Online Stores In Nigeria: Best Options Of 2023

online stores in nigeria
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Online stores in Nigeria are shopping websites where you can buy anything in Nigeria. They serve as an online marketplace where buyers and sellers may meet. Here, the buyer has many purchasing possibilities. Here, you’ll see the best online stores in Nigeria where you can purchase products like phones and other accessories.

Best Online Stores In Nigeria

#1. Jumia

Jumia is the largest online store in Nigeria and even Africa. The site receives more traffic than any other e-commerce website in Nigeria. On Jumia, you can buy and sell almost everything. When shopping on Jumia, you can also pay for delivery.

#2. Konga

Jumia and Konga were the first online shopping sites in Nigeria. While Jumia has surpassed Konga. If you live in Nigeria, it is still a large eCommerce site where you may shop for anything.

Konga offers nationwide delivery. On Konga, you can also become a seller/merchant. When you shop online at Konga, you may also pay for delivery. 

#3. Jiji

Jiji is a Nigerian online marketplace for buying and selling new and old products. On the Jiji marketplace, you can buy practically anything. On Jiji, people may also sell their services. Jiji is also one of Nigeria’s most popular websites. Jiji sells everything from household goods to electronics, cosmetics, and pets, as well as services. 

#4. Olist

Olist is a free online marketplace in Nigeria for buying and selling anything. Buyers can locate suppliers of desired things who are close to them. On Olist, you may sell nearly anything. People even post job openings on the site.

People use Olist because it is a free and convenient way to shop online in Nigeria.

#5. Wish

Wish is a shopping and buying internet marketplace located in the United States. Users can purchase things from third-party retailers.

As a Wish app or website shopper, you’ll receive a personalized feed based on your browsing and purchasing habits. Wish’s shopping categories include beauty and fashion, electronics, and gadgets. 

When you join Wish, you will only see things that can be shipped to your country. So, depending on the store you buy from, Wish can ship and deliver things to Nigeria.

#6. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping site, and it ships to Nigeria.

So you may order over 45 million things and have them delivered to your Nigerian home.

If you want to buy a certain product online in Nigeria and no local online shopping site in Nigeria carries the goods. Amazon is one of your greatest chances for purchasing the item online.

#7. Alibaba

Alibaba, like Amazon, is one of the world’s largest wholesale shopping websites. You may order practically any item or product from Alibaba and have it transported to Nigeria.

However, you must exercise caution because the site contains scammers. When buying, seek for suppliers/sellers with a gold badge.

#8. Printivo

If you want to buy print items online in Nigeria, Printivo is the place to go. This Nigerian print shop allows you to create and print business cards, flyers, mugs, t-shirts, and other online print products. Printivo’s costs are reasonable, and you offer both domestic and worldwide shipping. 

Cheap Online Stores In Nigeria

#1. Jumia

If you’re seeking for one of the cheapest online stores in Nigeria, Jumia is the place to go.

On the fly, you can buy electronics, books, home appliances, children’s products, men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion; fascinating gadgets, computers, groceries, vehicle parts, and more. Jumia is the go-to site for low-cost items.

#2. Konga

Konga was one of Nigeria’s largest online malls before being bought, and Yudala, a pioneer composite e-commerce company, was also a strong offline and online retail shop. You can buy almost anything from premium brands, including electronics, mobile phones, computers, apparel, beauty items, home and kitchen, building and construction supplies, and much more.

When you shop with Konga, you may get the same low shipping rates, discounted prices, and flexible payment options that you get with Jumia. When you shop on Konga, you have the option of paying with your debit card, paying upon delivery, or using KongaPay. 

#3. SLOT

SLOT began as an offline store before establishing an online store to allow customers in Nigeria to order things online. They sell a variety of goods online, including laptops, mobile phones, gadgets, and other items.

It was founded in 1998 and began importing computer accessories the following year. In the late 1990s, Slot Systems made a priceless contribution by putting personal computers (PCs) in almost every home and office. They transitioned to mobile telecommunications services in 2001 and have kept the flag flying ever since.

#4. 3C Hub

3C Hub, like SLOT NG, was one of Nigeria’s largest retail stores before launching its online shopping site. They also sell inexpensive goods online.

#5. Webmall 

WebMall, which debuted in 2013, has quickly risen to become one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce platforms. You may get a wide choice of high-quality products as well as great logistics service. Laptops, mobile phones, toys, speakers, footwear, hair products, chargers, food items, wristwatches, printers, and other items are available.

Webmall’s online shopping site provides simple and convenient payment options such as pay-on-delivery or bank transfer. Merchants can also choose to pay in installments.

#6. Kara 

Kara’s online shopping website was created exclusively for purchasing phones and computers. Kara is one of the most popular online retailers in Nigeria, with millions of visitors every day. offers a wide selection of everything from mobile phones to electrical and power supplies products at some of the cheapest prices., like every other shopping store mentioned above, has multiple payment choices, including online payment via credit/debit card, bank transfer, and cash-on-delivery.

#7. SuperMart is obviously the largest online supermarket in Nigeria, in my opinion. Provides a simple platform for online food shopping from the comfort of your own home or office. They have the most extensive online grocery collection, with over 60,000 goods in their online store. They guarantee to deliver within three hours throughout Lagos.

Baby Products, Oil and sauces, Food Cupboard, Fresh Food, Cleaning, Perfumes, Books, Frozen Food, Toiletries, Alcohol, Medicines, Household Items, Beauty & Toiletries, Nigerian Ingredients, Snacks, Dairy & Eggs, Fish, Meat, Drinks, and Food Items are among the items available.

#8. Kilimall 

Kilimall is a Nigerian internet shopping service. It launched its website and app in Nigeria in November 2016, with the goal of becoming Africa’s leading e-commerce platform. Kilimall is also found in Kenya and Uganda, in addition to Nigeria.

Kilimall sells products in a variety of categories, including phones, computers, apparel, shoes, home appliances, fashion items, and much more. It also guarantees the safest online shopping payment option, allowing you to make purchases without worry.

#9. Jamarahome 

Jamarahome is an online retail site in Nigeria where you can buy electronics online. They provide high-quality goods and gadgets at some of the most competitive prices you’ll ever find. Jamarahome, an online shopping website for electronics, gadgets, and office & home appliances, makes it simple to order your preferred devices, and you can be confident that you’re purchasing nothing but quality from them.

#10. Jiji

Jiji is not like the other online buying sites described before. They aren’t only an online shopping site, but their platform is fantastic for finding cheap secondhand stuff. Despite the fact that Jiji has been reformed, more merchants are taking advantage of this opportunity to sell new things on Jiji.

To be honest, this is the ideal location for buyers to meet sellers or vice versa. On Jiji, they sell a wide range of things such as houses, gadgets, computers, and mobile phones. In fact, it is an excellent place for anyone looking to sell their used or obsolete electronics.

Payment is made when buyers receive and test their things. Unlike the other platforms described above, a physical interaction between sellers and buyers is required before a purchase is finalized. Just use your eyes and don’t pay for anything you don’t like!

Best Online Phone Stores In NIgeria

There are two kinds of phone retailers: those that operate in stores and can be found in our neighborhoods, and those that sell both online and in stores. However, if you want to relieve stress and simply get whatever phone you desire online, the websites listed below are the best to visit.

#1. Jumia 

Everyone knows Jumia, and we all know Jumia to be one of Africa’s largest multivendor e-commerce stores, as well as Nigeria’s largest. On Jumia, you may buy practically everything, and it’s a website where you’ll notice varied pricing because other sellers are selling the same things. Jumia phones are incredibly reasonable and always have good quality, as well as 6 months of guarantee. You may get whatever phone you want on Jumia and it will be delivered to you.

On the Jumia buying site, there are many vendors, most of them are from other nations. These can cause your order to be delayed by a week or two, but Jumia is a very nice internet phone store to buy phones from, and they’re undoubtedly one of the best in Nigeria. Furthermore, they provide a pay-on-delivery payment option, which allows you to pay just once you have gotten your goods successfully at your doorstep.

#2. Justfones

JustFones sells some of the best, quality assured, and affordable phones in Nigeria, as well as other gadgets such as laptops, gaming consoles, and accessories.

They sell new products and offer free shipping on orders over 100,000 naira. They also deliver nationwide. JustFones is one of the greatest internet phone stores in Nigeria. Their head office is in Lagos, but they can deliver your purchase anywhere in Nigeria.

#3. SLOT is very popular in Nigeria, and they have over 60 different shops in Nigeria where you can easily walk in and buy a phone, but there are some places where shops will not be found, and if you’ve heard good reviews about phones purchased from any outlet and you’d like to buy from them, you can easily visit their website and place your order. sells high-quality phones that are brand new and come with a warranty.

Slot delivers phones nationwide, has excellent customer service, and provides some of the greatest services available. You may order any phone you want from Slot, including Android smartphones, iPhones, and various accessories such as Earbuds, AirPods, and even smart wristwatches. is one of the top sites to buy phones online in Nigeria.

#4. Pointek

Pointek is another large online phone store in Nigeria where you can buy more than just phones; they’re well-known for selling electronics, gadgets, generators, air conditioners, and accessories that can be utilized with phones and other products purchased from them. Their phones are constantly fresh and in good condition, they are very reasonable, and they are linked with some of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers.

Pointek can become your favorite internet phone retailer in Nigeria. If you want same-day delivery on any order, they’ll definitely get that done for you if you live in Lagos, they have a decent return policy, and they take payment on delivery on all orders placed in Lagos. They are one of Nigeria’s Best Online Phone Stores.

#5. 3C Hub 

3C Hub is one of the most trusted online businesses for phones, gadgets, and other home goods, and you can always locate them in Lagos, particularly in Ikeja. The store sells good phones and has relationships with the world’s major brands; on 3C Hub, you can order whatever phone you want and it will be brought to your door; they have good customer service and one of the best delivery rates.

You can always rely on 3C Hub to be one of the greatest online sites for ordering phones and other home electronics. They have stores throughout Nigeria, and you may also purchase orders on their website.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Phones Online?

Slickmobile is an online phone store and the finest place to buy phones with warranties at low costs.

What is the Alternative to Jumia in Nigeria?

In August 2023, Jumia’s top 5 competitors were,,,, and others. According to Similarweb monthly visit data, Konga is Jumia’s main opponent.

Is Jiji Better Than Jumia?

Both are good, but they are not the same. Jiji is more inclusive of practically whatever you are looking for, such as landed properties, vehicles, trucks, phones, and office equipment, whereas Jumia is strictly for smaller products but not vehicles.

Is Konga Cheaper Than Jumia?

In other areas, Konga is less expensive than Jumia. For example, if you want to pay cash on delivery (COD) for an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet, Konga is your best option because its COD is less expensive than Jumia’s.

Can I Use My Naira Card on Amazon?

Because of the ban, using a Naira debit card as a Nigerian shopper is no longer possible. You can, however, use a virtual card to make Amazon purchases. It is not only stress-free, but it is also a safe payment method.

Is There McDonald’s in Nigeria?

No, you will not locate a McDonald’s in Nigeria.

In Conclusion

These stores have transformed how Nigerians shop and interact with products and services by focusing on convenience, variety, and secure transactions. From fashion and gadgets to everyday necessities, the online stores mentioned in this article provide consumers with access to a world of options at their fingertips. As these platforms expand and adapt, the future of online shopping in Nigeria appears bright, providing a smooth and dynamic retail experience for all. Even if you want to start your own website, the Nigerian industry is large enough to accommodate other innovative e-commerce businesses.

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