also important as that will keep things the same in the long run.

Wrapping up

In this blog, we have talked in detail about staying on-brand on Instagram and initially, we have also mentioned that owing to the competition it is important. The tips can help you go a long way.

But, it is also important to think about the updates which we cannot stress enough. Keeping track of its whereabouts can be more fruitful to you. 

Acknowledge the new things that are coming your way on the app and don’t just let it be.

Do not forget that the updates are made taking the users’ interest in mind and you are there on the app to gain that.

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